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Subject: Nude Dudze Chapter 5 MINOR PROBLEMS AND AUSSIE DADS. The 3 weeks leading up to the arrival of the small Aussie father and sons group gave us a few minor problems and some things to think about. At this time I will introduce one of our important staff members. Being in a national park area we had a park ranger attached to our enterprise. The Queensland national parks service paid 40% of his wage and we paid the rest according to the contract. We how ever found it beneficial to give him quite a bit more (tax free) as well as some side benefits and he turned out to be a very valuable employee. His name was Clive and everybody called him Crocodile Clive and was in his early thirties but looked younger. He had heard about our scheme and volunteered for the job which made me curious. At his interview a few hints from me and his questions about how often he would see naked teen boys it became apparent he was one of “us”. We ended up sealing the deal back at my flat while watching some hot boy porn and then being entertained by my 2 live in boys when they got home from school. When I saw how eagerly he sucked the boys cock and then swallowed the load of boy spunk he produced I knew he was our man. I later learned he had been in the military but had to leave because he was gay he never really talked about this but his survival skills were very good. It was made clear to him that there could be no sexual interaction with the boys at the camp but our working boys would be made available to him and he was welcome to observe in the club. As we found out Clive liked his boy cock. He was a bit of a Steve Erwin type and we gave him the opportunity to give lectures to the boys on the local wildlife and fauna and bush craft which the boys enjoyed as did Clive as the boys were naked during his talks but he was not allowed to be but the boys did noticed his bulge. (Just diverting for a moment as I have just seen Robert Erwin (Steve’s son) on TV at the unveiling of his dads star on the Hollywood walk of fame. My god he’s so gorgeous I would love to strip him naked give him a big tongue kiss and lick him all over and then suck the fresh cum out his horny erect teen cock and then give him a mouthful of my man sperm.) Clive’s job was to oversee the upkeep of the park and take care of any wildlife problems. We were far enough south not to have crocodiles but every so often one would make its way down the coast. When they were reported it was Clive who went out to find them. Officially he was supposed to trap them and take them to a farm of ship them back north. Clive’s policy as he explained as they were not an endangered species was just to shoot them and if female find the nest and sell the eggs to a crocodile farm or destroy them. We received a bit of disturbing news that one of our members in Sydney had been carless with his trading of boy porn and got raided by the police. Members had strict instructions of what to do in this situation which was to phone our appointed lawyer and answer “no Comment” to every question. He did not say much before our lawyers got to him and he then shut up. The police really hate it when you do that. In the end he was released due to lack of evidence and one of our computer geeks gave him a lesson in PC security and encryption. The cops saw that he had been up north staying near our camp and a we got a tip off from our local police contact that 2 detectives were coming up to probe around. They sniffed around a bit and nobody talked they wanted to inspect the camp but the local judge (club member) would not give them a warrant due to lack of evidence. They were spotted sniffing around the area and were spotted in a boat trying to get close to the camp but were intercepted. Clive heard what was going on and said he would take care of it. The 2 policemen had hired a small boat and car and about a week later the car and trailer were found near a boat ramp about 120 km’s north. There was a search and about 5 days later the boat was found out on the outer reef upturned but no trace was ever found of the 2 detectives and that was the end of the matter. When I asked Clive about it he just smiled and said inexperienced people should not go that far out on the reef in such a small boat. Our small Australian group of loving fathers and willing sons arrived. There was only 11 men and 17 boys varying in age from 9 to 18 and included of course the organiser and his 2 sons Peter and James who I had fun with before and was looking forward to seeing them again. We settled them into 2 of our chalets near the beach and I told them they were free walk around naked anytime anywhere in the camp. zonguldak escort Meals would be served in our cafeteria and they could go there naked as well if they wanted. I also told them they were free to have sex anywhere in the camp, except the cafeteria. Which obviously included the beach and pool area. They did not have to use the ER area as they were the only ones here and they were all here for consensual sex so it was up to them. I did suspect that some were “uncles” of the boys but did not really care. Talking to the main man, Adam he explained to me that they had never had this opportunity before to be so open and with so many as previously their shared sexual experiences usually involved small groups of 2 or 3 dads at the most in each other’s homes sharing sons in different rooms. I then left them to their own devices and observed they wasted little time getting naked specially the boys who revelled in their new freedom. It was great to see them walking around young cocks swinging and checking each other’s equipment out, of course many of them got boners which they joked and laughed about and I saw a couple of boys rubbing their hard erections against each other. I also noticed later that men would talk to each other and then take each other’s boys off into the trees or to the chalets for their sexual liaisons with no real group sex happening or anything in the open. I mentioned this to Adam later in the day and he said it was new to them and he was trying to think of some way to get them into mass group action as this was one of the main reasons he had planned it for. I had a