Natalie heaven sex story’s being payed for sex

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Natalie heaven sex story’s being payed for sexNatalie heaven sex story’s being payed for sex Hi ever one it’s natalie hear agein with a nother sex story off my my real life experiencesThis will be serious off little short story’s and big story’s all combined in to one storyThese story’s take place between he ages off 26-28 happened over a 2 year period the last time I was payed to have sex with someone was about 28 not that I have stopped it just I am not a prostitute or a escort well kind off not it’s not as if I have ads anywhere or ask to be payed for sex but I have asked to be payed before meeting in the past plus the offer has never really come up again and I don’t really like asking to be payed but that’s not to say if someone offered to pay me for sex that I would turn it down because I tell you right now I wouldn’t and if that make prostitute or a escort or a hooker or a whore or what ever you would like to call me then so be it as to be honest I don’t care For story purposes I with just refer to the men and ( guy 1 ) ( guy 2 ) and so onStory’s are in order off how they happened and my progression of being payed for sex being a escort or prostitute or a whore or what ever you like to class me as and moving away from being payed for sex and being a escort or prostitute or whore or what ever you like to class me as Story time line keys of progression ( Guys 1 was the start off it had no intention off being a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as ( guy number 2 I was kind off a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as but at the time didn’t see my self as one ( guy number 3 and 4 they are the one story and is probably the best story I don’t mind if you skip to it you will just miss the back story that lead up to this I was a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as ) (Guy 5 was the start of me stopping being a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as ) (Guy 6 was the end of me being prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as ) Buts that’s not to say I wouldn’t do it again it’s just the opportunity hasn’t came about off someone offing me money for sex and I have never asked again but if it dose happen then I wouldn’t turn it down So it’s all started with ( Guy 1) the guy who started it all so to speak One day I was horny and thinking I could be doing with being fucked so I hop on to the swinging site and start seeing what’s about See some I like but is 25 miles away from me so I messaged him and asking him if he traveled and he sed yes but was on call for work so couldn’t but sagest that I could get a train straight from my house to where he stayed and he would get me at train station and drop me back off at the train station I wasn’t to keen on the idear as I had been stood up before off guys make me travel but I was quite horny and hadn’t had sex in like a month or two so I agree to it there was no talks off being payed for sex or anything it was just straight up no strings fun as far as I new Went and got ready hoped on the train and off I went thinking well at least if he stands me up it’s only £10 return ticket wasted and a hour or two could be worse I could be stranded somewhere and cant get home So I get to there and get off the train get off and there’s ( guy 1 ) waiting on me to my relief as I hadn’t been stood up I get in his car and go off to his house we get to his house and I go to the bathroom to get ready as I don’t travel dressed I come out all dressed and suck his cock hard got on his bed and he fucked me he ensited he wore a condom witch I don’t mind I usely leave that to them any way if they want to fuck me bare and cum in me or condom and cum in my mouth So he came in my mouth and I thought that was us going to be done but then he asks if I would like to spend the rest off the night to gether and he run me back to the train station in the morning that after a brakes he can go again and again witch I agreed to as it been a month or two sins I had sex So as the night goes on and we’re having fun and the last train home is past he gets a phone call it was work he had to go so me all worried says what about me will I just stay hear and wait and he says no I not leveing you in my house by ur self I don’t really know you witch I can understand but at the same time I thinking ooo no are you kicking me out on the street as I had no way home had money but not a nuff for a taxi home So I ask him will you be runing me home and he sed it was to far ooo wow I got a sick feeling in my stomach I am definitely getting kicked out on the street at like 11pm with no way home Then he turns and says don’t worry I call you a taxi home and I sed I don’t have a nuff money to pay for a taxi he sed it’s ok I will pay it for you I got a hour to be in at work so I call the now and you can wait hear till it comes and he gose off and phones the taxi He then comes back though to the bed room and hands me £100 and says that should pay it The taxi comes and I on the way home get home and the taxi fair only comes to like £30 so I