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Ashley Matheson

NATALIEThe first days at the Anderson household were very strange, to say the least. Despite the fact that we were officially man and wife, he treated me like a de facto employee who simply happened to be living in the bedroom next to his and wearing a gigantic diamond ring. It was almost as if the whole prelude was done simply to ensure that I was very kinky for some future plan. He would leave very early in the morning in a rush, without even sitting down for breakfast. His sons had left for a couple of days to visit family and I had barely even spoken with them about the new situation. I was starting to feel like some kind of foreign boarder or a low-level housekeeper. On the following Monday, I told Anderson that I would like to sit down with everyone at breakfast the next day and make all the formal introductions.I threw caution to the wind and decided to just jump head first into my new role as housewife and Head of Household with open arms. The only problem was that not everyone else’s arms were open. My first official morning as a member of the Norton household began at the breakfast table. I woke at daybreak to make a huge feast for my new husband and my growing boys. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, pancakes, real maple syrup, waffles, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, fresh squeezed orange juice, hand-whipped butter, biscuits and an assortment of fresh jams made from 100% fruit. I didn’t even need to call everyone to the table as by the time the smells from the kitchen started wafting through the house, everyone had come to the entrance of the kitchen to stare at my growing feast. Anderson was the last one down and strolled up behind the boys to see what I was up to.”Well, look at this,” he exclaimed. “Everyone grab a seat and dig in before it gets cold.”Anderson slipped through the trio of boys at the doorway and took a seat at the head of the table. His three sons warily stepped to the seats and sat down to start picking away at the food. During the week before I had officially moved in, I had tried to strike up various conversations with his sons but the awkwardness of the situation was apparent.Each of his sons had very different personalities which became very obvious in our earliest interactions. Ethan, the oldest at 19, was defiant and jaded. Carter, the middle boy and 18-years-old, was the risk taker and seemed to enjoy being spoiled. Alexander, the youngest at 17, was the loner and more of a creative type. Most of our conversations at the point had been very short, usually as I came over to meet their father or when we were lounging around in the living room. So when I moved in and suddenly showed up in their kitchen that morning cooking their breakfast, they were very guarded with me.Anderson did the most talking, asking his sons about their plans for the week while they mumbled their responses and quickly inhaled their breakfast. When I would add my own two cents or ask one of the boys a question, they would either give me a very curt response or not really say anything at all. Finally, as they were about to get up to leave, Anderson clanged his fork against the side of his glass to get their attention.”Okay, okay, enough of the awkwardness,” he said. “Everyone just stay seated for a minute while I say a few words.” His sons put down their utensils and looked at me and then back at their father. “I just wanted to ask everyone to give Natalie a warm welcome into our home. I know all of this has happened very sudden and all of you will need some time to get to know each other, but it is a situation which you will learn to accept. She is the new head of this household and you will treat and respect her as such.””She’s not anyone to me,” Ethan interrupted.”Ethan!” his father scolded him. “What did I just say? Be polite. Now Natalie is a wonderful woman but she is not trying to replace your mother. Your mother is gone and that’s just life. We have to deal with that pain and move on. Natalie is a new chapter in all of our lives. She is not trying to replace your mother but you better understand right now. She is in charge and you listen to what she tells you or you will suffer the consequences. Is that understood everyone?”His two youngest sons nodded their heads while Ethan just rolled his eyes. I felt at that moment that if I didn’t say anything, I would be treated simply like Anderson’s wife and not someone to whom they had to answer.”Listen guys,” I said in the warmest tone I could voice, “I know I am the stranger here and it is my job to get to know all of you and see how things work around here. So please be patient with me while I do my best to get to know each of you individually. I understand that you boys are getting older now and are on the cusp of manhood and don’t want a woman to tell you what to do. So I hope I can be there simply to support you in whatever you need and please don’t hesitate