New Girl on Campus

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All characters are over the age of 18.


Jonathon couldn’t help checking out the new girl in his History class. She was very gorgeous and Jonathon was doing his best not to get caught staring at her. Her name was April and she had long, luscious, thick black hair and very kind brown eyes. She was a tiny little thing barely 5″1′ and had to only weigh around 100 pounds soaking wet, though most of that weight had to be situated in her bra. Even though she was a tiny girl she had very large breasts that looked even bigger on her tiny frame. Jonathon was so lost in thought about how sexy April was that he almost didn’t notice that their professor was letting them know that class was over. Jonathon bent down to start packing up his stuff and get ready to enjoy the rest of his afternoon. After he had packed everything away he looked up only to find April standing right in his path.

Oh no! Jonathon thought to himself, she must have caught me staring at her earlier. I’m so busted. However, April didn’t seem to be mad at Jonathon, she actually looked very nervous.

Jonathon wasn’t quite sure what to do until April finally said, “Hey I’m kind of struggling in this class since I started here and it seems like you really understand everything. Would you be able to help me with class sometime? If its not too much trouble we could meet in my dorm room tonight to go over things. Would that be okay with you?” Jonathon was almost too stunned to answer because he couldn’t believe that this hot girl was asking him to spend time in her room.

He realized he must look really stupid not answering right away and said, “Of course I can help you with class. I don’t have anything going on tonight so here’s my number. Just text me anytime tonight when you are free and I’ll come over to help you out.” Jonathon then wrote his number on a piece of paper and handed it to April.

April seemed very glad that Jonathon was able to help and quickly took his number and disappeared with a quick, “Thanks!” Once he was back in his room Jonathon was still surprised that April had asked for his help in class. He felt his phone buzz and looked down to see who was texting him.

The message was from a number he didn’t have saved, however the message was obviously from April since it said, hey I just talked to my roommate and she is going to be gone all evening so you are welcome to come over here tonight since we will have the entire room to ourselves. Jonathon read the message twice just to make sure that he understood what April had said. Not only did she want him to come over tonight but also, she was letting him know that they were going to be completely alone. Thinking about being alone in a room with April had Jonathon getting hot and bothered. He could even feel his cock getting harder in his pants. He couldn’t believe he was getting aroused so easily. If he was already getting hard just thinking about being alone in the room with April there was no way he was going to be able to keep it down once they got alone together.

It had been several days since he had last taken care of himself so he quickly decided he would just need to masturbate before he went to April’s room so he wouldn’t get aroused so easily. He quickly texted April back, see you this evening, looking forward to helping you, and then went into his room taking off his shorts and tossing them on the end of his bed. Jonathon then relaxed and got comfortable in his bed. When he reached down to grab his cock he was surprised at how hard he already was just thinking about April. I definitely need to get off, Jonathon thought to himself as he started stroking his long hard cock. Jonathon started imagining April, trying to picture her big tits bouncing as Jonathon imagined her riding his cock. Jonathon was surprised at how quickly he was approaching the point of no return and tried to stave off his orgasm for a bit.

Finally imagining April naked was too much for him and Jonathon grabbed some of the tissues he kept beside his bed for this exact reason. He wrapped two tissues around the fat head of his cock and stroked himself until he couldn’t hold back. He unloaded into the tissue and couldn’t believe how hard he was cumming. Once he was done with his orgasm he used the tissue to wipe the remaining cum off of his cock and once again was surprised at how much he had cum.

Wow it was a good thing I got off before I went over to April’s, Jonathon thought to himself. Jonathon then hopped in the shower to clean up a bit and then got ready and headed over to April’s dorm. When Jonathon arrived at April’s dorm he nervously knocked on her door. April quickly answered the door and was surprised to see how she was dressed for their study session. She was wearing a nice tight tank top, which only emphasized her large breasts, and she also had some short little booty shorts. Jonathon had to force himself to look back up into April’s eyes so he wouldn’t get too distracted with all the skin she eryaman escort bayan was showing.

“Here we can study at my desk over here,” April said as she led Jonathon to the desk on her side of the dorm room.

