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She was ravishing in her newfound freedom as she walked the corridors of Delhi airport to proceed for security check and customs. Within minutes she was cleared through the green channel by the surprisingly very helpful young custom officer and was further helped with her baggage by a young porter who guided her through the crowd to the airport exit.

It was the first time that Victoria was traveling beyond UK, but she was never short of male attention even back home. She reckoned her long hair, curvy figure and big boobs were the real reason why men were so accommodating, even as she walked ahead of the porter she was sure that the porter was probably admiring her swaying bottom behind.

At the gate was waiting a chauffeur displaying a placard that read, ‘VICTORIA – LONDON’. Victoria walked up to the driver with the porter following her, introduced herself and followed him to a Merc, which was parked in the parking lot. The chauffeur saw to the porter’s tip arguing with him in a vernacular, which was beyond her understanding and opened the door of the vehicle for Victoria. By the time Victoria settled herself in the luxury of the car, the porter had vanished and the chauffeur had ignited the vehicle and within minutes he was maneuvering the vehicle through the roads of Delhi.

The 19-year-old nymphet knew that she just had to make a call from here and her secret cyber pal would be at the given address. Victoria had never told her father the real reason of traveling to India. The only reason why Victoria was traveling to India was to meet her cyber pal who was a Delhite. She had timed her travel well in advance to give her pal a surprise for his birthday, which was just two days ahead. Victoria had been chatting with Aamir for nearly a year now and they even had cyber sex over the net, however they had never shared a photo or had web cam conversation. Victoria would always get horny imagining the 26-year-old Aamir in all his brown naked glory. She had always fantasized about him and was very keen in making her trip to India a success by sharing a physical intimacy too.

Victoria was no virgin, from the time she entered her teens, her body had started to take a curvy shape, which excited her male friends and did little to keep them away from it. While her female friends either envied her female form or showed marked indifference in their friendship, men admired her and always kept themselves glued to her. It was on a tracking trip with her high school friends when she encountered with her first taste of sex when one admirer drew her near and felt her all over, it was in this state that she experienced the excitement of giving her first oral sex. A few years later she lost her virginity to their neighbors son on his birthday and enjoyed the experience to her satisfaction. After that Victoria had encountered many a sexual escapades with her school chums and fellow members at the tracking club while on adventure trips. However once she had got herself involved on the net as Kate, with Aaamir, she desired nothing more than having a brown skinned Indian as her lover.

It was on her persistent request that her father had ultimately decided to send her to India. Since her father had business interest in India he had no difficulty to find a perfect host to his lovely daughter. Thus Victoria found herself the guest of the wealthy Chandra family of Delhi. The Chandra family had various businesses and one of their many interests was an agency of the UK based company of which Victoria’s father was the owner. Victoria had assumed that there would be nobody at the Chandra’s house below thirty hence it was a surprise for Victoria when a young well dressed and handsome guy opened the door of the car for her and introduced himself as Jairam Chandra. He guided Victoria into the house and apologized about not being able to receive her at the airport, he further went on to explain that a certain marriage of a cousin had coincided with the date and hence the empty house. However he assured her that his father would be back on the double once the necessary ceremonies were over and till he came he would be there to look for her comfort and give her company.

Once in the house, a palatial villa, a butler brought her fruit juices and some Indian snacks of which she politely took a few with great interest. All the while Jairam’s eyes were on her mellow tits and Victoria was well aware of this fact and about the excited state of Jairam from that slight bulge at his crotch. Sensing the reaction on him also excited Victoria. Jairam sat across her and enquired about how her travel had been suggesting that she take some rest before his father and the rest of the family arrived. Victoria looked at Jairam sitting across the coach and remembered the description that Aamir had given about himself ‘lean, trim sex machine.’ The more closer she looked at Jairam and the more she felt that it was her net-pal Aamir, the description of Aamir about himself fitted this handsome man’s appearance pendik escort and she started to feel attracted towards Jairam by the minute.

Jairam broke her thoughts when he suggested that he show her to her room. They climbed the flights to the first floor and he drew her into a room. Her luggage was already in the room and Jairam curtly asked her “Hope you like what you see, this is the best we can provide.”

