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Subject: Naval Tradition ch. 44 Naval Tradition Bill Drake ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. If not, sit back, unzip, pull it out, and enjoy. For more of my stories, see the Prolific Authors page here at Nifty archive. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does. Please consider supporting them with a donation. The story is winding down, with three chapters planned as of now. Naval Tradition 44 Washington, DC October 2010 The Astros did not make the playoffs, not remotely. Nor did my batting average get much better by September. I ended the season with mixed feelings. On one hand I was still thrilled to be playing major league ball and happy for everything that came with it: the salary, the modest fame, and the sense or personal accomplishment. But I didn’t like being an underperformer on the team. Maybe the off season is what I needed, to regroup mentally, to condition, and work on my mechanics. Sean and I planned to spend the off season back in Fayetteville. It allowed Sean better access to his consulting gigs and gave me a break from thinking about baseball nonstop. Some time away from Houston might do me good, too, even if there was less for me in North Carolina. I could go visit Rich and Holt more easily, and Dad and Jack, too. The first thing we did when we got back, in fact, was arrange a visit to DC. “Come as long as you like, Slugger,” Dad had said when inviting us up. So we planned a long weekend the second weekend of October. On the drive up, Sean seemed to be in a good mood, and I asked him what was up. “What do you mean what’s up?” “You’re in a mighty good mood.” “Am I?” he grinned. “I always like visiting the Captain and the Commander. We always have fun.” “We do,” I acknowledged. “Besides,” Sean added, “I talked to the Captain. We have a little surprise planned for you.” “What kind of surprise?” Sean laughed. “It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you, would it?” He looked over me. “All right, a little hint…. it involves one of your favorite things you’ve done with your Dad and one of the favorite things he’s done with you.” My mind sped through a bunch of scenarios. As I relived my sexual experiences with my father in my head, it was hard for me to narrow down to one favorite time. “You’re getting hard just thinking about sex with your dad, aren’t you?” Sean asked. “Yeah,” I admitted. I shifted in my seat and adjusted my crotch. “How long to DC?” Sean chuckled. “Less than an hour. Big Guy gonna make it?” I did. But I was still randy when Dad and Jack greeted us at the door and showed us inside, grabbing our bags. Each time before there had been a song-and-dance leading up to the sex. But thankfully Dad and Jack were on the same wavelength. As I gave Jack a welcome hug, he pulled back and kissed me on the lips. His tongue slipped inside my lips and we were making out, before he pulled off and Dad took his place. When Dad and I broke our kiss he gave me a wink and a pat. “Welcome, son,” he said, his hands tracing down my sweatshirt to latch onto the button my jeans. I looked over and Jack was pulling off Sean’s shirt. “Damn, that body is insane, Sean,” Dad growled in approval as my boyfriend stood bare-chested. We four were now all sort of standing in a circle. “You should see Jim’s body, Captain,” Sean smiled. “A year in the pros has made him super fuckable. Go ahead, Big Guy, show ’em,” he encouraged. I smiled and removed my sweatshirt and jeans, then my underclothing. I was the only one naked now, but I enjoyed having these three men’s eyes on me. “Fuck!” Jack said, gripping the boner in his khakis. “No offense, Bob, but your boy got the best of his daddy’s genes.” Dad grinned. “No offense taken, I couldn’t agree more.” He stepped up and kissed me, more deeply this time and then knelt down in front of me. “Oh man!” I hissed as Dad started licking my nuts. “God, Bob,” Jack hissed. “That never gets old, watching you and your boy.” He approached me and we met in a kiss, softer than the one Dad had just given me, but it was a major turn on to feel his silky tongue battle mine while Dad’s tongue laved my cock. I rode the feeling and the threeway connection for a few minutes, getting more and more excited. Particularly once Dad plopped my cock into his mouth and started sucking me with a regular bob motion. Jack’s kisses were getting more intense, too. His hands explored my bare torso, while I felt