Never too young to FUCK

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Never too young to FUCKWhen I was a little girl, my parents would go out from time to time to eat out or go to parties and stuff. One time, they went out of town for a week and they had a girl, Brenda, who had sat for me several times, but this time was a whole week and I was a little nervous at my age, having them away from home so long this time. She was nice though and we always had fun, ordering pizza’s, playing video games and watching scary movies, so I was comfortable being with her that long and overnight even.She came over the day my parents were leaving and had a couple of bags with her with some clothes and stuff and mom took her to the guest room to get set up. I heard them going though the house, mom showing her where everything was I suppose, and dad loaded the car with their bags for the trip. She was in high school I know and I thought maybe a senior, but I wasn’t really sure. She was tall and had long blonde hair and was very pretty I thought. She and mom talked a while and then mom told me to do as asked and the usual parent discussion stuff and then mom told me they were leaving for the airport and she kissed me on the cheek, as did my dad, and they left.Nothing was out of the ordinary all day long and I spent my time either in our pool or in my room playing video games. She came in my room that afternoon, late, I guess, around 5, and asked if I wanted to go swimming with her. I agreed and I put my bathing suit on and walked out the back door. She was in a lounge chair, wearing a t-shirt and I asked if she was swimming. She said yes and jumped in the pool wearing just that. I followed, and after a few minutes of horsing around in the water, she got out and I saw as plain as day, her nipples through the wet material of her t-shirt. I then realized that she wasn’t wearing a top at all and I thought it was kind of cool too. She pulled the shirt away from her chest and shook off the water and then sat sat back in her chair. I sat in mine, next to her and she leaned over to me and asked if I would be cool with “skinny dipping”. I knew what that was of course and I nodded a yes and then she told me not to tell, because she didn’t want to get into trouble. I said ok and she then stood up and took her top completely off and was standing their in what looked like panties to me. It sure wasn’t a bathing suit..LOLShe told me to do the same if I liked, so I got up, took my bathing suit top off and then, like a nervous fool, I just stood there, wondering what to do! She noticed that I guess and told me to not be silly and lets have fun. She laughed and pulled her wet panties down to her feet and kicked them off. She told me to get ready so I nervously did the same. I was now butt naked in front of a high school senior and I was almost shaking, thinking we would get caught by a neighbor or even the police! She told me to relax and she jumped in the deep end of the pool and I followed. We swam around naked some and then she went to the side and propped herself up on her elbows and I did the same. Her tits were so nice compared to my little buds, that I was a little ashamed, but after talking with her a while, she became like a good friend in just a few minutes.We got some sun laying out for a while I could could barely keep my eyes off her naked slender body. She had everything I wanted but I was too young I guess to have developed like her yet. After about an hour, we went into the house and she went upstairs to her room and yelled back down to me to come up there. I went up the stairs, with only a towel around me, and she was standing in the guest bathroom door way and asked if I wanted to take a shower with her. I for SURE did and something about being naked with her excited me and I muttered an “I guess so” response and followed her in there. She tuned on the shower and pulled my towel away and told me to not be so nervous and that it was a girls day!We went in the shower together, naked and laughing and she started washing her hair first. I didn’t know what to do since being in there with another person was a first time thing for me, but she handed me the shampoo and I did my hair and she did hers. We let the water rinse us off and then, she took a bottle of body wash and squirted it all over me. She laughed and then, put her hand on my little tits and started istanbul escort washing them, moving up and down my tummy and even down to my pussy. Feeling her slippery hand rubbing me there and even on my little clit, made me think naughty thoughts, but it felt so good, I almost fainted. It made me feel something I never had before and I guess it was excitement mixed with fear of getting caught doing something I shouldn’t. She washed my body all over, even between my legs and my tiny butt and thighs. She then told me it was “my turn” and she squirted that body wash all over herself. She was a lot taller than me so I had to stand on my tip toes some to reach her shoulders but I did to her like she did to me and I soaped her everywhere. Her nipples were bright pink and with water on them, they shined some and I rubbed them and did a good job too. I then washed her tummy and I was afraid to go between her legs but she spread them apart and told me to wash her there too. I was really nervous but I cupped my hand over her slit and I could feel her pussy lips and clit, even with all the slippery soap. I rubbed it several times and even went way between her legs and washed the part between her butt hole and pussy. She turned around and bend over so I could wash her butt and thighs and I even washed her legs and her soft feet.I finished it I guess because she told me to get out with her and we dried each other off, wrapped up in clean towels, and headed back downstairs. Once there, we laughed a lot about things and ate a sandwich and then, sat on the sofa next to each other. