My Wife Karen Part 3

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My Wife Karen Part 3If you read Part 1 and/or part 2 of this tale you know that my x-wife was an extremely sexy woman. She loved all hetero-sexual activities and with several men at a time. We enjoyed about a ten year career of sharing her with other men. I was really into it as much as she, and it was a major turn on for me to see her act like a slut. It all started with our lawyer, Bill which is covered in the first part. My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5’5″ and about 110lbs. She had small but very pert breasts, a slim waist, a great ass and legs right up to it. She generally dressed preppy, but seldom wore a bra, and sometimes she was fairly provocative, especially on vacations or in the Summertime. She liked to wear French cut T-shirts, a little on the tight side to emphasize her nice breasts and nipples. She was a very sexual person and we enjoyed sex in many different places, risking being caught or seen by others. Karen, that’s her name (mine’s John), especially liked these encounters as she was a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, she liked to take her clothes off when we were driving on an interstate and give the truckers a show. If she had enough to drink or smoke, she would masturbate while I kept pace with the cab of a truck. On several occasions she gave me noisy blow jobs in the back of taxi cabs. Needless to say, she was hot, but as she moved from her twenties into her thirties, she was getting hotter. Karen was really getting into her new found sexual freedom. She couldn’t believe how exciting it was to play the slut that day at the ball park and to get laid by three men at one time. Rick’s crude sexuality was a special turn-on for her. She said that he reminded her of a satyr with his short, stocky, hairy body and that huge penis. We would reminisce about these experiences when making love or engaging in mutual tantalization. We both knew that this activity had to be limited to an occasional foray, but still it added incredible excitement to our sex life. A few days after our scene with Bill and Rick, Rick called me at my office. He thanked me for sharing my wife and said how much fun he had and what an incredible sexy little fox she was. He said he could see that I enjoyed it as much as she and wondered if she might be willing to play her slut roll again as a sort of escort for prospective buyers of our development. He had talked it over with Bill as well as Mr. Durham, the banker, and they thought it was a wild idea but were prepared to offer her $10,000.00 if the deal went through. My first thought was that this was pretty close to crossing the line between exciting sex games and prostitution, but the thought of my wife acting the slut for perfect strangers was very exciting. I told Rick I’d talk it over with Karen and if she agreed then it was all right with me. He re-assured me that he would make sure any prospective buyers were OK. He said he thought she would really enjoy herself, and get some extra cash to boot. That night as I had my head trapped between her thighs feasting on her sweet tasty pussy, I lifted my head up and asked, “How’d you like to have Rick’s big dick stuck down your throat right now?” Her hips rose off the bed, pushing her crotch into my face. “Oh yeah, I’d like that.” She put her fingers in her mouth and began sucking them like she was sucking a cock. “Yeah, I’d like his big cock sliding in and out of my mouth while you eat my pussy.” Her other hand was squeezing her breasts and pinching her erect nipples. “Stick your tongue in there. That’s it.” Her hips were pumping furiously now, her hand moved from her mouth to her clit and joined my tongue in stimulating her most sensitive spot. My tongue licked over her sex and her fingers. “Oh God! Oh God!” Her body began to quake and shudder as she exploded into orgasm. “Whoa, that was intense!” she said as she calmed down and I moved up to lie next to her. Her hand reached over to stroke my erection. “What made you mention Rick’s cock? That really got me off thinking about it.” I told her he had called me at the office and what he had proposed. Karen was a little surprised at first, but then her eyes started to twinkle and a smile crossed her beautiful mouth. “$10,000. God, I’d really be a slut then! This sounds exciting. What do you think?” “Honey, you know how much your little tramp act turns me on. I think that if it’s safe, and if you’re right with it, it can only add to our mutual erotic queenbet güvenilirmi experience. Of course, I may not be able to be there to see my little whore acting up, so you’d have to tell me all the details.” Her hand was now insistent on my cock. She pulled me on top of her and stuck my hard shaft right into her pussy, thrusting her hips up to sink me in all the way. I assumed her answer was “YES!” Sure enough, about a month later, in September, Rick called to re-confirm Karen’s willingness to participate and tell me that we had some serious buyers coming to look at the project next weekend. Unfortunately, I had to fly out to California that Saturday, but I told him I’d get with Karen and we’d coordinate something. He said that the buyers were two Chinese brothers, named Wu, from New York. They had lots of cash and were very serious about our situation. Then he told me that he had told them he was arranging a little female surprise for them and they said they couldn’t have sex because of their loyalty to their wives, but they would enjoy a little titillation. When I told Karen, she was a little disappointed with the no sex part, but I knew she was still excited about the prospect of having Rick to play with again. The Saturday finally came and the scheduling worked out perfectly. Karen could take me to the airport, then go to Rick’s, which was in the same city. Then they would go to the development and get on with business, and other things. Karen was very anxious and excited about everything as we prepared to leave the house. It was a warm day so naturally she wore very little. On her top she wore a boys sleeveless undershirt, which fit tight and was cut off just below her tits. It was white cotton and her nipples showed clearly through the thin material. Her midriff was bare to just below her dimpled navel where she wore a short jeans skirt, just long enough to keep from getting arrested. On her feet she wore white socks and sneakers, and that was it. No bra, no panties. What a slut! She packed some other things in a small bag and we headed off with me driving to the airport. Karen looked unbelievably sexy in her outfit. