New Neighbors

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New NeighborsMy wife and Kim met one of our new Neighbors while out running one morning. My wife invited her back to our house for coffee and the ole meet and great. Her name was Patty, her husband was Larry in sales, Larry has two k**s who live with them. Patty’s step sons name is Jason who is 20 and the step daughter is Priscilla 22. They’ve had full custody since they were young and recently moved here due to Larrys work. My wife invited them over for a BBQ later that week and they all came. Jason was an athletic k**, smaller than me, clean cut and took care of himself. He sure as hell was enjoying Kim and giving her quite a bit of attention. Priscilla was a hot little college chick, dressed as such. With a half cut T-shirt showing off her belly button piercing, jean shorts showing off the bottom of her ass and on her phone non stop. Patty was attractive, gorgeous face with a nice tight body. Perky tits and a very firm ass. You could tell she really enjoyed meeting my wife, Kim and Nancy and was trying hard to fit into their circle. The husband Larry was the odd one. He never lifted his head from his phone. The three girls looked awesome and he hardly looked at them. He just kept his head in his phone and was sending emails. The night was young when Larry stood announcing he needed to go. You could tell Patty didn’t want to go. “Can we stay” she asked. He looked annoyed and Jason chimed in that he wanted to stay also. Priscilla just sat texting in a chair. I chimed in that I could drop them off later and it was no problem. He looked at me very annoyed. “Fine, someone has to make money in this family” he said under his breath and headed for the door. Priscilla stood and walked out behind him. A few minutes when by when my wife asked if I’d go grab another bottle of wine. I headed into the house, gathered the bottle and placed it on the bar. I then headed to the bathroom to take a piss. I pushed the door open and Priscilla stood their topless taking selfies of her self. Her zipper was undone and you could see she shaved bald. Her tits were out and she was holding one while posing while holding the camera in the other. “What the fuck!” She yelled as i closed the door apologizing. I headed back to the kitchen laughing. Well that answers that question, she had some nice perky tits. She came rushing out into the kitchen. “What the fuck man, dont you knock?” She questioned. “Um not in my own house and I thought you left with your dad” I replied. “I didnt think someone would be in the bathroom sexting for the past 15 minutes. You’ve been in there this whole time?” I asked“I wasn’t fucking sexting and none of your business how long I was in there for.” She said crossing her arms“Right, Stupid me. You are just taking dirty pics so you can go back later tonight and look at yourself, my bad.” I said laughing sarcastically and gathering the drinks. “Whatever” she said embarrassed “so what you gonna tell my mom now?” “Why would i do that? I’m not telling your mom anything.” “You just shouldn’t be doing that, who knows where those pictures are going to show up at.” I said looking at her.“Whatever, like you have never took a dirty pic.” “Nope, only videos and I know where those are locked up at and they aren’t online anywhere” I said gathering the bottles for outside. “Are they of you and your wife” she asked“None of your business” i said with a shit eating grin, using her own words against her. She grabbed my arm as I walked past, “you swear you ain’t telling my mom?”I pulled my arm güvenilir bahis from her grip “I didnt see anything” I then looked down at her chest and back up to her smiling “well I did see something, just nothing she needs to know about.” She turned eight shades of red and we headed back out. Kim and Jason had their feet in the pool. Shauna, Nancy and Patty were all drinking wine and chatting. I grabbed a seat as did Priscilla who finally cared to join. I’m sure only to keep an eye on me, making sure I didn’t say anything. The night went on and as the wine started loosing lips we got more out of Patty. Her husband was a work-a-holic , always gone and they moved here so he could get his promotion. You could really tell the home life wasn’t great and she wasn’t that happy of a woman. “Yeah whatever” Priscilla responded. Patty gave her a deep stare, as if too say shut up. “Guess there is more” my wife said awkwardly. Patty looked nervous, “no it is just .. we had some family issues in the past but its all better now.” She laughed awkwardly trying to play it off.