Night Sailing Ch. 02

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As you step below you see me start the stove in the galley. I open the cooler and take out some strawberries and a bottle of champagne. I place the champagne in a bucket of ice and place two champagne flutes upside down in the bucket as well. From the basket I remove a large block of dark chocolate. I start a pot of water boiling and start shaving the chocolate. “Is there anything I can do?” you ask as you wrap a fleece blanket around you.

“Nothing at the moment love,” I reply. “I’m just going to make some chocolate covered strawberries. They go good with the champagne. We’ll have them after.”

“After what?”

I just smile. I add the chocolate to a glass bowl and place the bowl over the boiling water, melting it. When it is melted, I dip the strawberries in the chocolate, and you come over to help. You find that the chocolate is terribly hot, but not hot enough to burn. We dip all of the strawberries and place them on parchment paper to cool.

“You melted too much chocolate. What are you going to do with the rest of it?” you ask.

I just look at you and smile.

I lead you over to a cushioned seat by the table. You sit in it, the fabric feeling smooth and slightly cool and damp against your naked skin. I remove the chocolate from the double boiler and bring it over to the table. I say nothing, letting the chocolate cool a little. As it cools I lean over and kiss you deeply.

“Close üsküdar escort your eyes,” I say.


“Just close them.”

You do as I say and close your eyes. You feel a velvet blindfold covering your eyes. Next, you feel velvet around your wrist, and you try to pull away, I won’t let you pull away and you find your wrists tied to the chair. I release the back of the chair, and you feel yourself lowered into a laying position, your feet still on the floor, but you are totally helpless. Suddenly you feel an almost painful heat dripping on your left breast. Drip…. drip…. drip…. each drip almost painful, but not quite. You struggle against your bonds as I drip the chocolate on your right nipple…. Drip…. drip…. drip… you can feel my tongue lick the chocolate from your nipples and they stand up for me again. I can feel you struggle against the velvet ropes, and I smile.

I take a spoonful of the hot syrupy liquid and pour it from between your breasts down to your navel. I hear you moan, partly from the heat, partly in anticipation of what is to come. My tongue finds the line of chocolate and licks it from you, cleaning your chest and stomach of the delicious syrup. You moan again.

I test the chocolate and it is cool enough now that I know that I will not hurt you where I want the chocolate next. Your smooth tuzla escort shaved pussy is the perfect next spot. You realize this and squirm, holding your legs tightly closed. You feel my hands grab your knees and they start spreading your legs apart. I move between them so you can’t close them. You give yourself up to me, spreading your legs even wider, revealing wet, pink, swollen lips. Drip… drip… drip… you feel warm, almost hot chocolate dripping on the tip of your clit. You gasp and your breathing gets shallow again. I can see moisture dripping from between your pussy lips. I drip more chocolate between your legs and I can see your legs stiffen.

Now I get to lick you clean of all the chocolate. Your hands still tied down, you are helpless to stop me, if you wanted to… but you would never dream of stopping me now…

You feel my tongue between your legs again, lapping up the chocolate. You shudder and your legs go stiff… your second orgasm for the evening. I continue to lick you clean, concentrating on your clit. You cum again, my face is now covered with a mixture of your juices and the chocolate.

I finish cleaning you and release your hands and remove the blindfold.

“That wasn’t fair. Only you got to eat. Now it’s my turn,” you half whisper, half moan.

You stand up and push me down in the chair. You reach down and unbutton pendik escort my pants. I raise my hips, and you pull my pants off completely, my cock standing before you, a drop of pre cum on the head.

You dip a finger into the warm chocolate and paint my cock with it, running your finger gently up and down my shaft, leaving a trail of chocolate. My cock jumps as you do this, and I let out a loud moan. You cover my cock with chocolate, and lick your lips.

I lean my head back as I feel your tongue against the underside of my cock head, tasting the chocolate, flicking the sensitive spot under the head. I moan again.

Your tongue traces up and around my cock head, and I suddenly feel my cock surrounded by your mouth as you hungrily suck on me. Your tongue circles my cock head and you plunge down again, taking all of my cock in your mouth again. I raise my hips in an involuntary motion, fucking your mouth as you clean the bittersweet chocolate from me. Your hands cup my balls as you make sure I am all clean and you start to stroke me hard and fast, sucking on the head of my cock.

I fuck your mouth again and again, your mouth feels wonderful on my cock, your tongue flicking my most sensitive spot… you can feel my balls rise up and I moan as I begin to shoot my cum into your mouth. You suck hard to get all of my cum and your hand squeezes my balls to get every drop. I convulse each time you suck hard on me, pumping more cum into your mouth. You swallow every drop as I collapse, and you lick my balls and cock clean of all the cum and chocolate, until my cock goes limp in your mouth. I am totally spent. I make room for you on the chair and we lay together, falling asleep in each other’s arms.