to tell me if I am doing something wrong.”Each of them had kept their eyes cast down while I spoke and would occasionally glance up at me. After I had finished with my sweet introduction to them, I figure it was time to lay down my authority. I casually changed the tone of my voice and placed my hands on my hips as I spoke to them.”Having said that, I just want to make sure one final thing is clear. As your father has said, I am now the head of this household. These are my basic rules. You will respect me at all times, do what you are told at all times and follow the rules at all times. Is that clear?”Each of them looked to me in surprise at my tone and then glanced toward their father.”If it’s not clear to you, she will make it clear to each of you,” he added.”Yes, I will. And lastly, I am to be addressed as Miss Natalie at all times. Miss Natalie. Is that clear?”They each looked up at me in hesitation. The sudden feeling of having power over them was quickly becoming intoxicating.”Is that clear?” I repeated in an extremely stern tone. “Let me hear your responses right now,” I barked at them. I could tell they were in a state of mild shock at having this new woman practically shouting at them. I looked to each one of them for a proper response.”Yeah, it’s clear,” mumbled Alexander, the youngest son.”Yes, all clear,” uttered Carter while a subtle grin on his face.I looked to Ethan for his response.”Whatever,” he told me under his breath.I raised my eyebrows at his response, but I decided to let it go for the moment. I knew it would take time to get them properly in order as Anderson wanted. Only time would tell how everything would play out. They rose almost in unison to clear their dishes. Each of them gathered their backpacks and quickly flew out the front door. Anderson and I looked at each other. “What do you think?” he asked me. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. “Well, I’m sure it will all work out,” he added as he got up to leave. He kissed me goodbye and was out the door as well.Over the course of the following two weeks, the reality of the situation began to sink in. The boys considered me mostly as some kind of business wife to their father. They certainly didn’t look toward me in any maternal way and the fact that they had been living without any woman in the house was very apparent. They would lounge around as if they were in a locker room, pass through the kitchen wearing only their boxers and come out of the bathroom after a shower with a towel barely concealing any part of their dripping wet bodies. It drove me wild from the very beginning and I had to muster every ounce of energy in me to maintain proper composure.My first instinct was to ogle their bare bodies and even flirt with them. I had never been in such intimate quarters with young men in which I couldn’t just act like my normal kinky self. Every time I would see one of them, I wanted to make dirty jokes and saw inappropriate comments. I wanted to rip their towels right off their bodies and their boxers right off their waists. I wanted to touch them, fondle them and play with them. Even I had not expected for there be such a perverse display of flesh to tempt me. It seemed like it was i*****l for me to even be there at times, as if I should be condemned for sneaking into this traditional household with the most untraditional of thoughts. Each time I came home and saw that white picket fence in front of my pristine new abode, it was as if it was a great disguise made just for me. It was as if the whole household had been made to look so good and pure simply for the purpose of hiding my outrageously dirty desires in plain view.I knew there was no way things were not going to unravel the moment I began to seriously interact with the Norton boys. Their innocence was about to be tuzla escort taken from them and I was going to enjoy every second of it. Yet, just how far I would really go was completely uncertain. Anderson’s instructions to put them under my control was so cryptic, especially considering the absolute deviant nature of our first few meetings. I knew time would tell the story and it didn’t waste a single moment in doing so.While each of his sons had very different personalities, it was evident that his oldest son Ethan was going to be the most difficult to get to open up to me. He had just turned 19 and had started to attend classes at the local college. Because of the bad economy, he was living at home and his father was paying for all of his expenses, including his tuition, his car payments and his monthly allowance. Anderson had told me that I needed to make sure that he was kept on track and that any negligence in his school work would result in removal of his privileges, the most important one being the use of his new SUV that was the center of his life.I learned right away from overheard phone conversations that Ethan liked to spend most of his time out meeting girls and drinking with his friends. He would usually