him up through his polo shirt. All of a sudden I felt Sean’s strong presence behind me, the heat of his body and the firm grip of his arm circling around my front. His dick was lubed and he humped it along my crack before he started entering me. I moaned into Jack’s mouth, but my dad’s boyfriend didn’t let up with his make out session. If anything, the fourway energy fed it. And dad kept sucking, even more now the he knew Sean was fucking me. I wished this could have gone on forever. I loved being the center of these men’s sexual attention. And being serviced while getting fucked was like the best of both worlds. But it was too good, particularly given how horny I’d been all day, and I started cumming, spurting a heavy load into Dad’s mouth. I was finally whimpering as Dad licked the remaining dribbles and pulled off. Sean was buried in me still but his thrusts had slowed considerably. Jack stepped back too, an excited look on his face. He peeled off his polo shirt and I could see the developed and well-maintained middle aged body of his, muscular and somewhere in between Dad’s burliness and Sean’s buffness. His blond fur had grown in and looked great on him. I sometimes wonder if Dad had a thing for blond guys… Jack, then me. The idea excited me for some reason. Sean eased out of me and gave me a quick pat on the ass. Walking around behind Dad as he stood up, Sean gripped my father’s shoulders. “How does the dad feel about being part of a sandwich now?” he asked, kissing alongside Dad’s neck. Dad craned his face and met Sean in a hot kiss. I don’t know why it gave me a rush to see Dad kiss another man, but it did, particularly when it was Sean. “Yeah,” he grunted, guiding Sean’s hands down to his jeans. Sean’s hand nimbly undid Dad’s jeans and fished out a giant erect cock. The one place where I had definitely not inherited the best of Dad’s genes, though Dad swore he liked my thickness. Sean’s finger wrapped around Dad’s tool and fisted it slowly, displaying it for Jack. “You ready to take this monster, Commander?” he asked. “Fuck yeah,” Jack said. He was already kicking off his shoes and removing his khakis. My immediate needs satisfied, I was a spectator for round two. Back in the master bedroom, I sat in a chair and watched as Jack lay prostrate on the bed, hiking his blond-furred ass up. I watched Dad lube up his big prick, jacking it slowly to spread the wetness around evenly. I thought he might go and and mount Uncle Jack then and there but instead he leaned forward and parted his boyfriend’s muscular cheeks and dove in. He ate out Jack, thoroughly from the looks of it, and after a few minutes he pulled back, giving a final spit of saliva onto the target. “Your turn, Mr. Carter. Eat my man’s hole.” Sean scooted into position and took over asseating duty while Dad knelt next to the men and stroked his cock. “That’s it, show Jack the treatment you give my son.” Dad looked over me as he said that, and it gave me a thrill that made me break into goosebumps. His sex talk turned Sean the fuck on, too, cause he started grunting and slurping like a pig on truffles. “Fuck guys,” Jack hissed, feeling the intense sensations on his hole. “Actually, Dad,” I said. “Half the time it’s me eating Sean’s ass. He LOVES getting rimmed.” Dad’s eyebrow arched. “Is that so?” “Yes, sir,” Sean growled, pulling off long enough to chime in. “We’re gonna see that,” Dad patted the mattress next to Jack. “Come up here, Carter. Yup, face down.” Sean nodded with a playful smirk on his face and scrambled up to stretch out his nude body next to Jack’s. I watched excitedly as Dad buried his face in Sean’s ass and started working his tongue around Sean’s Army hole and into it. Jack leaned back on his forearms and craned around to watch. I saw Sean’s strong body writhe on the bed and his hands grip the sheets excitedly. “Oh fuck, Captain. You’re good at this. Almost as good as Jim.” Dad pulled off and wipe the spit off his cheek. Looking back, he spoke to me. “Wanna come show me, Jim? Show your dad how’s it’s done.” So much for being a spectator. My erection was back any way, big time, as I stood up and came to the bed. Dad’s face was inches from mine, staring at me eat Sean out. His hand ran up and down my bare back, urging me on. His lips touched my shoulder and neck. I got lost in the act, though, because pretty soon Dad was back over at Jack’s ass, eating him out. I tapped escort kocaeli Dad’s shoulder and gestured that we should switch. Dad