Newport Naval Academy

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Newport Naval AcademyMy dick grew semi-hard even before we got out of the car.I knew I wanted to attend the Newport Naval Academyeven before my father set the DeSoto’s parking brake. Beyond the car window, about twenty feet away, three good-looking boys stood talking. Their tight white uniforms hugged their lithe teenage bodies rather provocatively. My parents insisted on a military type school. I was on my way to becoming a little punk and strict school discipline would “straighten” me out. Well, the “out” part was right. If they only knew how un-straight that school would make me! It was 1959. It was the year of the Barbi doll, but my dolls were named Bobby and Peter and Billy. The DeSoto had a front grill dripping with chrome and rear fins soaring like a jet-plane. The car was ugly as hell. Nineteen fifty-nine was before the pill, before the war, before you could pick rubbers off the shelf. Sex was supposed to be locked up inside marriage. Sanitary napkins were hidden behind the counter. AIDS? Unknown. Sex toys? What do you mean? The sluggish, silent 50s—people didn’t talk about sex openly, casually. It was embarrassing. Anal sex, lesbians, the kinkier stuff was only whispered of, almost as if such things were a fatal disease. Many people had no clue. If they did they thought such things were far far away and practiced by “perverts.” And just because of that it was a great time to be a teenager. c***dren and teens were supposed innocent by their parents and under that hypocritical cover we youngsters had a great time. Since we were supposed to be ignorant we could enjoy ourselves in our own space without much suspicion. It was the uniform that got me. Could it be that some old queen with a hard thing for chicken designed it? The boy closest to me had the nicest ass on any k** I’d seen in the last year. And the other two—well, let me tell you, there wasn’t any other place a guy could put his stuff in those slim naval bell bottoms except down one leg or the other. They chose the left. I loved ships and sailing and I loved guys. Everywhere I looked on that sunny spring day I saw trim, tanned, healthy, attractive, physically desirable boys my age. I was certain no other school we had visited contained so many gorgeous boys. I wanted one of those white uniforms immediately so I could walk around with my package on display, or else show off in the gym shorts or the jeans I saw, which were just as revealing. The campus was spacious, with wide lawns around classical buildings set on a gentle slope down toward the sparkling bay. It was a magical day with the smell of spring flowers in the salt air, the warm gentle sea breeze increasing the erotic charge in me. If only my parents knew how happy they were about to make me!The teen who was our guide was a junior with a handsome face, black hair and blue eyes, about 5’9″ and 150 lean beautiful pounds.”Hello, Glen,” he said to me in a firm voice and steady gaze, “my name is William McBain. William Franklin McBain. For today you can call me Billy.” “Oh, yes Billy, I will, I most certainly will!”Every time he took a step his butt cheeks would roll in a provocative manner. I think he knew immediately I was interested in what he had between his legs since he caught me glancing there a few times, and smiled. He took us in hand and showed us around. Once or twice when my parents weren’t looking he smoothed out the front of his uniform, lightly passing his palm over his crotch and strong thighs. His teenage sexuality was blatant and I think made my parents a little uneasy. And as we toured further I couldn’t keep my eyes off so many firm, rounded tight asses and bulging cocks stuffed snugly into the regulation attire. I was overjoyed, not as my parents thought, by the prospect of a military style education, but by the prospect of spending so many cold nights between the warm thighs of the friends I was sure to make. Nelson was the one who got me interested in the school. He had graduated from the place a year before and was the older brother of my suck-buddy Steve. Steve and I had been jerking and sucking each other since fifth grade. When we were both older Nelson would occasionally join us.He was a very impressive older dude. He lay back on the couch and spread his legs and let me and his brother suck him off as long as we wanted. He had a way of holding back his come until we were almost exhausted working that big dick of his, then he’d let go long spurts of sperm into each of our mouths. So when my parents demanded a stricter school I naturally thought of Nelson’s. He was pretty frank about what he did there but I was a little skeptical; maybe he was just bragging.He was right. I got fucked the first night. The Cadet Junior who