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Subject: Naval Tradition Revised 30 Naval Tradition REVISED EDITION Bill Drake (ail) with Corporal Cody NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between men, including male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. This is the revised and retconned version of Naval Tradition, told in chronological order. While the overall story is the same, there is lot of new content here (and some of the old parts didn’t make the cut in this version). This revision has been a collaboration with fellow writer Corporal Cody. My thanks to him for his considerable contributions to and inspiration for this version. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. I hope to have a (free) ebook version at the end of this, so you can let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that. NAVAL TRADITION Bill Drake, with Corporal Cody PART FOUR: BACK TO NORMAL Chapter Thirty DC Suburbs, November 2004 The next day, I got a call from Jack Grant pretty early in the morning. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth in just my boxer briefs when I heard my cell phone ringing back in my room. I quickly snatched it up, happy to see Jack’s name as an in-coming call. “Morning, sir,” I said with a lazy smile as I walked back into the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror as I brushed out my bedhead with my fingers. “Sorry for the early call. How are you, Jim?” Jack asked. It sounded like he’d already had his coffee. “Just got up, but feeling pretty good,” I said, not expecting to hear from him so soon. “What’s up?” LCDR Grant had some hesitation in his voice. I couldn’t tell if he was nervous to say what he was about to say or excited. Maybe both. “You know… I mentioned you to Rear Admiral Henson… and possibly meeting up… you know, the three of us…” “Yeah,” I said, not sure where he was going with it. But already, I felt a tingle of excitement. “You can say no, Jim, but Henson sounds pretty game for it. All I had to do was show him a picture of you and he was on board,” Jack chuckled with an edge of lust to his friendly voice. It had been a couple of years since I’d met the Rear Admiral, briefly, when the man showed up at Jack’s apartment. I could no longer fully envision his specific features, but I remembered his imposing presence – the weight of his rank and his burly physical stature. “Wow,” I said, kind of laughing. “You serious?” “If you want,” Jack said. “Absolutely no pressure. You’d have to be discreet about it… in fact, I’m trusting you to keep anything I’ve said about the Admiral private.” “Oh yeah,” I said. “I wouldn’t say anything. Ever. Promise.” I turned and leaned back against the sink. “Jack, this wouldn’t affect Dad at all, would it?” Even if whatever Jack and the Rear Admiral had going on was completely discreet, Henson was still Dad’s superior. “I sussed him out, actually,” Jack said, his voice communicating that he was concerned about the possibility, too. “He doesn’t remember you. He thinks you’re just some college athlete fuck buddy of mine.” “Guess I am that,” I said with a smile. A wave of horny excitement flooded my veins. “Fuck, Jack, is it bad that I want to try this?” “Not at all,” Jack replied. “Though I gotta warn ya, Jim, Henson can be a little intense. But I’ll be there. If you don’t feel comfortable with anything, you let me know.” “You think I’m a delicate flower,” I joked. “Hardly, Slugger.” Jack said with a chuckle. “But I know the man…. listen, you have a car, right? Maybe you could come up to Northern Virginia this afternoon. I have a flight out of Dulles tomorrow morning, so I’ll be staying there.” I agreed and had to shake my head in surprise. An hour later I got a text with a late afternoon time and the name of a hotel up in Centreville, a distant suburb of DC. ***** I got my workout in late that morning. Afterward, back home, I showered up, feeling a little excited and nervous at the prospect of a threesome that day. I put on some sweatpants, commando, and a Virginia Baseball T from freshman year that clung perfectly to every contour of my sculpted upper body. I had my protein-heavy lunch and sat around watching TV. I was nervous with anticipation waiting around like that, but finally it was time to get my ball cap, keys, phone and wallet and head out the door. As I drove up the highway, I had a hardon most of the way. Even without Rear Admiral Henson, a chance to tangle with Jack Grant again would be a welcome one. Still, I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I kept imagining how rough Bill Henson was going to be. It was one thing to watch a dominant top in a porn video, it would be another thing to get the real deal. Was I in over my head? My biggest concern though was that it was possible that Rear Admiral Henson would remember I was Robert McGrath’s son after all. But then again, this man was in the highest echelons of the Navy, so maybe he did forget who I was that day in San Diego. I just didn’t want to do anything to reflect bad on Dad. Part of me wanted to back out and just let Jack know I couldn’t go through with it. But I decided I trusted Jack in this. Henson probably had more to lose than me or Jack if anyone found out. It’s sad to say, but this wasn’t the first time I took refuge in the anonymity an affair with a married guy provided. I was a little nervous once more when I arrived at the airport hotel and walked down the empty hallway to the appointed room. I stood in front of the door and took a deep breath to calm my nerves as I got up the courage and knocked. Jack Grant again looked like a million bucks when he opened the door to let me in. He was dressed casually, with a beat-up polo and jeans, looking like he was already settled in. We gave each other a quick hug as we greeted one other. I savored the feel of his tight muscular body pressed up against mine as we held each other close. Jack even smelled great. As we let go of our embrace, he had a friendly but questioning look on his face. As if he was silently asking if I was OK with this. I nodded, and he gave me a reassuring smile. As I walked into the actual, larger hotel room, there he was. The Rear Admiral. Even though I’d met Bill Henson once before, three years earlier, my memory of the man didn’t do him justice. The imposing Navy officer