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body either and every time she parted her long legs, I could see glimpses of her pussy and even her toes and feet looked good. After a few minutes, she got on her cell phone and was talking to, what I guessed, was her boyfriend. I sat there looking at the TV and noticed her towel had fallen down, exposing her sweet tits. I was probably stupid and a little horny, so I purposely let my towel fall down to my waist, exposing my under developed breast hoping she would notice them.She was on the phone forever but finally got off of it and when she stood up, her towel fell off completely. She laughed and said it was ok since we had already seen each other naked, so why didn’t we just stay naked all day and night. I giggled and let mine fall too and we spent the day running around naked and just enjoying the house to ourselves.That early evening, we were sitting on the sofa, her longs legs apart right next to me and her phone rang. She answered it and it was her boy friend. They talked a while and I felt her kick my arm some and she asked me if her boy friend came over, would I care? Honestly, I did, because I liked being naked with her. But I said it was ok and she told him that on the phone. She hung up and then told me not to tell my parents he was coming over and that I would really like him. We quickly got dressed in some shorts and t-shirts.We hung out another hour and it was getting dark outside when he came to the door. She let him inside and as she said, he was someone I would like! He was taller than her, had nice black hair and was really built well, I mean totally hot and I would have loved to have even made-out with him..LOL but I had never even done a wet kiss with anyone before, but he would have been perfect. I felt myself actually wanting to do something naughty with him but being my age, I knew it wouldn’t happen.He came in the Living room with us and sat between Brenda and I and she introduced me too him. His name was Brad and he was wearing some gym shorts, tank top and flip flops. I told him hello and he hugged me real quick and then jokingly said he heard a “rumor” that Brenda and I had been hanging out here “naked” all day! I almost freaked out, knowing she had to have told him that, but she laughed about it and told him we were skinny dipping all day long. I almost died right there but laughed anyway. He then said that we should all be naked anyway and Brenda actually told him that we could! She looked straight at me and told him that we would both love too!She then freaked me out and took off her clothes right there in front of him and then, he did the same. I was now seeing avcılar escort my very first naked man and boy was he hot! He stood up and asked me if I wanted to do it too so I lifted off my shirt, pulled down my shorts, and now, there I was, a naked girl in front of them both. I know I turned red, but I did it. Knowing he was looking at my little naked body made me feel strange, but good, and I can’t even describe the feeling I had at that time. He then went over to Brenda and they kissed and I watched him feel up her pussy and tits and she asked if we should all go swimming. It was dark out so we did it and after we all got in the pool. The two of them started making out again by the side of the pool. I was right next to them and watched them kiss and even saw his hand reach under the water and play with her pussy and she did the same to him. She then reached over to me and pulled me right next to them where our naked bodies were touching. I could feel their body warmth against my skin and it made me want to do things I had never done before. After a minute or so, she whispered to me if she could kiss me and I said it was ok. She put her lips on mine and then I felt her tongue push against my mouth and I opened it and let her put it in my mouth. Feeling her tongue, swirling around in my mouth and our tongues intertwining made me so horny I was about to die. Brad then squeezed my little nipple and I felt his hand go down between my legs and his fingers run along my pink slit. It was underwater and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to get my very first “feel up” and kiss from them. I let him do what he wanted while she and I kissed and then, she pulled away and told me to take his cock in my hand. I reached under the water and found it really fast. It was so hard and big and I remember thinking how something like that would fit into a small pussy like mine. I stroked it up and down and he kissed me on the cheek and then on the lips gently and asked if I had ever fucked before.That question kind of stopped everything in it’s tracks and Brenda told him that I probably haven’t and then she smiled at me. I giggled and told the truth and said no but I had played with boys before..which was a lie..I had never touched a penis before this, much less kissed another girl. He just grinned at me and we moved away from each other some. I didn’t know what to say or do so I kept my mouth shut but Brenda then said we should get out and dry off. We did that but everybody stayed naked though.We went back in the house to hang out and do what ever I guess and they both sat on the sofa still naked like me. I sat across from them since we had this “L” shaped sofa and I could see them both. I watched him start making out again with her and watched his finger go in and out of her pussy. I was so horny I couldn’t believe it so I rubbed my own little clit some just to get some relief, he then laid Brenda on her back and I watched him part her legs and put his mouth over her pussy. I thought at first, that was nasty, but when I saw her moan and hold his