“Alright lets get started with the studying,” Jonathon said as he tried not to stare at April’s prodigious cleavage in her tight tank top.

“Why don’t we start with the reading for World War II,” Jonathon suggested as April flipped through her history textbook.

“Okay I guess we can start there,” April said sounding slightly defeated already.

“Don’t worry I’ll help you figure everything out and make sure understand what we are going over in class,” Jonathon told April. Jonathon and April studied for about a hour and Jonathon was finding himself less distracted by April’s large breasts, however he was drawn back to her fantastic cleavage when April stretched her arms above her head and pushed her breasts against her already tight tank top. Seeing April’s bountiful cleavage put on display again caused Jonathon to feel his cock start getting hard in his pants.

“Well this seems like a good start to studying but my back is starting to hurt from looking over your desk,” Jonathon said to April.

“Oh no I’m so sorry I didn’t even think about how much bending over my desk would be so bad for your back. I know! Why don’t we lay on my bed and study,” April suggested to Jonathon and she climbed on her bed laying down on her stomach and sliding over to make room for Jonathon. He couldn’t believe that April was inviting him to lay on her bed with him. He wasn’t sure if he should put himself so close to April but he realized if he was lying on his stomach it would hide his growing erection from April. Jonathon climbed on to the bed alongside April and they resumed their studying. After a time Jonathon could feel his back tightening up again and he tried to shift to stretch it out without turning over. Seeing April lying down in her tight tank top had caused him to have a full erection in his pants and he didn’t want to turn over where April could see his erection.

April noticed Jonathon shifting around and said to him, “Is your back hurting again?” Jonathon just nodded in confirmation.

“Here let me help you out,” April said as she climbed on Jonathon’s back and sat astride him.

“W-What are you doing?” Jonathon nervously asked April as she climbed on his back straddling him.

“I’m going to help your back out,” April said as she started massaging Jonathon’s back. Jonathon was then able to start relaxing and enjoy April’s massage. Once she felt Jonathon relax April continued her massage and enjoyed feeling his lean muscles under her hands. After she had massaged Jonathon’s back for a while April climbed off of him and lay back down beside him on her bed.

She then looked nervously back at Jonathon and said, “You know I actually had an alternative reason for inviting you here tonight besides just studying.”

Jonathon was surprised by April’s statement and said, “What do you mean?”

April blushed slightly and said, “Well I heard a rumor about you from some other girls and I wanted to find out if it was true.”

As if reading the confused look on Jonathan’s face April told him, “Well the rumor is that you are really big.”

Jonathon was still confused and asked, “What do you mean I’m not that big of a guy.”

“No the rumor is that you are big down there,” April said as she glanced down at Jonathon’s crotch while blushing incredibly red from embarrassment. Jonathon followed April’s eyes down to his crotch and then looked up at her red blushing face.

“Wait who told you I was big down there,” he asked April curious to know who was spreading rumors about him.

“I can’t tell you that. A girl has to have her secrets,” April said to Jonathon smiling again and not blushing so much.

“Besides you still haven’t confirmed to me whether or not the rumor is true,” April said as she blushed again.

“Well I guess I could show and you can judge whether the rumor is true or not,” Jonathon said smiling as he climbed off the bed. Once he was off the bed Jonathon started to loosen his belt as April stared at him with rapt attention. Jonathon was still turned on from checking out April all afternoon and especially from having her sit on his back while she massaged his back. Jonathon finally dropped his pants and underwear and April covered her mouth and leaned back away from Jonathon.

“Oh my, gosh the rumor was that you are big but you’re fucking huge,” April said in astonishment as she started at Jonathon’s hard cock. April was just staring at Jonathon’s huge cock still too stunned by his huge size to do anything but Jonathon happened to notice that one of her hands had absentmindedly gone between her legs and was rubbing her crotch outside her tiny little shorts. Jonathon started stroking his hard cock while he checked out April’s sexy body.

Watching Jonathon stroking ankara escort his cock brought April out of her stupor and she asked, “Could I touch it?”