sat relaxed in one of the large hotel room chairs in full uniform – service dress blues, with his black coat, black tie with a white shirt, black trousers, and black shoes. The room was dark with the windows pulled shut, but I could still make out his large frame as he rested his chin on his fist, elbow on the arm of the chair, and his ankle on his knee, his white combination cap resting on the table next to him. I noticed the glint of a gold wedding band on his left hand. As I entered the room, the Rear Admiral slowly and cooly stood up. He wasn’t quite as tall as I was, but the power, rank and authority the Admiral excluded made him that much more imposing. His lighter colored hair was combed and slicked back, showing a slight widow’s peak. He had dark eyes, and though he didn’t have Jack’s chiseled jawline, he still had a hard and strong structure to his cleanly-shaved face. In the dim room, his white shirt showed against his black tie and coat, along with the golden buttons down the center front of his uniform coat, the gold bands and single stars around his cuffs, and of course the rack of ribbons and military awards that decorated his chest. Noticeably more awards than Jack, and even Dad. I took my ball cap off as manners and military custom took over. He stepped forward to offer his hand for a firm shake. He kept his hard gaze and didn’t even smile as I took his mitt-sized hand in mine. Tight grip, steady grasp, which I did my best to return. “Bill,” he reintroduced himself to me with a deep baritone voice. “Good to meet you, son.” He was a strong man with a sturdy, barrel-chested build, the bulk and power unmistakeable, even in his uniform. I still felt nervous he’d recognize me, but the Naval officer made no sign of recognition. He still clasped my hand as his eyes scanned down my body with no shame at all. “Jim,” I said, declining to give my last name as well. “Great to meet you, too, sir.” My deference came naturally as we sized each other up. His brown eyes bore into mine lustfully and I could now make out that the man’s straw-blond hair was going silver – a perfect combination. The Rear Admiral turned to Uncle Jack, finally letting a tiny smirk form at the corner of his lips. “Fucking A, Jack, you weren’t kidding. This stud’s insanely hot.” Jack laughed and stepped up to us. “Isn’t he?” It felt weird to be appraised and talked about like that, as if I weren’t there, but the men’s appreciation was a real turn on. Henson once more looked me squarely straight on, and his large, strong hands on my shoulders lightly squeezed my rounded delts. He pulled me closer to him, his mouth closer to my ear as he slightly leaned in. Then, speaking to me, he said in a low voice, “Jack here says you’ve been looking for a more take-charge kind of man.” As he pulled back, he had a mischievous glint in his eye and a toothy smile that almost wasn’t a smile but a leer. I wasn’t sure if he was asking me for confirmation. “Yessir,” I mumbled in reply. One of the man’s large strong hands circled over my shoulders and ran along my trap muscle, the thick fingers tracing a line to the back of my neck. “Don’t worry, son,” the Navy Officer said softly, reassuringly, just to me as he leaned forward, pulling my head and mouth closer to his, and kissed me. Like all of him, his tongue was really thick. It felt wonderfully intrusive as it pushed its way into my mouth. My hands instinctively reached up and touched his thick upper arms though his uniform coat. His hand at my neck held my head and mouth firmly against his as I moaned into the deep, commanding kiss. By the time he pulled back, I was horny as fuck. This was gonna happen. LCDR Grant was now by my side, a look of sexual excitement on his handsome face. His hand felt up my back as he leaned in for his kiss, and I obliged. Jack’s kiss was smoother, more talented, more erotic. With one hand still holding the Admiral’s uniformed arm, I let the other wrap around Jack’s neck, holding his mouth to me as he let my tongue play with his. No one but Dad kissed as well as Jack. The Rear Admiral’s hands were on my upper body, not impetuous, just slowly running his hands all along my chest and abdomen through my snug shirt. Fingers cupping, groping and digging at the grooves of muscle, then feeling back up to caress my neck as I made out with Jack. Then with Bill, then Jack again. This was so unlike my threesome experience before. Here I was the focus, and not for my dick. It was like they had a plan for me as they worked in tandem to remove my clothing. Silently now, and with a sense of purpose, Jack pulled off my shirt, while Bill’s hands gripped the waistband of my sweats and peeled them down my thighs. The Admiral had a look of pure, almost lecherous lust on his face as I finally stood before him just about naked. The older man now felt up my bare skin, squeezing at my lightly furred pecs and groping at my abs as I felt up his still uniformed-clothed shoulders and wrapped my hands around his bull neck. Jack circled behind me and felt down my back, before firmly gripping my butt cheeks, exploring them, kneading them, and then pulling them apart. He must have knelt down while my focus was on the Rear Admiral, because I was taken by surprise as Jack’s face pushed between my cheeks and began to rim me. My dick surged super hard and I arched my back in unexpected pleasure, losing a bit of my balance as I clung to Bill for support, my forehead falling against his shoulder as I spread my legs to give Jack more access. Rear Admiral Henson watched me intently, fingers stroking my blond curls while his other hand held my waist. I gently pushed my ass back against Jack’s munching lips and fluttering tongue. Henson brought my focus back to him. His thick fingers nudged my chin back up to meet his gaze. That knowing grin returned and our eye contact was heavy and direct. We listened to the wet sound of Jack French kissing my hole. “You’re a hot fuck, all right,” the Officer hissed. Then, his mouth was on me once more, with a kiss more passionate than the first as he took a fist-full of hair. The man had a raw, natural take-charge sexual energy, but it was more than that. He was powerful in real life, and his rank fueled my fire. Bill şişli travesti swiftly ended our kiss as I let one hand fall from his neck to reach out cautiously, wanting to