Oil of Roses Ch. 17

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* * * * *

Upon returning to the Omni, the bar called to them loudly, so they sauntered in. Margo had taken Carol’s leash and with it in hand, walked up to the manager, Mrs. Reynolds, who was standing in a corner, surveying the rather light Sunday night crowd.

“Mrs. Reynolds, is it? Yes, Mrs. Reynolds, is our section available?”

The woman paused only slightly. “Yes ma’am, it’s available. May I assume you wish it lit as it was last night?”

“Yes, exactly as it was last night… one more thing, is that delightful waitress we had last evening… Jessica… is Jessica on duty this evening?”

“No ma’am, she has the night off.”

“Would you be a dear and call her in to work? We’d really prefer her to serve us.”

“Uh… that’s quite irregular…”

“Oh well then, I suppose we can go drink somewhere else…”

“But certainly not impossible… I’ll call her and see if she wants to come in.”

“Tell her there’s at least a two hundred dollar tip if she does.”

“I’m sure she’ll be here with bells on, ma’am. Is there anything I can have sent in to you in the meantime?”

“No, we’ll wait for her. Have her hurry, please. And no one else should disturb us.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The group walked into the back area of the bar as the lights were cut and Mrs. Reynolds herself roped it off, hanging the ‘Private Party’ sign on the rope.

Eddy looked at Margo with a smirk. “Well ain’t you little Miss All That?”

“That’s Mrs. All That to you, Eddy, and yes, I damn well am. We just need to make sure to drop enough on our bar tab, even if we don’t drink everything we order, to soothe Mrs. Reynolds this evening.”

Eddy and Tamara went off to a booth in the corner where they sat together, quietly talking and touching.

Margo sat down at one of the tables in the section and pulled Carol onto her lap. “So Little Cunt, you have a choice. Where do you want to be punished? Here, in a semi-exposed place, or in the safety of the room?”

Carol whimpered softly. “Here, please Madam. Here would be lovely.”

“That’s fine. Tell me what you want to drink so when Jessica comes by you won’t have to stop to give her your drink order.”

“Uh, two shots of Goldshlager should be fine for now, and help with the bar tab too Madam. And please don’t forget, large glasses of water for everyone.”

“Fine,” Margo said as she gently prodded Carol to her feet. “Harry, would you be so kind as to pull that table out of that booth over there? Let’s see if I can get comfortable here with enough room for Little Cunt to lay on the bench with that ass of hers in the proper position for you. If I can’t, this may have to wait until the room no matter what any of us want.”

As she positioned her body on the bench seat of the deep booth, it became obvious that the positioning wasn’t going to work.

“Maybe I can help with that,” Kelly said. “Scoot forward, let me get behind you… there… thank God these are some deep bench seats… even so we’re both gonna have one foot on the floor.”

With Kelly behind her, the positioning was almost perfect and Margo’s panty-clad crotch was exposed, her long skirt hiked up and out of the way. Margo raised her butt and Carol slipped her panties down and off.

“Time to get started… bare your ass, Little Cunt. Harry, bring a chair, I think you’re going to be busy for awhile. As sore as I am, an orgasm might be a little hard for me tonight and that’s going to be hard on someone’s bottom.”

Carol kicked off her sandals, dropped her pants and panties and lay down on the bench, her bare ass in front of Harry. He picked up her legs and scooted his knees underneath kadıköy escort her thighs so that she lay across the bench and then him.

“Begin,” Margo said.

Carol’s tongue began to lovingly caress every fold and crevice of Margo’s cunt as Harry started striking her bottom, crisply and firmly, first one cheek and then the other.

Kelly moved Margo’s hair out of the way and began to kiss her neck while caressing her sides.

“Umm, what do you think you’re doing? I mean, it feels lovely, but this wasn’t part of the arrangement.”

“Neither was you being sore,” Kelly murmured in her ear, “I’m just helping to level the playing field.”

“Princess, you stop that right this minute!” Margo snapped.

“Oh no, Big Mama, ‘Princess’ isn’t in the building right now. This is Kelly back here and I do what I damn well want to… and right now, if I had my way, I’d have you on your stomach, pillows under your middle, that beautiful ass of yours in the air. I’d be stabbing your cunt with that blue dildo of yours.” She lowered her voice into her most animalistic purring growl. “And I’d be thrusting my tongue in and out of your ass so hard, you’d be whimpering and begging for me to strap something on and do you.”

“Umm hmmm,” moaned Margo as her body writhed in time with Kelly’s caresses, Carol’s tongue and Harry’s swats.

