Navel Treat

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A cheerful Karthick arrived early the next morning in high spirits. His official trip has been a great success. Chitra had already woken up and was preparing breakfast by the time he arrived. She was still in high spirits with her victory from last night. Her self esteem was on an all time high and she was in mood for wearing something sexy for a change. So she chose to wear a full sleeve crop top with black leggings. She was looking like an absolute bomb with her milky belly and valley like navel completely exposed. Chitra rarely ever wore modern clothes. But when she does, she does it in style.

An unassuming Karthick who entered home was greeted with this jaw dropping sight of his wife standing there looking drop dead sexy. He froze dead in his tracks and dropped the bags he was carrying.

“Oh my.. ” he gushed as he walked towards her and wrapped her in a tight hug.

Chitra smiled widely at his reaction at seeing her and hugged him back. She was in a particularly seductive mood that day.

“Welcome back sexy” she breathed into his ear as she returned his hug

Karthick shivered and held her at arm’s length looking her up and down.

“Wow. You look hot as hell. How long has it been since you wore anything other than a saree.”

She just shrugged and asked in return. “How was your trip?”

“Mmm..” he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close.

“It was as smooth and sexy as your waist.” He said as he caressed her waist.

“Arrey! Siddharth is around. Better behave” Chitra said with a shy smile as she gently pushed him away by the chest.

“So what is matter with the changeover? Anything special?”

“Nothing just felt like giving saree a break. Is it not good?”

“Oh come on. You look gorgeous. You know I cannot get enough when it comes to your waist and belly”.

Chitra looked affectionately at her husband and ruffled his hair.

“I know”.

Just then Sidharth came running into the hall and had a similar reaction like his father at the sight of Chitra.

“Wow Mummy. You look terrific.” He said looking her up and down with a stunned expression.

“Thanks sweetie” she said affectionately going over and ruffling his hair as well.

“And Papa. When did you come home?” he said as though just noticing he was there as well for the first time.

“Just now boss. Come on lets have some breakfast. And you have to tell me all about your mommy’s performance from yesterday. I can’t ask her as she will get all modest. Too bad I couldn’t be there to see it myself.”

“Don’t worry papa. My friend Prem has filmed the whole the thing in his video camera. Its still here as I have borrowed it from him for a day to copy the whole thing into my laptop. Wait let me go and get it. I want to watch it again as well. It was too good Papa. Wait until you see it. You are going to get jealous at how good Mum and Abdul uncle were.” Saying that he rushed to his room to get his laptop.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Chitra went to see who it was. It was Abdul. He was looking a bit embarrassed. But his expression changed instantly at the sight of her.

“Wow didi you look soo ho…” he stopped himself remembering why he was there. They hadn’t had a chance to speak with each other in private since the performance as they had been swarmed with well-wishers for the rest of the night and they had to go on their separate ways. Abdul was aware he might have gone a little overboard with his improvisations and assumed that Chitra might be angry at him over it since she hadn’t talked to him since. The truth was that Chitra was just overwhelmed by their victory. Though she did feel that they might have gone a little overboard with the improvisations she felt equally responsible for everything that happened and didn’t hold against Abdul. Ultimately his idea had worked, and they had won and that was all that mattered.

“Hey partner” she said warmly greeting him with a quick hug.

“Karthick … look who is here. ” she said looking back.

Abdul who was expecting her to be angry was taken aback at the welcome.

Before he could respond Karthick’s head popped up beside Chitra.

“Abdul..My man.. Well done on the dance performance bro..and congragulations.” He said giving him a bear hug punching his back.

“Thanks man. But it was all Chitra didi though. She totally stole the whole show with bakırköy escort the kind of performance she put up.”

“Hey don’t sell yourself short. It was your idea and improvisations that ultimately won us this competition.”

“Idea? Improvisations? What the hell are you guys talking about?” Karthick asked confused looking back and forth between Chitra and Abdul. Chitra blushed and was about answer when Siddharth came back with his laptop

“Here papa… oh hey Abdul Uncle .. When did you come?” he said noticing Abdul there as well.

“Just now.”

“Great. I was going to show Papa the performance you guys put up. Come on Uncle. Watch with us.”

“Yea man. Come on in.” Karthick said steering hi inside by his shoulder.

Abdul walked in dejectedly with a sense of foreboding. He knew Karthick was a chill dude but he was apprehensive about how his reaction would when he saw their performance.

Chitra must have been thinking along the same lines since she said.

“Hey Sid. First put Pooja and Narien’s performance so that Karthick could understand just what kind of competition we were up against.”

“Sure Mommy.” Karthick said and fast forwarded the video to the start of Pooja and Narein’s performance.

Karthick watched the whole performance with open mouth and stared at Chitra and Abdul in disbelief.

“Wow…just wow..that was hot as hell. How on world did you guys manage to beat that with the dance we prepared?” He asked amazed.