touch the front of his uniform but not wanting to be disrespectful. The man stood, legs apart and nodded his agreement as he stroked my hair once more. I shook as my fingers touched the USN-issued fabric, thick and soft at the same time. I ran my fingers up and down his lapel, being careful not to touch the decorations on his chest, but lingering close as I admired them. The top most insignia caught my eye – a golden badge, an eagle perched on an anchor and a trident. It took me a second, then I registered… Henson was a SEAL. I felt my knees gently buckle and my hole pulse open wider as I felt Jack’s tongue delve a bit deeper. Jack growled against my pucker in approval. My dick jumped as I looked back up at the Admiral and let out a wonton and gasping moan. This man was leagues above me in almost every way. The Rear Admiral smirked and firmly gripped my wrist. As our eyes locked once more, Henson pulled and guided my hand roughly to his crotch, where a hard shaft stood up in the uniform trousers. His stare fixated even more firmly on me as my finger curled around the clothed cock, assessing its size. The Rear Admiral wasn’t hung long but had a real fat dick. Almost too thick for my hand to wrap around. He unbuckled, unzipped and hauled it out with his big mitt of a hand. At first it was hard to focus as Jack was making my legs weak, I could feel his talented tongue lapping and then digging at my loosening hole, his spit was now running down my taint and down my inner thigh. With his face buried in my cleft and his hands pulling at my cheeks, it was easy to think more about the sensations in my ass. But I needed to see the dick that was going to fuck me. The Rear Admiral’s cock measured just shy of six inches, but was real thick, not as wide as a beer can but very much in that imposing cylindrical shape. The rigid cut shaft looked like a torpedo with its blunt head. It was just as powerful as him. Leaking and insistent. Henson reached around my waist and nudged Jack’s head, pulling him back from his rimjob. I gasped as I felt Jack’s tongue abruptly slip from my wet hole. Then pressing his hand on my shoulders, the Admiral gestured me down. I followed, scrambling onto my knees and taking that hard officer cock in my mouth. I had underestimated his girth. My lips stretched around the head and then the thicker shaft as I sucked just under half of him. Henson’s cock was so thick I almost felt I could hardly move my tongue, and I had a renewed appreciation for the men who’d handled my own thickness. I looked up to see the man grinning silently and expectantly down at me. I started to bob up and down on his erect cock the best I could. All of a sudden his hands wrapped around my skull and gripped me steadily. Holding me in place, he started to fuck himself in and out of my mouth. I stretched my jaw even more and tried to relax the back of my throat to accommodate him. He wasn’t quite all the way in now, but I was struck by how much more endowed he seemed once the bulk of him was in my mouth. It was all one wordless action and it was incredibly hot. I could hear Jack’s heavy lusty breathing behind me and the wet smacking sounds of my spit as I tried to apply suctioning to the Rear Admiral’s pistoning meat – trying to start the Bulldozer Special on him. Henson broke the silence with a simple low and raspy word. “Breathe.” It took me a second to register the command, but I sucked in a deep breath of air through my nose then… Blam! I had several fat veiny inches of hard middle-aged cock lodged in my throat. I whimpered, clenching my eyes shut as I felt them immediately water. I grabbed his thick legs through his trousers as my gullet seized up and I did my best to fight down my gag reflex and adjust to his size. The man’s left hand held me firm on his dick, while his right traced the back of my neck, giving me soft strokes with his fingers to encourage and reassure me. The combination drove me wild and I reached down to grip my own neglected cock, feeling spurts of precum spit out from my own erection. Pretty quickly the excitement helped me take the Rear Admiral comfortably but still not easily. Finally, when I felt I needed air, he pulled out. His cock came out sloppily, covered in saliva and the thicker spit of my throat. He dangled his meat in front of me while I sucked in a couple of deep gasps of air. I looked at him as I let my mouth hang open, feeling the spit pool at my bottom lip before dripping down in long strands. He gave me five, maybe ten seconds, then nudged his slick cockhead at the base of my lip, letting me know he was ready to enter again. I started to nod. Started, because a half-second into it, that big fat prick jammed right back into my throat. I felt the man’s grip on my head tighter this time, fingers taking hold of my hair, guiding my face onto his dick. Tears now streamed down my face as I grabbed his thighs. I struggled, particularly as the air in my lungs wanted replenishment. “Hang in there, Jim,” I heard his low and gruff voice direct me. I did. I shut my eyes and stopped struggling. The officer pressed further, and my face was completely mashed up against his pressed uniform. I was almost too overwhelmed with the newness of Henson’s rough approach to process how I felt about it. But any time he spoke it turned me on and made the rest of the discomfort start to go away. Then he pulled out once more. I didn’t even register his sudden withdrawal but my lungs did, gasping automatically as I sat back on my shins. My chest and throat felt like I’d been sprinting as I took in deep gulps of air through my mouth. I opened my eyes and watched the Admiral take off his shoes, then his trousers, folding them neatly on the hotel chair. He shimmied out of his boxers and I could see the magnificent sight of his genitals, engorged with male excitement and with just the right amount of hair on his nutsac and crotch. I could even see the stray silver hairs coming in, like with the hair on his head. He stared at me still kneeling on the floor, horny but not in a rush, as he stripped off the rest of his uniform. He wasn’t a super hairy man, but his burly barreled chest had a nice coating of silvery blond hair. Best of all were his nice meaty pecs, boasting two very wide dark-pink nipples that stretched across the bulk and muscle. He didn’t have the abs, like