had shown me and my parents around in the spring knocked on my door about a half hour before lights out. Billy. How could I forget him? He was beginning his senior year and I was glad to see a familiar face, especially one so handsome. My assigned roommate wasn’t scheduled to arrive until late the next day. Billy greeted me warmly and said things to put me at ease. I wasn’t exactly scared but I was feeling small and lonely and he seemed so confident and swaggering to me. He looked like a teenage movie star with blue eyes and a beautifully proportioned body. That night he was in a pair of jeans that were if anything tighter than the uniform, and when his back was to me I could see the inseam tucked up sharply into his tight round ass. He might as well have been naked and the effect was almost obscene. I started to get turned on and I think he sensed this. I noticed his cock looked as if it had gotten half-hard as well. When I lifted my duffel bag to stow it on the high closet shelf he came up close behind me to “lend a hand.” The hand he lent went low on my right hip and he was so close I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I froze at his touch… Froze everywhere but my cock, which grew rigid in seconds. A few moments passed when neither of us moved. Then he said very quietly into my ear, “You’re a pretty cool looking dude.”I mumbled something that sounded like a thanks. I wanted to turn and kiss him but I stayed rooted to the spot. His next move was to put both hands on me, one on each side of my waist. And knew then that something was going to happen. I thought of Nelson and what he’d said about the school and couldn’t believe it was coming true so quickly, on the first fucking night!”You know,” Billy continued, “I know my way around this place and I know how to make it easier for you…You won’t have to sweat it, you won’t have to sweat a thing.” He moved an inch closer and I felt his cock press on my ass. “It’s a piece of cake here, not at all as military as it seems. If you want it to be.” He let this sink in for a minute, his hands still on my hips, then whispered into my ear “You have a cute ass.” As this was spoken his arms encircled my waist and he clasped his hands at my crotch. I could feel his dick press more firmly between my ass cheeks. I started to get warm and a little apprehensive. Billy’s handsome body had me enthralled. I wanted to blow him from the moment I saw him and if he wanted to blow me too, that would be super cool. But I was young at that point and had never been fucked in the ass, that made me hold back. Would it hurt? Although I felt sophisticated about sex at that age I was still unsophisticated in many ways. I pictured myself spread eagle under him being brutally fucked by his massive cock, unable to escape the pain. Whatever misgivings I experienced began to leave when his hand gently wrapped around my cock and balls and began a slow gentle message.”I wanted your body from that first day I saw you, on the tour with your parents,” he whispered, “You are so fucking cute. You’re hot. I love your face. I love your ass. You know how sexy you are? You know how juicy you ass looks?” In reply I relaxed into his body and pushed back with my butt the better to feel his now stiff cock.”That’s nice,” Billy said in response, and began to breath harder. Presently he gave out a little snicker and declared, “You done this before, I can tell.” He started to jerk me through my jeans. “Yea man, this is easier than I thought it’d be. You’re hot all over. You sure do want it!” I began to moan and undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. “When did you first take it in the ass?” he asked, and bursa escort went on to volunteer that he was eleven when an army buddy of his father’s fucked him.”No, I’ve never done it. I… my buddy and I… suck… each other, though.” “You little slut,” he said in the softest, sexiest whisper, “half of this school fucks the other half, and everybody sucks—even some teachers. You’re going to fit right in.””I don’t know,” I replied like the shy virgin I was. “I never had it in the ass.””Shit! You’re joking?” He turned me around and looked into my eyes. He was about three inches taller. I don’t know if he believed me. We kissed and he tasted so good. I wondered how safe we were from discovery since the dorm was quiet but there were still about six or so newly arrived freshman on the floor. But Billy didn’t seem concerned and I let him guide me. He had my ass cheeks firmly in his grip and massaged them provocatively as we continued to kiss. I hadn’t done much kissing with boys and I discovered I liked it.I slowly sank to my knees in front of him. The fact that he was so very handsome made me more than normally aggressive and I right away nuzzled my nose between his legs and savored