come home from the gym every evening, and then go right back out until late at night. He would tell his father that he was at the library studying and, because he was a very good liar, his father never wised up to his antics.I knew from the very beginning that my relationship with Ethan was going to be tough for one simple reason. Ethan Norton was the cutest specimen of a young man that I had seen in a long time. From the first moment that he opened the door for me with a towel d****d around his young, naked, tanned body, I simply could not hide my attraction for him. He looked like he was straight out of the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog—blue eyes, sexy and thick light brown hair, a pearly white smile and a perfectly sculpted six pack carved into his muscular body. How could I possibly be a responsible authority figure to this young, rebellious suburban Adonis?The first few conversations that I had with Ethan were antagonistic and strained. He would come back from the gym, quickly go to his room to strip down to his boxers, and then open the door to slip into the bathroom to take a shower before he got dressed and went out once again. Finally one day, after he came home from the gym, I knocked on his bedroom door to talk to him.”What?””Ethan, can I talk to you a second?””What do you want? I’m on my way out,” he shouted back.”I just want to talk with briefly. Can you open the door please?” After a few seconds the door opened a few inches and he stood there staring at me with a cold look on his face, wearing only a pair of clean white boxers.”Can I come in to talk?”Without looking at me, he turned from the door and went to sit on his bed. I slipped into his room and sat down next to him.”Listen, Ethan. I know this is hard for you but you can’t keep ignoring me like this every day. I am in charge of you and you need to be able to talk to me in a normal way.””You are not my mother nor will you ever be,” he shot back at me.”Ethan, listen. I already told you that I am not trying to replace your mother but you need to accept me for who I am.” He just stared straight ahead while I spoke. “Look at me, Ethan,” I told himHe continued to look straight ahead so I put my hand on his chin and turned it toward me. His beautiful blue eyes looked up at me and I was suddenly ready to devour him on the spot. I pang of guilt ran through me. All of this was so very new to me. I felt like I was trying to figure out how to be a counselor and authority figure to him while I investigated this whole new realm of forbidden territory.”I know it’s painful for you,” I told him, “but you need to make an effort to get to know me.”He turned his head away again and looked straight ahead. There was a moment of silence and I couldn’t help but eye his young toned body sitting there on the unmade bed. He had incredible skin from head to toe and the only thing covering him was a pair on boxers cinched tightly around his waist. I couldn’t help but put my hand on his bare back and warmly caress him, but the moment I did something completely changed in him. The feeling of my hand on his skin made him suddenly tense up and he immediately stood up in front of me.”I have to go,” he said abruptly. “I’m supposed to meet some people at the library.””Ethan, sit down right now. I know you don’t go to the library every night. I know you go out with your friends to drink and meet girls. I can smell the liquor on you when you come home.”When I told him this, his eyes grew larger and he immediately tried to protest. “You don’t know what you are talking about. I go to the library or to a friend’s house to study. You can ask any of my friends.””Don’t lie to me, Ethan. Listen, your father asked me to make sure you are pursuing your studies. So from now on, you will spend at least two nights at home studying. Is that understood?”He just looked at me like he thought I was crazy and turned to walk away. “I have to go. I’m going to be late,” he muttered. The bathroom door closed and the sound of the shower going on could be heard through the thin door. He was completely ignoring me and I wasn’t going to stand for it. I got up, went to the bathroom door and opened it up. He was standing there stark naked and he looked up at me in shock. He tried to cover himself with his hand. “What are you doing? Get out,” he told me.”Ethan, you do not walk away from me when I am speaking to you,” I chastised him while shaking my finger at him. “Is that clear?” I couldn’t help but look at his naked white butt standing there in complete embarrassment.”Yes, fine,” he said. “Could you please close the door?””Not until you tell me that you will make an effort to speak with me and you will follow my rules.”He knew that he wasn’t in any position to argue with me.”Fine,” he said. “Now could you close the door, please?”I smiled at his response and took a second to make sure he knew that I was looking at his naked body as he was trying to cover his cock with his hand. I finally closed the