me or Jack, but the thick bellied core he had still looked solid. His shoulders were just as impressive, almost melding into his thick neck. He wasn’t a muscle dad or magazine model, but wasn’t a bear type either. More of a big, densely built bull. Jack couldn’t resist standing up to make out with the now nude superior officer. Jack had stripped down too and the men took a full minute to enjoy each other’s naked bodies, hands roving over one another and tongues deeply locked. When they finally broke, Jack gave the man’s meaty ass an encouraging pat to send him back my way. Jack quickly walked past me and took a seat on the queen-sized bed, leaning back as he watched and lazily stroked his cock. The Admiral’s thick dick looked even meatier framed by his large nude body as he finally stood in front of me once more. Almost as wide as mine, it was the thickest dick I’d sucked before. He wasted no time now, pushing inside my mouth as his hands once again cradled and gripped my skull. This wasn’t me giving a Bulldozer Special. This was a man outright fucking my throat. The preliminaries helped, but it was still a struggle to relax completely getting taken like that. But it was like the man would read each point of resistance, then hold me steady as he pushed his cock right past it, holding still for a second as I grunted and choked and got used to it. All before speeding up his thrusts again. This was the third time a guy had gone rough with me in fucking my face, and while part of me was excited, I couldn’t say this was enjoyable yet. His thrusts got faster and harder, though, and I began to feed off their energy. I struggled to keep my throat open and jaw relaxed, feeling the spit start to leak out from the corners of my mouth only to drip off my stretched bottom lip and onto the carpet between my knees. Then came another in-stroke, harder, with more force. His balls squashed against my chin as he buried himself deep, real deep, in my gullet. My nose was pressed into his blond pubes as I felt the head of his cock lodge in my throat. I whimpered around his shaft, my tongue just about immobile as I tried to hold back my gag reflex, only gently heaving as my esophagus tried to swallow. The Rear Admiral groaned with lust as I felt his cock swell and pulse. I knew he was gonna cum. Only he pulled back suddenly, gripping on my head, he pulled me off as he extracted his dick from my spit-soaked mouth. Huffing and excited, he looked down at me panting, my swollen lips glistening with spit. “I almost shot, son,” he growled as he held my head. I could see that beer can prick, red and angry in front of my face, a clear fresh dribble of precum rolling down the side as it melted into the layer of spit still dripping off his tool. I was so focused on learning how to take the Admiral’s treatment that I hadn’t realized how turned on I was now. I leaned back and sat on my heels, my rock hard cock twitching and leaking as well. Maybe I had enjoyed that more than I realized. The Admiral reached down and grabbed my arms and hoisted me up onto my feet. It was impressive the strength he had in his body. Quickly, he guided me over to the hotel bed, where Jack was. Jack Grant’s Navy-fit body lay reclined back against the large hotel pillows. He was still as muscular and as inviting as ever, and his beautiful lubed 6-inch piece stuck straight out from between his fingers as he stroked. He’d been watching the Admiral’s face fuck, and I could see that the handsome officer looked especially keyed up. Jack’s hazel eyes almost glossy as he watched me approach. “Sit on it,” the Rear Admiral ordered, and dutifully I knelt on to the bed, crawling up to Jack, swinging one leg over his crotch and straddling the man who’d taken my cherry. Jack just looked up at me with sexual need, his breath still heavy as he gently gripped my waist with strong fingers. I raised my hips and reached back to take his slicked cock in hand. Jack nodded, almost begging, as I gave his dick a couple strokes before lining the tip to my chute. Jack’s muscled body flexed the second my pucker opened and stretched around the invading head. I arched my back and moaned with a gasp. It had been half a year since our last time fucking, but his dick felt welcome and familiar popping back inside my ring. Jack looked on the edge, holding me as I gave a second to get used to the sensation, then sank down onto his lap. He clearly was feeding off the excitement and novelty of a threesome, and maybe some naughtiness that he was involving me in this tryst with Henson. My balls and taint finally resting on his furry pelvis, I let my hands fall and grip the Lieutenant Commander’s hard pecs and savored the feel of that perfectly shaped dick filling my chute once more. Jack’s hands moved up over my abs and chest, caressing my smooth muscle affectionately. I let my body fall forward as our mouths crashed together, my ass spreading a bit more as his cock stayed lodged in my tunnel. “Your body is so amazing, Jim,” Jack whispered between kisses. “I can’t believe Slugger’s all grown up.” It was a nasty thing to say and fueled my excitement. I felt Jack spread his legs and bend his knees. And with a firm thrust of his hips, Jack was fucking into me now, possessing me. “Ah fuck… Jack,” I moaned as I stayed chest-to-chest with him as he licked and sucked at my neck, his cock now punching my hole with a steady tempo. I held on to his head and shoulder. “Missed this, Jim?” he teased in a decidedly sexual voice. It was like he could read my mood perfectly. Or maybe he was just articulating thoughts that were his own. I nodded. “Yes.” His dick was driving me wild. For a second, I forgot the Admiral was still watching us, but I looked over and saw the burly man there, lubing up his own prick as he watched Jack fuck me. Jack’s insistent hands pulling me harder down onto his thrusting spike brought my attention back to the man in me. As he nailed me, my cock rode along the central groove of his defined 6-pack, leaking and smearing my sap into his body hair. Jack’s hands slipped around my back and down to my ass, spreading my cheeks as his cock plowed in and out of me. It felt right with beylikdüzü travesti Jack, comfortable yet intensely sexual. He seemed to get even better at reading me, of knowing when to go deep and when to go slow. His hands touched just