smiled and we traded places. Jack’s ass was different than Sean’s. Sean was pure brawn, his buns carved muscle, but Jack had a little give in his. Not too much, but his buns were rounder and fuller. It was a turn on to lick deep into the crevice and into his hole, all the while holding on to his ass. Uncle Jack loved it, too, grinding his butt against me and urging me on verbally. Soon his words trickled off and I heard the sound of him and Sean kissing. I looked up just in time to see Dad give Sean’s strong buns a gentle swat. “You sure you don’t want me to fuck you, Carter?” Sean looked up, horny but scared as fuck. “Sorry Captain, I can’t take that monster.” “I’ll fuck you!” Jack piped in. The last time Jack Grant had been such a power bottom that I was surprised at his eagerness to top, but I also wasn’t surprised. Sean Carter was the kind of guy you fantasized about fucking. Sean looked over at me. I could tell he was mulling over if he wanted to bottom. It would be the first time anyone besides me had fucked him. I ran my hand up his calf. “It’s your call, Chief,” I said. “But I’m sure you’d make Jack a very happy man if you let him.” Sean thought a second then nodded. “All right… but go easy or I’ll kick your ass.” It was kind of adorable how Sean acted tough before bottoming. Dad and I scooted beside each other, his arms around my body as we watched Jack mount Sean and slowly work his cock inside. Sean was taller by several inches, and the contrast between their body types made the mating that much hotter. Jack’s decently sized but nowhere near as hung as Dad or me, so Sean was accommodating him fairly easily. “Feeling good, Commander?” he teased Jack as he looked back over his shoulder at the man pushing in. Jack smiled. “God, this ass is incredible. So friggin tight.” “That’s 82nd Division hole you’re tapping so better treat it right.” Sean’s words egged Jack on, who paused his entry and ran his hands up and down the perfection of Sean’s backside. “Oh I will, man.” Jack pulled his hips back and pushed back in, working mostly with the muscles of his glutes and midsection as he held his upper body steady. “Fuck me, man!” Sean urged. “That’s it. Show me what you give the Captain. Show me how you took Jim’s cherry.” We were used to Sean’s aggressive sex talk. But that line took me by surprise and made Dad’s body stiffen behind me. Dad leaned forward and spoke to me. “Is that how it was Slugger?” Dad’s hand crept down to my ass cleft, where he played with the crevice, digging deeper toward my hole. It was a trip, still, to see Dad in his turned-on sex mode, becoming a different person. “No, Dad,” I hissed. “He fucked me face to face.” Jack looked up and smiled at us, while he started humping Sean faster. “I wanted someone I could trust to break me in.” Jack looked like he was going to say something but instead turned his attention back to Sean, gripping my man’s shoulders and starting to fuck him more excitedly. “Damn, Commander,” Sean grunted. “Feels good. Goddamn, you’re gonna put away my hole wet, aren’t ya?” Jack was losing the battle with his orgasm and instead of words, a series of choked cries came from him. “I’m… oh God oh fuck!” His whole body convulsed in synchronization to his ejaculation inside Sean. He’d grow rigid, then relax on top of Sean before his muscles tensed again. Finally, he pulled off and rolled aside Sean on the bed. “That…” he said, “has got to be the perfect piece of ass. Thanks, man,” he said, meeting Sean in a kiss. Sean flipped onto his back and jerked his erect rod, which dripped clear sap. It was clear he was eager to get off now. “I could use a good fuck. What do ya say, Captain? Feel like climbing on?” Dad was horny now, I could tell from his quiet, steely-gazed demeanor. He just nodded and let out a gruff, “yeah,” and scooted forward, straddling Sean’s waist. He reached back and gripped Sean’s boner, massaging the pre-cum all along the rockhard shaft. I don’t know when I’d seen Sean’s cock so rigid and excited. “Damn, you’re wet, Carter,” Dad growled. “Yes, sir.” “Still gonna need some lube,” he said looking up at Jack who reached over and grabbed it for him. Jack’s fingers excitedly lubricated Dad’s hole and spread some excess liquid on Sean’s rod. I reached down and touched my man’s enraged genitals too, massaging the balls drawn up in their hairy sac. “Oh fuck,” Dad hissed as he leaned back and sat down to apply enough pressure to push Sean’s cockhead inside his snug