door and let him take a shower.I walked away content that I had finally made some progress with Ethan. It seemed that all I had to do with him is put my foot down and tell him how it was going to be. It was obvious that he was not going to come around on his own so I took it upon myself to help him accept me as the head of the household.The next week, though, nothing had changed at all. He continued to go out every night and walk right by me in the house like I didn’t even exist. I confronted him several times as he was about to leave or when he came home, but he would either brazenly ignore me or simply look away while I tried to lecture him about the rules.I had thought about talking to his father about his behavior but I didn’t want him to think that I already was failing in the position and could not handle what he had asked me to do. Yet, there was not much I could do if it was simply his word against mine. He would just tell his father that he was really studying and that I was just being paranoid. I was completely frustrated about all of it until one day I unexpectedly found the smoking gun.While doing laundry and emptying out the pockets of a pair of his jeans, I pulled out his report card from his first semester at college. There were four D’s and a C-. His father would be furious and he would certainly take away his car privileges once he saw the grades. My first thought was to call Anderson at work at tell him what I had found so I could watch Ethan suffer the consequences that night. But then I thought, why not just take care of this myself?I took the report card, placed it on the kitchen table and waited for Ethan to get home. Later that afternoon, he came in with his usual careless attitude and went to go straight to his room.”Ethan, can you come here please? I have something for you,” I shouted to him. I heard his feet shuffling down the hall as he reluctantly made his way into the kitchen. He looked at me as I held up his report card. “You want to explain this?”His eyes grew enormously wide in panic. “Where did you get that? Were you going through my things?””You are in big trouble, Ethan. Your father isn’t going to like seeing this one bit.”He quickly walked over to me. “Give it back to me now! You shouldn’t be going through my things.”I took the report card and tucked it into the pocket of my dress. “I don’t think so. The only thing I’m going to give you is some serious discipline for this and for all your defiant behavior sancaktepe escort toward me.””You’re nobody to me. You have no right,” he protested.”Ethan, I’ve heard enough out of you. Unless you want your father to see this, you will march yourself into the garage and wait for me to come give you your punishment.”He stood there paralyzed, not sure how to react to my command and to the predicament he suddenly found himself in.”What are you going to do?” he asked, trying to figure out his options.”I’m going to go get your father’s belt and give you a good hard spanking,” I told him sternly.”What? Are you crazy? I’m 19. I don’t get spanked.””Well, then you should have acted your age. Now go, before I don’t just FAX this to your father’s office,” I threatened him.He stood there in shock and disbelief about what I had just told him. I immediately moved toward the FAX machine that was on the counter at the edge of the kitchen. He watched as I pressed the speed dial for his father’s office and then slipped the piece of paper into the top of the machine.”Okay, wait,” he said to me as the report card began to slip down into the FAX machine. I pressed the cancel button and stood there glaring at him before I pointed to the door to the garage.”Go! Now!” I shouted at him with a tone of disciplinary vigor that I didn’t even know I had in me.He knew he didn’t have any options.”Oh my God. You are crazy,” he said as he marched to the door and threw it open.My heart was racing as I quickly went upstairs to Anderson’s bedroom and found the drawer where he kept all of his belts. I found a nice, thick brown leather one that was very worn and looked like it was a couple of decades old. I took it and went back downstairs to the garage. Ethan was standing there leaning against the side of my car. I saw that here was a wooden workbench on the side of the garage.”Over there,” I ordered him pointing toward the bench. “Get your pants down and bend over the bench.””My pants down? No, are you serious?”I stared back at him. He could see that I was furious and not in a joking mood at all.”Ethan, get your pants and boxers down now! Bend over that workbench and get your bare butt ready to be spanked!”My own disciplinary fury was turning me on uncontrollably. I had never been in a position to have such power over another person, much less one who was in the prime of his budding manhood and had never experienced the trickery of an older woman. He watched me fold the belt in half and he knew that I meant business. His face was red in embarrassment as he walked over to the