had a spare £70 left so I thought I better call him the next day and tell him he was nice a nuff to get me home could have just kicked me out on the street and left me So I call him and explain that the taxi was only £30 and still had £70 left over I would like to give him it back I could get the train to day and he could get me at train station and ither go to his house for a quickie or just give him the money back and go home up to him Well to my surprise he turns and say I know I gave you to much I asked the taxi company before hand how much it was the extra was for the sex and I turn and sed you know I am not a escort or prostitute he says I know but when the sex is as good as it was I like to pay This was the start off a slippery slope of me takeing money for sex he had effectively made me a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to class or label it as On to ( guy number 2 ) Guys number 2 is quite short didn’t exactly pay for sex but payed for some clothes Some off the clothes I wore for him some he never seen so he kind of did pay for sex He was a regular fuck buddy well when I say regular what I really mean is we had meet like 3 times ones a week for like 3 weeks After the 3.rd time off meeting he suggested that next week I dress in a sexy school girl outfit role play wasn’t really my thing at the time so didn’t have any role pay costumes So I sed I would love to but I don’t have any role play costume at all would have to buy one so I looked and to my surprise thay were really expensive for what thay were like £50 I mean wow I can get like 3 or 4 dress and skirts like pvc dress and stuff out off woman clothing boutique like pritty little thing, boohoo, misspap, and asos for that price any way I say to him look it’s a bit to costly for what it is I am not paying £50 for it when I can get better stuff that I would ware on more than one occasion He then says to me he pay for it so hands me £50 and you can order it so I agreed and we had fun meet him like a nother 5 times after that and ever time he would hand me £80 and tell me to get something nice and like I sed shopping the sale on woman’s clothing boutique I was able to order far more stuff than he had seen so he was kind off paying for the sex and I was buying clothes with the money some he seen lot he didn’t I mean £80 gose far on a sale when ur pick up dress and skirts and top and shoe and stuff up at like max £15 a items you know pick up skirts at like £3 and dress at £5 or £10 and shoes at like £15 and lingerie at steal off like £10 max was able to order quite a kaçak iddaa lot for the £80 in total he payed me like £400 and only really seen about £70 off the clothes but he never asked if I had gotten more clothes I think he just presumed the dress or top and skirt and shoes cost the full £80 So on to ( guy number 3 and 4 ) and this time I was really a prostitute or escort or whore or hooker And happen around 2 months after ( guy number 2 ) This one quite a long story and well worth the read probably the best off them all So one Saturday mid afternoon I usually check my swingers message ones a day even if I am not really looking for fun that day loged on to see 3 or 4 message from friends I had meet before asking if I was free next week and so on so I start replying to them and suddenly a nother message comes though From ( Guy 3 ) he only stayed 5 miles away bit close to home as normally I have a 20 mile rule off not meeting any one so close to home so there no chance for really bumping in to them in the streets or anything like that so I kindly reply saying no sorry to close to home He then message me back saying ooo that’s a shame as I was looking for fun all night and have a big bag cocaine hear that I would share so I thought well I do love getting fucked and having cocaine some off the best sex I ever had Trust me lads if you think ur woman or ur tgirls dose not like being fucked on cocaine or has done in the past you are dead wrong and are stupid because 90% off woman and tgirls love being little coke sluts or whores anyway back to the story So I sat and thought about it it’s a bit close to home on one hand but I do love a night off being a coke whore so it got me think about ( guy 2) paying for clothes as he was still fresh in my mind as it only had been a month or 2 from that happened I had been looking at a latex dress bra kickers and stocking set but was really costly £400 so instead off asking him to buy it I thought I could tell him that it’s going to cost him £400 for the night and just get the latex dress bra kickers and stockings with the money mean I would be have fun anyway with the coke and sex so the latex dress and stuff was a bonus So I messaged him back saying or I am up for it but it was going to cost him £400 and and share his coke with me free cupple off minutes go past he’s read the message but not replied back yet I am thinking damm maybe I shouldn’t have asked for money but anyway He then messaged me back saying oooo I didn’t know you were a prostitute and I messaged him back saying is that a problem like and then he message me back saying no that’s not a problem and gave me his number to