Oh Good Morning

30 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


This morning as you sleep peacefully in your bed, I steal into your room. Lifting the blanket that covers my beautiful fantasy woman I find her dressed in her favorite ribbon trim chemise. Barely covering the top of her legs she displays two satin trimed beautiful and long legs inviting my tender kisses from her toes up. Gently spreading her legs I plant wet and warm kisses up the inside of each leg until I reach where they meet.The scent of her womanhood is overwhelming causing my honey to flow out of me and form a rivulet that drips on my woman. The first signs of her waking is evident as her smiling eyes half open and see the woman she loves. almanbahis A smile breaks across her face as I place two thumbs on the inside of her outer lips and gently part the entrance to my love’s treasure mine. Quickly, I feel the lips begin to swell in my grip while the release of her clit from its protective sheath offers her nub to me to take into my mouth to lick, suck and nibble.The aroma of her arousal drives me to using my tongue as a penis going in and out of her vagina faster and faster. Fingers rush into her twisting and turning seeking out her g-spot. Finding it, I rub just hard enough for her nectar to produce large amounts of creamy almanbahis yeni giriş liquid. A bit to much for me to swallow at one time so some leaks out of my mouth and between her cheek’s crack. Lubricating her rosebud for me, as I remove my hand from her pussy. Trembling and moving her head from side to side she arches her back and meets the rhythm of my trusts into her. Moans become louder, “Yes yes,” emanate from her gorgeous mouth,Breathing irregular and rapid, with one last out burst of, “Yes oh yes …” she raises her hips to a height almost knocking me off. Then the scream as she is experiencing a climax of outer body rapture almanbahis giriş which consumes her body and soul. Every nerve end on fire she lays back down on the bed to ride out this wonderful experience. I ease out of her orifices gently kiss her lips and fade into the morning sun. Coming back to a normal composure she looks around to find her virtual lover gone. Putting her hand on her pussy to see if it was real, she finds the sheet below wet, lips swollen and rosebud wet and slightly open. After dream.Meanwhile I lie in my bed, thinking about that wonderful dream. Unconsciously my fingers move to my pussy, rubbing it gently, I do not even realize that I am doing it till a sensation racks my entire body. I feverishly continue to drive myself to an orgasm. God this is so wonderful and please never stop loving me, please continue to cause my body to react as it did this morning.