think about this and made a suggestion. I had previously mentioned to him about boy sex shows I had seen around the world especially in Amsterdam and suggested I get some of our working boys to put on a show for them and get them going. He readily agreed and we arranged it for the following night after dinner. The next night I had 9 of our boys arranged and had given them a programme of acts to perform and said if they hung around after the show and provided extra’s for the guests they would get more money, the 5 new boys from the boarding school were very keen on this they were very popular at the club and making good money and confided in me that they enjoyed showing off their sexual prowess and it really turned them on being watched. After dinner the guests went back to the biggest chalet and they seemed to be very much looking forward to the show but not knowing quite what to expect. They were all naked as I requested and I suggested they all cuddle up to some boys to really enjoy the performance. The show was based on what I had seen in Amsterdam a number of times. First off the youngest boy of 13 came out dressed formally with bow tie etc. and he then introduced the other performers one by one. They were only wearing boxer shorts and a short cotton robe. Each one came out individually and the younger boy took off their robe revealing their smooth chests and bodies and then slipped of the boxers revealing them in all their naked glory and giving each boys cock a quick stroke to stir up their teen cocks. Once all the boys were on stage naked he introduced them by name again stroking each boys cock as he told us his name. Then one of the boys came forward and said to the audience that the younger boy should be naked as well and I led the shouts of yes strip him. On Que 3 other boys came forward and grabbed the younger boy stripping off his tearaway suit leaving him with just the bow tie. He was glorious as he stood there naked with his lovely boy cock erecting itself and his foreskin sliding back over his now throbbing purple cock head displaying his small bush of pubes pretending to be shy. He shouted out you naughty boys now all these randy men can now see my horny boy cock then all the others left the stage to prepare for their acts leaving him alone. He said to the audience those boys made me so horny I have to wank off and began to stroke his 5 inch uncut boy cock vigorously while looking at the men with a cheeky grin. He walked around the audience a bit getting some of the men and boys to stroke him and then went back to the stage to finish off by shooting a nice couple of squirts of boy spunk in the direction of the men. He then said now your all warmed up and introduced the first act. The acts followed a natural progression the first 2 boys would kiss and wank each other until till one of them cummed. The 2nd act was 2 boys who sucked each other’s cocks until one shot his load into the others welcoming mouth and the 3rd one boy being well and truly fucked by another boy until he unloaded his spunk into the tunalı escort others boy pussy, there would then be a short break and the last part of the show would be 2 groups of 4 boys and the finale all the boys together in one big orgy with all the boys who had not already shot a load doing so. It was at the end the boys would encourage the other boys and men to join them and hopefully get a big orgy started. The first act was a 13 and 14 year old who started with some very passionate kissing and cock fondling getting their beautiful boy cock fully erected and then getting down to masturbating each other’s very hard horny uncut teen dicks. The culmination was the older boy standing behind the younger and vigorously stroking him to orgasm. It was very pleasing to see the ecstasy of pleasure on the boy’s face as he shot 2 good squirts and smaller drops of his precious cum towards the audience. He then walked towards the audience and asked if anyone wanted to lick the remaining drops of spunk off his still throbbing cock, one man in his thirties’ came forward and quickly took the boy cock in his mouth and sucked the few drops then kissed the boy after which he turned to his peers and said delicious to the applause of the other men and boys. The next act was a 14 and 16 year old who fondled each other’s cocks to full erection then quickly got into the 69 position and expertly used their mouths to pleasure each other’s passion poles. These 2 boys were hot one being blonde and the other my favourite a redhead both with pubes to match their hair. The red head had that pale complexion that gingers have and lovely red nipples and the blonde was a bit tanned with nice firm brown nipples. Both were slim and very smooth with the only hair being on their heads, above their cocks and small amount under their arms. I looked around the room to see all the men and boys fixed on this erotic scene and their cocks hard. The boy’s mouths worked expertly on each other’s sensitive teen cocks and soon the red head gave the other boy a signal. He stood up and the blonde got on his knees and really started to work his mouth on the boy’s cock which was near orgasm. With a tap on the blonde boys head he moved his mouth back a little and the audience could see a solid load of boy sperm shooting into his willing young mouth while the red head had his eyes closed and groaned in ecstasy. He put his mouth back fully onto the boy’s cock which caused more moans of ecstasy then stood up and walked over to the men and boys and showed them his mouth full of boy sperm before swallowing and going back to the other boy for a big kiss before they both bowed and took in the rapturous applause. The 3rd act was 2 boys one 13 and one 16 with the younger one being fucked by the older boy. Again this started as kissing and fondling to get them hard and then the younger boy got on his hands and knees and the older one entered him holding the boy with his hands on his torso he plunged his 7 inch rock hard teen cock into the his boy pussy. This went on for about 5 minutes until the boy groaned with his coming orgasm and then shot his load into the young boy. He was supposed to pull out and shoot on the boys back so we could see him cum but he was so sexually turned and