office romance part 1

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office romance part 1Throughout your life friends egg you on with silly dares, generally these are in jest and some fun For quite a while now Jason and I had become comfortable with each other and being close. This day at work began as others had, Jason pulling his chair over beside me, and strangely enough the gentle rubbing of our legs together under the desk still contained the original intent and it was our way of holding hands.We may have averted the big question, Do we be unfaithful, how far do we go? It had been quite a while since Jason had made any advances even though Jane still dressed in blouse and shirt for him, she still liked to see him looking at her and desiring to touch it made her feel wanted, despite this Jane had decided to not give into this desire however it was still there but just smouldering under the surface. The old saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, well in this case abstinence makes the desire stronger.This was soon discovered as Jason placed his right hand across onto Jane’s right leg, his fingers were d****d over onto the inside of her leg. Jane felt the rush of old desires, felt a tingling, felt a yearning. Jason remembering how soft her skin was. She sat there motionless trying to fight back the emotions of the moment however Jason began to slowly trace the end of his fingers up Jane’s leg towards her skirt hem. Jane bit her bottom lip so as not to expel any minute noises of pleasure. She had subconsciously opened her legs slightly to allow Jason to lightly touch the inside her leg. He had reached her hem line, Jane closed her legs trapping Jason’s hand.“Dare you to go beyond the hem line”, Jane whispered at him while gazing at his bewildered eyes. Jason did not reply. Jane this time consciously open her legs slightly, Jason withdrew his hand down Jane’s leg. She thought she had blown it, however as Jason withdrew his hand he traced it up the inside of her left leg, Jane prepared herself but as Jason got to the hem line he then traced a gentle touch back down her right leg. He had made her feel totally at his will again, she wanted, and he was teasing to make things more erotic and prolong the “agony”.As Jason started sliding his hand back up Jane’s leg she slid forward on the chair making the skirt rise. This time it was high enough that he had no excuses, the hem was just below her panties, his last touch would be her panties. Jane closed her eyes hoping the moment was as wonderful as she had imagined. Jason’s hand had traced right around to the inside of her leg to where they came together and reached the point where he was dared to go, he very lightly teased her with the ends of his fingers. Jane wanted it so badly, she winced, quite possibly having a minor orgasm as she felt her panties get very moist with desire. He chose not to go there but instead traced his finger right up to her nickers and then ran around the front up to her hip along the edge of the nickers. Before Jane could think about what was happening Jason was tracing his finger along the top of her panties and was sliding in underneath feeling the softness of her pubes. Jane couldn’t believe what she felt, she was struggling to not just lustfully jump Jason. Jason returned his hand down around Jane’s panty line and let his finger rest right at the very edge of her panties deep between her legs. He could feel the heat of her canlı bahis desire, and as his hand hovered her movements made his fingers intermittently brush ever so softly against her wetness. Jane was making pleasurable noises despite doing her best to muffle them. Jason whispered in her ear, “Dare, take your panties off, better still I dare you to come to work tomorrow with no underwear at all on, bra or panties.”Jane melted, she was glad she had panties on, her desires had reached a new level. Jason had made her feel like this without “touching” her or even having sex. Jane only had these moments via sex with her husband and those moments were very rare, he treated her like a sex object, once it was all over and he had pleased himself that was the end.That night Jane could only think about how she could wear no underwear to work and how not to make it obvious she was dressed this way especially to her husband. She got frustrated and started to wonder why she wanted to do this, her own husband had never been erotic towards her and wanted her in these ways. Her mobile tone went off indicating a text, it was Jason. The text read “Home alone wondering what u r wearing, I’m semi naked only jocks on. Texting you and thinking about today has made me go hard.” She had never heard Jason talk like that but it did the make her feel tingly all over. She felt her nipples harden, and a moist pleasurable feeling emanated from between her legs. Damn him once again he just seems to get it right. Jane text back boldly and rather naughtily, “Wearing a short dress, no underwear, it feels so good, wish you were here. Oh well you will have to guess what I’d do to you. Will text later going for a shower, have teased you now think about this, a naked women’s body, shower, shower gel, and half an hour to myself, now my nipples are aching for attention, do you know someone who can put out the fire. LOL”.With that Jane left Jason wondering what exactly was going to happen in the shower all by herself. Jason text back, “Yes but you will have to close your eyes and do what you think he would and imagine him caressing your body”, he thought this will get her for being cheeky. Jane teasingly replied “My lips are moist with anticipation, guess which lips, I would love them kissed” she giggled like a pubescent school girl. Jason fired back “I would love to taste them”. With that Jane went for a bath it was getting too much, lucky it was texting there seemed to be a secrecy about being so forward, you didn’t need to look the person in the face and it felt easier to be naughty she thought. Was he really okay with me touching and teasing myself.Jane didn’t text that night as she had said she would, Jason lied awake hoping but never receiving, was something wrong.The next day at work Jane was already at her desk when Jason arrived. He could see by her blouse she had a bra on, this meant she had not taken up the dare. As he sat down Jane asked him to move closer to edit what she was typing as they went.Jason moved closer and as he sat he noticed the blouse was very revealing at the front only in the way of her leaning forward to type. She did have a bra on but it was semi transparent and the whole of her left nipple and areola could be seen through the bra. Jane whispered,”Like what you see?” full well knowing he would, before waiting for a reply Jane added, “I would hope bahis siteleri you do.”Jason was lost for words, Jane’s nipple trying to poke out and an areola which in itself was goose bumped and begging to be teased was more than he had imagined. Before Jane realised what she had said she sweetly whispered, “You may slide your hand up my blouse and feel how hard my nipple is from wanting your touch.