Knowing the fact that Jairam was talking about the room, she said “First let it out, then let me judge,” and she directed her eyes on his crotch and the bulge therein and gave a mischievous laugh as she walked up to him and pulling him by the collar kissed him on his lips. Her free hand meanwhile went to caress the bulge in his trousers.

“So, you want me to judge,” saying so she unzipped his fly.

Not to be taken in by her bold front Jairam pressed his one hand on her buttock and with the other pulled her hair as he responded wildly to her kiss.

Victoria undid the catch on his trousers and then slipped from his hands to kneel before him, her face facing his crotch. She pulled down his underpants and Jairam’s instrument of pleasure sprung up before her. She was shocked with the size of that gigantic mouth organ before her; she knew that she would not be able to take it in either mouth of hers, the one on the face or one between her legs. He was at least ten inches long and around three inches wide with his cockhead approximately another half each wider then the rest. She however wrapped her dainty fingers around that brown giant to realize that her palm and fingers were too small to completely wrap around the giant in all its glory. She also realized that her white hand on his brown member stood out like a splash of cream on a chocolate ice cream. He was hard and his giant dong, if she could refer to it as a dong, looked like a wood stump while her soft hands like soft wool on that stump. She hesitantly and fearfully brought her lips to it and kissed it.

Jairam was still holding her hair and he tugged on it in excitement, taking cue from this, Victoria opened her oral orifice as wide as she could and took his cockhead in as much as she could. She was only able to take just the head in the first attempt as her lips rested on the ridge of his cockhead. She breathed to her nose as Jairam realizing her inability, relaxed his grip on her head and started to caress her head to relax her. With his cock head still in her mouth, she widened it further and pulled back bringing it out all the way.

With the flat part of her tongue, she licked his giant member as she took is balls between her fingers and started to play with them. She now opened her mouth again, wider then before, more determined then earlier and let his cock slip in slowly. The cockhead slipped in completely, followed by the rest as she slowly let it sink deep within her oral cavity. She could feel his cockhead hitting her tonsils, gagging her, but she waited for just a few seconds to sink in the feeling before closing her lips tight around the gigantic base. She started bobbing her head, giving Jairam a time of his life while she sustained the jabs of the movement in her throat.

Jairam who had never experienced a mouth take him all the way in was not at all prepared for this happenings and was unable to take so much excitement at such a short notice and exploded in her mouth. His load like his cock was a giant one and Victoria could not gulp all of it down as his cockhead jammed her mouth. However she tried to swallow as much of his cum that she could while the rest dribbled out of the sides of the mouth to stain her shirt.

The sounds of screeching wheels brought the two back to their senses. They got back to the modest state, however the stains on Victoria’s shirt on both shoulder and breasts would have been a give away. Jairam’s quick thinking saved the two as he wrapped the ‘duppata’ of his prince suit around her. Incidentally the piece of cloth matched with Victoria’s long flowing skirt. The two hurried down to greet Mr. Chandra and the rest of the family.

“Hello, Ms Victoria,” said Mr. Chandra, “hope Jairam took care of you.”

“Oh yes uncle, he was really nice.” Replied Victoria honestly.

“I am sorry about having to go out for the wedding, the rest of the family would be back tomorrow as they would spend this night at their cousins. However, I made a slip because I had to attend to you and see to your comfort. I had promised your father that I would take care of you,” said Mr. Chandra, “so anything else young lady.”

“How nice of you uncle, but, thank you all the same.”

“Another thing dear, tomorrow you will have to join us at the wedding and later back home we are having a small get-together to celebrate anniversary another small event that happened almost some 55 years back.” Said Mr. Chandra. “After these two events, you can present how else you wish to spend your holidays out here and I would help you with it. tuzla escort As for now dear, take some rest you look like you need it.”

Mr. Chandra kissed Victoria on the forehead and walked to his room. Jairam winked at Victoria and walked to his room, which was adjacent to Mr. Chandra’s while Victoria walked to hers.