his clean smell in the snug denim, enjoying the warmth there. I didn’t want him to think I was a complete novice at boy sex and a good blow job would surely lead to quick acceptance. Billy had a beautiful clean hard six inch cock that was made for sucking. The head gleamed in the light as if polished. It was the most natural thing to take it into my young mouth.He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed against me. “That’s good sailor. That’s very good.” Nelson used to hold my head too and I liked the slight feeling of being trapped. The boy I had now moaned and whimpered, occasionally whispering four letter words as I nuzzled between his legs. He told me that last spring he borrowed my picture from the admission’s office and had jerked off a lot with it. I admitted that though I had no picture I had jerked off the night I got home from the tour, picturing us having sex.Presently I worked on him seriously. Billy had a beautiful six inch tool, shiny clean and straight as an arrow, with tight balls that tasted as good as they looked. He had only a patch of public hair and otherwise his skin was smooth. I was just getting used to licking his balls when he pushed me away. The room was small and everything was close. He reached over and quietly flipped the lock. “That’s the way sailor boy… that’s just the way to do it,” he said hotly. “Get your jeans off… leave the t-shirt!” he commanded. I complied quickly. “Put your sneakers back on” was the next instruction.I wanted to act all casual about it, but I complied in an instant and I was a little annoyed that I looked so obedient in front of him. “Now kneel on the bed and get your ass in the air,” I cautioned him to be easy with me. “Baby,” he said reassuringly, “I fucked a bunch virgin cadets and know just what to do. Cadet McBain is going to make you feel real good. If its not good tell me and I’ll stop. But I bet you won’t, guaranteed!” His eyes sparkled with lustful anticipation and I got on the bed.I got unto the position he wanted, my knees spread, my head down onto my folded arms. I felt strange. More vulnerable than I wanted to be. Billy knelt on the floor behind me and I figured his face was just a few inches from my ass. “Beautiful” I heard him say. He massaged me again, this time his thumbs worked to open me each time they circled closer and closer to my little asshole. “Cadet Virgin,” he whispered. “That’s what you are: Little virgin cadet,” I heard him call me that a half dozen times, and realized he was getting himself worked into a hot passionate state. It had the same effect on me. I started to get dreamy myself and felt a little dizzy. The strange feeling in me grew and started to become definite. Then it happened. I hadn’t really expected he’d use his mouth on me, but that’s exactly what he did. It was like an electric jolt to my system. Here was this upper classman, a senior, with his handsome face pressed hard up against my ass. Wild! I had heard about this but never tried it with Nelson or Steve. It was a revelation. A jumble of thoughts went through my mind: my parents should see this; this is what dogs do; clean, dirty, he’s going to fuck me, and many more. Since I showered at least once everyday and washed myself there as often as necessary, the issue of cleanliness came and went quickly. I thought I could bring myself to do to him what he was doing to me if his habits were as good. His tongue was marvelous! Warm, wet, strong. He had to hold me still because I wiggled and shook so much keeping his mouth against me was difficult. My gyrations made him laugh and it made me laugh too, though we had to be careful not to get too loud.”You like it, buddy? You like getting your ass licked? You’re clean and sweet. Stay that way.”Dampness formed all over my body. “Please,” I begged. “Do more. Do more!” I whispered. I could hardly get the words out.”Say what you want, freshman! Don’t be shy!” Say it” he insisted, say, ‘Lick my asshole!'”I did. I begged him. I would beg for it in front of the whole school if he wanted me to.”Not like that,” he hissed. Don’t say it that way: you sound like a Mary. Say it like a command!”I tried again, several times, until I said it with an attitude that satisfied him. It felt strange and exhilarating to speak this way to an older dude, someone I really didn’t know, but it was very sexy to do so.He went back to his fantastic assault on my ass and worked on me for a long time. I knew now I would let him put his dick in me. Any resistance I had melted into nothing as I anticipated what was going to happen. Gradually, as the tip of his dick touched my ass I felt myself go through a change of my basic identity and instinct. Without ever fully surrendering myself as a boy, I felt also like a girl. Spread open wide as I was I felt vulnerable