the right spots as he dicked me. He easily rolled us over, me on my back as Jack now hovered over me on extended arms. My legs locked around his trim waist as I now gripped his shoulders, back and neck, his hips not stopping their trusts into my open hole. “God, Jim,” he grunted, turned on like crazy. Maybe it was always like this with me and Jack, but this felt particularly intense. And god, this is how sex should be, I decided. Every plunge of his prick hit my spot as he huffed above me. Jack was taking charge now, fucking me in full view of the Admiral. I could now see Henson kneeling on the bed next to us, his grinning eyes looking down at me as I moaned and writhed under the Lieutenant Commander. Up until that point, I felt my sexual energy had alternated between Bill and Jack, but now we were drawn into the same circuit. That three-way connection made my dick grow rigid and bounce against my abs. Bill Henson’s hands were on me now, too, rubbing my sweaty and flexing torso, almost like he wanted to feel Jack’s cock bulging just under my muscle. “Load that boy up, Grant.” It was an order. Henson scooted down to lie next to me on his side, his mitt-sized hand came around my chin and cheek and pulled me into a commanding kiss that had my breath going short. Between his invading tongue and Jack’s pistoning dick, I wasn’t gonna last long. Fortunately, I felt the Lieutenant Commander’s body grow tense above me and his sighs turn to telltale grunts. As the Admiral held me in his kiss, Jack let out a bellow and gave me one last thrust, going balls deep as his body locked and trembled. His cock suddenly felt hot as it swelled against my inner walls and blasted shot after shot of hot liquid seed. The man was getting off deep inside me. I held Jack tighter, my legs clenching his waist and ass, keeping him lodged in my chute as he continued to fill me with that Navy cum. I sucked and moaned around the Admiral’s tongue, the man approving with a groan as I felt his hand rub my torso, like he knew the exact spot where Jack was painting my guts. It was wild to see Jack cum with his focus more on another man than on me. His conditioned body relaxed for a minute, then he straightened back up on his knees, holding my legs open as he looked down and slowly pulled out of me. The Admiral smoothly ended our kiss as I felt Jack’s dick slip out my hole. I felt my ring and innards shrink back up as I gasped at the loss. Jack had a look of satisfaction on his face as I now felt a little empty. The Admiral was next. Still on my back, Jack knelt off the bed. But before I could bring my legs down, Henson took his spot, kneeling between my spread thighs. Gripping my ankles, he put my calves on his meaty shoulders and scooted forward, nudging my wet, freshly-fucked pucker with his thick battering ram. The man’s fat cock was leaking like crazy as he nudged the first half inch into the indentation created by an anus that hadn’t fully closed up yet. Then, all of a sudden, I felt his firm hands hold my chest down in a strong-armed lock as six fat inches of Navy officer cock barreled their way into me in one fell swoop. I felt the muscles in my ass clench as they felt like were about to stretch to capacity. My whole body tensed as I gritted my teeth and arched my back, instinctively trying to angle my hips off his cock. My hands shot over my head as I clawed at the headboard of the bed. The pain was sharp. “Motherfuck…!” I started to yell, only the top’s large hand covered my mouth. “Easy, boy,” he said softly with a hard look on his face. “Daddy’s in charge here.” I winced and mumbled at the pain as he held his cock still as it sat fully inside me. Then he pulled out about half-way. I moaned from behind his palm as I felt my chute sigh at the few seconds of respite, only to open up again as his cock pounded into me for a second thrust. I shut my eyes as the pain returned, only this time, dimmer than the last and with less of an edge. The Admiral groaned with approval as he felt my hole and tunnel stretching, but I could feel that it was still a tight fit. It hurt still, but at the same time, it somehow felt exquisite, too. The two sensations fused together in my body and brain. My dick was still rock hard, wanting to shoot bad, but I dared not touch it. I started licking the palm of his hand. It was a shameless thing to do I suppose, but it was an almost instinctual response. The man smiled lewdly and removed his hand, but not before teasing me with a thumb thrust into my mouth. “You gonna be a good boy? Be quiet?” He asked with a low groan as he continued his firm thrusts, stuffing me full each time and making me grunt as I tried to suck at his digit. I nodded yes. That made him happy as he gave me one extra hard thrust and pulled his thumb from my mouth. I felt my walls forcibly expand as the pleasure/pain immediately ripped through me. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, swallowing my moans as I felt my face wince. He reached up and gripped both my wrists in one of his meaty mitts. As Henson pinned my arms up over my head, I felt the full bulk of his meaty figure on top of my smaller frame. With my calves still on his ox-like shoulders, the man slowly bent me in half, my ass stretching and flexing open as the upturned angle allowed him to ream and widen newer and deeper depths of hole. I practically swallowed a cry. Our fuck grew wetter as sweat mixed with lube, precum, and Jack’s leaking seed as the sheer girth of Henson’s tool pushed it all out from between the stretched ring of my ass. He fucked me steady and hard as he sandwiched my excited cock between us. It was intense, but I was getting used to it – the roughness and the girth of his deep thrusts. I loved the physical contact with his meaty body and was proud of myself for putting past the fear and the discomfort to get to the other side. Rear Admiral Henson was showing me a new side to my sexual self, for sure. Needy, hungry, open. Just then, I heard the shower start. Jack was no longer with us but was in the bathroom adjacent. The Admiral was unbelievably going harder on me. The amount of power in his hips and glutes was incredible. The force and speed made my body move with every jab. I clenched my teeth to hold back my cries. As his body hovered over me, stands of his neatly slicked back hair began falling