That evening after a lavish dinner Mr. Chandra went to his room while Jairam and Victoria were out on the veranda drinking Martinis and chatting away like old friends. Everything felt natural and an undercurrent of lust got them feeling each other as they talked. Jairam took Victoria to his room, where they undressed in the dim light and explored each other’s bodies. Jairam sucked on one of her big breast while he twitched with the nipple of the other. He sucked on her breast like a baby, milking her to excitement. In response, Victoria took his giant stump in her velvety hands and played with it, her dainty fingers played over the ten-inch length of his cock while her long nails traced the raised veins on his bulbous instrument.

When both were ready for some action, they moved to the bed and Victoria lying on the bed guided Jairam over her body between her legs. Jairam taking his stump in his hand, guided himself to her wet crack. Victoria looked at him, in his eyes for reassurance as he rested his cockhead on her fanny. He caressed her face as an assurance that he would not hurt her and then directed his hand to her crack to check her wetness. Satisfied to find her wet enough to sustain the onslaught of his cannon of a cock, he inserted his cockhead in her wet cunt.

Victoria squeaked with pain and Jairam stopped his attack to relax in the same position with his cockhead now lodged in her cunt. When Victoria opened her tight pressed eyes to look at Jairam again, Jairam reassured her by rubbing her lovely thighs as he slowly applied pressure to let more of his cock into her body.

This time Victoria hissed and moaned in pain and pleasure sending signal to Jairam to continue with his good work. He pulled back a little and then applied controlled pressure to insert more of his manhood into her, this way with small controlled and painless jabs Jairam lodged his ten incher all the way to its base into this lovely 19-year-old’s love nest. His pelvis was now in contact with her pussy lips, with his cock lodged completely in her, bent down to pay homage to her magnificent firm breasts. He took one her nipple between his lips and nibbled on it, tickling them with his tongue as they went hard like pebbles. He bit on it to make Victoria squeak as his other hand went between them to rest on her wet lips below.

Jairam could feel Victoria’s vaginal muscle pulling on his length just like her fingers did a few minutes before. Then Jairam began the dance, he started to stroke his ‘lean, trim sex machine’ over her body raising his own as well as Victoria’s excitement. He went on stroking her love tunnel with his enormous bulging cock getting himself and Victoria closer and closer to cumming till finally Victoria joined his carnal dance, stroke for stroke and came moaning and groaning under him while he mercilessly kept his attack on her soft pussy for another few minutes till he exploded deep inside her, releasing a giant load of his hot semen in her pot.

With his still hard rod in her cunt, he squeezed her breast as he locked his lips once again with the young girl lying under him. He could feel his cum oozing out of her cunt and matting her pubes as well as his pubes and pelvis. He moved off her body, pulling out his still hard cock resulting in their mixed cum dribbling out of her hot pot to stain the bed sheet below.

Minutes later Victoria was in Jairam’s bathroom; cleaning herself to decency in the as she secretly felt having cheated Aamir who she had hoped to be the first brown man in her life. When she entered the room again she saw Jairam in deep slumber and decided to leave him with his sweet slumber and go back to her room.

As she was about to enter her room, she felt a hand on her shoulder and saw Jairam’s father standing there with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand. “Care to join me for a drink young lady,” asked Mr. Chandra. Victoria decided that a drink would help her to get over the giant cock that had ravaged soft pussy as well as the inner guilt she felt about cheating on Aamir.

Mr. Chandra invited her to his room, which was well furnished and looked like the one described by Aamir on his net chat. The similarity was all the way to the computer, which like Aamir Mr. Chandra also had an easy access to from his bed. He had a notebook placed on the side table of the bed and the computer was right now on, as she guessed from the sexy striptease screen saver.

Mr. Chandra poured a Martini for Victoria and another whisky for himself; it was then that Victoria noticed that the computer was the same brand, as the one Aamir used.

“So how was it?” asked Mr. Chandra.

“What?” she asked.

“Did kartal escort you enjoy it with him?”

She spluttered her drink all over the place.

“Pardon?” she asked.

I heard the two of you at it and it sounded like you were having a great time,” he laughed.

