Natalie heaven sex Q and A

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Natalie heaven sex Q and AHello once again it’s Natalie though I would do a sex Q and A so it’s not a story type thing just get asked a lot off questions so thought I would just do a little Q and A type thing Structure Gide ( Q ) is question ( A ) is answer of needing to mention any guys names I will do it in my normal fashion take the first letter off they name and put it in brackets like this ( F ) just to keep people indent hidden So time to start 1 ( Q ) how meny people have you had sex with 1 ( A ) to be honest this is probably my most asked question and to be honest I really lost count a long time ago if I would have to take a rough ges would say in the 500 range 2 ( Q ) have you had sex with multiple different people on the same day if so do you tell them you have 2 ( A ) yes I have and do so quite regularly and yes some I tell before hand and let them know and some I don’t all depends on how ur response is first off I will tell you and if you say that’s not ur kind off thing you rather me fresh then next time I will not tell you I just hop in a shower before you get to me or I get to you and give my self a little wash still be in the same clothes though if ur ok with it then I will just turn up still dripping the last guys cum or cum stained clothing 3 ( Q ) have you ever had sex for money and if so would you again and if not would you ever consider it 3 ( A ) short and sweet yes I have and yes I would agein done a story on it hence the short answer no need to go in to detail it’s all in my story 4 ( Q ) whare do you like people to cum on you in ur ass or in ur mouth 4 ( A ) to be honest I prefer have people cum in my ass nothing say slut slag or whore more that a ass full off cum that’s not to say I will not allow you to unload one in my mouth or face or on my clothes for round 2 or if your using a condom 5 ( Q ) condom or no condom 5 ( A ) normal leve that one up to the person fucking me if no bingöl escort condom first round in my ass second round I let you decide whare you want to fire it if condom then on face or in mouth or on my clothes 6 ( Q ) have you ever had sex in a public place if so whare if not would you 6 ( A ) yes I have place night club toilets night club dance floors public toilets in shopping centres woods car parks in cars if I am getting cock I pritty much drop my kickers anywhere worry about the consequences being seen or cought afterwords 7 ( Q ) have you ever had people watch you have sex 7 ( A ) yes plenty off times at swingers party’s gay sanuas and just regular old house party’s always ask the people watching if they like to join in and have a little go on my ass 8 ( Q ) have you ever been gangbanged or had a threesome 8 ( A ) yes I have multiple times off both yes I would again in fact wish it happen more often than they have been9 ( Q ) if in a relationship would you cheat 9 ( A ) yes and no when I get in to relationship I always form the get go make it clear that I fuck who I want when I want and if you don’t like it that’s ur problem look I am a slut and I am never going to stop being one so I not going to turn down cock that’s come my way if you can’t handle that movie on so I don’t class it as cheating but if you do that’s ur problem but I am selfish ur mine and mine alone no free pass for you if you don’t like that or cant handle that movie on I find someone who can 10 ( Q ) would you allow someone to pimp ur ass out 10 ( A ) yes and no if I could trust you not to fuck me over then yes but would have to be at least a 70 / 30 split in my favour off all the money made as I am the one doing all the work so to speak the no part is not meet anyone I truly trust to do such a thing 11 ( Q ) what’s the biggest dick you taken and what’s ur perfepreferred size off cock 11 ( bingöl escort bayan A ) biggest has been 12 inches and I don’t have a preferred size more category will list them below Under 4 inches don’t bother not being mean just doesn’t do anything for me at all maybe suck you off if you were watching at a swingers party but definitely wouldn’t meet you for a one on one 5-6 inches get ready for a weekend off full on sex as I can handle you all weekend and you better be up for it 6-8 inches grate for a all night and next morning fuck but don’t expect me to be doing multiple days hole dose need a little rest 9 inches + grate for a couple off hours before I am sore but do love the challenge off trying to go all night but don’t be disappointed if I stop if staying over don’t worry my mouth still there to be used just don’t expect morning sex I will try but will probably fail and end up with just a blow job as that’s what’s happened in the past 12 ( Q ) would you let me film us have sex or take pictures 12 ( A ) yes and no yes if you do it on my camera and you can watch me edit and blur faces and background out and delete original none edit copy’s will even let you take edit away with you if you like No if you want to do it with ur camera and if you try to sneak one you will be sent packing with no camera have a no phones or camera out policy when meeting if you bring ither one out it’s meet over and you lose that phone or camera as it’s sertonly not leveing room or in less you let me factory rest it and wipe all its data 13 ( Q ) are you straight bi or gay and do you top 13 ( A ) I am bi and no I don’t top men don’t ever ask it’s a shour fire way off getting kicked out the bedroom and sent packingFor woman I am top and bottom 14 ( Q ) if we meet can I bring a friend he / she would like to watch or join in 14 ( A ) yes no maybe depends if it’s a first meet then no never escort bingöl if we meet good 5 or 6 times beforehand and I know I can trust ur judgment that I will be safe then yes bring as meny friend as you like more the better 15 ( Q ) do you let marred guys fuck you without they wife’s knowing15 ( A ) yes and no if they form Scotland then no don’t need you leveing ur swingers page open and for ur wife to turn up I do appreciate the honesty though off telling me before hand if you are probably best just not to say as I don’t ask but if you do that and ur wife dose turn up at my door then you have hell to pay so take that at ur own risk If England then yes as it be hotel and all wife would know is I stayed in Scotland no chance of her finding out whare I live so no chance off her turn up at my door step shouting to the world I let her husband fuck me 16 ( Q ) would you let me fist you16 ( A ) yes and no the question is are you marrieing me I like to try and keep my hole as un ruined as possible so anal stretching is pretty much out the question no more than 3 fingers not worth a ruined stretch hole for a one night stand as the next guy after you may not want to fuck me just not worth it to be honest Now if we married and you got a ring on my finger stretch away dubble fist me for all I care it’s you that need to live and fuck a complete ruined stretch out hole 17 ( Q ) I just want a blow job have no interest in fucking you 17 ( A ) sorry not interested not hear just to please you I got to get something out off it as well give you a bj dose nothing for me so no fuck no suck simple as but that’s not to say I will not give one to get you hard or just give you one after you fucked me 18 ( Q ) do you do quick drop in 15 minutes meets 18 ( A ) sorry no I don’t take me 2-3 hours to get ready I at least expect 3 hours off fun that’s not to say I a total bitch I will alow 5-10 minutes brakes bween rounds but you better be up for multiple rounds Hope yous injoyed this little Q and A and yes now you see why I referred to my self as a slut slag or whore always try to down play in for my own self benefit and esteem but there no getting away from it I just a fuck slut and love it Lots off love from Natalie xxxxx