forward, dangling down from his temples as he built up a sheen of sweat over his body and face. His reddened face had a hard stare and a leer as he looked down at me. But now, I began to savor the sensation of my hole and chute tightly stretching around the fireplug thickness of his Navy cock. I wanted to hold on to him, to hold myself steady through the onslaught, but his grip on my wrists was tighter, more domineering. The sounds of my now opened hole were sloshy with Jack’s seed being whipped to a froth by the superior officer’s bigger cock. All of a sudden his thrusts stopped as he kept only the head of his dick in my ass. I took a deep inhale, grateful for the relief, but soon he pounded in. Slower but deeper and harder somehow. Tears were running down the side of my face, I couldn’t help it. But I wanted to brave this out. To prove I could do it. It was a challenge I needed to rise to. The Admiral looked down on me, his brown eyes piercing me with a lusty gaze. I wanted so badly to touch his hairy meaty chest, to feel him. But he held me immobile as he picked up speed again, working his hips into a fuck crescendo. Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! His meaty dong made really hard thrusts in succession. The sound of our wet flesh grew louder. I looked over to see that Jack was out of the shower, toweling his perfect body as he watched us mate. At one particular rough thrust, my eyes involuntarily shut in a grimace before I sucked in a deep breath. “Christ, don’t hurt him,” Jack said. “He can take it,” the Admiral rebuked him while he kept his hard stare on me. “Isn’t that right boy?” I nodded. “Yessir.” Brave but not as sure as I’d like to be. The burly man was getting back into his groove, back in full rut, and the light from the bathroom made his sweat shimmer on his thick, beefy, middle-aged muscle. “Lieutenant Commander, get me my cap.” Jack walked across the room, out of my sightline. He walked back, and I could see his dick growing hard again as he watched us, a look of intense curiosity on his face. He had Henson’s white uniform combination cap in hand. “Put it on me,” the Admiral ordered, and I practically gasped as Jack placed the cap on the man’s head. It was a reminder of the power and rank and experience of the man fucking me. This man outranked my dad, and that added fuel to my fire. Rear Admiral Henson pounded away nude except for that gleaming white cap, and I was turned on like crazy. “Daddy knows what his boy wants,” he growled, starting rapid jackrabbit thrusts into my ass. That did it. I didn’t expect it, even. But my toes curled just behind his head as the pleasure suddenly completely overtook any discomfort. My balls pulled up tight as it felt like the wide girth of the Admiral’s dick was pushing my orgasm out of my balls and into my shaft. I gritted my teeth as the pleasure spiked, and I spewed everywhere. Liquid seed sprayed my torso, my neck and my face. The ejaculation must have gripped the man’s cock tighter, because he growled his own cry of orgasm and came, his powerful body growing rigid and elongated. I felt waves of sperm shoot inside me, next to the Lieutenant Commander’s. I think I expected a little tenderness post-fuck, but the man was all business as he pulled out with a wet pop. I finally lowered my legs, feeling my tingling, battered and war torn hole try to seal itself back up. Through hazy eyes, I watched the naked Admiral’s back as he strutted towards the shower, removing his cap and placing it aside on the hotel dresser. I felt embarrassed now, like I’d let Jack see a part of my desire I hadn’t wanted him to. He took a seat on the bed next to me and looked at me with a knowing look but didn’t say anything as he handed me a damp towel to wipe off. “You OK, Jim?” he asked, maybe a little nervous the Admiral had gotten out of hand. “You said you wanted to try, see what it was like.” “Yeah, I’m good,” I assured him, trying to gather the strength in my legs to stand up. I took a few deep breaths to keep from going light headed. My asshole throbbed like mad, and it probably would for the next day or two after that beating. “You weren’t kidding though,” I added. “The man’s intense.” I showered off after the Admiral, and I when I was done, both Jack and Bill Henson were dressed, both looking incredibly handsome, Jack in his casual attire, Henson in his uniform, and I’m sure if I wasn’t so fucked out, my cock would have responded to the masculine sight in front of me. I still had a towel wrapped around my waist as the Admiral thrusted out his arm for a handshake, all business like once more. “Hope our paths cross again, son. You’re one hell of a trooper.” “Thanks, sir.” This was surreal shaking hands like this, but somehow you didn’t question a man like this. Not one of his rank. Jack ushered him out as I got dressed. I didn’t hear what they said but I could hear soft talking at the door. I heard it open as they said farewells just before it clicked shut. “You gotta rush back?” Jack asked as he stepped back into the main area of the hotel room. “Maybe we could grab a bite?” “Yeah, Admiral Henson has a way of working up an appetite,” I joked. Jack smiled, relieved I was in good spirits after that pounding. It was early evening when we left the hotel. We ate at some strip mall casual spot, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with Jack. We were both in a relaxed state from the sex and weren’t too chatty, but I felt proud I’d handled what could have been an awkward situation and just found enjoyment in it. Maybe it was fucked up, but I kind of felt like LCDR Grant was a sex mentor for me. I knew I wouldn’t have been up for a man like Henson without his presence and guidance. We didn’t talk about the sex, until the very end, walking back to our cars, when Jack asked again if I was OK. “Yeah, Jack. Really… it was fun.” We paused at my Civic. Jack looked at me kind of shyly and put his hands in the pockets of his jeans, flexing his big shoulders a little. “So, I guess you got to get back, huh?” “Eventually,” I said with a grin, catching his drift. The Lieutenant Commander smiled. “All right. Let’s head back. You’re istanbul travesti welcome to stay with me the night if you want,” he said before we got into our cars. We got back to the corporate airport hotel, and I walked casually with Jack