hole. “Damn, Captain,” Sean said. I could tell he was fighting a battle to hold his hips steady and not just shove right into Dad. “First the son, now I’m fucking the daddy.” The words turned Dad on, because his hole opened up and he sank further onto Sean’s dick, and quickly. Within seconds his ass was flush with Sean’s pubes. “Army boy’s got a cock on him, huh?” Dad hissed. “I feel so fucking full.” “Yes, sir, Captain. You wanted my bone, didn’t ya?” “Oh fuck yeah!” Dad’s cries were getting louder, as he began to ride up and down on Sean’s meat. “Hot fucking hole, Captain.” Sean was getting real excited now, I could tell. “Fucking tight officer hole.” “You’re only the third man up in there, Carter. Jack, Jim, and now you.” “It’s perfect, sir,” Sean hissed and pulled Dad down into a kiss. It was a soft, slow kiss in contrast to the deepness of their fuck connection. Dad grinned as he pulled back. “Army boy want to drive for a while?” Sean smiled and nodded yes. Dad dismounted and plopped on the bed, on his back. He started to lift his legs, and Sean pulled them up the rest of the way, onto his shoulders. My man wasted no time boring his cock back into Dad. No longer rendered passive, he thrust firmly and steadily into my father’s hole. “Oh fuck!” Dad growled. “That’s nice. Keep hitting my spot, Carter. This how you fuck Jim?” Sean leaned down a little to angle his thrusts in right. “Nah, I usually fuck your son harder. Figured I should take it easy on you, Captain.” Dad nodded. “You’re right. But god your dick feels incredible.” He turned to Jack who was now lying next to Dad, watching intently. “Why didn’t you tell me, Babe?” “I did,” Jack grinned and leaned down and met Dad in a kiss. They made out, hungry for each other, while Sean fucked good and steady. I was tired of being on the sidelines. I grabbed the lube and slicked up. I scooted in behind Sean, wrapping one arm around his waist while the other guided my prick into place. “I’m coming in, Chief,” I announced. Sean paused a second as I nudged my way in. Jack had already loosened the sphincter some, but the real sign I was getting sloppy seconds was the heavy sperm load waiting for me inside. As I pushed in I savored the heavy pool of wet warmth of Jack’s seed. Sean came first, and his orgasm made me hump him harder, pounding his hole more furiously now as he rode a long orgasm right into Dad’s hole. Dad and I were seconds apart, my father firing his seed onto his chest and moaning loudly into the kiss with Jack. Me adding a second load to Jack’s. **** We showered and got dressed for dinner out. It was funny to see Dad and Jack back to their professional preppy Dad selves, polo shirts and khakis and loafers. We all had a nice afterglow and a sense of belonging, but it was also cool to see Dad become Dad again, you know? Asking me about my season, talking with Sean about his contracting work, filling us in with how my brothers were doing. We talked about Sean’s and my plan for the next day. Jack and Dad had work, but Sean and I could entertain ourselves sightseeing. I’d seen a lot of the stuff in DC over the years, but I’d never been to the Air and Space Museum, so we planned to catch that. Back home, things were normal. Dad and Jack called it an evening, and Sean and I took the guest room, like normal guests. The next morning Sean and I slept in, so missed seeing Dad and Jack. We grabbed some breakfast at a local cafe, went to the Mall and to the museum first. Afterward, we were strolling around, when I took notice of a particularly hot man jogging toward and then past us. Medium height, compact build, probably in his mid to late 30s, and from the haircut definitely military. Probably Army or Marines, I’d guess. My eyes must have followed him as he ran past us because Sean laughed. “You horndog,” he whispered. “I thought last night would have taken the edge off.” I blushed at being busted. “Sorry, Chief. Just looking at the scenery,” I winked, then added. “Besides, I’m 26. I’m horny 24/7.” He shook his head in mock disapproval. “For military men, particularly. At least I know you have a type.” After a bit we sat down and watched people go by. Apparently that runner was still on Sean’s mind. “You itching for a threeway, Big Guy?” “You mean besides Dad and Jack?” He nodded. “I have to admit I think about it. Only if you’re up kocaeli anal yapan escort for it.” “I could be,” I said. “Only I do feel nervous about anything getting public.” “Well, we’ll see,” Sean said. “It’s definitely fun exploring things with Captain and the Commander, though.” He smiled and looked at me intently. “You up for exploring more with them?” