Nylon does the Double.

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Nylon does the Double.After years with the same partner I was getting a bit bored with it and was looking for something new to happen to me. I have always been obsessed with women in tights and after getting a computer I was able to find loads of porn involving nylon to satisfy my wanton lust for new fantasies. Then one day with my cock in hand and slowly rubbing my way to climax I, for some unknown reason, looked at some guy wearing tights and wanking into them. When he shot I came myself and I was amazed how horny it made me feel. This lead to me looking for more and more and I noticed that I was looking for bigger and harder cocks. Now I’m not gay but I have had one or two episodes with a mate of mine when we were younger. Namely we sucked each other off to see what it was like, and it all seemed to come back to me how naughty and yet horny it was.So the next thing I know I was looking for a man who would be interested in having a bit of innocent fun in a pair of tights and after several wind ups and false promises I found this guy who seemed to be what I was looking for. He was mad about nylon, he was new to the idea of meeting a stranger for fun and he had a lovely 8 inch cock!We decided that the best idea was to meet in a hotel half way between our addresses and we would both turn up wearing tights and panties under our trousers. That way we would both be horny as fuck when we arrived!I arranged to get a room and then text him the door number and he said he would bring some Viagra so it didn’t end to quick, which judging by how hard my cock got every time I thought of it was a great idea.I got to the room and sent avrupa yakası travesti the number then got into my pink silk panties and nude sheer tights and waited for him to arrive. I was really nervous when the knock on the door finally arrived and I walked over to open it with my cock growing in its nylon case.Imagine my shock when he was stood there with his mate! He said if I let them in he would explain but I said he could do that from outside.He told me not to panic and he wasn’t trying to pull a fast one but his mate was completely trust worthy and just as crazy about nylon as we were. He assured me that his mate just wanted to watch and wank and that was all so I eased back from the door and let them in.Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw what I was wearing and the bulges were starting to appear in their trousers. I told them to stay cool and we had a drink and a Viagra each and then a bit of a chat to put each other at ease. I told his mate to sit in the only chair in the room and I got comfortable on the bed so he could have a feel of my legs and ass. He told me it felt great and the sheer tights were fantastic. His mate was in the chair with eyes on stalks and I noticed him sliding his hand down his trousers to play with his hardening cock. My cock was rock hard with the feel of hands rubbing and squeezing my ass and I was ready to have a cock in my mouth. I turned over and told him to let me see it. H stood at the end of the bed and dropped his trousers and there was his rock hard dick covered in barely black tights and no panties. Oh my god I could have come then kadıköy travesti and there! It looked soooo good and I slid to the end of the bed and shoved my eager lips around his cock before he could pull down his tights. I wanted to feel the nylon in my mouth for a bit before I got down to work properly on his iron bar of a dick.He let out a moan and rested his hand on the back of my neck. I caressed his cock with my tongue and he was starting to twitch with pleasure so I new it was time to pull it out from behind its nylon covering. As I released it, it flopped out and pointed straight ahead. I put my hand round it and slowly wanked him just so I could have a good feel of his beautiful cock but he had other ideas and pulled my head forward. I opened my mouth and he pushed his meat in between my eager lips. His moan said it all and he started to pump slowly back and forwards in a nice easy rhythm. He asked his mate if he was enjoying the show and he replied that his cock was the hardest it has ever been. I was in heaven having my face slowly fucked. He tasted great and every so often I would hold his dick while I sucked his balls.His mate then stood up and move around us to get on the bed behind me. I could now see his cock for the first time and it looked big and hard though not as big as the one I had been sucking on. When he was sat against the headboard slowly rubbing his manhood he asked us o stop for a moment. He then looked me in the eye and asked if I would suck him a little bit. I was to horny to say no and besides it was time I had the feel of a hard cock up my ass so I got on my knees and bent maltepe travesti forward to take his meat into my mouth. I felt the hand on my ass straight away squeezing and rubbing the sheer tights over my panties. He told me I had a great ass and I was going to get a real good fucking. I was licking and sucking like a mad man and my cock was nearly ready to explode. He ripped my tights just a little for his cock to fit through and eased my panties to one side. I then felt his finger putting what must have been lube around my hole. He eased his finger in and then added another. Now it was my turn to moan and I turned my head around to look into his eyes. I told him to get his cock up my ass as I couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed his knob up against my hole as I turned back to his mates waiting cock and just as I took it into my mouth he pushed it all the way up me. God it felt so good! He held it for a minute buried right inside me and the he put a hand on each side of my ass and started to fuck. I was in seventh heaven with a cock up my ass and another in my mouth. He got slowly faster and faster then harder and harder until he was slapping against me. His mate slid off the bed and stood up and we shifted position so I could continue to suck him. They were both really giving to me and called me a slut and a dirty bitch. The one up my ass finally said he was going to come and I felt him tense up before he shot his load deep into me. It felt so fucking hot and I just came into my panties. The one in front pulled out and wanked furiously. He told me to lift my chin up so he could come all over my face. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth just in time for him to cover me in hot spunk. He moaned loudly and deeply and I moved forward to suck the last few drops from his gorgeous cock.We all slumped down on the bed and regained our breath. We were exhausted but we were not done yet……..