My wife’s a dom when 3 guys are in the room

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My wife’s a dom when 3 guys are in the roomI had always encouraged my wife to discuss her fantasies with me, and I must admit I wasn’t surprised when she began talking about having sex with a black guy because Sara had hooked up with a couplde of black guys when she was a teenaer. What did surprise me was that she wanted to cuckold me like she had seen in a couple of videos we watched.I explained to her that I didn’t think I could do everything in the videos, but I would be happy to watch her get off on a black guys cock. Still, I knew what she wanted and set off to get it for her. Finding a black guy with a decent cock was pretty easy (apparently there are a lot of black guys with big dicks in the Atlanta area). Finding a cuck was going to be harder.I thought that finding a bi guy would be the best way to go. Lo and behold there was a bi guy from our hometown on xhamster, Woody4u. I sent him a private message asking if he would be willing to be my wife’s cuck and set up a time for he and I to meet. Sara had no interest in seeing her cuckold first.Woody is not much older than Sara and I, but he was stocky. I explained that neither Reggie or I are bi, so it would be pretty much a straight event outside of Woody eating Reggie’s and my cum from Sara’s pussy. I kind of thought this was gay. Woody’s first question was if he and my wife would be having sex. I had failed to plan out the scene, but I thought it would be a good idea. Sara had been with two guys before, but never three, at least as long as I had known her. Still, I told Woody that it would be up to my wife.When we tried to schedule the event we ran into problems, so it was a couple of weeks before the four of us could get together at our house. The Saturday was cloudy, with misting rain, so we could not use the porch for a pre-fuck party. I had always been amazed at my wife’s body throughout the years. Her teenage figure was no longer intact, but it was only a few pounds away. Her lush 34C breasts were a handfull and the curve of her body to her thighs was a beauty to behold (and feel). In the meantime I had added about 20 pounds to my frame that I didn’t have when we got married, but I still weighed less than some of the guys I see in porn films.Woody was the first to arrive and he kissed Sara deeply when she greeted him at the door. She was not expecting that, but within seconds was giving back celtabet giriş as good as she was getting. When they broke half a minute later both were out of breath. Woody entered the living room where we sat and waited for the star of the show, the big dick black stud I invited. When Reggie arrived I was a little surprised, since he was shorter and smaller than Woody or I and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I introduced him to Sara and I could see the “I want to fuck you” sparkle in my wife’s eyes. When I mentioned it, she seemed embarrassed. Reggie held Sara with a hand on either side and told her she looked good before giving her a quicker kiss than Woody had. I could not get over how excited my wife had become. Reggie joined us in the living room and I poured him, Woody, and Sara a drink. After handing the boys their drinks I held Sara’s up and told her “Come here.”She moved towards me, turning so her butt touched my crotch as she grasped the drink and giggled “Enopjying yourself, big boy?” I think she felt my dick, which was hard enough to cut diamonds at the time.After Sara took a sip, Reggie stood up and Sara put her drink down before approaching him with her hand out as if to reach for his groin. This party was going to start quickly. Sara was taller than Reggie, which made an unusual visual. From her carass as they kissed she moved her hand inside his jeans to size him up. Sara smiled when she lifted his manhood.Sara, who had been leaning down, stood up. Everybody, including me, was surprised when she ordered Reggie to take off his pants. They were off in a moments notice and the underwear was not far behind. Reggie did have a big cock, but I don’t think it was the 8 inches he claimed. Still it was bigger than mine. Sara dropped to her knees and began sucking that black dick. Sara had told me that she enjoyed “being on her knees,” which was her euphemism for sucking cock, but recently we had been using other positions because her knees (and the rest of her body) were getting older.The way Sara attacked this dick was different. She grabbed the shaft with her right hand, leaving the head and the circumcision scar for her to stick in her mouth. Sara wet the head of Reggie’s cock by circling it several times with her tongue before plunging the dick into her mouth far enough to touch her index finger. She quickly had this part celtabet yeni giriş of Reggie’s cock soaking