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I get the feeling they’d like to see us more regularly.” “That’d be cool,” I replied. “I’m worried that’s more to my benefit than yours.” I could see a questioning look on Sean’s face, so I explained, “I’m the young guy with three hot older men.” Sean asked, “You like it though, right?” I nodded. “Oh yeah, that’s an understatement. It’s incredible.” “I like it too. It’s fun as hell.” I wouldn’t say Sean was hinting at anything, but I put two and two together. “I’d bet you wouldn’t mind boning some young dude from time to time.” Sean smiled. “I am boning a young dude, pretty regualr. Some horny baseball player.” I laughed. “OK, besides me.” He shrugged. “If it works out that way, then, yeah, that’s be hot. We don’t gotta, though.” **** We grabbed a late lunch and walked around some more, and it was late afternoon before we got back. Alone in the place, Sean and I sat on the couch and flipped through the TV channels. There wasn’t much, and we landed on some sports news network. Sean draped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in a little toward him. “You’re a fucking catch, Jimmy,” he said. “Yeah?” I asked, eating up the complement. “I can’t believe I ended up with a stud like you.” Our lips met, at first playfully, then developing a full-blown kiss. We reclined on the couch and made out, enjoying the quiet moment together and the connection between us, Sean’s bigger body on top of mine. Finally he lifted up his head and upper body, looking down on me. “Someone’s hard,” he said. “Yeah, you,” I countered, feeling his erection against my crotch. “I think we’re both pretty horny,” Sean said. “What do you say we start the fun early, before the Captain and Commander get back?” I nodded, feeling very eager for just that. “Anything in mind?” “Uh huh. How about some bondage play?” Over the last year, Sean and I had enjoyed adding a blindfold or restraints or both to our repertoire. Sometimes I bound him up, but it was usually the other way around. “You bring the restraints?” I asked, excited by the prospect. Sean nodded, giddily, and hopped off the couch. “Meet me in their bedroom. I don’t think the guys will mind us making use of it.” I did, and as we walked down, Sean added, “Oh yeah, and I want you naked, Big Guy.” I was erect and dripping as I removed my jeans and underwear. I pulled the covers down on Dad and Jack’s bed and sat nude at the edge, giving my hardon an occasional tug as I waited for Sean to come. He took only a half minute, all smiled and stripped down to his boxer briefs, which showed hard. In his hand he had the restraints and a blindfold. “Damn, you’ve packed on so much muscle lately, Jim, it’s insane. I mean, I see it every day but when I stop to think about it… fuck!” Our mouths met hungrily in a kiss, me craning up and Sean leaning down. “All right, stud,” Sean ordered, hands behind your back. I complied and he secured my wrists together. Not too tight but tight enough to keep me bound. My dick surged excitedly. At times I thought our play was more for Sean’s benefit than mine but at moments like this I questioned whether I liked this more than I admitted. “That’s my boy,” Sean growled and raised the blindfold to place over my eyes. I heard the blinds pull and while things weren’t completely dark for me, my vision was a field of dark gray. For the next twenty minutes, or maybe thirty, I don’t know, Sean kissed along my upper body and explored my exposed muscle with his strong hands. He massaged his way up my calves and thighs. Then along my flank. We usually had foreplay but not like this. Sean was enjoying teasing me, knowing it was simultaneously turning me on and frustrating me. I felt his tongue swirl against my nipple, then the other one. Then a pause, leaving me wondering what was next. Then all of a sudden his mouth descended on my cock, sucking me. “Oh God,” I grunted in surprise. “Fuck!” Sean’s mouth felt good, it always did, but in my heightened state the blowjob was hyperstimulating. I would have cum soon had Sean not plopped his lips back off, blowing on my cockhead to tease me. “Damn, Jim, you got a fat cock,” I heard before he gave me a couple more playful swipe. “Oh Sean!” I cried in excited frustration. “What baby?” Another tongue swipe. “Too much?” “Yes! You’re