Chitra smiled and said. “Well that’s the thing. We knew we couldn’t. So, Abdul here suggested we improvise our dance moves a bit to make it more compelling to the audience. It was sort of on the go kind of thing without any actual planning. But it worked out in the end. You will see”

“Wow. Now I really got to see this.” Karthick said eagerly looking back at the screen again waiting for his wife’s and Abdul’s performance to begin. His mouth dropped open again when the performance started. Chitra was looking mesmerizing and seductive as hell in her black transparent saree that generously showed off her milky white belly and gorgeous navel. And it wasn’t just the dress. There was something different about Chitra as well that oozed sensuality from every move she made. He finally understood the improvisations they were talking about when Abdul made his first move and grabbed her hips.

Abdul was blushing hard embarrassed watching himself on screen doing the things he did. Chitra was also having the same reaction beside him. It was now she was realizing just how hot the performance they put up really was. Sid who was playing the video was embarrassed for a totally different reason. He was just noticing the way his friend Prem has shot the video. He has constantly zoomed in the camera on his mother’s belly plenty of times throughout the song. Which in turn gave close up views of many of the things Abdul did to Chitra’s belly. Sid was just noticing many of the things that he hasn’t noticed during the actual performance.. Like how Abdul has inserted his middle finger into his mother’s deep navel while doing the piano and dough step. By the time raspberry and navel sucking step came the camera was focused on Chitra’s midsection and they could all clearly see Abdul inserting his long tongue inside Chitra’s deep navel and swirling it inside passionately.

Abdul closed his eyesin embarassment sure that Karthick was going to kill him. Chitra herself was blushing hard beside him seeing herself being enjoyed like that. Looking at the whole thing now in third person she was just now starting to realize just how unintentionally erotic their performance has been.

Karthick was speechless for a moment. And finally said. “Wow. When I said this performance was going to be a navel feast I didn’t know you were gonna take that statement literally and feast on her navel.” He said jokingly.

Abdul finally let out a breath he was holding as he realized Karthick wasn’t mad and let out a relieved laugh. And Karthick continued.

“Infact I think her navel deserves half the credit for your victory. You both should give it half the share of your prize money.”

They all laughed loud and Chitra blushed embarrassed and smacked Karthick on the head.

“That is enough. No more jokes at my navel’s expense please.”

Karthick sobered up. “Allright then. Anyways excellent job both of you. beşiktaş escort This calls for a toast of celebration. I will go and get the wine.”

As Karthick walked towards the refrigerator to take the wine Chitra said from behind. There is some gulab jamun I prepared yesterday in there as well. Take it too.”

As Karthick came back with bottle of wine and bowl of gulab jamun Chitra asked Sid “Beta will you go fetch some wine glasses and bowls?”

But Karthick interjected with devilish grin. “No need. We have the bowl we need to have both right here.”

Chitra looked around confused. “Where?”

“There” Karthick said looking at her midsection. Chitra looked down and immediately got what he was talking about.

“No way”

“Hell yea. Come on sweetheart. This celebration is after all a tribute to your sexy navel. Its only fitting we get to have the pleasure of drinking this toast from it as well.

“Yes! Yes! Come on Mummy. It would be fun.” Chimed in Sidharth.

Chitra pretended to reluctantly agree. But secretly she was thrilled at the prospect of having her navel enjoyed again. She went and lied on the table.

Karthick uncorked the wine bottle and poured the cool sizzling blood red liquid into her navel. A shot of thrill went down her spine and she shivered a little at the sensation of the cool liquid filling up her navel.

Sid was the first to go. He eagerly leaned over her stomach and emptied up her navel in one noisy slurp. Next was Karthick himself. He filled up her navel with wine again. He leaned down and slurped up the liquid like his son. But he was in a playful mood. So instead of swallowing the liquid he spewed it back into her navel again. The liquid which was cool when it left came back warm inside her navel.

Sid and Abdul laughed and cheered at Karthick’s antics while Chitra laughed and made a eww sound. As she laughed some of the wine in her navel overflowed and began to flow side ways. Kartick was quick to react and bent down to catch the escaping drop with his lips. He traced the path of the liquid with his tongue until it reached her navel and slurped up the liquid again swallowing it his time.

Karthick filled up her navel again and looked at Abdul expectantly. Abdul wasn’t sure he would get a go until then. So he was extremely happy at being given a go. He eagerly leaned over her belly and began drinking. To prolong his lip contact with her navel Abdul drank very slowly. He started off with a light sip. For the next one he pressed his lips around her navel drank a little more. Only a little more was left and it lied in the very bottom of her navel. He pressed his lips to her navel again and gave one final mighty sip that almost sucking her navel into his mouth. Chitra gasped and was turned on to the core at this. But she hid it well.

“Yumm I have never tasted a wine so delicious.” Abdul said savouring the taste of the wine in his tongue.

“You think that was delicious?. Wait until you see what comes next.” Karthick announced gleefully holding up the bowl of Gulab Jamun.

