Navy Woman’s Party

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Navy Woman’s PartyTrue story..When I was about 25 I worked in an office with a 33 Navy woman. She was probably the oldest in the office. The rest of us were in our twenties. I’ll call her Dee. Well Dee was known for some epic parties and I was known as being fun at parties. So fast forward. We’re at her apartment off base and I’m very drunk. So were a few other people. THey had already crashed on the couch and other chairs so I fell asleep on the floor. Dee was in her bedroom with some “company”. No big deal.Around 1:30am or so Dee comes out and wakes me up. She’s wearing just a short satin robe. Nice ass. Leads me by thte hand back to her bedroom. There’ a guy using the master bath and another guy waiting to use it. I made an assumption that she’d used up both of them and wanted more. I was an excellent choice.She’s on the bed, I’m naked illegal bahis and climbing on. It does feel a bit awkward. Maybe for a second or two. Then we get busy.As incredible as sex with her was, I did happen to notice that she was excited to see what was happening next to her. One of the guys was laying next to her. And the other was between his legs sucking…This is new. I’d never seen that before. ANd it was really turning her on. She was damn near climaxing just watching. I kept focused. Did what I was there for. Enjoying every second of it.One can only have sex for so long before needing a break. I must not be one to think ahead. When I got off her. The guy who was getting a blowjob mounted her with that raging hardon. I was distracted watching them. Then noticed the other guy was now laying next to Dee.I could say there was only illegal bahis siteleri room right there, but I’m sure that her excitement was why I climbed between the guys legs and started licking his cock. She was VERY turned on by that! I went further and further. Her excitement fueled my desire. In short order I was sucking the head.I had never sucked a guy’s cock before. WIthout her encouragement I don’t think I would have. But the night continued like that. Over and over. Till we all fell asleep.Back at work. Dee of course tells everyone that the party was a huge hit. She was very vocal praising me for being “so much fun!”. It wasn’t long after that when a short, blonde married woman from work asked if I could come over and look at their MGB for her. She knew I used to own a Spitfire. Nothing suspicious.I get to their apartment. canlı bahis siteleri We have drinks and look at their MGB. A couple drinks into it we’re all getting pretty drunk. She wants to show me their new black lacquer bedroom set. I really didn’t care, but being a gracious guest I go to see it with he husband. While we’re looking it over and I’m nodding approvingly, she walks in wearing a little black nighty.”Dee tells me that you’re a lot of fun. We like to have fun.”Fast forward. I didn’t know what bisexual meant. It was very enlightening. Getting sucked and sucking her husband wasn’t that foreign to me. It really got her turned on. We did all the basic things. Tag teamed her. Had a good relaxed fun time. Oh, and we repeated this on other occasions too. Just hanging out having sex for a night. It was with them that I sucked off a guy for the first time and swallowed. More importantly I liked it and looked forward to it. We didn’t progress to anal sex. That wasn’t something we were comfortable with or even wanted to do.But I learned that I loved giving head. And I’m good at it.