killing me.” I heard a chuckle. “Too bad.” Then another swipe. This one lower on my stalk, on a less sensitive part. Now Sean’s tongue was lapping my balls, taking one in his mouth, then the other. Alternating back and forth. Just then I heard the front door open from down the hall. Dad and Jack were home. The idea that they’d walk in on this excited me and I felt my cock drip, helpless to do anything about it. Sean pulled back. “Hang tight, Big Guy.” I knew he left the room. To tell Dad and Jack what was going on, I supposed. Not that they’d mind the surprise, I guessed. But I sat there longer than I expected as I heard hushed voiced from down the hall. Like they were conspiring. I shuffled on the bed’s edge. I wanted to get out of the restraints, yet I didn’t. This was exquisite torture. Particularly as I heard footsteps and the men enter the room. Then more waiting as I heard rustling and the sound of the closet door being opened. A mouth latched on to my chest while another licked my tricep. The men were clothed, so I’m guessing it was Dad and Jack. But they didn’t speak even as I said their names. The mouth at my arm went down to kiss along my inner thigh. The man at my chest moved aside and I felt a hard wet cock press against my lips. I knew it was Sean’s immediately and I opened my lips to accept him in. It wasn’t a hard face fuck but Sean was taking charge guiding his rod steadily in and out of my mouth and throat. Then pulled back. Another dick arrived. Dad’s. Thick and uncut, I could run my tongue along the foreskin, eliciting a near-silent hiss. Then the dick pushed into me. I didn’t have my hands to guide it or slow the intrusion, but Dad knew how fast and how far to go. Filling my mouth with the cock that made me. I swallowed more and more, gradually, as Dad worked his dick into me. As I got further down, I could feel the fabric. Dad was still wearing his uniform. The idea thrilled me and I moaned around the cock and leaned forward to swallow more of its formidable size. “Oh he likes the uniform, all right.” It was Jack’s voice breaking the silence. “Should we let him see it?” Dad asked. I was bobbing up and down on my father’s dick, and Dad was letting me do the work now. I had to pause as I felt fingers along the back of my head. The blindfold was gone and I shut my eyes briefly to get used the light. Dad pulled back and his dick plopped out now. I looked ahead of me and my dad’s cock jutted out from his dress blues. He must have changed out of his service uniform into them. Jack, too. He was in the same position. Standing with rigid posture, uniform cap on his head, and a rigid cock poking out of his unzipped crotch. Finally, I saw Sean walk from behind me, his own dick hard and leaking from his dress uniform. “Fuck, guys!” I said. “You like your surprise, Big Guy?” Sean asked, fisting his dick with his hand teasingly. “At least the first part.” “Fuck yeah,” I hissed. I had never asked Sean to dress in his uniform, and I always felt it would be a matter of disrespect to ask him, too. But he must have known it was a turn on for me, maybe from talking with Dad. He’d planned this whole scene, I realized. I leaned over toward Jack and he got the hint, feeding me his dick while keeping his hands on his hips, showing off the fact that I was servicing him. “It’s Sean’s turn again,” Jack finally said. I pulled off and went to Sean, sucking him eagerly, affectionately even, while Dad and Jack walked. “Damn, your son’s a good cocksucker, Bob,” Jack hissed. “I’ll say, Captain,” Sean grunted. “It’s like he’s trying to suck that cum straight from my balls.” “You getting close already?” Dad asked. “Sorry Captain, but yeah…” “I can never last long in that mouth,” Dad said. “Go ahead, pull out.” Sean did. It was a trip the way he was letting Dad run the show. He stepped back and turned toward Dad. They kissed, making out in full uniform, while their cocks battled like crossed swords. Then Sean and Jack kissed and finally Jack and Dad. Sean came behind me and ran his hands along my chest. “So my boy’s season is over.” His finger tips played with my nipples. “I think he has entirely too much hair. What do you say, fellas?” I had a sense where this was going and my suspicions were confirmed when izmit yabancı escort Dad gave a mock gruff expression. “Yup, time to shave the stud down. Commander Grant, go get the shaving supplies.” “Yes, sir, Captain,” he replied. As he stepped toward the bathroom, Dad turned