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, especially thinking about what she would be doing while I was 60,000 feet in the air. “Are you sure this is OK with you, John?” she asked, turning in her seat and tucking her left leg up under her, I could see her cute little slit peaking out at me. “You’re not going to be there to watch, and I know you like to watch.” “Karen, I love you and I want you to have a fun and fulfilling sex life that’s just as erotic as you can handle. The more erotic you are, the more fun I have. You go ahead and enjoy yourself. Be as slutty as you want. Just tell me all the gory details when I get home, and then you can be a slut for me.” I knew she was really looking forward to what would unfold as the day progressed and I wanted her to feel free to take advantage of whatever might happen, and, of course, tell me all about it. “God I love you!” she exclaimed as she leaned over to me and ran her hand up my thigh and licked her tongue into my ear. Her breasts pressed against my arm, her hot moist breath enveloped my ear and neck and her sneaky little hand began to lower my zipper. “I want to suck your cock dry so you’ll remember me while you’re gone.” She was licking and sucking at my neck as her hand pulled out my growing erection and began to stroke it to fullness. Suddenly she sat up on her seat and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist, then bent down and engulfed my cock all the way into her mouth. Her ass stuck up in the air and I reached over to caress it as we passed a truck on our right. As I inched slowly past the truck, my fingers parted the soft folds of my wife’s moist pussy. Her head was now bobbing up and down, her tongue swirling and her mouth sucking on my aching boner. I looked up into the face of the truck driver, his eyes were wide in disbelief. Slowly, I slipped a finger into Karen’s wet snatch, she moaned around my cock and ground her ass encouraging me to fuck my finger in and out of her. She took her mouth away from my cock and turned over in the seat, laying her head back in my lap and putting her left foot on the dash, spreading her legs for the truck driver. She grabbed my right hand and placed it on her sex and looked at the driver through the sun roof. “Fuck me, John.” She pushed two queenbet yeni giriş of my fingers into her hole and arched her hips off the seat. “Oh God, John, he’s watching me!” Her hands pushed the bottom of her T-shirt up over her breasts and began kneading them as her hips rose and fell at an increasing rate. I was about to loose control. Her hair was rubbing against my cock, her breathing was frantic now and her hips suddenly began to vibrate as her climax shuddered through her whole body. “Oh God! Oh God!: The guy in the truck was bouncing up and down and yelling as I pulled ahead. Karen slumped down and flipped over again. “Give my your cum, John!” her mouth surrounded my excited hardness and I felt her throat muscles working on the sensitive head. It was all I could take. I started squirting globs of sperm into the back of her throat and her mouth locked down on my cock. She swallowed my whole load and even continued sucking after I was dry. Releasing my cock, Karen sat up, licked her lips and straightened out her clothing. “Now I’m going to be thinking about you all day, how good your cock tasted and how you made me cum in front of that truck driver. I can’t wait ’til you get back.” As my wife got into the driver’s seat, leaving me off at the airport, she made sure I got a good last look at her naked crotch. I bent down to kiss her and pressed my hand into her open nakedness. “Don’t forget to remember the details for when I get back.” “I hope there’s not too many details to remember.” She joked as she drove off. Well, she did remember the details of her adventures that day and I wrote the rest of this part of our story based on those details as Karen related them to me. Karen was excited as she pulled out of the airport and back onto the interstate. She opened all the windows and basked in the sensuality of the wind caressing her body. Her nipples tightened into hard little pebbles and her flesh broke out in goose bumps as the air swirled and licked at her naked thighs and crotch. She looked down at her body, wondering if she would please the Chinese businessmen, what they would do if they weren’t interested in sex, what their cocks looked like. She thought about Rick and what he would do to her body. Would he rub his dick all over her? Would he have other men with him and make her fuck them? By the time she arrived at Rick’s house, she was so aroused by her erotic thoughts that her knees felt weak as she got out of the car and walked up to his door. Rick had a towel wrapped around his waist and was drying his curly salt and pepper hair with another towel when he opened the door. “Your little whore reporting for duty, sir.” Karen said jokingly, getting more turned on by Rick’s appearance. “Goddamn! You’re fantastic! What great tits!” Rick stared at her chest, her nakedness under the shirt obvious, her nipples dark little nubs sticking through the translucent material. “You like my little titties?” she said, walking up next to him and putting her arm around his neck, sticking her chest out. “Did you miss them?” She grabbed his hand and guided his palm over her taut