got carried away but he did pull out eventually and we saw his spunk covered cock and beaming smile. The boys stood up once again to applause and with their cheeky grins took a bow and left the room. After these 3 acts there was a short drinks break and I looked around at all the stiff cocks in the room including mine. The next part of the show was supposed to be 2 groups of 4 and then all boys on stage but talking to Adam (the organiser) as everyone was so horny and eager to pleasure their own cocks that they might cum to early that we would combine it all as one big orgy and try to get the audience to join in and he agreed it would work better. After the drink’s break everyone settled back down for the next half. First of we had 4 boys come out and start to have group sex with each other fondling and sucking each other’s young cocks. After a short time 2 more boys came out and joined them then the last 2 boys came out and joined the fun. I looked around the room and saw all of the men and boy staring mouths agape at the totally decadent and bacchanalian scene in front of them of 8 boys sucking, kissing and fucking each other. In the first 3 acts as you may have noticed only 3 boys had cummed but now after a few minutes 2 of the ones who had not cummed shot there loads to applause from the crowd. Then came my master stroke the young boy who had tunceli escort started the show came out again completely naked and rock hard and started to invite the men and boys watching to join in. He grabbed boys and put them with the performers and then some of the men. Eventually he got all of them even the most reluctant into the group sex. He also got the two youngest boys one 9 the other 11 into action with 2 other boys much to their fathers delight. Adam ended up with this little blonde bomb shell still wearing his bow tie offering his cute young hard cock for him to suck while I had Peter (his eldest son) offering me his lovely boy cock to suck. Once again I had the heavenly sensation of feeling the silky smoothness of his cock head on my lips and then my tongue as he slid his throbbing slim shaft into my welcoming mouth. After about 4 minutes of pleasuring this magnificent boy meat I felt the first twitches of his imminent orgasm and was soon rewarded with a mouth full of Peter’s delicious teen cream which I eagerly swallowed. He then withdrew his dick from my mouth and kissed me and then slowly worked his mouth down my chest and nipple’s to my throbbing cock which he engulfed into his lovely sweet welcoming mouth. I looked over at Adam who had just received the blonde boy’s 2nd load of sperm for the night and had the boy now sucking his man meat and he said this was wonderful, they had never had such a large group all having sex like this before. As the blonde boy started working his young mouth on Adams cock we scanned the scene before us. There were men and boys in every imaginable sexual position, the whole floor and all the couches were taken up with groups of men and boys enjoying the forbidden decadent ecstasy that no woman could ever come close to giving. As we gazed upon this magnificent spectacle I noticed that nearly every cock both man and boy was in someone’s bum or being sucked on or being stroked. Boys or men who were being fucked were also being spit roasted by another boy or man feeding his cock into his willing mouth. Some groups of 3 and 4 were in small circles sucking the very now oversexed cocks of each other I just hoped the hidden cameras were working properly so I could enjoy watching this again many times. My mind and body could not take any more as I climaxed and shot my sperm into the expert and willing mouth of Peter who eagerly took my cum and swallowed it. He got up and sat next to me cuddling me and we both watched the magnificent action in front of us. Other men and boys must have been as worked up as I had been Adam shot his load next and then there was a cacophony of orgasmic moans and groans as men and boys participated in a spunk fest of cumming cocks. It was flying in all directions into young and old mouths and boy pussies. As someone shot their load it triggered others to follow in about 7 minutes of absolute total sexual enjoyment as there cum shot out and they looked on as others were unloading their precious sperm at the same time. It was the ultimate boy lover’s sexual dream come true. As the last few cocks emptied their loads they all collapsed into each other’s arms kissing and holding each other and thanking their partners for such a great sexual experience. I turned to Adam and said we will see if that has any effect on their behaviour tomorrow and he thought it might. After everybody recovered more drinks were served and the working boys said their farewells to the men who thanked them profusely for their efforts. Men and boys then slowly made their way back to their beds for the night their perm drained dry. The next morning after breakfast when I wondered around at about 10.30am I noticed groups of men and boys openly having sex both on the beach and around the pool area being watched by others so the plan had worked. I was asked by several people to join them but I declined as I had an afternoon with Peter and his younger brother James planned and I wanted to save my spunk for them. This was a present from Adam as a thank you and I had a very pleasant afternoon of boy cock and fresh spunk not to mention both of their young mouths on my cock to remember as I recorded it for my archives. All this confirmed my belief that there is nothing better than the smooth skin and feel, touch, smell, and taste of a naked horny boy. When we finished there was not a drop of sperm left in my body. Over the next four days they all enjoyed each other’s bodies in larger groups, sharing their boys a lot more and enjoying the pleasure a proud father gets when he sees his son sexually pleasuring another man if front of him while he does the same to another man’s boy while he looks on. When their holiday finished the men and boys left very happy and vowing to return and for me it was back to normal and taking care of my 2 live in boys and of course David. Things were going well, but one small problem did appear and then an amazing offer came from Sweden.