“Have you ever done it with an older man?” He asked very slyly.

Victoria was too shocked to say anything. There was no doubt to the fact that Chandra was an attractive man, and the more she thought about him in that sexual aspect the more she got attracted to him and the more horny she felt for him. And, there he was proposing her for a fuck.

“Well, young lady if you wish you could…”

Before he could complete what he wanted to say, Victoria was all over him. She began to kiss him all over his face and her hand made its way in his pajama to hold on to his wrinkled but hard manhood. She caressed his member through his nightgown with great care as she soul kissed him and got him horny. With her hand she had sized him and was sure that unlike his son Jairam, Chandra was an average man with an average sized cock. She was sure that she would not have any problem to satisfy this mid-aged man so she lied down on the bed and pulled up her flowing evening gown all the way to the waist and pulled off her knickers down to her knees and begged Chandra to take her as hard as he could.

Chandra looked at her young and innocent womanhood as he pulled of her knickers all the way off her body, and then getting between her legs he positioned himself above the half covered girl for the carnal act. Victoria took his hard cock between her delicate fingers and guided it to that soft opening between her thighs that had been fucked and widened just minutes before by a giant cannon belonging to the son of this man who was on her body now. She came virtually the second he was completely inside her; it was because of the unexpected and the excitement of doing it with a more seasoned lover. It did not take Chandra too long either but he definitely came with grunts after some hard stabbing with his instrument in the deep recesses of her womanhood.

After having shared the carnal pleasure, Chandra kissed Victoria and excused himself to go to the bathroom for a wash while Victoria rolled on the bed towards the notebook computer on the side table. She maneuvered the mouse and out of curiosity opened the inbox of the e-mail and was shocked to find an e-mail from Kate. She assessed the e-mail to find that it was addressed to Aamir and the sender was Kate. She now understood the whole story, she knew that she would never be able to find Aamir, for Aamir was Mr. Chandra, the 55-year-old gentlemen she had just made love to.

Mr. Chandra was the pal she had made over the net, he was the one who she had been sending e-mails to her since the past one year, he was the one chatting with her in those private chat rooms, he was the one who had made her come during those cyber sex they mutually enjoyed. Mr. Chandra had found it comfortable to describe his son’s personality as his own to the unsuspecting Kate alias Victoria. Hence the similarity, in appearance of Aamir to Jairam and that of Aamir’s room and habit to that of Mr. Chandra himself. She then remembered that after midnight tonight, considering the change in standard time of the two countries was Aamir’s birthday and so was Mr. Chandra’s.

When Mr. Chandra came back to the bed, Victoria stopped him midway, went down on her keens before him, opened his gown and pulled out his now sloppy manhood. She started to stroke him with her dainty fingers, still wet and sloppy, she took him in her warm and welcoming mouth and started to stroke it with her in and out motion, rolling her tongue desperately around the soft adage to get it to rise again.

As if her prayers were answered, in a couple of minutes, old Mr. Chandra was like a tiger ready to attack. She licked the length of his cock, taking special care at the round and bulbous head, rolling her tongue to get it more than ready. Holding on his manhood, she stood up and guided Mr. Chandra to the bed again. She sat him on the edge and then astride him, with her legs on either side lowered her soft girly pussy on his manhood. With her hand she guided his cock head to her soft womanly orifice and lowered herself to get him in, every so slowly all the way. She then started her up and down moment all the while locking her lips with Mr. Chandra’s.

Having spent a healthy load minutes before, Mr. Chandra was not the one to climax so soon. The young Victoria and her mature net pal went on for what was an age and in the bargain Victoria came twice. The room was now filled with swashing wet sound of her flowing juices coupled with slapping sound of her naked buttocks on his thighs intermingled with the hiss and moans of young Victoria.

Victoria could feel sweat dribbling down from her forehead and temple as she worked hard on the old cock to get him to cum. Her pussy lips started to burn with the heat of the friction generated because of this lengthened coupling. “Fuck me, fuck my young and hot pussy baby…” encouraged Victoria, sensing Mr. Chandra’s incapacity to come so early again.