Nun Fun

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Nun FunThe old nun was lying on the floor when I walked into the room. Her legs were spread apart a bit, and her big white underpants were pulled down to her ankles. She was lying on her stomach and I cold see her squirm as I pushed myself behind her. I spread her legs apart with my body and felt her wet, warm crotch flesh press against my own naked cock meat.sister Loren gasped then as she felt my skin touch hers in the most intimate of places. She was not bad looking for being older, and something about the way she couldn’t hold in her breath as I touched her let me know that she was sensual and young deep inside. I bent over and licked her exposed ear. “My sweet son,” she said as I licked her ear hole a bit, nibbled her ear lobe, then I spoke in her ear, “sister, I want to treat you like the old filthy whore you really are in your sweet old beautiful heart. I want to celebrate the flesh that is your body, sister. I want to make you pop and scream and cum and curse and praise god while you taste me kaçak casino and take me into you.”Her old pussy started getting really wet. I could smell her crotch from her face…delicious and ripe and just dirty enough to tell my cock how sweet she will be to slide deep into. I told her, “Old whore, kneel before me and pray for my cock.”And she did. She turned around to face me. Her cheeks were red and she was dripping visibly on the floor through her gown. She knelt before me and put her hands together and looked deep into my eyes and said, “I pray, dear god the father, dear jesus the son, to allow this gorgeous cock into me. Let me receive he sweet meat into my mouth and vagina. let me taste his sweet cum.” She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and I slowly placed my cock onto her tongue and slipped it into her mouth, my swollen cock head pushed past her lips and into her mouth and down her throat. She smiled and gagged and slurped and cried as she took me into her mouth. I slipped my cock casino oyna out of her mouth just long enough for her to say “Thank you” and I shoved it back in.Soon she started breathing heavy and I started worrying I was going to hurt her, so I pulled my cock out and slapped her once playfully across the face. “You old bitch, you suck better than satan himself!” She blushed and gasped for breath, and I pushed her back and spread her legs and ran my hands all over her swollen, red, wet vagina lips. They moved around greedily, starved for years. The old nun quivered and cooed and told me how much she loved me. I slipped a finger in just to make her gasp. Then I plunged my cock into her. She screamed as I pushed as deep as I could, bone touching bone. I pushed until I thought my cock would break out of her back. She was speechless. She stared into my eyes as I started fucking her so nice and slow and deep and long into her body. The old sister stopped breathing for a few seconds, in awe of the canlı casino siteleri feelings inside her. She would finally breathe and just say “fuck” as I did her as fine as I could. I let her have all the ecstasy she could handle. I wanted her to love my cock more than god himself. I knew that she did.I looked into her eyes again. “Prepare to receive my seed, old bitch,” I said. She smiled excitedly. I popped my cock out of her big wet snatch and her juices mixed with my precum made a long dripping pool from cock to cunt. I swear her old cunt was trying to grab my cock like a venus fly trap. Then I pointed my thick, swollen cock upward and allowed spurt after spurt of warm, thick semen flow from my meat hole and spray her old face. All over her lips and nose and eyes and habit. I kept spurting like an a****l. I came all over her black outfit…knowing that I was staining it with my jism. She screamed and came herself as I finished emptying my nuts all over her. She screamed obscenities and blasphemies and professed her undying love as she licked and slurped and tried to eat every drop of my seed.”Next time I will taste your sweet, old ass” I said and I kissed her old, cummy mouth as I pulled up my pants and prepared to go back to my room.