Naughty Game

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He watches her as she sleeps so sweet so peaceful so unaware of him. She stirs in him the most perverse and enticing longings and images. He feels himself growing hard at the thought of touching her soft worm skin. , Running his hands over every rise and fall of her body, gliding his tongue across her nipples and sucking them into his mouth as they grow hard. Nursing at her breast as his hands roam freely over her till he finds that most privet and inviting of places. , Where her body has most treacherously betrayed her by moistening to and almost painful wetness.

As she stirs in her sleep she brings his mind back from its wanderings. He crosses the room to ware she lays still peaceful in sleep. He gently slips the cover down over her hips to give himself a better view of her body as he slowly slides the restraints over her hands and onto her wrists, being careful not to wake her. He then quietly secures them to the top of the bed so that her hands and arms are now above her head. As he’s securing her arms she stirs slowly awakening and realizing what is happening to her. Be for she could open her mouth to scream he seized her mouth with his own, Kissing her with such force and hunger that she is stunned and momentarily silenced. He bends down and softly whispers in her ear, shhhh my dear no one will hear you if you scream and it will only make it worse. If you call out I will be forced to quiet you. Feeling the searing heat from his breath on her skin and the weight of his body holding her down on the bed put her body and mind at odds with one another. Her mind begged to scream out but her body betrayed her, refused to obey her. Instead, as if pleading with him, her body arched up toward him in invitation.

She squirmed beneath him trying in vein to be released. As she did he made sure she was securely held in her bounds. Then he slowly let his gaze roam over her entire body. Her movement had caused the blanket to drop from her so she was now completely bared to him. As he slowly meticulously let his hands start to explore her body, Feeling the heat from her skin, istanbul escort the swell of her breasts, the sweet rounding of her stomach, the curve of her hips, she whimpered the tiniest bit. At hearing her, his mouth curved into a devilish grin and he looked up into her face. She refused to look at him not wanting him to see anything in her face that would make him believe she wanted what he was doing to her.

Her body reacted to him as if he controlled her every move, every breath. Her mind begged, pleaded with her to call out to make him stop but her body betrayed her mind so effectively she couldn’t do either. She had stopped squirming and was now lying still beneath him. The only protests she gave now was the slight whimpers that she could not hold back. They only served to urge him on in his wicked game of delight and pleasure. Hearing her so sweetly so softly whimper in protest or, maybe it was pleasure, made his body tense and his already throbbing cock start to harden even more.

He pressed against her thigh to let her feel just what she was doing to him. At the sensation of feeling his hard throbbing cock graze across her inner thigh she gasped and arched her body away from him. She tried to get away but she only managed to move her self closer to him. At realizing what the movement had done she whimpered in protest. She wondered why her body seemed so determined to maneuver in to the exact spot her mind wanted to be away from. His thigh was now firmly pressed against her and he slowly moved his leg to rub against her most sensitive places. As he did he let one hand roam up her body and find her beautiful breast and he began to need and toy with one. He found her nipple with his thumb and finger and pinched and plucked and toyed with it till it was raised and firm. She could feel her nipple becoming hard and agitated, it began to tingle and send small shivers down her entire body. Hearing her whimpers of, what he was sure was pleasure even if she wouldn’t admit it yet; he nudged her more firmly with avcılar escort his thigh and wrapped his fingers around her breast wile still toying with her nipple. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more she felt the heat of his mouth as he took her nipple into it. He licked and teased with his tongue he nibbled with his teeth and the heat from his breath and the moisture from his mouth threatened to sear her skin.

He released her throbbing breast only to find the other. , The nipple already erect and begging for his attention. As he play with his hands and sucked her nipple into his mouth to nurse on her beautiful breast she released a moan of pure pleasure. Knowing she could no longer resist him and what he was doing to her she allowed her body to relax and react to him in full. She willed her mind to slow down and just feel and enjoy all he was giving her.

He felt her body shift the moment she stopped fighting and gave in to the pleasure. He adjusted his body with her. As he still nursed at her breast he slid his hands down her body and without the support of his arm to hold his body he let her feel the full weight of him on her. The weight of him against her felt so right to her that she purred with the delight of it. She became lost in the pleasure and the thought of what it would be like to hold him in her arms while he lay atop her suckling at her breast. He looked up and saw she was lost in her thoughts and wanted to bring her back to now and he did.

He slowly gently slid his hand his fingers between her thighs and feeling how wet how hot how ready she already was he dipped two fingers inside her. Her pussy was already slippery with her juices, throbbing from the anticipation and swollen pressing tight around his fingers. He slowly began to work his fingers inside her. , Rubbing against the tiny ridges in her pussy that sent her into wild ecstasy. Dipping in and sliding back out of her, Working his thumb against her clit in small circles with just a slight bit of pressure pressing against her. She writhed with pleasure şirinevler escort under his wonderful exploring hand. She couldn’t help but think his hands must have been made for her pleasure alone.

He finally released her breast from his mouth and moved up to her mouth and as he captured her mouth with his she purred her delight at the way he was kissing her. As if she was the sweetest tonic his mouth had ever tasted and he couldn’t quite get enough. Hungry, powerful, controlling, and so demanding that she couldn’t deny him his fill. She felt him shift his body as he was kissing her. Without warning he was inside her. Hard, throbbing, large larger then she had thought. For a moment she feared she would not be able to take all of him but he seemed to know exactly how to move his body so that she could. He allowed her only a moment to adjust to his size and then he began moving in and out of her with such a perfect rhythm. She moaned with pleasure and he started to move faster. Strengthening and deepening his thrust inward and pulling out further to give her the full length of him self with each thrust.

He could feel her starting to tighten and swell around him, holding him firm within her. She was becoming wetter and wetter and he knew she was getting close to climaxing and so was he. She began moving in rhythm with him matching his every move and thrust with her own. She was now calling out for him. , Begging for release. Begging he allow her, allow her to cum pleading for his permission and hearing her spurred him on harder and stronger. As his thrusts grew harder so did his aching cock and he knew he had to let go had to release as he gave her the permission she was begging for he came inside her as well.

There body’s shuddering from the force of there mutual release he collapse onto her. Slowly he reach up and loosened her restraints and she let her arms encircle him as he lay there trying to regain control of his breathing, his body. She lay there holding him in her arms loving the feel of his body against hers. Finally as his breathing returned to normal he slid from onto of her down to lie beside her and turned her in his arms so that her bottom and back was against his front. Holding her in his arms he felt her relax against him. Both sated and exhausted they lay their not saying a word but knowing the naughty game they had just been apart of would be played out again.