bench. I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers to reveal his bare white butt. It was so smooth and meaty, I wanted to just grab a hold of it right there. I felt like I had opened the door into a world I should not be allowed to enter. He dropped his pants to his ankles and bent over the bench.I slowly strolled over to him, making sure he could hear the sound of my heels clacking against the cement floor as I approached him. I lifted my hand to his bare butt and caressed it delicately, one side and then the other, before I give his right cheek a good smack with the full expanse of my palm.”We’re going to teach you a good old-fashioned lesson about manners. Is that understood?” I gave him another hard smack on his bare butt.”Yes,” he muttered in anguish as he tried to conceal his utter humiliation at being put in this position.”Yes, Miss Natalie,” I corrected him.He hesitated for a second before he answered. I smacked his bare ass once again.”Yes, Miss Natalie,” he replied in between a couple of quick, heavy exhalations.I could only imagine how wet I was getting from having total control over this young piece of meat beneath me.”First, you’ll be punished for your report card,” I began. “Secondly, you’ll be punished for breaking my rules. And third of all, you’ll be punished until you learn to call me Miss Natalie. Is that clear Ethan?” I spanked his other cheek even harder.”Yes,” he said reluctantly.His bare butt but was already slightly reddened with the marks from my palm and I hadn’t even started with the belt. I stepped back to fold the belt and to give myself room to swing. The sight of him bent over there, his muscular butt exposed for me to see and vulnerable to my punishment sent shivers through my body. I wasn’t sure if I was truly angry at him for his disobedience or just outrageously turned on by his half-naked body, but the combination of the two suddenly triggered something wholly unique in me. I laid into him with a vicious fury of spanking and scolding.I whipped his father’s leather belt across his bare white butt, leaving a solid pink stripe. His body jumped and he clinched onto the work bench in front of him.”You do not ever come home with a report card like this! Is that understood?” I yelled while repeatedly stroking the belt across both of his cheeks as his butt flinched in pain. “You’ll get 20 strokes for each D each and every time you come home with one.” I was trying to count the strokes myself but I was so thoroughly enjoying the site of his ass flexing each time I brought the belt across it, I quickly lost track. “From now on, you will study every night and bring home straight A’s or I’ll take this belt to you every night! Is that clear?””Yes,” he said in a heavy, wincing breath.I continued to belt his white butt over and over until it was practically glowing red. I pulled his report card out of the pocket of my dress and placed it in front of him. “Now repeat back to me,” I instructed him. “I.””I,” he said as I whipped the belt harder across his naked ass.”Will.””Will,” he repeated before I gave him another stroke.”Not.””Not,” he said with another spanking.”Be.””Be,” he winced before another hard stroke.”A.””A.” And another.”Bad.””Bad.” And another.”Boy.””Boy,” he repeated as I gave him an even harder one.”Now repeat the line over and over until I am done spanking you for your bad grades and disobedience,” I ordered him. Then I really laid the belt into his bare butt over and over with my full wrath as he repeated the line over and over and over.”I will not be a bad boy. I will not be a bad boy. I will not be a bad boy,” he said as I turned his butt another shade of red and laid the strip of leather into his young naked ass with a ferocity I was even surprised to see come out of me.I finally stopped and stepped forward to examine his punished butt. I caressed it with my hand and reminded him that this would be a regular thing if he didn’t shape up. As I ran my fingers across his sensitive skin, I looked down and was shocked by the site of his bare cock. It was fully erect and sticking straight out in front of him. I nearly lost my mind when I saw it. I stood there and continued to caress his butt with my hand, trying to get a hold of myself while I decided what to do next. I hadn’t even fully been with Anderson, yet, but here I had his half-naked son completely at my disposal. I remembered that he told me I could do anything to get his sons in line, but I don’t think he really meant this. I had been kept in such an aroused state since the meeting with Anderson in the hotel room, though, that I didn’t have an ounce of will power left in me.”You really are a naughty boy, aren’t you?”He didn’t say anything but he knew what I was talking about. I slid my hand around the front of his body and wrapped it around his hard bare cock. He went to stand up and I ordered him to stay bent over. I glided the palm of my hand over the wet head of his erect dick and he flinched in pleasure. I couldn’t believe how