OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 4…..

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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 4…..I never did go to the pool after Paul fucked me and I ended up staying in the Jacuzzi for well over an hour. I moisturized and lubricated my sore and tender areas and ordered room service for lunch. By the time dinner had arrived, I had slept, finished reading my book and felt much better. All of my welts and red marks were gone, my pussy lips were back to normal and in general, I was doing well. I was debating on ordering room service again or going out for dinner. I decided to get dressed up really nice and go out on the town. This was Vegas and I needed to enjoy myself. On my way to the lobby I ran into Mr Sung. He was the older Korean business man whom I had entertained when Jerry was in town. I only remembered his name because he had left his business card on the bedside table after I had fucked him. He was still in town and was also going to dinner with his partners. They were meeting in the lobby and he asked if I had plans for dinner. I told him that I didn’t and he asked if I would be his guest. I accepted his kind invitation and once everyone arrived, we all got into a limo and went to a really nice restaurant. The other partners all knew me, so it was easy to make conversation and have an enjoyable dinner. The three wives who had come on the trip with their husbands didn’t pay much attention or talk much to me. I think that they all knew what I was in town for and they just stayed quiet about the situation. Mr Sung paid for my dinner and the two bottles of wine that we shared. For a man in his 70’s, he was pretty lithe and had a fun spirit. He and I stayed at the restaurant bar and the others went to a show after dinner was over.Mr Sung’s face was red from a couple of shots of Soju, a Korean rice liquor. I had tried one, but it just wasn’t for me. I was surprised that I got away with ikonbet giriş drinking i*****lly, but when you run up a huge bill like they had, I’m sure that the restaurant doesn’t mind overlooking something that trivial. We went back to the hotel in another limo and on the way Mr Sung asked me to entertain him for the evening. I didn’t ask for any money, because I knew that he was good for it and I began to remove his cock from his pants. His penis was limp, so I lowered my head into his lap and began to suck him off. The driver started to put down the window to ask where we wanted to go, but quickly put it back up once he saw me blowing the Korean gentleman. Mr. Sung used the phone to let the driver know that he wanted him to drive up and down the strip a few times. He ran his hands through my hair as I sucked and licked his shriveled cock. He apologized for his inability to get a quick erection on the alcohol and the fact that he had just turned 82. I hadn’t realized that he was so old when we first met and guessed him to be in his late 60’s or maybe early 70’s. I made sure to look up into his eyes as I stroked his cock in my mouth and he loved the attention. His small penis began to grow and before long I pulled up my dress and slid onto his lap. His cock slid into me very easily and I rocked back and forth on it as the driver made a second trip down Vegas Boulevard. I pulled down my dress top and my breasts made their way into his mouth as he sucked and kissed them. There was a huge difference between the sex I was currently having and the hardcore fucking I had taken earlier in the day. Mr. Sung picked up the phone and told the drive to go back to our hotel as I continued to ride his erection. As we pulled into the hotel drop off, I slid off of Mr Sung and we both adjusted our clothing to get out of the limo. ikonbet yeni giriş He took my hand and I told him that we should go back to my room, in order to avoid any run ins with his business partners and their wives. He agreed and once we got back into my room, I led Mr. Sung to my bed and we both disrobed. I began sucking him again and then sat on his cock once he was hard. I actually enjoyed grinding on Mr. Sung and when he finally erupted, I made sure to lick the cum from his cock. He watched me intently as I licked and sucked on his shrinking shaft and then told me that he wished he was young again and able to have sex at an instant. I laughed and told him that sometimes us girls need a rest in between, as I recalled all of the sex the last couple of days. Mr. Sung got dressed and paid me a really handsome fee for my evening out and I gave him my personal number for any future needs. I walked him to the door in my robe and gave him a little peck on the cheek as he left. I noticed some movement in the hallway as Mr. Sung made his way to the elevator and watched as Lamar walked toward my room. It was nearly Midnight and I asked him what he was doing tonight. He looked a little upset and asked if we could talk. I just knew that this talk was going to be another lengthy evening with my favorite Vegas family. I invited Lamar into my room and we both sat down on the couch to talk. He told me about his brother being confined to the room and how he had teased him about it, until DeShawn had put it in his face about fucking me. He said that he was a little jealous at first, but that he understood that I probably liked older guys anyway. Then he said that once he saw the old Asian guy come out of my room he knew that I was a hooker. He asked me if his brother had paid me for sex and that if he did, he would ikonbet güvenilirmi have something to tease him about. I told him no, that DeShawn and I had sex because we both wanted to. That seemed to deflate his ego a bit, but I moved over and placed my hand on his leg and started to rub it. I explained to him that just because I have sex for money, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy having it or that I don’t find special people that I have it with for free. He just kind of smiled and I got up on my knees and kissed him on the lips. ‘You and your brother are very cute guys.” I said. “Sometimes I just feel like fucking really nice guys.” I stood up and dropped my robe and then walked back into my master suite seductively. Lamar followed me quickly and we were both naked and rolling around in a couple of minutes. He and his brother were nearly twins when it came to their cocks and I took it into my mouth to suck him as he laid back with his hands behind his head. He came in my mouth rather quickly and I swallowed it all down with the ease of a professional. I kept sucking his cock and just like his brother, his long, black shaft stiffened up again. I held onto his hard rod and positioned myself above him and slowly slid down on it like a carousel horse. My pussy was still moist from fucking Mr. Sung and the fact that I had gotten seriously fucked by both DeShawn and Paul within the last 24 hours made my loose twat easy to pump, even for a big cock like Lamars. I let him fuck me in a few different positions before he came in me and then we got in the shower where we played some more. It was nearly 3 am when he left my room and I had spent a lot of the time sucking and riding his long, hard pole. I felt good as I kissed him goodbye and told him not to get caught like his brother. He seemed truly happy and I’m sure he would be telling his brother how he got to fuck me tonight. It didn’t really matter to me, since I was getting used to all of the sex and was loving my lifestyle so far. The money, the lavish amenities and all the cock I could enjoy. I just needed to try not to have so much of it in one day.