and seductive at the same time. I saw my ass was like a pussy and liked it. I would use it as another way to attract good-looking boys to my side. My mind swam in these thoughts. He applied vaseline and it went in pretty easily. I was so hot, and he was smooth and gentle. He kept whispering dirty thoughts into my ear, biting my neck and nibbling my shoulders. What seemed like a short time later I felt him shoot his load. I felt his dick pulse in me three, four times. He lay above me panting, hot, exhausted. We stayed joined for a long time, not moving a inch, tightly wedged. Gradually, his cock softened and slipped out of its own accord.”You have a sweet pussy,” he whispered between gasps breath. “You are one hot fuck, sailor boy.”I felt so open and filled and vulnerable—and fulfilled.After that first evening I didn’t see Billy—excuse me! … Cadet Mc Bain—for awhile. The rush of getting settled and the start of classes kept us both pretty occupied. We caught sight of each other around the campus always at some distance. Yet even from a hundred feet he noticed me and we acknowledged each other. My roommate George arrived, got settled, and was pleasant enough in body and personality but with so many other truly gorgeous boys to choose from he didn’t arouse me sexually. On our floor there was a sexy Italian k** who seemed available and I put him on my list for future action.Not a student, but a teacher turned out to be my next partner. Lieutenant Charles was young, perhaps thirty, but he seemed old to me. He was always attired in a crisp, neat, and snug uniform. Good looking with brown hair and hazel eyes, his slight Southern accent was sexy to me. So was his trim and athletic a body. He told us he was an avid tennis player and swimmer, two activities that kept his muscles lean and tight. In class he was all business and very strict but I did once or twice I let my thoughts go to wondering what his abs must be like, and how long a dick hung between his strong legs. He was about 5’10” or so, with a sensuous mouth, strong looking hands, and thighs that swelled the legs his white trousers provocatively. It was easy to picture him undressed. He taught the navigation class. During lectures used an old fashioned wooden a pointer to emphasize things, which added to his authority.The day of our first encounter was a beautiful autumn afternoon. During that class bursa escort bayan he returned the first test he’d given us, but he skipped me. He went from Roberts to Singleton to Wilson, skipping over Sussman. Was that a mistake? Should I interrupt to ask why? I sat there without moving a muscle, silent and too intimidated to make an inquiry. The test was harder than expected, but I didn’t think I’d done so badly he’d have to single me out. I couldn’t concentrate all through the rest of the class and at the end when the rest filed out he called me to stay.I stood at attention at his desk for whatever was to come. The sound of the departing students faded and the room became quiet and his body attitude relaxed and become more casual when he looked at me. He slid his lower body a bit forward and opened his legs some, an arrogant pose. I grew a little scared, but my groin tingled and a lascivious thought raced across my brain.”So, Sussman…” he started, regarding me up and down with a sweep of his eyes, “Cadet McBain, tells me you are very talented.” He let the words hang in the air for a moment. Lowering his voice he repeated, slowly, “very talented.” His eyes dropped and fastened on to my crotch. Despite myself I could feel my dick start to respond. I knew then this had nothing to do with the test; this was going to lead to sex, and I relaxed some.In a business-like voice, sternly, he continued “You know, Sussman, we don’t let many Jews in here. But that doesn’t matter with your talent and abilities. I’ve been watching you… You’re going to go far… A little help here and there along the way… Cooperation on your part… There’s no telling…” And all the while his eyes watched my dick grow. Maybe he didn’t like Jews but I was too naïve and excited and intimidated to dwell on it. I would get an instant hard-on on the slightest pretext. He placed the tip of the pointer at the bottom of my sternum and slowly moved it downward. “What do you say, Cadet? You understand me?”Understand him? My cock sure did. It was coming up to full hard quickly. The pointer kept moving downward, over my stomach, arriving at the fork in my legs. My cock and balls were tucked snug down my left leg and he rested the wooden stick against them. I liked what he was doing.”Tell me you understand Cadet…say so”, he almost whispered. Gently he moved the stick a little forward and back, massaging me with it wonderfully”Yes sir, I do.””Are you sure?””Yes…sir””You know you’re away from home