call himSo before calling him I think off a safe way to get payed in away that he can’t screw me over like saying I pay you at the end and not or pay me at the start and after we were done beat me up and take the cash back think I was thinking these things because previously after ( guy 2 ) I started reading story’s online about escorts and prostitute and come across quite a lot off horrible story’s off things like that happening so What I came up with he could send the money to me pay pal as freands and family and that way he can’t clame the cash back or take it off me and as long as I loged out my PayPal account on my phone after he sent it to me there was no way from him to log back in and take the cash back So I phone him to get his address and ask him if he has pay pal yes says yes and asks why I wanted to know and I sed to him it’s so you can pay me you can send me the £400 he kind off laughs and says ur the first prostitute I meet that take pay pal do you take credit cards all so and swipe the payment between ur ass checks horny I thought to my self that was quite rude and cheeky but none the less if ur paying me the £400 so I can get the latex dress and stuff it not matter and just shrugged it off maybe this should have been a red flag to what was to fallow looking back on now I can see that but at the time couldn’t but away he agrees to pay me pay pal but will not pay me till I get to his house and set up the particulars witch ones again saying particulars should have been a red flag but wasn’t at the time I sed that’s fine by me then says to me you be comeing hear dressed will you not now this kind off present a little problem as I didn’t travel dressed but rembered there was a payed public toilet that was a one person toilet for £1 for 40 minutes so I thought I could get changed and make up there as long as I don’t bump in to anyone I know going from toilet to his house so anyway we agree that I would be at his house 3pm it was 1pm now had to go fast shower and catch the 1.30pm bus if I want to make his house for 3pm So I get on bus off the bus and into the toilet get changed makeup on and walk to his house scared no one seen me just glad no one did well people did but no one a new and knock on the door and he comes to the door and says wow ur hot and invites me in I get in and he says before paying me he wants to go over particulars and I sed up for mostly anything apart from I don’t top or s**t but you can suck my dick if you like and he’s sed he doesn’t botton anyway and not in to s**t but will suck me at some point and then says if I pay the the £400 you will be be my dirty slut for the night and I can do what ever I like to you sexually maybe a mistake on my part but was all new to me and sed yes So he pays me the £400 in to my PayPal and puts out a line off coke for him self and me and I says he’s took a cupple off extra strength viagra and I not need to worry about in going softball night and then asks me if I like some I sed I had never had it and he says it makes you so horny and turned on and keep ur dick hard so I sed yes ok then he gives me 2 instinty my dick gets hard and my ass starts to widen He then gives me the line while rubing my ass and cock and then says he be back in a second he’s going to get something from the bed room he comes back with box with hand cuffs collar and lead a ball gag a nother gag that keeps ur mouth open a whip and 3 dildos in 3 sizes small medium and large and says we need all these at this point I think wtf and what the hell have I got my self in to but I would find out he then gose back to the bed room and brings thought this big wooden set up and bolts it’s all to gether quite big and heavy with two circular hooks bolted on it was just bigger than his couch back with the two hooks in perfect line just above the top off the couch and he pulls the couch out from the wall and sits it behind it and push the couch back agenst it and the wall anyway He then asks gives me a nother line and tells me to get on my knees and suck his did I sed give me a minute and went over to my bag and got a condom out and he then says I thought the £400 included no condom and I sed no I dosent and then he says well normally prostitute charge a little extra to allow bareback but you got to ask so how much extra I took a second to think and just come up with a number off the top off my head and sed emmm that be a extra £150 for the night he sed ok then I loged back in to PayPal and he sent me the £150 and I thought ooo grate that’s £550 now So we start I suck his dick hard then he bends me over and fucks me hard not to hard or rough and cums in my ass and was very polite and softly spoken witch was a relief as I think what a good guy And then sits back down has a smoke and I have one think oooo well this isn’t going to be to bad little did I know we finsh or smoke and he offers be a nother line so I say yes and he has one don’t know if it was the coke that done it or if he was just this way in general but after the line he sits back down rubs my up my legs and says now that the soft stuff over are you kaçak bahis ready to earn ur pay honey and I am thinking well shour