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NIKKI’S JOURNEY – CHAPTER 15CHAPTER 15: JULI LEADS NIKKI TO A BOARNikki and Juli had become fast close friends. Nikki felt closer to Juli than she thinks she ever felt for another woman in her life. You love the time she spent with her older friend. Even when they shared sex, they tended to have quieter, less frenetic sex. And, Juli was enjoying the company of Butch and Sam, too. After helping Nikki that last day of training for Same, Juli really enjoyed the difference in fucking from the dogs versus any other fucking she had to that point. Not that she didn’t thoroughly enjoy Harry and Joe. The dogs were just different and she saw why Nikki enjoyed it so much. But she had interest in having her own. All she needed to do was walk naked over to Nikki and Joe’s and the dogs would be all over her.But Juli was thinking that Nikki had been so giving without ever even giving an impression that there might be some reciprocity in return. But Juli wanted to give Nikki and experience that would be new to her, also. She wanted to introduce Nikki to sex with boars. Not that Juli had done it routinely, but she had enough experience to know the unique thrills that their funny, corkscrew cocks could provide. She figured she might need to ease into it with Nikki so she stripped down at home and walked the half mile on the path Joe and Harry made for them between their houses. Closing in on her friend’s home, the dogs were the first to see her and came running. Wondering what got them excited, Nikki walked to the side of the house and saw Juli coming naked. The boys were sniffing her butt and pussy but Juli kept walking so she would at least make it to the house.Nikki was also naked, of course, and the two hugged and shared kisses and the dogs were sniffing and licking their butts. “Should I try shooing them away, know they will just harass us until they get their way, or should we just take care of them now and have a little peace for a few minutes after?”“Nikki, I came here naked. That doesn’t tell you my intentions? Let’s take care of them. The poor boys seem desperate for release.”The both lay down on patio lounges and put their feet on the ground on the sides of the lounges so their legs were open and their pussy available. The boys went to a pussy and started licking. The joy was that it was never tentative. They just started in with long, probing licks. Pressing into the lips and hitting their clits at the top. Both women were shivering in minutes. And both were dripping sooner than that which just gave the dogs more reason to keep licking.Nikki looked over at Juli and when she got her attention, just nodded and both got up from the lounges, walked out to the grass and knelt down and patted their butts. The boys were on their backs in a flash. That’s when Nikki noticed that they had switched. The question went through her mind if they did it on purpose or accident. But when she felt the cock in pussy start growing and moving faster, she no longer cared about that thought. The only thing she was focused on now was the cock of Sam in her pussy, getting longer and getting thicker. Then she felt the knot hitting the outside of her pussy. She let him stroke a few more times with his knot hitting outside before she start wiggling her ass and pushing back at him. She could feel her lips spreading, stretching to accept the rest of this cock she enjoyed so much. Finally, it slipped in and she gasped almost as if the air had been pushed out of her. She caught her breath and looked over at Juli. Juli had become more experienced with the dogs but Nikki still likes to pay some kadıköy escort attention to be sure. Juli was in the same state, with a good knot inside her pussy. Juli saw Nikki looking and gave her a weak smile and blew her a kiss. Both women were now feeling the cocks spurting and pushing deep into their wet pussies. And both women came, almost at the same time. Panting they could feel the knot tied to their pussies and stuck to their dogs. The boys were well used to this and gently turned on their females so they were butt to butt and they periodically tested the knotting. Nikki loved this part because she could induce multiple orgasms by rocking on the knot. It seemed uncanny to her that being knotted seemed to bump onto her g-spot with regularity.When the knots finally subsided sufficiently, the dogs separated from their human females. Both women then turned to their partners and sucked, licked and cleaned the cocks that had just given them so much pleasure. Nikki has taught Juli this part of the mating game. The dogs were very patient and eager for this part of the mating ritual.With dog cum running from her pussy and down her thighs, Nikki went inside to get some ice tea for them. Juli still had a bit of a glazed look in her eyes when she returned. She placed the side of the ice tea glass against Juli’s left nipple and that brought her to a little and smiled at Nikki.They enjoyed the sun and relaxed. The boys wondered off which allowed them time to catch up. Juli had never been much interested in a tan before, but she spent enough time naked outside now since meeting Nikki and Joe that she had a nice all-over tan going. She likes it, especially the no tan lines. It was a constant reminder of her new look at life.