to Sean. “Sergeant Major Carter, you ever been in charge of shaving duty?” Sean got an evil leer and replied. “No, sir, Captain. Always wanted to.” “Well today’s you’re lucky day.” Jack returned with a washcloth, a can of shave cream and a couple of razors. Sean started removing his uniform coat, tie and dress shirt. I gathered he didn’t want to get anything on them. He still had on his uniform pants, which made a hot contrast to his built and toned bare chest. His furriness only reminded me of the denuded state I was about to enter. Dad could see I was getting nervous. “Any objections, recruit?” Dad asked, in full roleplay mode. “No, sir,” I lied. I felt I was in over my head, though, particularly once Jack started spraying the shaving gel on my chest and Sean’s fingers spread it in a smooth layer. Sean could read my conflicted emotions. “Don’t worry, boy, it’ll grow out by February.” With that he took the razor from Jack and started swiping down my pectoral muscle. “Shit,” I said, realizing the implications of the process that was beginning. “The little fucker’s turned on,” Jack growled. Indeed I was. My dick leaked like crazy, and while my arms were starting to cramp up from being bound, it excited me to have Sean have my chest like that. His razor traced lower, now, along my stomach, removing the fur from so that the men could see the ridges in my abs. The process took a while, but the men relished it as much as I did. Dad would sit next to me for an occasional kiss. I was making out with him when I felt Sean’s fingers grip my dick and hold it steady for the razor. I hoped he wouldn’t remove my pubes. For now, he was cleaning up my stalk and shaving my ball sac. Jack was wiping down after him. Dad observed the process and at one point reached behind to unbind my wrists. I immediately I pulled them forward and tried to work out the kinks. “Feel better?” he asked. I wasn’t sure if we were still playing roles, so I replied, “Yes, sir. Thank you Captain.” Dad grinned, his handsome smile making his face look even better with his cap. “All right,” he said, pushing gently on my shoulder. “On your back. I complied and felt Jack lift my leg up. I lifted my other with it, and felt the gel being applied to my taint. Then Sean’s methodical shaving. “I can’t believe how hot this is. You do this to the Commander regularly, Captain?” I looked up, shocked, and saw Jack wink. The man’s fingers were tracing down to my hole, teasing it. “Whenever I want,” Dad said, with a surety that sent chills down my spine. Sean’s razor was now flicking off the hairs around my hole. Carefully. He leaned up, a look of lust on his face. His hardon throbbed as hard as mine. “Lift your arms, Jim.” “You gonna…?” I started to ask. “I asked you to lift your arms,” he repeated more firmly. I did. “Nice blond arm hair,” Sean said. “Captain, Commander… you want to do the honors?” “Gladly,” Jack said, taking one razor and handing another to Dad. Dad in particularly seemed to shave my pit gleefully. “Remember when I did this to you, in Mexico?” he whispered. “Making you daddy’s boy?” “Fuck Dad,” I moaned. “Sir..” I corrected. I didn’t know what to call him. I was just turned on beyond believe as both Navy officers shaved in tandem. Sean inspected their work, and nodded his approval. “Let’s shower this grunt off,” he said, pulling me up. I met him in a quick kiss before he turned me around and guided me to the shower. He stood and watched as I showered off the remnants of the gel and when I stepped out, he toweled me off. We walked back into the bedroom. Dad and Jack were making out, softly, their uniformed bodies pressed against each other. “I don’t think any of us can wait any more. Commander, you’re first,” Sean said. I lay back on the bed, understanding I was about to get my face fucked or my ass fucked. It was the second. Sean pulled my arm back and then my other hand. He secured the binding around the headboard and my arms were pulled back, showing off my shaved pits and smooth torso to these men. Jack applied some lube to his prick and, still in uniform, he crawled between my legs. We weren’t in the mood for foreplay at this point. Not Jack, not me. That dick just opened me right up and pushed in without problem. I wanted to get fucked so bad by this Navy officer. It was interesting to see how the uniform changed each man, brought out the best in each. Jack seemed more handsome, Dad more authoritative, Sean more muscular and powerful. Right now