Night bus to northern city

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Night bus to northern cityHi guys! This is Vineeth.I’m fair with red lips and beautiful ass with juicy pink ass hole. I’m 22presently. This happened 4yrs backwhen I was 18 yrs old and wasstudying in college. I decided to go to my friends home in a disant place…It was an over-night journeyon bus…So I boarded the bus at 9pm…I was given the last seat… Now on reaching the last seat Irealized that the window seat wasalready booked by some other guywho was already present…This guylooked around 24 yrs fair and cute.The guy was sitting at the windowseat and I was sitting next tohim…Other than this the whole lastseat was empty…! Just before thebus was to start, another guy whowas slightly older than this guy,maybe about 28yrs came and sat beside me…So only three of us were there inthe last seat…And in fact the threeseats in front of us were alsoempty…As it was a luxurious bus,there was lot of space between tworows of seats…One could easilystand in between two rows…!Anyhow, the bus started at 9:30pm…Soon the conductor came andchecked our tickets and then finallyhe switched off the lights inside thebus…I too tried to fall asleepbecause I knew it was going to be avery boring journey…now guysbefore this I never had anypractical experience in sex…Anyhow after about an hour or so Iwas almost drowsy when I suddenlyfelt something on my thighs…As itwas very dark I almost couldn’t seeanything…Anyway there was littlemoonlight coming in from thewindow…I realised that it was the hand ofthe guy who was sitting on my leftside…I thought he might have keptit in his sleep and I didn’t mindand tried to sleep again…! Nowafter about 5 mins his hand slowlystarted moving up and down mythigh…I was too shocked and surprised toreact and stayed still andpretended to be asleep! His handslowly rested above my crotch areaand he started feeling my dickslowly…As it was my first time, mydick immediately became rock hardand it made a pole through mytrouser…He immediately came to know I wasawake…As I didn’t react, he gotmore courage and startedsqueezing my dick from above thetrouser itself…I was enjoying thisattention to my dick and didn’twant this to stop at any cost!!!He then to my surprise put hishand on the zip of my trouser andpulled down the zip of mytrouser…Then he opened thebutton of my trouser…Now myerection from the underwear wasclearly visible in the moonlight. Hecaught it immediately and gave itanother squeeze…Without wasting any more time hequickly pulled down myunderwear…Now my 5 inch erectdick came into view…He caught mydick with his right hand and startedmasturbating it…He was moving itup and down my dick…I didn’tknow that in meanwhile he hadopened his trouser and freed hiscock too…!I was in the middle of theenjoyment when I suddenly felt himgrab my left hand in his left handand he took my left hand and putit on his dick…It was really big andthick…At least it had to be around6 & 1/2 inch…It was reallywarm…I bahis firmaları liked it though! So even Istarted jerking his dick…I knew he liked it as he wasbreathing heavily and letting outfaint moans!!! This continued foranother 10 mins after which hesuddenly bent down on my lap andtook my dick into his mouth andstarted sucking it hungrily…I wasin heaven and even I started tomoan slightly…I was scared that it might wake up the person who was sitting besideme on the window seat! This guyhad now taken my young cockcompletely into his mouth and wassucking hard…I knew I wouldn’tlast long and within 5 mins Imoaned a bit loudly and came a lotinto his mouth…He drank my cum completely andthen again sucked my cockclean…He got up from my lap andI think he was taking somerest…He came closer to me and forthe first time he saidsomething…He said, “you tastereally good k**…” I was happy tohear it and continued jerking hisdick…!His dick was oozing pre-cum alot…It had now lubricated his dickcompletely and my left hand wascompletely covered with his pre-cum! Then after 5 mins he put hisright hand behind my head andstarted pushing my head towardshis lap…I knew I had to oblige!As I had never done anything likethis, I was somewhat scaredtoo…Anyway I bend down on hislap…His monster was lying right infront of my eyes…I slowly openedmy mouth and took out my tongueand touched the tip of his wet dickand tasted his pre-cum…It tasted salty but I liked itstaste…As soon as my tonguetouched his dick he moaned likehmmmmhh…I then tried to openmy mouth as far as possible toaccommodate his dick…Due to myinexperience I could take onlyabout 3 inches of his dick into mymouth…I started sucking his dick just like alollypop!!! I was trying my best totake in as far as possible…Herested his hand on my head andafter sometime he started pushingmy head more into his dick andthen he was thrusting his dick moreand more into my mouth!I had sucked his dick for about 10mins and then I sensed he wasabout to cum…! His cock startedpulsating…I tried to get up but hehad forced my head and withinseconds his cock started eruptinginto my mouth…It was really thickand sticky…He came in gallons and I tried toswallow as much as possible toavoid overflowing…Then he finallystopped cuming into my mouth…Iknew he was tired…He had evenloosened his grip on my dick…Ithen sucked his dick clean…Then when I got up from his lap, Iwas shocked to see that the guywho was sitting on the window seatwas awake and had seen allthese…I felt ashamed…But then Isaw that he had himself removedhis trouser and was jerking his dickup and down furiously!!!I got excited seeing him and thistime I myself put my hand on hisdick…It was not as long as theother guy but it was definitelymuch thicker!!! I jerked his dickwith my hand while he did thesame to my dick for about 10mins!During this time the first guycaught my left hand and put it onhis dick…So now I wassimultaneously jerking canlı bahis two cocks atonce! It was