“Oh come on. Tell me you are not going to eat that out of my navel as well.” Chitra pouted.

“That is exactly what we are going to do. Its already proven fact that having any food from your navel will make the food double delcious .” Karthick teased.

Chithra groaned and closed her eyes with her hands in embarrassment

Karthick began preparing her navel for the next course. He filled up her navel with jeera liquid and dropped a piece of Gulab Jamun on top of it. Since her navel was pretty large, a good portion of the gulab jamun got submerged into her navel spilling the liquid in all directions.

Sid was the first to go. He lapped up the spilled liquid scattered around her navel first before going for the gulab jamun. Since it was partially submerged inside her navel he had to frame his lips around her navel and press deeply to get it into his mouth. He spent some time chewing the gulab jamun in his mouth with a blissful expression before leaning back in and drinking the rest of the liquid from her navel.

Karthick prepared her navel again for his turn. Being his naughty self Karthick decided to have fun with her navel again. So instead of taking the gulab jamun out of her navel he pushed it even deeper into her navel with his lips making it stuck inside her navel spilling jeera on all beylikdüzü escort sides. It was spread all over her stomach now and Karthick took his time licking it clean from all over her stomach. Chitra was in bliss thoroughly enjoying his naughty antics. When he started on the gulab jamun he noticed that he has pushed it in too far and too tightly into her navel to take it out with his mouth alone. Still he tried to munch it out of her by pressing his lips around her navel deeper and deeper in the process to no luck. Abdul and Sid was laughing heartily by the side watching Karthick’s antics while Chitra kept making oww noises every time Karthick pressed his lips into her belly. At last Karthick became disgruntled and took a chopstick that was lying nearby on the table and poked into right into her navel forking up the gulab jamun onto the stick in the process. Chitra gasped out loud and spasmed involuntarily as the blunt end of the chopstick poked into her sensitive navel knot. But still the jamun refused to budge from its spot which made Sid and Abdul laugh even harder. Karthik began repeatedly poking her navel with the chopstick and rotating it inside breaking the gulab jamun into pieces. Chitra kept fidgeting and laughing out loud making loud oww noises at Karthick’s chopstick assault on her vulnerable navel. Once it was sufficiently broken up into pieces Karthick leaned down and ate it all out her navel easily.

He finally rose up with an smug expression having finally won his battle with the elusive gulab jamun. Chitra was tired and panting hard by now. But it was not over yet and there was one more person left to go. And she wondered what he had in store for her navel.

Karthick filled up her navel to the brim with Jeera liquid again and dropped a piece of gulab jamun right at the center of the pool spilling jeera all over her belly. Abdul who has been watching Karthick’s antics was turned on to the core by now. Witnessing her navel being teased mercilessly has made him both horny and compassionate for her navel. He leaned over her belly and began lovingly licking up the liquid that was spilled all over her belly.

Chitra sighed in contentment as Abdul’s tongue caressed around her belly lapping up every last drop. He thoroughly licked every inch of her belly and made it shiny. All that was left now was the gulab jamun in her navel. He wanted to savour eating it as well and love her navel as much as possible in the process. So instead of taking the whole jamun out of her navel he only bit a small portion of it and let the rest drop back inside her navel. Then he used his tongue to reach into the depths of her navel and mix the rest of the gulab jamun with the leftover jeera liquid in the bottom of her navel. Then he began licking up the mixed jamun little by little out of her navel and eating it.

It was becoming harder and harder for chitra to control her arousal now. Each dip of his tongue into her navel sent tingles down her spine making her insides clench deliciously. Once Abdul cleaned out the last bit of Gulab jamun from inside her navel he rose up reluctantly secretly wishing he could have done it longer.

“Wow man. You must really love feasting on her navel. Don’t you?” Karthick teased.

“With a navel as sexy as hers. Who wouldn’t? “Abdul said smiling back. “She is precious man. You are goddamn lucky to have her for your wife.”

“I know right” Karthick replied smiling proudly at Chitra making her blush. She finally rose up from the table with a scrunched up face.

“You know I just had a bathe like an hour ago. You guys had made me all filthy and stinky with all your food and saliva.

“Aww you need help washing up sweetheart? I would be happy to help.” Karthick asked waggling his eyebrows.

“No thanks mister.” She said picking up the chopstick he had used on her earlier and throwing it at his face.

Karthick deftly caught it in his hands and poked it into her navel again making her squeal in pain and stagger back as though electrocuted. They all laughed hard at her reaction. She stomped away into her room disgruntled muttering something about never wearing a crop top in her life again.

Abdul rose up to leave. He thanked Karthick for the delicious treat and complimented him for the cool dude he is. And then he turned to Siddharth

“Son. You better keep that video away from your friends if you don’t want fantasizing about your mother.” He said only half joking.

Sid knew he was right. He decided to keep the copy in his lap and delete the one in camera. He will make up some excuse to tell Prem like the video wasn’t properly saved or something.

Abdul bade everybody goodbye and left with a happy heart.