breasts. She felt the moisture in her pussy build, turned on even more by the closeness of this near naked man. “God, baby, I’d like to fuck you right here, but we’re running late and I’ve got to get dressed. The Wu brothers got an early start and we’ve got to hurry.” “OK”, she said. “I’ll help you.” She pulled away from him and started walking towards his bedroom. She knew the way and was thinking about all the hot sex she had the last time she was in there. Rick followed her and she pulled her skirt up to her waist as she walked, giving him a good view of her naked swaying ass. When they got into his room she again pressed herself up against him, this time guiding his hand to her moist crotch. “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck me? I’m all wet.” She chided, licking his ear and nibbling at his neck. She could feel his cock begin to grow through the towel against her hip. She knew it took all the control he could muster to tell her again that they really had to get going. “OK”, she said. “let’s get you dressed.” As she disengaged from him she pulled the towel from around his waist leaving him completely naked with a half hard-on. Her passion rose anew as she stared at the huge tool that had brought her so much pleasure a month ago, and that she had been fantasizing about for the past hour and queenbet giriş a half. Walking up to him again, she took his penis in her hand and rubbed it between her legs against her wet pussy, moving her hips slowly back and forth. His hands caressed her buttocks and she licked her tongue around in his mouth. “How ’bout I just suck you off?” she said, nibbling her way down over his hairy torso. She could feel his cock grow in her hand as she sucked on his nipples. She knew he was helpless as she worked her way down his body, stroking his growing erection until she was on her knees rubbing the soft head of his penis over her face, stroking the shaft with her small hand. Lust filled her eyes as she looked up at him and ran her tongue up the entire length of his stiff tool and sucked the head into her mouth. His hands held her head and his hips ground back and forth as her fucked more and more of his cock into her hungry mouth. Soon he was buried deep in her throat and she held him there, her arms wrapped around his hips pressing her face against his pelvis. She was moaning around the thick shaft and her throat was making gurgling noises as she worked feverishly to coax his impending orgasm. She pulled back, popping his cock out of her mouth and quickly removing her tiny top, baring her breasts. “God. I love this cock!” She raised up on her knees, wrapped her arms around his waist and rubbed his saliva soaked member against her naked chest, licking and kissing around his hairy belly. His hands reached down squeezing her tits and pinching her erect nipples. Electric bolts ran down from her nipples to her pussy as he ground himself against her writhing torso. “I want you to fuck my mouth and feed me all your cum” her lips trapped his moving penis and she thrust her face right up against his crotch, moaning in ecstasy as he grabbed her head and again began fucking that huge cock in and out of her sucking throat. His movements became increasingly violent as he fucked her warm orifice, not even aware who she was, only that she was something fucking his cock. Lunging forward in one last thrust, he buried his dick deep in her throat and held it there. It started to spasm as her tender mouth throbbed around his hardness. His cum splashed against her tonsils and filled her mouth to overflowing, the cum dripping down over her chin and breasts. When he was spent, she slunked back down on the floor, laying on her back and massaging the spilled cum into her naked breasts. He stood over her, drying his glistening cock with a towel. “Wow! You’re one nasty little slut! If you don’t sway these Wu boys then they must be numb.” “Do you think they’ll like me?’ she asked coyly, running one hand down her body and through the wet folds of her sex. ‘I’m so horny right now, I can’t wait to play with them.” Karen really enjoyed the power she had over men by teasing their cocks. “Come on, honey, get cleaned up. We really do have to go.” They both cleaned up, got dressed and headed out for the development. There was one house finished in the development and partially furnished as a show piece. The plan was for Karen to be in the raised bath tub in the master bathroom, which would end the Wu brothers tour, and Rick would leave them alone with her. Rick reminded her that they weren’t interested in fucking her, but she could prance around naked for them, let them rub her down with towels and maybe blow them if she wanted. This was a strange code of ethics, but the idea excited my whorish wife. Rick told her he would have a surprise for her when they were done and she was tingling with anticipation about what that might be. Rick showed her quickly around the house before leaving her in the bathroom to go get the brothers Wu. The house was a luxury home with 5 bedrooms and a swimming pool, which was not completed. The master bath was a large room with a large stall shower in one corner, a separate anti-room for the toilet and bidet, two large side-by-side sinks in a long vanity and mirrors on all walls. The main attraction was a big, tub which was sunken into a marble stage-like platform three steps up from the floor. There was a jar of scented bubble bath and several plush bath towels stacked up next to it. Rick also showed her a special panel in the back of a closet in the master bedroom that looked into the bathroom through a one way mirror. He said he’d be keeping an eye on her in case things got out of hand, though her was sure they wouldn’t. It added to her excitement to know that Rick would be watching her performance. Karen stripped off what little clothes she had worn, folded them neatly and placed them on the vanity. She stepped back and admired her sexy body in the mirrors around the room.