now, Glen. There are lots of things to learn… Lots of things. Some things your parents may not like…Glen. You know?””Yes.””You play with your dick much, Sussman? Tell me the truth. McBain says you really have a nice one.” The directness of the question made me blush and smile.”Yes””Yes? Yes, what? … Tell me.” And for emphasis he raised the stick and put pressure on my balls.”I play with it. I masturbate… I jerk off at about once a day.””I’ll bet. It keeps it in shape. And your roommate? Do you suck each other?”No.””Good. I’m going to suck your cock for you. Did you jerk off yet today?””No sir.””Ok, good. But you’re going first. I want my cock in your pretty mouth first. You ready?””Yes.” I told the truth. There was no point in being coy.”This is one of the little extra benefits they don’t mention in the catalog.” He lowered the pointer and used his hand. It felt strong and wonderful. “Kept your mouth shut about this.” His tone was now intimate and conspiratorial. “Like I said, you’re going to learn what your mother and father may not like. Do you like what I’m doing?””Yes.” I looked toward the door. He reassured me that at this period the building was empty and would be so for forty-five minutes. His dick pressed against his uniform and looked impressive and delicious. I did exactly as he said. I went down on one knee and knelt between his spread legs. Just like with Billy I nuzzled my nose into his warm crotch and felt him up with my whole face as he sat. His dick was rock hard in a minute and I promised to be a large one.”That’s it Glen,” he said, “you do this for me and I’ll make you very happy.” I undid his belt and zipper and he slid his pants down. I was smug about what I was doing. This grown man was hot for me. I had never really had an adult cock to play with and this first one was exciting. Longer than Billy’s and thicker too it stretched my mouth to its limit. I did the best I could, licking the head, jerking him with my hands, liking his balls and shaft. He smelled like a man, but clean too. I must have been good because it didn’t take him long to come and in doing so he held my head against him. I choked it down.After his orgasm, the strength of which started me, he sat still for a few minutes, then issued an order.”Get on the desk.”He helped me undo the buttons of my pants and skinned them down my legs. The light from the window was golden.”Fuck! You’re beautiful,” was all he said as my cock disappeared into his mouth. He worked fast and skillfully and I knew I would shoot quickly, especially when he pressed a finger up a little ways into my hot asshole. I marveled at what was happening: just a few minutes ago I was sitting in my seat along with the rest of the class and now I was fucking my teacher’s mouth! And he was stimulating my ass as if he knew exactly how much I liked it played with. Wild! It was over way too fast. He said I tasted good, my come was sweet. He told me he wanted a lot more. I felt like a million dollars. He wrote me a late pass for my next class and gave me back my test. On the way out I glanced at it. I had made “a perfect score.” I walked down the hall rubbery loose in the legs and sweet in my groin as I realized the double meaning of the thought, and smiled.I went to my next class but had no idea what the lesson was about. The smug feeling that came over me was distracting: I’m more attractive that I thought if a grown man like Lt. Charles was so hot for me he’d take that kind of risk. My little asshole, pressed against the wooden seat, tingled in anticipation as I thought of the upperclassmen and a few teachers that had caught my eye. I kept my mouth shut just like Lieutenant Charles said, but I soon noticed I was getting more attention than normal by some older cadets, and even some teachers. I secretly felt more powerful, and definitely more sexy.Remember the Italian boy I mentioned? Following closely after my first blow job with Lt. Charles the Italian boy and I had sex. Peter was his name. We had most classes together, lived in the same dorm, same floor, and so saw each other many times each day. He was beautiful.Peter looked gorgeous in the shower room and noticed me looking. I caught him looking too. If you want to get an idea of his body look at Donatello’s bronze statue of David. How could I not look? He was slender and so perfectly proportioned; his body glowed a golden bronze color, just like the statue. In the water safety/survival class we got partnered together and that’s when things got interesting. Learning how to survive overboard, we were obliged to hold each other, our arms and legs intertwined in rescue practice. I could go overboard just to have Peter’s beautiful body wrapped around me, his smiling eyes fixed on me, those white teeth and sensuous lips pressed against mine would save me