“Nikki, you’ve been so encouraging and patient in leading into new sexual situations and expanding my mind accept new situations and activity I would never have allowed before. I am extremely grateful and you know Harry is too. I want to be the one to offer you something new. If you remember, Harry let slip that I have tried boars on occasion. It is really different and exciting. Because of their size you don’t do it by yourself or too much, but I would like to take you to my old farm and experience one of the boars with you. Are you game?”“Juli, this is a surprise. But, yes, if you want to do this, yes. You’ve been so open to try things with us, yes, I’ll try this.”Juli set it up that they would drive over there in a couple of days. They obviously didn’t want to be there when the hired help came. It was nice that they only needed to have someone come in two days out of the week. Nikki heard the pickup truck on the driveway and went out the front door. She walked up to the truck and was surprised to see Juli sitting behind the wheel naked. “I was so excited I thought I would just add in a little exhibitionism on top of it. So get out of your clothes and throw them on top of mine here.” And patted a pile of clothes next to her. Nikki stripped down, told the dogs to stay in the yard, and climbed into the truck. They drove to the county road and made the loop to her farm that would only have been a mile going overland but was nearly three miles by road. The wind on their bodies and the cars passing them provided a little extra stimulation.At the farm Juli pulled right up to the barn. She said the boar would be in the pen. “Do you want to get him cleaned up and use the barn or really experience him by doing him in the pen?”“Oh, god. This all sounds so nasty already. Let’s just do it in the pen.”“Okay, let’s move the üsküdar escort others out and into the next pen.” They went through the gate by the barn. “Nikki, you go over to the other gate and open it for the others. If this one tries to follow, just step in his way. That will be enough for him to change directions.” Once that was done, they surveyed the situation. Nikki had already slipped in a muddy section once trying to get the pigs out. She had mud along her left leg. This was feeling nastier and nastier and she hadn’t really done anything with the a****l, yet.Juli started an introduction to sex with boars, “Okay, there are some things to understand about this. Maybe I should have covered this with you before, but you might be more willing to go through with it now that you’re here and muddy. A boar is definitely not a gentle lover. Even though he holds most of his weight on his hind legs, you may still be sore from carrying part of his weight on your back during the mounting and mating. You may think that his cock is attached to a blender with how quickly it goes in and out and all around inside you. He will try to enter your cervix, it’s what they do with that long, thin cock. He’s very inaccurate and there is a lot of poking around. As soon as he feels the warmth of your pussy, he doesn’t waste any time … he just thrusts it all in. The size of his cock makes anal good, too, but take him in your pussy, at least this time. There will be deep penetration and the twitching/twirling effect is a really strange, but erotic, feeling. The tip is very slender and made to slide into the cervix. Once he finds it and is able to penetrate, the tip will fix itself and he’ll slow his fucking down. He’ll then begin to cum a lot. Initially, it is clear and thin but a thicker and milky semen comes next and there is a lot of it. Then a thick, jelly like substance is pumped into you. Now, this is all happening inside your womb if he makes it there. You will feel full, but not uncomfortable. The thick cum can stay in you for up to a couple days. So be ready for it to slowly leak out later without warning. Not doing anything special this weekend are you? Probably should have really gone over this before. Are you still game?”