back into the building. He seemed more chatty than before. With our first loads out of the way from the three-way sex earlier, the vibe between just us was calm and not overtly sexual, but I knew we’d be doing something again that evening. Particularly once we were in his hotel room again and Jack pulled off his polo shirt, revealing that studly body and the glorious blond fur that covered almost all of it. I don’t know if it was possible, but his body seemed even more toned lately than when we hooked up in Annapolis during Matt’s commissioning. “OK if we just spend some time talking first?” he asked as his hands unzipped his jeans before sliding them off his legs along with his briefs. “More than OK,” I nodded, loving the naked view of Jack and following suit by taking off my T-shirt. If I thought Jack’s body had gotten better in a year a half, I knew mine had been transformed by a year of college athletics and training. And I knew Jack was appreciative of the changes as I watched his eyes rake over my naked upper body. My dick was half-erect when I finally stepped out of my sweatpants and boxer briefs while Jack’s still hung down between his thighs, full and plump, but not yet on its way to erection. We left our clothes on the floor as I followed Jack’s nod and then his naked body as he crawled back onto the unmade bed. I reached out, caressing his arms and shoulders, enjoying the feel of his body as we slid under the unkempt covers together, the sheets still damp from the sex earlier. Jack and I settled on our sides, facing each other. Our hands explored each other’s body, and we shared a quick kiss. “This is nice,” Jack smiled as he tugged me a bit closer so that we were just about to share one pillow. His knee and thigh nudged mine as I could suddenly feel the heat radiating from his crotch, his dick now so close to mine. “Yeah, it is,” I said as I touched his blond furred muscles. Jack Grant pushed so many of my buttons, but his willingness to connect with me like this was up there. He made me feel older, not like a dumb inexperienced college kid. He ran his fingers along my flank with a soft touch that gave me goose pimples. “So… you enjoyed it earlier.” I nodded. “I wasn’t sure I would. But it was hot. Is Henson always like that?” Jack laughed. “That was dialed back some, actually, but yeah.” “I have to admit I was nervous going into this.” “I had your back, Jim,” Jack said, fingers now caressing the back of my neck. “I wouldn’t have let him go too far.” “I know,” I said. My hand slid off his molded shoulder to explore his hairy chest and feel the heat and the hardness of his perfectly sculpted muscle. That was what struck me most about Jack’s body. He was built with a good size, but his brawn was really firm and compact. “You think you’re into the submissive thing?” Jack asked. I shrugged. “I loved it, maybe more than I should.” Jack grinned. “I felt that way after the first few times with a dominant guy.” A thought weighed on my mind. As my hand ran over and down his oblique muscle and hip, I observed, “You also like topping though.” The Navy officer nodded, “Yeah, I like sex period… I’m not a true submissive. For me, it’s about the situation, kind of like a switch that gets flicked with the right guy or the right time, or maybe the mood I’m in.” I took in his words, I could see a lot of myself in what Jack was saying. “Jack…” I said. “I’m glad you’re helping me figure out what I like. Who I am.” “Aw, Jim,” he said, touched by my comment. “I wasn’t sure… I mean you seem very sexual, very open, like I was when I was your age.” “Yeah?” I asked, kind of propping up on my right elbow to lift my shoulder and head off the pillow. Jack grinned up at me. “Too many stories to go into, but yeah, I was a walking horndog, having sex at every opportunity I could manage without getting into trouble. There were some bad experiences and some heartbreak, but a hell of a lot of fun, too.” I smiled. It was very much a relief to hear that this Navy officer was a kindred spirit. “You’re going through a lot of that, too, aren’t you?” Jack asked, able to read me perfectly. “Pretty much,” I said. I felt his hardening cock stir against mine. LCDR Grant was getting hard, the mood slowly shifting back to a sexual dynamic between us. I moved my hips to brush my solid prick against his playfully. “Sometimes I think I’m going to go crazy from being alone and then I get laid and I feel better all of a sudden.” I blushed as I made that admission. After all Jack and I had shared, I wasn’t sure why this detail would make me embarrassed, but there it was. “I’d like to say that goes away when you get older,” Jack laughed. “But it doesn’t.” I chuckled, feeling up his body. It felt warmer now, almost hot to the touch. I leaned back down off my elbow, bringing my mouth to Jack’s lips. We kissed again. Not as brief. We were still slowly working up to outright sex, but as we talked and embraced, we were getting closer. I felt his hairy balls brush against mine as he leaned in even closer, his hairy chest pressing up against me. I freed Jack’s lips just enough to speak. “Jack… you ever want someone serious in your life?” His hand was running over the curve of my solid ass but then stopped as his eyes looked from my chest to my face. “I do, Jim. I have dated some guys, sometimes long term, but haven’t met the one, yet, I suppose.” “I hope you find him,” I said quietly. I still saw Jack as my elder, and it might have been silly for a college kid like me to say something like that to him, but it made him smile. “I’m not in a rush, Slugger,” he grinned, bringing his hand up and giving me a playful bump of his fist to my chin. “As you can tell, I’m a very sexual person, and the guy would have to be OK with that.” “You mean sleeping around?” I don’t know why I was shocked by the idea. I’d made it with married guys and at least one partnered gay guy. But in my mind, I imagined something monogamous for myself in the future. He nodded. “Pretty much. Or at least a man who can keep me satisfied sexually.” He looked at me, watching me let the idea sink in. “It seems you’re more the romantic type,” he mused, again trying to read me. “Probably,” I admitted. My hand gripped his shoulder and trap muscle, unable to resist touching his amazing body. “Right now, I’m trying to figure out who I am, Jack. I can’t