hard it was. He must have been getting hard and turned on the entire time I was spanking his ass.”Now tell me the last thing I told you about your punishment.”Ethan had closed his eyes and was starting to really enjoy the feeling of me touching his rock hard cock.”Uhmmm…you told me,” he began to stutter. “I…uhmmm…you told me I would be punished until I learned to call you Miss Natalie.””That’s right,” I told him as I licked the palm of my hand and wrapped it back around his cock to stroke him. “And are you going to be a good boy or a bad boy?”His breath deepened with the pleasure of having his cock stroked.”A good boy, Miss Natalie.””Oh, listen to you, Ethan. See, I knew this is what you really wanted,” I whispered to him as I rubbed my saliva up and down the full length of his young cock. I don’t think it was possible for any man’s dick to be as hard as his was, but it was probably just due to the fact that I hadn’t been with a man that young in such a long time. His smooth skin was stretched as taut as it could be stretched. It was a piece of pure hardened üsküdar escort muscle. I stroked him slowly over and over from the top to the base, rubbing my palm over the head of his dick at times as he flinched in pleasure.”Now show Miss Natalie what you really want,” I whispered in his ear.He pushed himself off the bench and turned around so I was suddenly looking up at him. He just grabbed me around my waist and pulled me towards him, his stiff prick pushing itself against me as it lodged itself between our bodies. We immediately kissed each other roughly as he slid his tongue deep into my mouth and wrapped it around my own twirling tongue over and over. Before I knew it, he slipped his hand down the front of my dress and pulled out one of my breasts. He grabbed a hold of it aggressively and laid his lips around my nipple to suck at it in a state of total abandon. I looked down to watch him sucking at my exposed white breast hanging out of the front of my dress. I ran my fingers through his hair as he bit at my nipple while I moaned in pleasure. He hastily grabbed my other breast and roughly pulled it from underneath my dress. With my cleavage exposed in an almost pornographic way, he sucked and bit at my nipples while I grabbed a handful of his hair each time he would suck them with greater force. He reached up to grab the back of my neck, and then lifted his head to talk to me.”I thought you were never going to do this,” he said to me in a fit of emotion.I couldn’t believe that he told me that, but then again, I couldn’t fully grasp the reality of this crazy new situation I suddenly found myself. My kinky urges had overpowered my best judgment once again but I wasn’t about to stop now. And neither was he.He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth again, nearly gagging me with his forceful kissing. His cock was still as hard as it could be and I reached back down to stroke it. The tip of it was wet with sticky pre-cum and I rubbed it all over his cock before I added my own saliva. Being that he was only 19, he was more horny than seductive in his techniques, but he more than made up for it with his powerful mauling of my mouth and breasts.I grabbed him by his head, looked him in his eyes and asked him: “Do you want Miss Natalie to suck that hard cock of yours?”He nodded his head up and down in a state of erotic delirium. I squatted down and sucked his erect cock into my mouth, quickly realizing that it was even bigger than I thought it was. I wondered now how many girls he had been with and how much experience he had because he didn’t seem to understand that a woman can only put so much of a man’s dick into her mouth. He had grabbed me by the back of my head and was trying to fuck my mouth by forcefully shoving his cock in and out. He was just a horny boy who didn’t know how to channel his sexual excitement. I had to warn him that he was going to get another spanking if he didn’t just sit back and enjoy it. He quickly complied and rested his naked butt against the work bench while I gave him a good old-fashioned blow job. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed in pleasure.”Aren’t you glad you’re letting Miss Natalie take care of you properly, Ethan?” I stopped to ask him.”Yes, Miss Natalie.”I sucked him off enough to drive him into fits of excitement but not enough to make him cum. I stood back up and he immediately grabbed me again to suck on my breasts. He held me and pushed his cock between my legs and I pushed back to let him know I wanted it. Suddenly his hands were on my ass and, before I knew it, he had pulled my panties down. They fell to the floor and he smiled at me. He grabbed me again and lifted me up toward him. I wrapped my legs around his body and he lifted up my dress. With his arm wrapped around my while I held myself up by the back of his neck, he took his other hand and pushed his cock up inside my thoroughly soaked cunt. I moaned deeply as he pushed himself all the way into me. My