My Wife with the Policeman: Part 1

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My Wife with the Policeman: Part 1This story is based upon very real events.————————————————————————————————–“I’ll go get us some more drinks babe, still want WKD Blue?” My wife, Christina asks as she stands up from the small electric blue lounge area in the club. The music thumping on my chest as revellers dance the night away. It was getting on for midnight, and I was feeling a little tipsy, having gone clubbing with my wife.I watched as she walked a short distance to the bar to get us some drinks, wearing her short sexy revealing red lace dress, her bold blonde hair flowing thickly down around her head.It did feel rather emaciating having my wife buying me drinks, I know it should be the man who does that but alas my wife makes and holds all the money in our relationship, so wasn’t much I could do but accept my fate.I sat, tapping my foot to the music, watching couples dancing drunkenly together. I turned my attention back to my wife at the bar, who was flirting with the barman while she waited for him to finish serving other people. I watched as an attractive looking guy sidled up next to her, he was wearing a smart looking polo shirt with jeans, and his dark hair spiked up with a close shaved face.He put his hand onto her back and leaned forward infront of her to say something to another member of bar-staff, before turning to my wife to say something to her.I watched them for a few minutes, watching as he kept rubbing his hand around her back as they spoke, no doubt my wife was flirting with him, as she does with every guy during a night out.Feeling a little threatened by his physical closeness to her, I stood up and walked over to the bar.”You alright with those drinks, hon?” I ask my wife as I lean up next to the bar beside her.”Yeah just waiting for them, babe.” She turned her head to me to say.”Who’s your friend?” I ask, looking at the man who looked several years older than me.”Oh this hunk, he’s James, you better behave yourself around him, he’s a policeman.” She coyly giggled. I half-heartedly chuckled along with her.”Hi, how are you.” I coldly greeted him.”Hey, I’m good thanks,” He replied glancing at me before looking back at my wife,”so is this your boyfriend then?” He asked her.”Oh no, nothing like that, he’s just my husband.” She drunkenly joked.”Lucky guy, your wife is hot, mate!” He grinned at me and then winked at her. She smiled at him.”So, policeman hey, you scoping the place out for a bust or something?” I asked him.My wife seemed to mock my fake ignorance with a condescending snort.”He’s off duty babe, just here letting his hair down and he wants to buy my drink for me.”She smiled.”Oh, that’s good of him.” I say, feeling jealous.When the barman finally served her the drinks, she reached for some money out of her purse when the policeman stopped her, reaching his hand out with a folded note in his hand.”No, no, please, allow me, a woman shouldn’t have to pay for her drinks.” He told her.”I know, you’re still paying for mine,” She laughed, “I’m just paying for his drink.” She pointed at me.”Oh right, you always have your wife pay for you, hey?” He turned to canlı bahis şirketleri look at me and chuckled.Great, as if I didn’t feel emaciated enough already!I shied my head away from his judging gaze, my cheeks turning red.”It’s ok, I don’t mind.” My wife told him, paying the barman, and then handed me my blue alco-pop.The barman then gave the cop a pint of beer, and he took a sip from it.With drinks in our hands, I turned to walk my wife back over to the lounge but she stood still.”Why don’t you come sit with us? It’s the least I can do to thank you for the drink.”She sweetly asked him. I felt awkward, I only wanted it to be me and my wife together.”That’s kind of you, love, sure I’ll come sit and chat.” He smiled at her, grabbing his pint and walked with us back to the lounge.We sat down together with my wife in the middle between us guys.Although I was feeling like a third wheel as she seemed much more interested with him.He asked me what job I have and I felt so embarrassed to say I don’t have a job anymore, and as if to rub in the fact I’m unemployed, he started speaking loads about his job.Mainly ‘cos my wife was utterly fascinated and kept asking him about his interesting line of work.He only left us alone when he went to get us more drinks.”I’m going to go to the toilet, hon.” I told my wife, and got up to walk to the club’s loos.On the way there, I saw the copper stood at the bar chatting on his phone.” -ok yeah you’d be doing me a real favour, thanks mate, I owe you!” I heard him say before he hanged up, and ordered our drinks.On the way back from the loo, he was sitting back at the lounge with my wife, he had his arm around her, whispering something into her ear and she gasped before playfully tapping his thigh with her open hand, and then giggling before whispering something into his ear.I sat down next to my wife and he quickly pulled his arm away from her.I noticed a fresh pint of beer and a glass of whiskey with Coke set on the small glass table, and my old almost empty bottle of WKD Blue.”Sorry mate, they ran out of that, so didn’t get you one.” He told me.”Well it’s very thoughtful of you any way, James.” My wife quickly complimented him.”Yeah, thanks.” I huffed.He stood up, and adjusted the belt on his jeans before saying he’s just going to the loos.”Keep her entertained for me!” He chuckled, playfully patting me on the back before heading off.”He’s so funny babe.” My wife giggled.”Yeah, hilarious.” I dryly replied.”So nice and thoughtful too, how many other guys would have offered you a drink as well with mine?”She asked, emphasising how nice of a charming guy he is.”He didn’t get me one though.” I told her.”He couldn’t could he? they’d run out of the drink. Besides it’s the thought that counts.”My wife smiled.”I guess.” I twiddled my empty bottle around with my fingertip.One of the club’s bouncers suddenly walked up next to us,”Excuse me, sir, you’re wanted outside.” he explained rather oddly.I hesitantly got up and followed him out of the club, where a policeman and woman in full uniform was stood waiting.”Are you Bobby?” The pretty middle-aged policewoman asked.”Yeah.” I answered anxiously, thinking something canlı kaçak iddaa is terribly wrong.”We have reason to believe your selling