for sure! In the pool we needed to take hold of various parts of our bodies and I know I made the most I of it. So did he. A few times I was able to reach under his groin to lift him, getting a good feel for what he had there, and was excited. He smiled. I knew we were on to a very good thing.At our first long weekend holiday he invited me to his house. His father picked us up and we made the two hour drive through the beautiful autumn country side. The house was large comfortable—Mr. DeLeo was a building contractor—and it was set back amid old trees and shrubs. Like my house in many ways. My father was a lawyer; Mr. DeLeo didn’t have a college education but had obviously done pretty well.We had a great dinner that night of course. His mom was a great cook. Mr. and Mrs. DeLeo were a happy and satisfied couple and it showed. I met Peter’s younger brother, Anthony, The guy was as beautiful as his brother in a more delicate sort of way. The whole family was very attractive.It was during dinner that something happen to me that I never have forgotten. escort bursa As the meal progressed with warm good food and laughter I secretly kept glancing at Peter. His physical beauty was like a magnet that kept me enthralled and I couldn’t help myself. A sort of wakeful trance came over me. Minutely I noticed his hands, his cheek bones and eyes, his long lashes, his jaw line and full brown hair, his sensuous lips—but most of all, his glowing and honest soul. It was that— his soul I realized, that animated his beauty. I was too young then to say my feelings in exactly these terms, but now I know his inner beauty was the final factor. That evening around the dinner table I fell in love for the first time in my life. Of course my love was completely expressed by sex. After all, we were young teenagers so horny and anxious to come. Following dinner we went up to Peter’s bedroom. We explored his model ship collection and books about sailing, his collections of coins and stamps that featured ships. His comics and drawings and clothes. Then we settled on the floor and played monopoly, joined by his brother Anthony. It was a nice warm room made cozy with rugs and pillows trophies and family pictures. My attention to the game was divided between it and thoughts of how I could get between Peter’s legs. His brother keep looking at me in a sort of abstracted dreamy way and though he was as cute and desirable as his brother I kept focused on that cock I had felt pressed against me in the pool at school. When bedtime finally arrived, Anthony left but only after giving Peter a few silly grins, and a grab-ass or two. It was a mild night and we agreed pajamas weren’t necessary. That’s when things took the course I always knew they would. Both of us grew hard as soon as we were out of our clothes. He stood there looking at mine, all rigid gleaming proud six inches of it. His was as large, and not shy to display itself. Then we slipped under the covers.”Do you jerk-off?” he asked quietly before shutting the light. “I do it every night.” Our hips touched on the narrow bed. “Sure,” I said. No exaggeration.”Let’s to do it now!” he happily exclaimed. We started, and in the silence all that could be heard was rubbing, deep breathing, and whimpers of pleasure. After a minute he spoke again: “Let’s do it to each other. That ok with you?” Ok with me? Oh, you beautiful boy! How can I put this delicately? I’d eat your shit if you wanted me to! What I said was, “Yes.” Yes! yes, yes, yes!We were soon jerking on each other’s cock, our heads close, breath hot and mingling, his slim smooth body slipping against mine. This was more than buddies helping each other out. I could feel real passion in his effort, and in mine too. My love for him was confirmed.The night was long a full of sex. After that first quick come we examined each other from head to toe in the glow of the night light. Kissing tasting rubbing squeezing gazing. His adolescent balls were amazing round objects, so smooth to the touch and tasty on my tongue. The clef between the cheeks of his hard ass was deep and mysterious and warm on the ends of my fingers. He begged for my tongue there. Yes, Peter. I’ll do it. First time. This is my deep love for you: my boy’s tongue forcing into your hot asshole. In the morning he kissed me awake.Saturday it rained most of the day which was fine with me because we spent it in the attic. Up there it was the boys’ world, the brother’s sacred territory, secure from prying adult eyes. It was where the models were built, where games were played and where there was a couch and lamps, and a mattress and seat cushions and blankets for the other sort of games. Peter showed me more of his stuff but soon it was obvious we were interested most of all in each other. Just as we started fondling each