head down even harder, I thought it must be a good thing. I could even see his tongue going in and out of her and the moving all around her hole. She didn’t say anything at all except for some moans and then, she put her arm way out toward me as to motion for me to come next to her. I was so scared but I couldn’t resist and I slid over to her and she lifted her head and put it in my lap. Now, I had her there, her legs a apart and watching Brad do that, right in front of me.I was so horny now and feeling things I never had before. I wanted so bad for him to do that to me but I didn’t ask. After he licked her a while longer. Brenda looked back at me and whispered if I would like that too. I said yes and she raised up and whispered something in Brads ear. He grinned and looked at me and asked if I wanted to do that. I just nodded and Brenda got up and told me to lay down on my back which I did. Honestly, I was shaking some and a little afraid too. He got between my legs with his face near my pussy and Brenda held my hand.He kissed me down there a few times and I jumped a little at first. She told me to just relax and then I felt his mouth go over my little pussy. It was warm and soft feeling şirinevler escort and I could feel his tongue going in and around my pink hole. I squeezed Brenda’s hand hard as I could and let him do it. I suddenly felt a huge rush come over me and then a warm feeling. I think I had just come, but I wasn’t sure. Brenda kissed my cheek and whispered if I would like to do other things. I nodded a yes and he raised up and I could see his big dick sticking straight out. He got up from between my legs and came over to me. He put it right to my lips and I just parted my lips some and he put it in my mouth.It was a strange feeling to say the least, and the head part was almost hot. I let him move it back and fourth in my mouth and Brenda just held my face in her hands while he did it. He pulled out for a second and put it in hers some. We then kinda took turns with it till he started shaking and grunting some. Brenda took it and I saw him shoot a white stream out and all over her face and in her mouth too. She sucked him some more and then had him put it in mine. I knew it was sperm, I mean, I wasn’t that stupid and young, but I got to taste some of it as it leaked out from his pee hole. Brenda then wet kissed me and I tasted it even more. I had never felt like this before, a combination of pleasure, fear and shame, but I loved it and didn’t want it to stop.We all got up and everybody laughed some and then asked me if I liked that. I of course said yes and everyone was relaxed about it and so was I. We all had a beer and then they went into her room and shut the door. A few minutes later, she came out and asked me if I would like to try to fuck for my very first time, but if I did, I could never tell anyone ever in my life that he did that to me. I was scared but horny and I said yes. She took me by the hand and led me to her room. Brad was laying on the bed, still naked and his dick was sticking straight up like a broom stick. Brenda sat down and I sat next to her and she told me to suck him a few times which I did. She licked his balls at the same time and then we changed places. I felt so naughty, but happy at the same time and then, she told me to lay on the bed and I did as told.She put my legs apart and kissed my pussy several times and licked it all over. It made me shudder every time she did it too. She pushed my legs apart and back some and I saw Brad go between my legs and he kissed my pussy too. Then he raised up and put his penis up against my hole. I was so scared but excited and then Brenda whispered to me that it would be ok and that I might feel some pain the first time but that it would be better after just a second or so. I nodded an ok and then closed me eyes and I felt him push really tight and then him go inside me some. It did hurt for a second but Brenda held my hand very tight and was kissing my cheek, when I felt him go in farther. I gasped some and then relaxed and then felt it slip all the way in me I suppose.He started moving up and down and in and out and I couldn’t believe I was actually getting fucked for the first time. I felt him cover me with his body and I put my arms around him and squeezed as tight as I could as he fucked me harder and harder. He suddenly grunted some and then I felt a rush of warmth deep inside my pussy and I realized he had cum in me, that’s when I got off myself and had my very first orgasm I think. It seemed I wanted him to never stop but he did and pulled out of me, both of us panting and breathing hard. His cock was covered in cum mixed with what I realized was some blood and Brenda told me that the first time, it was natural to bleed some. I relaxed and Brad and Brenda laid on the bed next to me.She asked how I liked it and I told her how awesome it was. She then told me to follow her to the bathroom, where she put a disposable douche inside my pussy to wash it out and to clean up any blood. We showered after together and Brad even joined us in their for a while and I got to suck his dick some too. We all then went back to the living room and did some other things with each other and Brad even liked licking my toes and even licked my butt hole a lot. We all stayed that night in her bed and made out with each other some and Brad even fucked me again, before falling to sleep.The next morning, Brad left and we spent the next few days alone doing things I never thought possible at my age! Finally, when mom and dad came home, they had no idea that their little daughter had done all these slutty little things and even lost her virginity. Daddy took Brenda home and now when she baby sits, we do things together that my parents would go crazy about if they only knew.