body had been in such a state of craving for so long at that point that I engulfed his cock inside of me and gripped onto it like a suction cup.”Miss Natalie is tight as they come,” I whispered into his ear.”Yes, Miss Natalie,” he mumbled as he struggled to contain the pleasure created by the tight grip of my pussy around his cock.It all had happened so fast. Here I was in the garage of my new family’s house being fucked by my husband’s son. I clinched my thighs tightly around him as he bent his legs, held my ass and pounded his cock up inside me. I just prayed that no one came home to find us but we were so into the moment, I don’t think either one of us really thought too deeply about the reality of it.”Don’t hold back, Ethan. Fuck Miss Natalie like I know you want to,” I told him, causing him to grab a hold of my ass with both of his hands and ram his cock up into me harder and harder. The obscene sound of his body pounding against mine echoed through the garage as he went into a rhythm of fast, hard thrusts. I knew that him being the horny and inexperienced teenager that he was, he wouldn’t last too much longer.”You can cum up inside Miss Natalie now,” I told him.He nodded his head up and down as his face grimaced in an attempt to control himself. After a few more thrusts, his whole body tensed up and he pulled me tighter toward him. I could feel as his cock convulsed and he came deep inside of me. His muscles twitched as all his vital energy emptied itself inside my cunt. He relaxed and eased my legs down off his body as his cock slipped out of me. I put my feet on the floor and then squatted down to suck the last bit of his cum into my mouth. He convulsed from the orgasmic sensitivity in the head of his cock. I cleaned him up with my mouth and then stood back up.I gave him a warm smile and told him: “Now aren’t you happy you let Miss Natalie take care of you?”He laughed. “I can’t believe we just did that.””Well believe it,” I told him firmly. I suddenly sensed that he was beginning to think that this was all for him or that it was the start of him being able to have me at will. I knew I could never let that happen. I knew that I must keep him in his place.”Now pull your pants back up and get back inside. Go to your room and start the homework before I lay that belt into your butt again.”He smiled as he thought I was joking but it was meant as a stern reminder of the new rules. I quickly smacked him across the face with the palm of my hand.”Wipe that smile off your face, Ethan,” I told him in the firmest of tones.He looked back at me in shock, but erased the smile from his face. I picked up his father’s belt from the floor and rapidly whipped it around the side of his thigh so the end of it smacked forcefully around the thickness of his bare butt. I pointed to the door and gave him a serious look to let him know I meant business. He glared at me in fear and then bent down to pull up his pants. He gave me one last confused glance as he walked back inside and let the door close behind him.I could feel his cum streaming from inside of me down my leg. It was so outrageously deviant and dirty. I was absolutely basking in the naughty aftermath of the situation, despite the sharp feeling of guilt lingering in the back of my mind. I picked up my panties off the floor and figured I had better get cleaned up before Anderson came home.I took a long shower and re-imagined every moment that had just happened. I must have fondled myself through three orgasms before I finally stepped out of the shower and toweled my body dry. I got dressed again and headed back downstairs. Ethan had retreated to his room and had closed the door. I immediately opened it up without knocking to find him sitting at his desk reading. He turned his head in surprise when he heard me open the door. He looked at me without knowing what to say.”Just wanted to make sure you were working,” I told him sternly. “This door is to remain ajar at all times so I can check on you whenever I want.””Okay,” he responded hesitantly.I raised my eyebrows at his response.”Yes, Miss Natalie,” he replied.”Very good, Ethan.”I strutted away from the door, beaming with satisfaction. One down and two to go, I told myself.Anderson didn’t get home until late that night. We chatted briefly about his day and about the needs of the household, but I didn’t bring up the situation with Ethan in the slightest way. In his typical manner, Anderson was brief and guarded in his exchanges with me. He kissed me good night and then retired to bed.The next morning, as I laid down each of the plates of breakfast in front of his sons, Ethan glanced up at me.”Thank you, Miss Natalie,” he mumbled.Anderson jerked his head toward him in shock and then looked over at me. I just gave him a glowing smile and went about serving breakfast. I could tell Anderson was trying to figure out what had transpired but nothing else was mentioned at that point. Everyone dug into their meal and then left a short while later.