My wife gets a new black lover

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My wife gets a new black loverI was at home with my office mate Jim, discussing about some former paperwork; when my sexy wife came in, carrying some groceries. She must have gone to the gym before; because she was wearing just a black sporty bra and her skin tight yoga pants.Her entire body was sweaty and she looked hot…Anita greeted Jim and begged me to help with the rest of the groceries. But I told her we were busy there, in front of the laptop.Then she stepped in and stood in the front of the screen, blocking the view with her nice firm sweaty body…I protested but then Ana bent over and unplugged the computer.Then she put her soft hand on her curvy hips defiantly and she pointed at the door to the garaje, as she barked she wanted it now.I silently made all the way to the car and brought in all the stuff.When I got back, Ana was sitting in my place on the couch, reclining her curvy body and talking to my mate Jim…My sweet wife had always been very friendly to him; just because Jim is a handsome black man, tall and had a well muscled body.Ana had met Jim sometimes at my office and a couple of parties.She had never before had the chance to meet him at our home…I knew she was horny about that black guy, but she had never got the opportunity of being alone with him…Ana looked at me; asking if I had finished. I nodded and then she stood up and told she was going to take a shower.I sat down again in front of the computer; the couch was sticky and wet from my sexy wife’s sweaty outfit. I could smell her sex odor.Jim smiled to me; saying my wife was a nice piece of white meat.Then I realized my mate was also horny with my sensual wife…He added he would not mind taking a bite out of her round boobs maltepe escort and her juicy ass cheeks…I reminded him he was talking about my lovely wife; but that black bastard laughed at me and said that he would fuck Ana anytime…He described that he would like to grab her by the curly blonde hair and make her moan as he slapped her ass cheeks and mounted her from behind…I asked Jim if he had gone mad; but he laughed again…The sound of Anita turning on the shower echoed through the living room. I could see that Jim was imagining her taking off her sticky gym outfit and running her soft white body under the hot water.Suddenly the lights went off. For a while, the only sounds were the running water and some small echoes as Ana washed her body.Then she cried out I should check outside what was happening with the energy; she was now having a shower in the darkness…I told Jim to wait there and went outside to check what was wrong. Ten minutes later I came back. The entire block was in darkness and so we should wait somebody would fix the matter.Jim was not there in the couch.The shower was still running; but I thought I could hear some different sounds coming from the bathroom.I went there and found Jim’s clothes lying in the floor, just outside the bathroom’s door.I opened oit just a bit and could hear Ana’s moans in the darkness.Soon my eyes adapted to the darkness and then I could see my mate was behind my wife; both under the steamy hot water.That black bastard was naked and holding my wife from behind; as he was taking care of Anita’s round boobs. I could see her erect nipples were hard, pushing against his dark fingers.Ana was grinding her ass cheeks against Jim’s crotch; sometimes I could escort maltepe see his growing erection. His black cock was at least eleven inches long. He was hard and his dick was very, very thick…Suddenly he grabbed her blonde hair from behind and pushed her head forward; making my sexy wife to bend over a bit.His other hand grabbed that black monster cock and soon I heard Ana’s cry, when he shoved his rock hard pole deep inside of her tight pussy; in just one swift motion up to her very bottom…I stayed there at the door; watching as my sexy wife pushed her hips back and forth against Jim’s huge black dick. She was trying to help scream or cry in pleasure.Ten minutes after a very wild pumping; Ana suddenly cried out she was cumming and I saw her sweet body relaxing, as she finally came in Jim’s dick.He kept pumping her a bit more and son he also came inside her sweet hot cunt. Then he took out his still hard dick and kissed her.I knew that was enough for the day and then I went outside; to wait for my mate in the middle of the darkness.Five minutes later Jim came out; telling me that we could not continue working on the laptop. So, he said goodbye and just left…Ana was drying her sexy body in the darkness. I could see she had washed any semen stains from her. She smiled to me, telling we could have dinner outside that evening.When we came back home, Ana told me she was horny, but she wanted some anal action; because she had made a bad effort at the gym when stretching and then her pussy was a bit sore.I came very soon deep inside of her tight asshole; as I recalled Jim making her pussy very sore under the warm shower.Two days later I was at my office, when I received some pictures on maltepe escort bayan my pone. Jim was texting me, he had met my sexy wife at the mall and he had followed her.He sent me the first pic showing Ana going down some mechanical escalators…The second one was showing her inside a lingerie shop.Another one and I saw Ana trying a sexy outfit through the curtains inside of a dressing room. She was fully naked looking herself at a mirror.Then other pictures were showing Ana in different lingerie outfits. The last one really scared me: I recognized Ana’s body lying on our marital bed. She was on her back, legs wide spread open and her fingers were inside her pussy lips…Then I called that black bastard and yelled at him he was a real son of a bitch. Jim laughed through the phone and he said he had warned me that someday he would fuck my slutty wife…He added that he had still more pictures to show me.Then another picture came to the screen. There was a huge black dick buried between two round ass cheeks.Then I recognized Anita’s tribal tattoo on that lower back. So she had let that black guy to sodomize her onto our own marital bed…I turned off my cellphone. I could not stand to see anymore…Then I knew I could not do anything to stop him fucking my wife. I almost barely saw my mate Jim anymore. He started avoiding me at our job; but I knew he was dating my sweet wife regularly.He joined her at the same gym; she modeled some lingerie outfits for him; they went out to get lunch together and they even spent some afternoons sunning at the beach…And of course, every time I tried to have sex with Ana, she would say her pussy was so sore about several crazy excuses…One day my luck changed: Jim was promoted and he was sent to Chicago to take his new position in the firm.My happiness lasted just few days; when my sweet Ana told me that her company would send her out of town on a weekend business trip to…where??Oh yes… she was going to Chicago…