one hell of anexperience for a 15yr old! The firstguy slowly whispered into my earand asked me to get up a little sothat he could completely pull downmy trouser and underwear…Iobliged and now I was sitting nakedon the seat and playing with thecocks of two strangers…Aftersometime I bend down on the lapof the second guy and took his toolinto my mouth and started suckingit hungrily…As it was much thicker, it wascausing me someproblems…anyhow I tried my bestto take it as much as possible intomy mouth…! He was continuouslymoaning and hissing likeshhhh…hhhmmmmmmhhhhh….Iwas enjoying it too…I was now completelyconcentrating on his dick…Withmy other hand I caressed his bighairy balls…Meanwhile from thecorner of my eyes I saw in thedarkness that the first guy who wassitting on my left side wassearching something in his handbag…Soon he discovered some bottleand opened it…It appeared to meas some oil bottle! While I wassucking the dick of the second guy,I was bend in such a way that mybare naked ass was pointedtowards the first guy…I saw that the first guy pouredsome oil in his hand and thenstarted applying it on my ass…Itwas a really awesome sensation! Hesoon found my ass-hole andpoured some more oil on it…Thenhe slowly inserted one of hisfingers into my small ass andstarted moving it in and out of myass!!!I moaned in pain and pleasure likehhhmmmmmm…My moans weremuffled because my mouth wasstuffed with the second guy’scock!!! Soon the first guy instead ofmoving his finger in and out of myass, he started rotating it in acircular fashion inside my ass…I was in complete pleasure…As herotated his finger more and more, Ifelt that my anal hole started toloosen up and its diameterincreased…I had no idea why hewas doing it but I loved thesensation!!! Due to the immensepleasure I started sucking evenharder on the second guy…His moans increased evenmore…He was now trying to thrusthis dick more into my mouth!!! Itried my best to keep with his paceand the speed of the finger in myass was increasing too…Withinsometime this second guy came inmy mouth a lot and I drank itcompletely…His cum was even tastier maybebecause he was younger than thefirst guy…! I got up from his lapand in the moonlight I saw thatthere was a smile of satisfaction onhis face! Now the first guy againtook the oil bottle and pouredsome of the oil on his erect dick…It was now shining completely…Hetook my hand and placed on hisdick and started shaking it…After 5mins he put away my hand fromhis dick and then strangely he saidasked me to get up, turn aroundand sit on his lap…I immediatelydid so…As there was lot of space so it wasnot a problem…The second guywas just observing meanwhile…Sowhen I sat on his lap, he gave asmall kiss on my lip and thenstarted kissing on my neck andproceeded downwards…He then started pulling my t-shirtup and I helped him bahis siteleri in doingso…When my t-shirt was off, mybig breasts were exposed in frontof him…he was very surprised tosee a boy with such big boobs…!He immediately put his both handsand grabbed my breasts and startedsqueezing them…I moaned in painand pleasure…no one had everdone anything like this to me…itwas a heavenly sensation…Thensuddenly he took one of my breastsin his mouth and started sucking ithungrily…I moaned lightly in pleasure likehmmmmhhh…He played with theother breast meanwhile …When hewas finished with sucking onebreast, he shifted to otherone…this continued for about 20mins…Then finally he asked me toput his dick at the entrance of myass-hole and sit on it…I was little scared and afraid that itmight hurt…But he consoled meand said nothing will happen…So Igained some courage and lifted myass and caught his big dick in myhand and positioned my ass hole atits tip and then I applied somepressure to sit on it…due to the oil and his fingering, myass hole had become smooth thehead of his cock enteredwithout.much pain…But after thatit started hurting a little…He wastrying to push me down on his dickbut I resisted a little…Then he suddenly locked his lips tomine and started kissing me…Iloved that sensation…But then tomy fear he gave a sudden push dueto which half of his cock enteredinto my young virgin ass…I tried toscream in pain and pleasure butmy mouth was closed so all I coulddo was to let out littlemoans…Then after that the painslowly subsided and I startedfeeling pleasure… He slowly startedto thrust his dick to and fro…iloved the sensation…! He thenslowly parted his lips frommine…my eyes were closed inpleasure…He then while fucking my ass, tookmy breast in his mouth and startedsucking it hungrily…He slowlyincreased his pace…I knew hewould come soon because it hadalready been half an hour since wehad been fucking…After about 5 mins suddenly I feltthe tip of his cock enlarging andthen there was a sudden rush ofwarm sticky fluid in my ass…! Thewarm sensation in my ass made mecum too and I came on his belly…!He was now completelyexhausted…I slowly climbed off his dick andsat down beside him…He gave mea final kiss on my lips and then hedrifted off to sleep…The secondguy was meanwhile furiouslymasturbating his dick…He waslooking at me expectantly…So I understood his intentions andeven I needed one more fuck…So Iquickly climbed on his big fat dickand this time due to my massivefucking, his cock easily entered inmy gaping ass hole…Already lot ofcum was dripping…!This guy was already very excitedand so he started fucking me hardand was simultaneously sucking mybig breasts!!! He came very quicklyin my ass and then I got off him…iwas tired too now…So I just woremy t-shirt and trouser and driftedoff to sleep in between twostrangers who had just fucked meso hard!!!In the morning woke upto a sudden screech of the bus andguys beside me woke up too.. Both handsome’s looked at me and gave a smile and I smiled back at them! So finally while getting down they put one piece of paper individually in mypockets with their name and phonenumber