New Sub Ch. 02

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Sophia closed her eyes and moaned softly, “I’m cumming Sir”; he pushed her wet silk panties into her mouth. She could taste herself and it brought her pleasure knowing he loved his nasty girl. Every time he pulled on the chain connected to the clamps, she felt electricity run between her nipples and her clit. Standing orgasms were so intensely different than one lying comfortably in a bed. Her leg muscles made the contractions stronger and more dynamic. She was enjoying her blissful release, savoring her excitement. It was the first orgasm she had with him and it was short lived.

He leaned into her and whispered his displeasure; “I’m disappointed in you Sophia.” Immediately she knew what that meant; her atonement position. Her punishment level would be determined on two things; the swiftness with which she moved and her ability to convince him she was responsible for his disappointment. He released the neck ties from the bathroom door, walked over to the bed, grabbed a pillow and placed it on the floor.

Sophia’s movements were quick and deliberate; within seconds she was on her knees with her hands between her legs. She slipped two fingers into his wet pussy, held her head down with her chin against her chest and waited for him to approach. It was imperative she moved with priority. If he approached immediately and she was not ready, her punishment would not be cherries and strawberries. That was his way to describe her sweet beautiful sweet ass after he spanked her proper.

Sophia had no idea how long she would wait but she had to endure istanbul escort this time and use it for reflection. His displeasure was her responsibility and showing her obedience would help her situation; no movements and god forbid, no speaking. When he approached she was to raise her head, look up at him and show her remorse.

Sophia loved this position, complete and utter obedient; his sub, his property, his possession giving him everything. Her fingers worked his pussy and he loved hearing her wetness. He approached her and removed the panties from her mouth and untied her wrists. Sophia withdrew one of her fingers; it was wet, warm, and silken, covered with her excitement. She slipped it into her mouth as she looked up at him. He watched as she cleaned her pussy juice from her glossy finger.

Her eyes filled with repentance and she spoke softly, “I’m sorry Sir.” She felt the words in her soul and shared her regret. “I didn’t ask for your permission to let your pussy cum.” He watched her, his eyes locked on hers; she could feel his passion. He smiled and bent down to kiss her; she felt relief.

Instead of kissing her, his lips moved to her ear; “Why must you disobey me Sophia?” His tone was stern and unsympathetic. He grasped her arms and she was brought to her feet. He sat down and instructed Sophia to stand in front of him, facing away. “Unbutton the shirt and let it drop to the floor.” She obliged his commands. He put his hands on her ass; outlined in stockings and her garter, it avcılar escort was absolutely perfect. “Spread you legs so I can see you play with my pussy.” She did as instructed and he watched as her fingers dipped in and out. They could hear her wetness as she played with his toy.

His first slap was loud and the stinging was immediate. As his left hand found the chain connected to her nipple clamps as she received the next smack. He was altering sides and was deliberate. “Please tell me why I’m doing this. Tell my why I’m spanking my ass.” He was not mad, not upset, just matter of fact.

“I didn’t get your permission, Sir. I didn’t get permission to let your pussy cum.” Her fingers worked in and out and she could feel it pounding. Sophia felt his soft lips gently touch her red hot bum. His kiss was tender, comforting and reassuring that he didn’t like giving out punishment. “I don’t like cherries or strawberries either, so please, be a good girl.”

“Yes Sir, I will.” He put his hand on the middle of her back and made her bend at the waist. His view from here was perfect. Her ass was still red from the light punishment and she could feel him watching as her fingers slid in and out, glistening wet.

“Is my pussy ready to cum again, Sophia?” “Yes sir it is, would you like me to finish for you?” She was holding her climax and loved when he watched her, made her wait.

“Not quite yet, I want to watch you play for a bit. I particularly like the view from here.” She felt his hands on her ass, lightly caressing the red şirinevler escort patches he left. After her spankings, he always made a point of soothing her wounds with a gentle touch; he kissed her bum softly as she played. Her pussy was sodden and swollen. He parted her bum slightly and she felt his tongue touch her opening.

It was the first time anyone touched her there in a sexual manner; her muscles clenched. She forced herself not to cum; his tongue circled her opening and it felt divine. “Sir, I would like to make you pussy cum now, please?” No answer; he pressed his lips softly against her hole and kissed her most taboo place. She was getting very close to her no return point when he pulled away.

His hands seized her hips and immediately she was thrust to the bed, bent over at the waist, chest down, ass bare and unprotected.

“Arms back now, and spread your legs!” She did as she was told; his tone was demanding and deliberate. He bound them with his necktie and she felt him step into her. “I think my pussy is ready to get fucked. Would my Sophia like to please me now?”

The lips of her pussy were parted by the head of his cock and he slid it forward until it found her clit. “Please fuck me, Sir. I want to feel you inside me.” One of his hands clenched the neck ties and the other grasped her hair close to her head. She felt him tug her hair and she was so close to cumming. “Sir, I am yours to take, please take me.”

The moment seemed to last forever; he loved edging her. Sophia felt him pull his dick back and in an instant he penetrated her. She felt his hips slam against her ass; his cock filled her pussy. “Say my name Sophia, tell me who is fucking you.”

The orgasm started at her toes and she felt all her muscles contract. Her pussy was pulsing hard and she let everything go. She was finally his, completely his. “Sir…”