“Thats her way of saying my dads an ass” Priscilla responded. “Thats enough” Patty demanded. Nancy, trying to break the awkwardness suggested they all go put their feet in the spa. As everyone stood up, priscillas phone vibrated and she glanced down at it. I had enough of a view to see the dick pic pop up on her phone very quickly. She swiped it off her screen quickly. Then another popped up except I could clearly see it was a different dick. She swiped and looked up catching my stare. I gave her the shame shame symbol with my finger and laughed. She turned red and headed over with the group to the hot tub. As we sat around the hot tub the conversation was about Larry always being gone and what she and the k**s did for fun. “So if hes always gone, I’m sure you sext a lot” I said jokingly glancing at Priscilla who just turned red in the cheeks. Patty defending herself explaining they didn’t do that type of stuff, etc. “Come on not even a dirty pic exchange?” Again, looking at Priscilla. She gave me a mean look, she knew i was picking on her. “Chris!” Shauna said giving me the look of shut the fuck up. Again Patty defending herself. I excused myself, saying i was only messing around and headed for the bathroom. “Can you show me where the bathroom is?” Asked PriscillaShe knew where it was at, but i knew I’d be getting an earful in a couple seconds. As we got inside, “what the fuck? I know what you are doing” she said pushing me. “Yeah you do, but they don’t so its funny too me” I said heading for the bathroom. She, following right behind me. “Well its not cool.” She said from behind me. “What afraid mom, is gonna find out about all the different dicks her innocent daughter gets?” I said laughing. “How many boys you got sending you little dick pics?”“She’s not my mom and its none of yo…” I cut her off. “yeah, yeah none of my business” I said opening the door to the bathroom. I went to close it and she held her hand in place keeping it open. “Ok great conversation, I gotta piss” i said pushing the door closed. “So go, you saw me earlier. Only fair.” She replied“Get out of here, I’m not letting you watch me piss” i said annoyed. “No, you saw my tits, so i at least get to see your dick” she said defiantly.“You’ve seen enough cock” I said laughing “go look at your phone again.”“You’re right” she responded “I don’t need to see some old little cock anyways” she said smiling and starting to leave.I laughed, “thats fucking funny, güvenilir bahis siteleri I saw those little dicks on your phone. Thought you were a little older and didnt play with k**s toys” “Dang talking a big game, Prove it then.” She demanded. Talking to her like this and knowing i was going to show her my cock anyways was just giving me time to get hard. “Fine, you lift that little shirt again and give me a good look and Ill play your game.” I said undoing my zipper. “No you saw my tits earlier”“No you were showing someone else, i saw you respond by covering them up. So show me like you are sexting me and I’ll respond.” I was now hard getting excited knowing I’d see them again. “Whatever” and she instantly pulled her shirt up with their bra. Her tits dropped and her nipples were erect. Her tits were lush and perky, exactly what you’d expect for a girl in her 20s. “Ok your turn.” She said looking at my crotch. I pulled my cock out in one motion. It was semi hard, getting harder by the second as I looked at her tits and her eyes staring at my cock. I stroked it a couple times, “there you go.” “Wow, not bad” she said still holding her shirt up, biting her lower lip. The alarm chimed as the patio door opened. You could hear Kim and Jason coming into the kitchen. I pulled Priscilla into the bathroom real quick and shut the door quietly, locking it. You saw the door handle jiggle. I put my hand over Priscillas mouth. “I’m in here” i yelled. “Oh sorry”, I heard Jason reply. “Here ill take you to the upstairs bathroom” Kim saidI still had my hand over priscillas mouth looking down at her. I gave her the 1 second symbol. You could hear them in the kitchen fumbling in drawers and the refrigerator. I removed my hand from her mouth and she stayed close to me, I could feel her heart beating nervously. I looked down and her tits were pressed against me and her shirt was still up. My cock was against her thigh and she followed my gaze looking down and at my cock that was resting on her. She grabbed it and squeezed. I pulled back and you could hear them starting to clear the kitchen. I had to take my opportunity and i grabbed her left breast and fondled it. She bit her bottom lip and reached out grabbing my cock again. Reality hit and i pushed her back and opened the door, checking the kitchen. I then guided her out of the bathroom. “That was close” i said laughing“It was, but i want that” she said reaching for my cock again. I looked outside and saw the girls still talking, feet in the hot tub. I heard the foot steps upstairs as they were walking around.I pushed her back, “we’ve been gone too long.” Let’s get back out there. She protested and tried reaching again, too no avail. Finally,basically pushing out we headed back outside.We joined them at the hot tub again and no one noticed we were gone. It was quite a bit before Jason and Kim came out to join us again. “Wow you two were gone for a bit” patty asked curiously.