wet, so she moved her hand to his balls and tried to stuff his shaft into her face. Sara withdrew coughing because she had nearly choked herself. “Why are you guys just standing around?” Sara barked to me and Woody, “Get your clothes off.” I did a mental comparison of Woody and my cock when we were nude and he seemed to be amost the same size as me, perhaps a little thicker. “My knees can’t take this. Let’s move into the bedroom.” Sara said, and three guys with hard dicks followed. This was to be Sara’s moment and she was clearly taking control. She lay down on the bed and had Reggie come around to her head then said “Ed, I want you to eat my pussy.”I spread her legs and looked at her pussy lips. They were slightly bigger than normal, and her twat was already wet. I don’t remember seeing her pussy this wet when she sucked me, but I was perfectly happy to munch on her cunny and drink those juices while some nigga dick was making her juicier. Woody had been watching her suck Reggie’s cock and he tapped on my shoulder as if he was telling me to look at the action. I stopped licking Sara’s pussy long enough to see her swallow almost all of Reggie’s coock down her throat. Wow. She then backed his dick out part way as the black dick started shooting a load in my wife’s mouth. Sara swallowed some but the load was actually too big for her to handle, so as Sara let the dick go from her mouth spunk started shooting everywhare, but mostly on her body.Sara looked at Woody. “Come here, cuck!” she ordered, and as Woody approached she told him to kneel so she could spit Reggie’s cum in his mouth. Her voice was garbled from the cum she had saved but Woody understood. I had always wanted to see a couple of chicks snowballing, but I never thought I’d see a guy eating cum from my wife’s mouth. When he was done eating the portion of Reggie’s load that Sara had in her mouth, Sara told him, “Now eat the rest of it,” meaning the spunk that had dripped from Reggie’s dick on to Sara’s body.” Woody began licking the remains. Sara would point to drops that Woody missed and Woody, seemingly eager, would return to the spot, lick it up and swallow. When her body was clean she grabbed Woody’s head and made him lick up Reggie’s cum from the floor.Reggie celtabet güvenilirmi and I found ourselves disgusted at first and in fact, Reggie walked out to go to the bathroom but returned before Woody was done. With both watched as my wife made a cuck out of Woody by forcing him to lick up the last of the white manjuice.I became aware of a change in Sara. She had become almost aggressive in the way she talked to her 3 men, but this was more of a look indicating she had something sinister on her mind. After a rest, she sat on the floor and told Reggie to “get that black fucking cock over here and in my mouth,” an order she did not have to repeat twice. Alternately massaging the shaft with her hand then sucking it with her mouth, Reggie was hard in a short time. She started licking his balls as Woody and I watched. At one point she lifted his balls and began licking behind them. She pushed her head further into Reggie’s crotch and when Reggie looked up to the ceiling and said “oh” to no one in particular, I knew Sara’s tongue was on Reggie’s black asshole from personal experience.I suspect the sitting position was hard for Sara to do. She got up after licking Reggie’s ass while he was standing and ordered him to lie on his back on the bed. Lying on top of Reggie, Sara briefly worked his cock, then his balls, then told him to stick his feet in the air. Sara told Woody to lick her ass while and I sat at the other end. She made me watch as she Reggie a long rimjob and tongue fuck. At the end she stuck a finger in Reggie’s ass, pulled it out and stuck the finger in her mouth. When she was done she told Woody to give her kiss like he had when he arrived at the house. Woody seemed less than thrilled to do this task.Now we moved towards the final scene. I was surprised when my wife told me to fuck her with Reggie standing there, but fuck her I did. I was so turned on by this point that I came in her pussy after about 20 strokes. Woody came next and he fucked her for a bit before pulling out and cumming on her cunt. After Woody, Reggie began fucking her enthusiasticly. Before long Reggie was cumming. She had two large loads in her distended vagina (and some on her cunt) as she looked up at Woody and signaled him to come closer with her index finger. As Woody sat in front of my wife he spread her pussy lips to reveal the loads Reggie and I had left and his ownh on her pussy. Woody then began licking our cream from my wife’s pussy, just as he had promised to do. He left his own manjuice on her pussy, but raised her legs and continued with a 10 minute rimjob. Sara was in heaven.I frankly hope Sara will let me call Reggie and Woody again.