d**gs in the club,” She explained, grabbing the shoulders of my shirt along with the policeman grabbing me as well, “we’re going to search you, if you have any d**gs on you, make it easier on yourself and tell us now.””What? Is this a joke?” I puzzled, “I don’t take any d**gs and I certainly don’t sell them!”She forcefully marched me over to their squad car and the youngish chubby looking policeman held me front-first to the car-door as the woman began patting me down.”Please, this is really unnecessary, someone’s pranked you.” I tried to explain, my voice shaky with confusion and fear.”Quiet please, sir, this’ll only take a second.” She told me, feeling her hands pressing all over my body. She then reached into my shirt pocket.”Well well well, what’s this?” She asked, pulling out a small clear plastic moneybag with dried green shredded leaves inside it and shoved it in my face.”That’s a good question, what is that?” I asked, stunned. The strong stench of marijuana emanating from the bag.”You really should have told us you had this, we might have just given you a fine if you had, but you’re going to spend the rest of the night in the cells now.” The male policeman frowned.”What?! N-n-n-no that’s not mine! I don’t smoke weed! Honest I don’t!” I frightfully panicked.He grabbed my arms as the woman held me by the scruff of my collar.I shouldn’t have resisted but I found myself taken over with fear and panic that I fought back.”Let me just get my wife she’ll vouch for me that that’s not mine!” I blurted out, trying to pull away from them as they started rough-housing me. A crowd of drunk revellers began to form, watching the spectacle. Cheering and jeering.I slipped out of their grasp and tried to run into the club but the woman dived at my legs,rugby-tackling me down hard onto the ground. My hands slapped on the cold pavement.I tried to get back up but my legs weighed a ton as she grabbed me firmly.The policeman quickly knelt his whole weight down onto my upper-back.The woman scuttled up my legs and sat on my lower back, wrestling my arms from out under my body and pinned them behind my back. I struggled and panic but couldn’t get free.In the melee, I looked up at the crowd and then time suddenly slowed down. I saw my wife stood a couple metres away from me, her face wrought with shock, and stood beside her was James, holding her back from helping me with his hands placed on her shoulders.*clnk-cliccckkk* was the sound of the handcuffs being slapped onto my wrists, binding my hands together. The woman stood up off me, leaning down to grab my restrained arms and with the help of the policeman, they dragged me up onto my feet.”That was silly resisting, wasn’t it?” She scolded me, as they stood me at the car-doorand read me my rights.”Christina, please, tell them, that isn’t mine! Please!” I begged her.”What have you done?! You idiot!” My wife shouted at me.”Nothing! It’s all a mistake! Please! Help!” I cried out.Her beautiful green eyes started to well up and she turned, pressing her face into canlı kaçak bahis James’ chest.He wrapped his arms around her, patting her back, comforting her.”Baby, please! Tell them! Please!” I begged out, my pleas falling on deaf ears.The police then opened the door, pushed my head down into the car and shut the door.I stared out the window, as James walked over to talk to the police, my wife by his side. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this, but I was really hoping he’ll save me, explain to them its a mistake, to get me off with just a warning at least.”Please help, mate” I softly whispered.I couldn’t quite pick out what he was saying to the police, but whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to help me out of my predicament.A couple minutes later, with everyone else still watching on, taunting and whooping and hollering playfully and drunkenly, the police got in the front of the car to drive me away to the station.Just before they pulled off, my wife stared at me through the car window.”Don’t worry, love, I’ll see if I can pull some strings, get him off with just a fine.”James told her.”Thank you so much.” She turned to him, giving her hero a big hug, “Don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for doing that.””You could let me make sure you get home safe and sound?” He asked.”I’d like that.” She replied, with a small smile, giving him another hug.The police then drove me away. I watched my wife hugging the guy and walking away with him ’til the car turned the corner, out of my sight. I slumped into the seat.Confused, jealous, upset, scared, and frightful of what will happen.”He owes me a big drink when I see him, next.” The male copper chuckled to his colleague.”Who, Jim?” The woman asked.”Yeah, he tipped me off about this one here.” He explained, pointing behind at me.”Who was that woman he was with, his new girlfriend?” She asked, talking about my wife.”Think so, well she’ll certainly be his new girlfriend by the end of tonight!” He laughed.”Yeah, that sounds like our James, he’s a real ladies man.” She smirked.”That is my wife, you’re talking about.” I scolded them.”Oh is it? Didn’t look that way to me!” He laughed mockingly.”Aww don’t be so cruel, Steve, he’s just been through the ordeal of being arrested,the last thing he wants to think about now is James getting into his wife’s knickers.”She told him, making it hard to know if she’s taunting me or genuinely concerned about me.”Don’t know what it is about that guy, he could have any girl he wants when he goes out, they practically fall at his feet, yet he loves the married ones…” Steve pondered out loud.”Yeah, seems heartless, but then again, what woman on Earth could resist his charms, he is a real tasty hunk of meat!” She cooed.”And I’m not?” Steve joked with her and laughed.I started to cry.”Ahh come on now, mate, don’t cry,” She softly soothed me in a motherly voice, “I’m sure you could get your wife back after he’s finished with her, hey?””I guess so.” I softly snivelled.”Although don’t be surprised if she still hungers for his truncheon long after he’s had his way with her and finds the next married woman to pat down…!” She added, making me feel worse.The rest of the drive to the station, my mind filled with thoughts of what was happening back home.If only I could be a fly on the wall…————————————————————————————————–[Continue reading “Part 2” to find out what happens next!]