going to be a nice night easy night if that’s the way ur fucking me little did I know He then takes out the collar and lead and tells me to put it on and then took out a set off the cuffs and hand cuff me hands behind my back and took the gag that keeps ur mouth open and put it on then prosecute to ram his cock down my throat as hard as he could in and out fast and hard holding my noise with is cock in my mouth so I couldn’t breathe till I choked and all over his cock then bent me over and stuck in my ass in the same manner as my mouth and rode me hard made me crawl around the floor on my knees as he drags me by the lead and spanks me with the whip make me snort some coke off his dick and snorts some off the top off my ass slaps me in the face chokes me and rides me as I take more lines I am thinking this is a bit much but couldn’t really say anything as I had kind off agree to it sort off before hand and he had all ready payed me After a while he sed he need a little brake I thought thank goodness so we take a little brake I still had the hand cuffs on my wrist by this time both sets one on each wrist but was un cuffed so we had a little brake and smoke then he starts to shove the didos up my ass till the biggest one then starts to try and fist me I let out a screem in pain he grabs the ball gag and gags me and cuffs both my hands to the wooden post behind the couch and starts off fisting me then fucks me ones more this gose on for a cupple off hours and by this time I was completely covered in cum ass was full off it face was full off it dress had multiple big wet cum stanes on any way Around 9pm his phone gose off it was a friend or so to speak wanting to buy some coke off him he says ok then and tells him to come round in hafe a hour I presumed that was because I was in and he want to clean up and stash me away but I was wrong he did clean a little took the dildos away left the cuffs on the post behind the couch and covered them with cupple off pillows stashed the collar and lead behind the pillows also and I sed want me to go to the bed room and hid away he says no you can sit there everyone knows I like Tgirls any way just clean the cum off ur face and re do ur makeup and I sed what about my dress look at all the cum stanes I then sed I have a nother dress in my bag as I normally have two sets with me incase I need to change he looks at me and says no there’s no point in wasting a nother dress as we be getting back to it after he gose away So in comes his friend or so to speak ( Guy number 4 ) So he comes in sits down and ( guy 4 ) asks who’s this little cutie I never seen her before and I say my name is natalie then ( guy 4 ) asks ( guy 3 ) if I was his new girlfriend and ( guy 3 ) turns around and says no she’s just some junkie prostitute that I am filling full off coke and paying her to suck my dick and fuck her all night and she’s definitely earning ever bit off her pay the hard way to night wow my hart just sank to the bottom off my stumic when he sed that felt so sick but now it was even more aparnt why he was being so rough with me any way ( guy 3 ) then sagest that ( guy 4) has a little smoke and cupple off lines before heading off so he’s says yes he can do so ( guy 4 ) starts make a smoke and ( guy 3 ) puts out 3 lines one for each off us he takes his and I bend down to take my line as I do I feel my dress being pulled up and ( guy 3 ) shoves 3 fingers up my ass and starts to thrust them hard in and out as I takeing my line as I finsh he then turns me around and shoves the fingers that were just in my ass in to my mouth and says see just a dirty little junkie prostitute then ( Guy 4 ) take his line and say well I may have to get a shot off that little slut sometime ( guy 3 ) then sagest he takes a shot just now he dosent mind By this point I had hade a nuff and says emmm that’s not the deal yes you payed me for to night but that was only for you not you and ur friends or who ever else is going to come over to night And ( guy 3 ) then turns to me and he’s back to being very polite and softly spoken and say ooo I am sorry I didn’t mean it that way I meant he can pay for it I just meant it is in I know I payed for you for the full night but don’t mind him have a go on my time as I sit hear and watch and smoke a little witch I was quite takeing back by it as he was back to being nice looking back on it maybe the rough stuff and dirty stuff and name calling and putting down was all part off the act that he was in to that prostitutes were dirty sluts and should be treated as such and that he new that with the way I sed it that it wasn’t part off the act maybe I should have asked him now that I look back on it now maybe would make me feel better about it all anyway I going off topic you will noitce as more story’s come and in the 2 previous story’s I done so just write some off my thoughts now in there as well when looking back on it anyway ( guy 4 ) then turns and says I think I will have a little go the now and turns to me and asks if it was ok I sat and thought well I mean I am in this situation till moring anyway with ( Guy 3 ) may as well make a little extra cash so I say ok