Jonathon stopped stroking his cock and said, “Sure let me help you.” He then reached for her hand and brought her small hand to wrap around his cock.

“Oh my gosh its so big and thick I can barely get my hand around it,” said April as she blushed while she stroked Jonathon’s hard cock. She still couldn’t believe how big he was. She had initially thought he was just long but she was realizing he was also really thick, as her small hands couldn’t quite reach around his cock. Jonathon was enjoying having April stroking his cock but he wanted to see more of her sexy body.

“You know I’m enjoying what you are doing to me April but it seems to me that you are a little over dressed now,” Jonathon said to April hoping she was ready to strip for him.

April smiled shyly and said, “I guess you are right. After all you showed me what you are working with its only fair that I show you what I’m working with.” April then reached down and pulled her tank top over her head. Now it was Jonathon’s turn to stare dumbly as he stared at April’s large breasts in a tight bra. He still couldn’t believe that such a small girl could have such large breasts.

“Well it certainly looks like you like what you see,” April said as she watched Jonathon’s cock throb in anticipation.

“Let me show you the rest now,” April said as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Jonathon could only stare as April’s breasts fell out of her bra as she unhooked and let it fall from her chest. Her pendulous breasts sagged slightly from their large size but looked absolutely huge compared to her tiny waist.

“Wow!” was all Jonathon could say as he stared at April’s gorgeous half naked form. He hadn’t even realized that he had reached down to start stroking his dick until he realized that April was watching how he stroked his dick.

“Glad to see that you enjoy the view right now,” April said as she smiled watching Jonathon stroking his cock while staring at her.

“Sorry I didn’t even realize I was doing that,” Jonathon said as he let go of his cock, slightly embarrassed that he had been so openly masturbating to April.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed by that. I actually think its pretty hot watching you masturbate while looking at me but I have something else in mind right now,” April said as she walked over close to Jonathon. She leaned up to kiss him and he had to lean down to kiss her since she was so much shorter than him. As they kissed deeply Jonathon reached up and palmed one of April’s large breasts. He could feel her moan into his mouth as he massaged her large, full breast. They continued kissing for a few moments before April broke away from the kiss and lightly kissed her way down Jonathon’s body before pausing at his cock. April stared at the large throbbing cock in front of her before taking it in her mouth. Jonathon moaned as April started sucking on his large cock. He couldn’t believe how good April was at sucking dick.

He reached down and stroked her long raven black hair as she continued sucking his cock and moaned, “Oh my gosh April you are so good at that. Keep sucking my dick.” April smiled and moaned around Jonathon’s big cock, which only increased his pleasure.

“Oh my this is a big cock. I barely get it in my mouth,” April said as she pulled Jonathon’s cock out of her mouth for a moment. April then started sucking on Jonathon’s big throbbing cock again before pulling it back out of her mouth.

“While I love sucking that big cock of yours I have a much better place to put it,” April said as she stood back up and slid off her tiny shorts along with her panties. She then stood before Jonathon completely naked as he admired her gorgeous naked body.

“So what do you think? Does my naked body meet your approval?” April said to Jonathon as she smiled seeing his stunned expression.

Jonathon stared at April’s amazing naked body, which was more beautiful than he could have imagined before saying, “I always knew you were gorgeous but oh my gosh you look absolutely amazing naked.”

“Well as much as I enjoy having you stare at my naked body I can think of several more fun things we can do together,” April said happily to Jonathon before she hopped onto her bed waiting for him. At first Jonathon was almost too stunned at April’s suggestion to react but once he got back to himself he yanked his shirt off and pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and climbed onto April’s bed with the beautiful girl and began kissing her again. April could feel Jonathon’s large erect cock rubbing against her legs as he made out with her.

Finally she pushed his head away for a moment and said, “Could you eat me out first cause like the rest of my body, besides these big boobs of mine, I’m really small down there and I’ve never been with anyone nearly as big as sincan escort bayan you before.”