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, here was this sexually repressed and introverted women telling him what she wanted.He had to make a break before the others in the office got suspicious, Jason went to the kitchen and made a coffee for himself. As he was boiling the jug and just standing there Jane joined him. She stood very close knowing she was teasing him but at the same time daring Jason to touch. Jane’s perfume was overwhelming and very seductive, he just wanted to reach out and grab her and undo all of the buttons on her blouse.Jane asked cheekily, “Do you want me to be pantiless?” As Jason was about to reply Jane pulled up her skirt and slid her panties off, placing them crotch down such that Jason had no choice but to feel how wet Jane had become, she turned walked away back to her desk. He was stunned, she was doing the big tease on him. He had seen the pubic hair he had teased yesterday, the mousey brown colour made them more desirable to touch.Jason pocketed the panties and took his coffee back to his seat beside Jane, he whispered, “If you want your panties back you need to be very nice to me”. Jane laughed and jested, “Keep the panties then I’m only interested in being naughty”“Well in that case then you better collect them from my place this afternoon before you go home, I will show you how naughty you need to be to earn your panties back”, it was Jason’s turn to tease.As the morning went on they became very comfortable with each other and bantered unwittingly about anything while at the same time the closeness set off a static charged atmosphere. Jason whispered to Jane, “If I took your nipple in my mouth would your areola like to be teased by my tongue and the goosebumps become so hard that a tingling went down your spine to make you very alive and wanting of more?”, before she could answer he added, “Do you desire me? Would you like me to taste those moist lips?” This was too much for Jane she clenched her fist and sat dazed. This man had made her almost orgasm without even touching her. She knew there was no way back now, she wanted it, and couldn’t give a shit about her pig of a husband.Jason could see the look on her face, he was now going to tease her until the eroticism became too much and Jane became a broke women emotionally. Sitting close on her right side waiting for her to compose herself and start typing again Jason waited, his arms and hands resting on his legs.Jane looked at Jason and wondered what it was that made her so attracted to him after all she had been strictly bought up and her morals until now were reproachable. She started typing not aware Jason was waiting to take her to the next erotic pleasure.Jason busily watched her type and verbally edited what Jane was typing as they went. Jane leant slightly forward as she typed with her blouse hanging loosely in front of her. Jason pondered, then he slid his right hand up under her blouse gently gliding his pointer finger along the soft skin of her güvenilir bahis stomach up to her bra. Here he traced his finger along the bottom of the bra back and forward across under her breasts, never touching them, then he traced up the cup edge of the bra over her right breast using the bra as a guide for his finger, the gentle touch seemed to make her breasts firm up even more than they were. Jason then proceeded to glide up and down the bra cups edge alternating between breasts. Jane had stopped typing and had closed her eyes and was clenching her fists loosely and tightly, she was feeling desires that took her to the edge. His teasing had made her desire his touch even more. She tried to move her body so as to get him to touch either of her nipples. Jason sensed this, and knew Jane was wanting more. He withdrew his hand and as Jane looked at him disappointed she could see the gentle smile that said so many things. She knew he wasn’t finished and this desire was now replaced with a heightened feeling of anticipation, this was the most erotic feeling she had ever experienced, something will happen, it will be very nice, but what and when.She didn’t have to wait long, Jason leant in towards her and whispered, “I want to feel the touch of the goosebumps on your areola’s and the hardness of your nipples and treasure their pleasure the first time I touch you.” Jane let out a moan, something unexpected even from her. She didn’t expect these simple words to send her over the edge. She had closed her legs tight and could feel the wetness from her “moan” turning her pussy very moist with desire. Jason knew and sensed this, he added, “I would also love to taste your desires for me before I take you”. Jason got up and as he did so whispered in her ear, “I am so hard for you, feel me”. He left before Jane could respond. Jane thought this almost barbaric in its context but erotic, her breasts and nipples tingled then this sensation quickly spread to deep between her legs but it wouldn’t stop. Her lips were on fire, she wanted to get but couldn’t, her legs just wouldn’t do it, they had turned to jelly, she needed to go to the kitchen for a break, not from work but Jason.Wearing no panties and loose fitting blouses with seductive bra’s was dangerous but she thought if this is how it makes her feel, very sensual, erotic, and desirous then there was nothing wrong with it. This was something she had never experienced with her husband even in that “honeymoon” period of a romance. Sex was a chore with her husband, he never wanted it except to please himself, and did nothing to show her he was in the slight bit romantic. Actually she thought it was really like wham bam thank you mam.Jason had gone out for a few hours, this left Jane to regain some dignity and regain her composure. He needed to come back because he still had her panties in his pocket. She thought bugger it I don’t need them, Jason can keep them for a memory of today. She text him “Don’t forget that’s not a hanky in your pocket. LOL.” Jason read the text and a smile came over his face, so cute her text, not wanting them back but saving him from a possible embarrassing moment.Jane spent the afternoon wanting, no more like desiring and lusting for Jason to be back in the office. She thought about that word ‘lust’, this had never been in her vocabulary, least of all how she felt about somebody. Perhaps it was the stigma, being married which morally made it worse. Could she live with her conscious fighting itself, the good wife and telling her husband, or the little naughty imp she wanted to be.