then if that was ok with ( guy 3 ) sins it was his time and ( guy 3 ) says he’s ok to sit and watch and ( guy 4 ) pass me the smoke and asks ( guy 3 ) if he had any viagra ( guy 3 ) says yes and gives him on( guy 4 ) then asks how much a quickie would be mean I didn’t know as I wasn’t really a prostitute so I quickly just came up with a number sed £100 for a quickie and £150 to cum in me on top off the £100 he then sed wow that’s quite expensive for a quickie but any how he would pay ( guy 3 ) then turns around and says yes she’s a expensive one that’s why I am make her earn her cash the hard way to night and then says oooo she definitely next level prostitution’s she dosent even take cash PayPal only ( guy 4 ) sed that would be a problem as he didn’t have paypal but ( guy 3 ) sed if he pays him the money ( guy 3 ) would pay me it though his PayPal so they did that ( guy 3 ) then removes the pillows from the back off the couch to revel the post with the hand cuffs on it( guy 4 ) ( guy 4 ) then comes over unzips his trousers and tells me to start suck his did watch I do so then slides me down the couch and notice my cum stained dress probably noitce when he came in but didn’t say anything he was wow you definitely been earn ur pay to night honey and and cuffs my hands to the post the slides my thong down and says wow ur covered in cum ( guy 3 ) has definitely done a number on you kind off glad now that I didn’t pay the extra to bareback and cum in you He then starts to fuck me real hard slapping and chokeing me and telling me he’s payed for this so he’s going to give it to me the way he likes it and I am going to like it ( guy 3 ) turns and says yes you payed for that hole so you take that hole and destroy it punnish that little junkie slut that’s it pound her till she bleeds ( guy 4 ) then takes his cock out and takes the condom off and spunks a big load on my face then slaps his dick off my face hard 3 or 4 times and sits back down and has a nother line and starts rolling a smoke Back to ( guy 3 ) ( guy 3 ) then takes the colla and lead and puts it on me and starts to ram his dick in me saying this is a £550 pound a night hole I am going to make shour that it’s worthless after to night as it’s going to be so wasted no one will pay to fuck it you have to pay them you little dirty junkie bitch Then he un cuffs me and takes one off the cuffs off the post and cuffs my hands behind my back and pulls the lead and drags me to the bath room illegal bahis and says to ( guy 4 ) come with me we go to the bath room and ( guy 3 ) takes out his cock and says to ( guy 4 ) let’s piss on this junkie little slut and I throw in a nother £50 for you pissing on her before I could say anything the two off them just started pissing on my face and dress calling me a little junkie prostitute then when finished ( guy 3 ) says I think you may need that uther dress now natalie ( guy 4 ) gose home and me and ( guy 3) continued on till around 3am till the viagra wore off and he feel a sleep witch to be honest with you I was quite glad he did because by this time I was really used and abused and sore The next morning ( guy 3 ) wakes up and wants some moring sex before I go I tell him that’s not covered the payment was for last night and last night was over when he fell a sleep hopeing he say he wasn’t paying agein as I was quite sore he says ok then ur £100 for a quickie and £150 to cum in and takes his phone and sends me the cash without even asking I thought ok then just a nother 15 to 20 minutes and one more fuck and this will all be over so he starts to fuck me hard and cums in me and then rams his hand up my ass scooping out his cum and with a hand full off cum and ass juices then proceeded to rub it all over my face and down my throat then rams his cock back in me and fucks me agien cums ones more and then say right you little junkie slut time to be on ur way and me my bag and throws me out the house my face covered in cum and ass juices and cum streaming down my leg from my ass Is I walked shamefully and quickly still in the spare dress from last night with loads off dry in cum stains on a black dress my face covered in cum and ass juices and cum runing down my legs started to walk to public toilets hopeing no one was in it I got a sick feeling about the way I had been teated and didn’t like it go to the toilets no one was in it cleaned my self up got changed back in to normal clothes as I sat in the bus not feeling good about my self I looked at my PayPal well I was up £950 for the night kind off made me feel a little better but not much I mean £950 wasn’t bad for a night but man did I earn ever penny off it I was truly wasted my hole was gaping and hadn’t went back to its normal size 3 days later and I was still dripping cum for a week and was the shame off what happened worth that much we’ll no it wasn’t as I was treated like a complete slut anyway on to the next ( guy number 5 the start off the end of me being prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as )So about a week and hafe and went bye sins ( guy 3 and 4 ) I had ordered my latex stuff but I was still feeling bad about and felt shameful but was