be out, but I do want someone to date. Bad.” Jack reached around my back and pulled me in close, hugging me as our foreheads touched. It was a reassuring buddy hug, our naked body contact notwithstanding, and it was just what I needed. “I’m probably not helping,” he said as we clasped bodies. “You are,” I said. I took a deep breath before continuing. “Permission to speak freely?” I asked, feeling the need to be careful with my next words. “Of course,” Jack said, a cautious tone in his voice, I think bracing for what I had to say. “I know you feel guilty because I’m Dad’s son.” I could hear him gulp. His arms remained wrapped around my back, just as mine held onto his powerful lat muscle. “Very much,” he confessed. I sighed. “I wish you wouldn’t, Jack,” I said. “You’ve helped me find myself sexually, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Dad won’t know.” He pulled back and looked at me, his greenish hazel eyes looking serious and emotional. “I’m glad to hear, Jim. Nothing’s going to stop me from feeling guilty about what we’ve done – Bob’s too good of a friend to me – but it’s not about you. Know that.” “I get it,” I said. The Lieutenant Commander smiled and gave me a pat on the back before leaning in for another brief kiss. It was a friendly gesture as much as a lover’s. As he pulled back he started kissing along my body, down my neck and chest, and between my abs, working his way down to my crotch. His breath felt warm and soft against my erection. “Oh Jack,” I hissed as I felt his tongue make contact. This was such the opposite of the hard, verbal fucking from earlier. It was soft, slow and sensual. Jack made love to my fat cock, setting me down with saliva before stretching his mouth over my head and going down on me. I turned to lie on my back to be more comfortable and LCDR Grant followed me, now giving a more regular bob up and down on about half of my shaft as he settled between my spread legs. I relaxed my upper body and moved my left hand to cup the back of his buzzed head gently. The sexual urgency was gone and I was able to enjoy the gradual buildup of pleasure as Jack serviced me. I bent my knees as Jack took me a bit deeper. I wasn’t even sure if Jack was just sucking me as a warm up to something else. I half expected him to stop any moment, but he kept at it, and the slower pace grew quicker as his saliva made wet slurps on every bob. I felt my nuts rumble with my impending orgasm. “Ugh, Jack,” I grunted. My legs began to shake. “I’m gonna cum.” The man put his strong hands on my thighs to get the right leverage and just started milking me with his mouth. A few rapid up-and-down strokes and I was overcome with pleasure. “FUCK!” I growled and spurted my wad into his mouth. LCDR Grant rode out my final spurts then spit out my still pulsing cock. With an assured quickness he reached over to the bed and pumped out some lube for his cock and he scooted up on his knees next to my head. I watched, rapt and still half-dazed as he fisted his cut tool wildly in front of my eyes, a look of determination on his handsome, chiseled face. His left hand reached down to grip my head steady and he scooted up another inch. I could tell he was about there, and sure enough, the pissslit opened up and Jack fired a shot right onto my face. Then another. A little got in my right eye and stung so I shut it instinctively as the final shots hit lower on my chin. “Damn,” Jack hissed. “That was hot.” I nodded as the man got off and went to get a washcloth for me. When he returned, I wiped my face as he looked on. “Hope you didn’t mind that, Jim,” he said. “It stung like a motherfucker,” I smiled. “But it was OK. Least I could do to pay you back for that blow job.” It was getting late, but it was not quite bed time. Still naked, Jack got a couple of beers from the mini bar and we settled back into bed to watch some TV. About five minutes into whatever program we were watching, the Officer placed his arm behind me, allowing me to scoot into his embrace as I let my head fall onto his chest. After the sexual experiences that day, it felt wonderful and right. His fingers lazily traced along my shoulder muscle, just as mine softly caressed the blond fur on his built thigh. A commercial came on and he muted the TV. “So… you got to be in the closet, I know,” Jack said. “But you’re hot as fuck, Jim. There’s no way you can tell me you can’t find a guy who’d be able to take you on whatever terms you want.” “I dunno,” I said sadly as my fingers traced the blond fur along his thigh. I knew Jack was talking to me in my best interests but it felt very challenging, and my response was to be defensive. “Maybe I don’t know how to go after what I want.” Jack patted me on the shoulder. “Don’t be ashamed of what you want, Jim,” he said. “Even if it’s an older man you’d be embarrassed to bring home to your family.” “What if I want hot sex plus a guy I can bring home to my family?” I asked, somewhat jokingly but with a seriousness, too. “Then it’ll work out,” Jack said simply. “I can be patient,” I replied gamely. “And if I’m honest, there are times I just enjoy getting my rocks off, too.” Jack gave me an encouraging look as I looked up into his face, and he gripped my shoulder affectionately. We went back to watching TV until we started to get tired. As I fell asleep, I knew I was glad I’d come up to spend the day with Jack and RDML Henson. That evening, I decided that going forward, I’d just try to enjoy sex more, without the emotional baggage I tended to bring. I missed the carefree hookups with Kevin Marshall or Glen Evans back in high school. I couldn’t control what other guys wanted, but I could focus on my own expectations and not put too much pressure on myself. *** The next morning, I got up super early, as Jack had to get ready to catch his flight. “Take care, Slugger,” he said as he clasped me in a tight hug in the hotel parking lot. “Yep, you, too,” I said. I was in a sleepy but quietly happy mood as I drove home. I had the whole rest of the weekend ahead and I figured I’d enjoy some time to myself around the place since Holt had an away game that day. I stopped on the way home to refuel my car and as I reached into my pocket for my wallet I realized there was a business card stuffed in there, too. It was blank, except for a handwritten phone number and one name. Henson.