“You’re right, if we weren’t here with me already partially covered with mud, I probably would have backed out of this. This is just so nasty. But feel me.”Juli reached out and put her hand to her friend’s pussy and pushed a finger past the lips and inside. “Lordy, Nikki, you are absolutely soaking. That came from just the explanation? Oh, girl, just wait.”Juli took Nikki’s hand and led her to a drying area and took a blanket to put on the ground. Nikki said, “Don’t bother with the blanket. Look at me. I may as well get good and nasty.”Nikki watched as Juli maneuvered the boar toward her. She got down on her hands and knees and lowered herself until her chest was on the ground, too. This seemed like it would help to relieve some of the stress on her lower back once the pig mounted her. Juli asked if she was ready and helped the pig to get up onto Nikki’s back and move him forward over her. Then Nikki felt a strange movement at her butt and realized that Juli wasn’t exaggerating in her description of the boar’s cock. It was wildly thrusting and we extremely inaccurate. Juli assisted and managed to get the tip into Nikki’s pussy. Once in he thrust violently and penetrated deeply. And, again, Juli was right, this was weird. The long, thin cock actually did twirl.“Oh, Juli, that is so wild! It feels like you put an tuzla escort egg beater inside me. That thing is whirling around, hitting the sides of my pussy. This is so wild. OOOOOHHHHH, JUUUULiiiiiiiiii!!!! He’s hitting my cervix!”This went on for a while and Nikki quickly reached her first orgasm, although mild. Then she felt it.“Juli, Juli, Juli. Oh my god! Heeeeee’s ggggooooooinnggggg inside my cervix!!!! OOOHHH my goooodddddddd. Oh, he’s inside me. Juli, this is so nasty. My chest is in the dirt, one side of me is covered in mud, and I have a pig in my cunt. No, in my womb. OOOOOOHHHHH. Juli, he’s cummmminnngggg. So, am IIIIIIIIIIIII! Yes, OOOOOHHHHH GGGOOOODDDD. YEEESSSSSSSS.”Juli watched, stroking her friends hip and thigh and telling her how wonderfully she was doing and that after the initial cumming, the jelly would follow and to expect the feeling of fullness since he was inside her womb.“Yes, I feel it. Yes, I do, I feel the difference. Yes, I know what you mean about the fullness. Wow.”When the pig pulled out of her cervix, it felt so weird. When the boar pulled completely out of her and got off, Nikki just collapsed onto her front into the dirt of the pen. She just lay there leaking some of the cum the boar had left inside of her. She rolled over onto her back and looked up at her friend and smiled. “That was wild. Don’t know that I want to do it, again. But it was wild. Are you going to do it, too?”“No. I think I should get you home so you can rest. But, you can’t get into my truck like that. We need to get some of that cleaned off you.”“Open up the house and I’ll just take a quick shower.”“Are you k**ding? You’re walking through my house like that. We’ll just use the hose on you.”“Use the hose outside? Like some a****l?”“I wasn’t the one fucking a pig, missy.”“Yeah, now you say that! Okay, let’s get it over with so we can get home and have something to drink.”Nikki stood in the middle of the pen while July sprayed her down, then pulled the hose back out and sprayed off Nikki’s feet after she got to the grass. Juli threw her a towel and then they got back into the truck, still naked, and returned to Nikki’s house.An hour later Harry showed up looking for Juli. She had left her phone in the truck. He looked at the two naked women and knew they had been up to something this afternoon. Nikki just said, “We’ll explain once my husband gets home in a few minutes.” And sure enough, in a few minutes, Joe came out the back. Harry said, “How about getting four beers and sitting down. If I understand, the girls have something to share with us about their afternoon.”Joe came back out and handed out the beers and noticed the attention Nikki’s pussy was getting from Sam with Butch sitting nearby as if waiting for a turn. “So, how was your day, dear? Sam sure seems intent on getting something out of you …”And the two of them related the events at the farm. Joe was flabbergasted. “So that’s what the dogs are so intent on? Boar cum? Was it as nasty as it sounds like it should be?”“Yes, it was. Not that unpleasant, really. But you can’t get it out of your head that it is a pig. But I played the part well myself. I slipped in the pen when we were moving the other pigs out to the other pen and had mud over one side. While being fucked by him, my chest and arms were on the ground. It seemed like the best way to take weight off my back. Then the side of my face was on the ground. When he was finished, so was I and I just collapsed onto the ground.”Juli, “She was a mess! I had to hose her down before I would let her into my truck. She was certainly acting the part of fucking a pig!”“Very funny. It was your idea, after all.”Joe, “Okay, I think the Butch and Sam can have their fill of your pussy. I’ll wait for a few days before I eat you, again. Let that stuff fully drain out.”* * * CHAPTER 16: TRAINING A CUSTOMER will follow * * * Thanks for reading.