I was feeling Commander Grant’s dick pistoning excitedly in me, not holding back. It didn’t take him long to cum. “Fuck!” he grunted and spurted his officer seed in me. Sean was next. His beret on his head, his dick rigid and ready to bore right into me. “Fuck Jimmy… my hot fuck toy…” He thrust hard and fast. Harder than Jack. I took it, my own breath short and the sensation moving from my dick to my stretched and pounded ass. “My fucking grunt bitch.” It was like our first night, of Sean possessing me, being verbal and dominant. But times ten. “Sergeant Major,” I whimpered. “Fuck me, sir.” I wasn’t sure I should address Sean by his former title now that he was retired, but he seemed to like it. Roughly he fucked to his nut, spewing nasty words toward me. Dad and Jack were witness, too. “If the Sergeant Major doesn’t finish soon, I’m gonna to dock in his hairy ass,” Dad said throatily. “Almost there, Captain,” Sean hissed and then started cumming in me, his body going rigid. Since he was shirtless, I could see the hard muscle in his arms and chest go harder in orgasm. He pulled off and Dad scooted into place. “How my boy doing?” he asked. “I’m ready sir,” was my reply, my legs splayed up, my hole now wet and opened. Dad opened it more, his thickness boring into me. “Fuck boy!” he exclaimed as his prong penetrated and claimed me. “My son knows how to take dick.” “Yes, sir.” “You gotta tell your wimpy boyfriend how it’s done,” he looked up at Sean in a challenge. I almost expected Sean to retort, but he just grinned at Dad. Dad turned back to me, pulled his hips back and shoved in. Then again. “Tell the Sergeant Major how good Daddy’s cock feels up a man’s ass.” “So good, Dad. Oh fuck me. So fucking full now.” Dad eased forward and pushed an extra inch in this time. I grunted. “I can never last long in your hole, you know that.” “No sir,” I replied. “It’s your hole to come in. When you want sir.” Dad grinned and powered his hips forward roughly. Harder than we’d fucked before. If I hadn’t been built up with the bondage and shaving I wouldn’t have been able to take it. As it was I welcomed the rough slams of his cock. They got harder, too. “Oh fuck you’re taking it, Slugger,” he growled excitedly, surprised at the turn of events. Surprised at how well as I was accommodating his size and power. “Taking Daddy’s fuck.” “Yes, sir. I love that dick, sir.” I should have been embarrassed to have my submissiveness come out for full display for these men. Butt I wasn’t. I wanted more. “More please, sir. More, Dad.” Dad’s hips were a blur and his thrusts deep. His hands latched on my smooth, bared chest and he started cumming. ‘Goddamn,” he howled as he came a major load inside me. “Fuck!” Unbelievably my prick started to twitch, then go beyond twitching to dribbles that cascaded into a hands-free orgasm. My first. And a fitting end to this intense session. Sean undid my restraints and kissed me affectionately while Dad dismounted, slowly pulling his huge cock out. “Can’t believe you took that, Big Guy,” Sean said softly, a smile on his face. “Yeah. Me either,” I laughed. “Jeez, guys, that was incredible. I think I’m officially fucked out for the night. Probably the rest of the weekend.” Jack laughed and helped me to my feet. “Want to shower off again?” “Yeah,” I nodded. “But I want to be sure to leave some of your seed in me,” I admitted. “Souvenir for a special night.” I showered alone this time, letting the hot water massage my sore arm and shoulder muscles. When I was done and dressed, the men were back in the living room, dressed in civilian casual clothes. They had beers and handed me one. “To my trooper of a son,” Dad said, clinking our bottles. We toasted. I sat down. “I can’t believe I slutted out like that just now.” “You had fun, right?” Sean asked, a content look on his face but a little concern. “Oh yeah,” I said. “But you guys showed me a part of myself I wasn’t sure was there.” “Come here, Big Guy,” Sean said and pulled me toward his meaty chest and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I leaned back, enjoying the comfort of his embrace. “Here’s to an awesome weekend. Captain.. Commander… thanks for making this happen.” “To many more weekends,” Jack toasted. “Here here,” Dad chimed in. He looked at me lovingly, like a father, but also like a grateful lover. Like he’d given the fuck he’d always wanted to give me. I was glad I could make him happy. And glad I could experience that intensity with him.