just starting to shrug it off My swingers phone gose off witch is just a cheap throw away phone with a pay and go SIM card just incase I need to change the number it’s easy to just snap the SIM card and get a new one without needing to explain to family and close friends why I am changing my number anyway I don’t normally pic it up or in less I am expecting a call went to cancel the call and hit the wrong button So I say hello and it’s a guy he then says he got my number from ( guy 3 ) and he had been talking to ( guy 4) and asked if this was natalie I was took back by this and don’t know why I didn’t just say no sorry you got the wrong number but I sed yes this is natalie speeking He then asks if I do in calls he had heard about me off ( guy 4 ) and ( guy 4) had told him to get my number from ( guy 3 ) I sed no I don’t do in calls but was house sitting a friends how as she’s away on holiday don’t know why I did but as long as he didn’t wreck the place or come back afterwards I could in call there witch was total bs it was my house just didn’t want him to know that so he agreed and sed I heard it’s £100 for a quickie and £150 to cum in you I sed yes and he sed grate I take the full package I sent in the address and thought maybe this isn’t such a good idear as I was just getting over feeling worthless after the last one but thought it’s £250 and maybe I feel better maybe it was just that two and this one will be different So he turns up comes in sits down puts two lines out one for him and one for me and says ooo I know you don’t mind so we take the lines He then un zips and I get on my knees and suck him hard then he bends me over and fucks me not to roughly would say it was just like a normal no payed for fuck and cums in me and I think to my self see that wasn’t so bad and thay two were just dicks to me for some reason or a nother anyway he asks if he can have a smoke before he gose way and I says yes So during the smoke he turns and says wow ( guy 3 and 4 ) were right you are definitely worth ever penny ur ass is going to be very popular and busy that’s why I booked to day before uthers use you me looking very confused asked what he meant by that and he sed oooo ever ones has heard about the little junkie slut prostitute that ( guy 3 and 4 ) had last week and ( guy 3) handing ur number around town everyone wants a shot off ur ass I just getting in befor uthers bareback you and then I will not want to fuck putting my dick in something they have Well my hart sank and thought ooo no I can’t have this I am getting a rep for being a prostitute and it’s only two towns away wouldn’t have been so bad if thay were like 50-60 miles away but this was particularly on my door steps so I turned and sed ooo well that’s grate can’t wait more customer for me just hope they can do outcalls as this in call is a one time deal she back Friday He then says not shour if they will be but most will end up take the day off work when they wife or girlfriends are at work and have me come over it’s something they do when one off them finds a good prostitute they all have a go till she’s completely used up and I not the first prostitute they used up like this sed ( Guy 3) will probably have you down at the weekend and probably have a cupple off uther ( guys over just like guy 4 ) and they take they shot on me on his time like ( guy 4) and pay me then he says thanks and leaves Me feeling completely sick to the bottom off my stomach thinks yes that will not be happening maybe I would have let it happen if they were all 50-60 miles away but wasn’t happening on my door steps for family and friends to hear about so I quickly snapped my SIM card and sed I was done being a prostitute(Guy 6 the true end of me being prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me as )So about 7 months has passed this older gentleman had keep messing me on the swingers site stayed 55 miles away nice a nuff guy to talk to just in his mid 60s bit to old for my likening but any how I turned him down the first time He messaged me agein a nother night but this time saying he would pay for it I kind off glimped and thought no didn’t like the feeling off being payed the last time so sed no He messaged again a nother night saysing he pay £200 for a quick go at this point I thought what the it’s a easy £200 he’s a old guy So I get there he pays me this time take cash as I felt safe that he wasn’t going to try and rob it back off me We do the deeds me sucking him then him fucking me with condom on came on my face On the way home I felt really sick I was right far to old for me I felt sick Was disgusted with my self that I had his old rinkly balls in my mouth and is rinkly cock in my ass So I decided there and then I was done have sex for money well at least for the time beingLike I have previously sed I wouldn’t turn it down If the opportunity ever comes up again but I wouldn’t go seeking it out ither hope you have injoyed my story off my time as being a prostitute or escort or hooker or whore or what ever you like to label me asIf you like this story leve a comment below and tell me ur thoughts on it Lots off love once agin from natalie xxxxxx