My wife’s sexy friend

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Beautiful Face

My wife’s sexy friendMy Wife’s Sexy FriendYou will probably think I am a horrible person after reading this but you be the judge as it actually happened.My wife and I met in a little shop that made cannoli. Marie is her name. She is a beautiful Italian woman, Five foot six, with deep dark brown hair and stunning brown eyes. We started dating shortly after meeting and things moved quickly for both of us. She told me early on that she thought she loved me and I said I felt the same. I really did but I was never really sure.We were married the next summer and shortly after had our first c***d. I was very excited as he was a strapping blonde haired blue eyed baby boy, nearly my twin. He was growing up in my footsteps as an excellent athlete and I could not have been prouder. Unfortunately, the marriage did not feel as strong though. My wife did not seem to be as interesting sexually. I did not realize she was not my match in wanting more than a vanilla sexual relationship.During our marriage I had noticed a particular girlfriend that visited my wife from time-to-time. She was just barely shorter than my wife but had blondish red hair and beautiful blue eyes. I had remembered hearing red hair with blue eyes was the most infrequent pairing possible so it definitely caught my eye. When my wife first introduced her I found out her name pendik escort is Melissa. I noticed right away she was very fit. She even seemed a bit sexier than my wife but I thought, “I’m a faithful husband,” I thought to myself and kept my distance.Little-by-little the days went buy and our boudoir adventures got less and less adventurous. My once enjoyable partner starting making me unenthused and what was supposed to be bedtime fun was now a tedious chore. I started thinking about her girlfriend all the time but I didn’t let on of course for fear it would mess up my time with the offspring who made me a proud papa every day.Then there came a really hot day in the neighborhood and I found myself alone at her house through having to give her a ride home. The ride home was already interesting as she was wearing a sexy little sun dress. I was not sure if she was making it ride up her leg but she kept brushing it back in a sort of flirty, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that keeps happening,” sort of way. We get to her house and I walk her to the door like a gentleman.“Thank you, Michael,” she says to me at the door. “You know my boyfriend and I are really doing very well and he’s not living here right now. I’m sort of scared since it’s getting a little dark. Will you come in and check the house for me?” I say I will being the dope escort pendik that I am to her flirtation and I do a quick sweep of the house just the way I see it done on television. “It’s all clear Melissa. You should be fine.” She reaches out and grabs my hand and says, “Thank you. I feel really safe with you here.” She steps closer in a seductive way and says, “I noticed you and Marie don’t seem close right now. I feel her other hand brush my hip as it slides around and onto my ass. I can feel my manhood start to grow in my jeans.“Melissa… um… I don’t think we should be doing this,” I say with a shaky voice. “It’s okay,” she says in a sweet voice, “no one’s here to see.” Her lips were soft and tasted sweet of some sort of flavored Chap Stick or lip stick. First there was a peck on the top lip and then a small suck on the bottom. My left hand slips from her hand and makes contact with the bottom of her sundress. I slide it onto her bare warm skin and slide it up under her firm glute feeling its muscle. So firm is her ass just like I thought it would feel the first time I saw her “accidentally” bend over in front of me at my home. The space between my legs gets less as my manhood jumps to attention. Why you might wonder? I realized when my hand moved around looking for the fabric that she wasn’t wearing any panties.“Guilty,” she said. pendik escort bayan “I was hoping you noticed at your house.” “Well,” I said, “I figured a thong.” She started to kiss me more vigorously and parted her lips. It was the only invitation I needed as my tongue ventured inside of her mouth and met hers and began that beautiful tug-of-war the French were so smart to invent. I pick her up and put her on the counter. Overcome with need and want from being starved of love I flip her sundress over my head as she leans back. My tongue slides from clit to perineum and back again to her already throbbing clit. I taste her on my tongue. I wonder if she was playing with herself before we started this are did she get that wet just since we started this sinful act.“Oh my god Michael,” she gasped. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for weeks. This is better than I could’ve imagined.” I penetrate her with my fingers, her creamy river helping them to slide very deep easily. I start to rub her g-spot and work my way up to her a-spot. As soon as I put pressure on that spot she squirted a little hitting me in the face. “Wow,” I say surprised. “Oh, Michael!,” she exclaimed in an embarrassed sounding voice, “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t be,” I tell her, “That’s hot that you are so wound up that you would squirt on me. I maybe should get home now though so my wife does not suspect us. We might want to do this again.” “You have a point,” she answered, “but…. I should take care of this,” she finished as she jumped down in front of me on her knees unzipping my pants…