“I gave him the Tour of the house” replied Kim “You have a beautiful home” he said glancing over at Kim. “It may be a tiny, but it fits a lot” i said winking at Kim. Nancy almost choked on her drink and my wife gave me a look that could kill. Kim looked back at me like she was going to murder me. “Wow you call this small, you should see our home” Jason replied“Hey” Kim said, trying to break the awkwardness. “Can Jason use a pair of your swim trunks. We want to swim. “Its getting late” Patty replied“Come on Patty, we aren’t k**s and you are having fun aren’t iddaa siteleri you?” He asked“Yeah, I just don’t want your father getting upset at me” she said again looking down, splashing her foot around the water. “I wont let him” he said. “We wont let him” Priscilla said, “I’d like to swim also, its a nice night” “I have a suit that would fit you” replied Kim“Ok let me go check and see what I have” i replied“Chris, the blue one is hanging up in back of the closet in my room” “I’ll grab them and bring them down” Priscilla said jumping up to follow me out.Nancy and Shauna both told me where theirs were at and Shauna told me to grab one for patty. As I headed up stairs Priscilla was right behind me. Once we got to the top of the stairs she grabbed my ass. “Let me see it again?” She said“No, damn lets get the suits” i protested“No i want to see that cock” she said taking her top off and then pushing her shorts off. She now stood naked as i got to Kim’s room. I turned and looked at her. I instantly got hard, holy shit I thought. We got in Kim’s room and she was trying to get into my pants. I finally grabbed her arms. “Stop we gotta get back out, they are waiting” I said trying to shake her back to reality. The shaking only made her tits shake which got me more hard. “Then walk naked to your room to get your shorts” she saidI pulled my shorts off and took my shirt off. I threw her Kim’s bathing suit and grabbed the other one. I then walked, naked, to Nancys room. She was grabbing my ass or spanking me. I opened Nancy’s drawer and Priscilla jumped on the bed and spread her legs fingering her pussy really fast, as I tried to look for a bathing suit. “Just slide it in real quick” she asked fingering her clit. “Fuck, get up!” I commanded, my cock jumping at that sight. “Look at it throb” she sat up reaching out for it.I rushed out towards my room. She ran up behind me reached around and grabbed hold of it. “Its thick, thats the best” she said giggling. I opened my drawer and she, again, laid on the bed now finger fucking her pussy. The wet sound was apparent due to the fact she had two fingers sliding in and out. I looked over, “get the suit on. Holy shit!” “Just slide it in once and ill get dressed” she said still finger fucking her pussy. I instinctively stroked my cock. “No, come on get it on. Lets get back down there.”I found the extra shorts, i had no clue if they would fit him or not. She stood and was bent over acting like she is pulling her bathing suit up. “Come on just once and i promise I’ll head down stairs.” She said, looking back at me reaching back and holding her ass cheeks. Slowly spreading them so i could see her tight little entrance to her slightly wet pussy. With no hesitation I turned grabbing my cock in my hand and her hips. I thrust the entire 8 inches in her. No mercy and all of it at once. She gasped and immediately stood up. I reached up and pushed her back over. I fucked her with the entire length for a good 4 hard strokes. Making sure I really thrust it in her. I pulled out as quickly as I slid it in and she collapsed too the floor. “Holy shit, fuck me!” She said yelled.“No you said one pump and you’d go” She pounded the ground, rolled over on her back and slide 3 fingers in her pussy. “I want the rest of that.” “No, get up, you promised” i said gathering my wifes suits.She got up, clearly pissed off. She put the bathing suit on slowly and reluctantly. “You know I’m going to have that cock!” She said stopping at the door looking back at me. She then disappeared down stairs with all the other suits. I sat down on the bed and felt my still wet cock. I couldn’t walk down there like this. So I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to stop thinking about how tight her pussy was….to be continued….