“Sure I can do that for you. I actually really enjoy eating a girl out and trying to make her cum,” Jonathon said to April smiling confidently to himself. He then began kissing his way down April beautiful body. He started kissing down her neck before kissing her along her collarbone. Then he kissed down between the valley of her amazing breasts before coming back and holding up her large breasts and kissing the underside of her boobs. April seemed to enjoy this as her body stiffened up while he kissed the underside of her breasts so he continued kissing them while making his way to her stiff nipples. Once he sucked on one of her hard nipples he knew he had hit a sensitive spot as her whole body reacted as she stiffened beneath him and groaned from pleasure.

Jonathon smiled knowing the pleasure he was giving her and then kissed her other breast in a similar manner to very enjoyable results for April. Once he had finished teasing her large breasts he started kissing his way down her very tight stomach. He was quite impressed with how tight and strong her stomach was and he enjoyed kissing and caressing her torso. April loved what he was doing to her stomach. It was halfway between tickling her and hitting all of her pleasure spots. It was like he was somehow confusing her body about how it should feel but it felt absolutely amazing all the same.

Finally Jonathon got down to his prize between April’s legs. He pushed her legs apart to reveal her pussy to him and he could see her moisture already leaking pretty profusely from her small vagina. Even just looking at her pussy he could see that April hadn’t been lying when she said she was tight. Even with all the pleasure he had been giving her it looked like her pussy had barely opened despite all the juices leaking out of her. He wrapped one of his strong arms around her leg to hold her tight while he kissed along her inner thigh.

This caused April to take in a large gasp of air and say, “Shit you are way tooooo good at teasing a girl but enough teasing now I want to feel the tongue of yours inside of me now.” Jonathon looked up at April’s beautiful face and smiled at her again before kissing her leg one final time. He then dived between April’s legs kissing the lips of her pussy before bringing his hands up to spread her open a bit more. Once he opened her pussy more he was surprised how much wetness leaked out of her. He immediately tried to lick up all of her leaking wetness causing April to squirm against his arms holding her down and she was moaning much louder. Jonathon continued his tongue assault on April’s pussy trying to catch all of her leaking wetness in his mouth. He had to admit that while he didn’t always enjoy the taste of eating women out, April actually tasted really good and he just wanted to get more of her sweet juices. April was moaning so loud now and she was holding Jonathon’s head between her legs while her other hand groped one of her large heavy breasts.

Finally she realized she couldn’t take anymore and groaned very loud, “Oooohhhhh my gossssssh Jonathon! Don’t stooooop! I’mmmmm soooooooo close!” Jonathon realized that it was time to finish April off and he moved his tongue higher making contact with her clit. He then worked at massaging her clit with his tongue and this made April explode.

“Ohhhhhh Shitttttttt!” April practically screamed, though Jonathon didn’t hear much of her orgasmic scream because she clamped her legs around his head during her orgasm. Jonathon could feel her legs shaking against his head as she rode through her orgasm. Finally it was too much for April and she spread her legs pulling Jonathon’s head away from her over stimulated pussy. She dragged his head back up to hers so she could kiss him again not even giving him an opportunity to take a breath. After kissing April for a bit Jonathon broke from the kiss to catch his breath.

April moaned beneath him and held his naked body tight saying, “Holy shit I’ve never cum so hard. You are really good with your tongue.”

Jonathon smiled down at April and said, “Well are you ready to feel something even better now?” April looked down between her legs where Jonathon’s large cock was standing tall just inches from her very wet pussy. She then looked back up at Jonathon and nodded yes. Jonathon reached between them and lined his hard cock up with her pussy and rubbed the fat head of his cock against her moist pussy lips. April moaned feeling Jonathon’s cock rub against her pussy. Then Jonathon tried to push his cock inside of April but her pussy would hardly open to accept his large invader. He pulled back and then lined up again and was finally able to get the head of his cock inside of April’s very tight pussy.

“Oh my gosh you weren’t kidding when you said you were tight babe. You have a really small pussy,” Jonathon moaned as he felt April’s snug pussy gripping every inch of his very stiff erection. April tensed up as Jonathon’s fat head stretched her pussy open, but as he moved his head along the sensitive entrance to her pussy April felt herself suddenly tense up and she had an orgasm on just the head of Jonathon’s cock.