other his brother Anthony popped in. As desirable as his older brother he was ok with me. Anticipation made me squirm with delight when Peter closed us into that space by lifting the retractable ladder. The rain made a soft patter overhead and the light was hazy from the small windows. Peter flopped across the mattress followed by Anthony, then me. We talked about the usual things that interest boys that age, at that time and that place. But as you might expect the topic that gains boys’ interest no matter when or where eventually came up. So did our dicks come up, pushing our pajamas up and out.”You guys jerked off last night, didn’t you?” asked Anthony bluntly, looking between my legs. “So?” his brother challenged.”I did” said the younger one as he wrapped his hand around his stiff dick still in the flannel cloth.”You want to do it again?” Peter asked.Anthony’s face broke into a huge cute smile as he opened his fly and started doing it. For twelve it was impressive. Not much smaller than his brother’s, which was now also uncovered and getting careful caresses in his palm. I followed their lead. Three boys on a Saturday morning taking care of themselves in the attic. The picture is so clear in my head.The next move was Peter’s. He was nearest to coming of us and rose to his knees in front of his brother who, without any hesitation, moved closer and took it into his mouth. It was a hot scene to witness and made me long for a brother. It was obvious they had been doing this stuff for a long time. I imagined how it would be to play with a little brother, to awake every morning with a blow job, or to give one; to share ever minute of puberty’s excitements. brotherly love. I joined in. When Peter started to hold Anthony’s head on his cock I nuzzled in for some myself. The pearly drops seeped from the boy’s lips onto my tongue and none was wasted.We giggled and rested and before long fell into more sex play. Anthony was instructed by his brother to lie face down on the mattress. Then Peter leaned over his brother and kissed each cheek of his round ass and spread the boy open with his thumbs to give me a view of his small tight hole. “I’ll get it ready for you,” he said to me, “Anthony is one little hot fucker.” With that announcement he dipped his face into the k**’s crack and licked him wet. Peter located a small bottle under the couch filled with mineral oil. The little k** was used to getting it in the ass you could tell. He lay face down on the mattress, rested his right cheek onto his folded arms, and spread his legs frog-like. He looked like a little angel. With the slickness of the oil I slid into the younger boy’s ass as if it was butter. He took it without resistance, making whimpers of pleasure each time I pushed forward, each of my thrusts accompanied by my own grunts of lust. His delight added to mine and we stayed joined as Peter encouraged us, feeling us, tasting us, nibbling me, then his brother. It was wild.Then I felt something warm and blunt against my own asshole. I knew Peter was going to fuck me there. My first time with him and I was happy it was his gorgeous cock entering me so smoothly. More mineral oil. I had to remember get some to use back at school.Peter was an excellent lover. His rhythm was slow and deep and long. He was a natural. When he finally came his whole body was engaged, and it was powerful. Then he rested across my back. I could feel the beat of his heart and an echoing throb along a vein in his cock, which softened only slightly. We let Anthony crawl out from under so he could breath. I felt so secure and protected under Peter like that, and we stayed that way for a long time.Finally, he withdrew, still almost hard, each slow inch by inch, and rolled next to me. I felt cold air envelope my body and lick at my asshole which pulsated and radiated in the aftermath. I felt incredibly elated and my spirit soared: I knew a milestone had been passed in my education. And I knew now I was his boypussy and I liked it! We fucked all afternoon in that attic. I know I came three or four times. The k** got it in the ass three times, and gave me and his brother terrific blow jobs too. When my roommate didn’t return for the second semester Peter and I arranged to share my room. My parents were pleased I was advancing so quickly, making friends and fitting in. If they only knew. I was fitting in to Peter’s ass almost every night, or his cock was in my butt or my mouth. Cadet McBain would drop by once in a while to see how I was, and to join in our sexual delights. A few times we went to Lt. Charles’ apartment. A few times Anthony took the train to visit us and we kept him well lubricated. Much, much later I learned that all the males in that family enjoyed sex together. I remember it so well. It was such a long time ago.