After four or five minutes, Kelly said, “And when I couldn’t stand your pathetic whining anymore, I’d have Harry stick his cock down your throat to shut you up. Then I’d be merciful, strap something on and give you what you wanted, fuck you in the ass till you were screaming around your husband’s prick.”


Margo’s body went rigid as, just to add punctuation to her manipulation of her, Kelly bit her on the neck, bringing forth even more moans as Margo shuddered through her orgasm. Her hands were like claws digging into Kelly’s legs, the moans slowly dying down to whimpers as she rode out the aftershocks.

“Why Mrs. G,” Kelly murmured in her ear, “I do believe there’s a quivering little submissive in there somewhere.”

“Th-there is, K-k-kelly… and I want you to play with her like you were talking about some day… soon.”

Kelly kissed her sweetly on the cheek. “Sure thing Mrs. G, anything for you.” She stroked Margo’s hair. “I hope you know I was just helpin’ out my girl down there?”

“No problem, you were right… it wasn’t fair as I set things up.”

* * * * *

Jessica had spent her evening on call sitting in the employee lounge at the hotel, nervously eating whatever she could sneak out of the kitchen on her frequent raids. Her weight had been a self-image problem for her all her life… even Jimmy had made derogatory comments about her size… but Kelly… Kelly liked it. She seemed to revel in it… some of the things she’d whispered to Jessica the night before… oh God… Jessica got wet just remembering them. At one point Jessica had gotten up the courage to ask her if she really didn’t mind her weight.

Kelly had looked at her, lust and love swirling in her eyes. “Jess, you’re almost perfect.”

“You mean I just need to lose a little weight?”

“No, you silly bitch… you could stand to gain a few pounds.”

She was in such uncharted territory with Kelly… she felt like she was rushing along the very lip of a ledge, moving faster than she could navigate and she just hoped Kelly would be there to catch her if… no, when, she fell.

Then her mother had called. ‘They’ were back in the bar and demanded her to waitress for them.

She had been in the women’s locker room and changed, on her way towards the bar before her cell phone cooled off from the call.

She passed her mother at a fast walk. “I-was-in-the-lounge-don’t-worry-about-clocking-me-in-I’m-working-off-the-clock-bye.”

When she got to the darkened rear section, she stood there a moment, letting her eyes get accustomed to the light, or lack thereof.

She saw Eddy and Tamara over in a corner, lost in each others’ company. God, it could not possibly be more obvious how much in love they were.

She moved further in and saw Harry putting Carol across his knees. She had her head in Margo’s cunt… and Kelly was behind Margo… oh God, Kelly looked hot!

As she watched, the licking and the spanking began and Kelly started to play with Margo… Jessica was watching her lover be sexual with another person.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about it… she’d seen Kelly with her other lovers before, but that had been before they starting ‘dating’… on one level it made her feel insecure… she knew Kelly loved her, it wasn’t Margo or Carol or Harry that Kelly had wanted to be in bed with last night. And on another level, she wasn’t altogether sure she didn’t want to be in Carol’s place… although she wouldn’t want Harry to be spanking her… she’d want it to be Kelly.

She üsküdar escort nervously looked over her shoulder. The sound of Harry’s hand hitting Carol’s ass could be heard all the way to where she was, loud and clear. She was pretty damn sure it could be heard out in the rest of the bar. The couple at table 27 was looking a little upset.

She turned her attention back to her new friends. She continued to watch, transfixed, as events culminated in Kelly’s attack on Margo’s neck and Margo’s loud orgasm. SHIT! She was sure that had been heard and as she turned around she realized she’d been paying far too much attention to the wrong thing. The man from table 27 had gotten up and gone to get her mother. He was returning to his seat and she was headed for the rear of the bar, looking angry.

Jessica moved to intercept her.

* * * * *

From the entrance to the section they heard Jessica’s voice.

“No, Mrs. Reynolds, everything’s fine, I have their order and was just bringing it out. Mrs. Grimes simply got a little rowdy, perhaps if you turn up the music a bit it will help muffle any further disturbance… no ma’am, I’m sure that no one was hit repeatedly back here.”

Carol paused in licking Margo. “Oh yes they were, wonderfully so. Sir, please, there was a part two to this…”

“And we’ll get to it as soon as we have some lubricant. I wonder if I could send Eddy up to the room…”

“No need, honey, check my bag,” Margo said. “I’ve started carrying it, simply because I know us… all of us,” she added, looking down at Carol.

* * * * *

Eddy watched the festivities from the corner as he cuddled Theresa. The look he had on his face puzzled her… he looked sad and lonely.

“Edward, sir, what’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong, sir? You seem upset, sad, worried, lonely… I’m not sure what, but you’re definitely not looking like a man in love should look.

“I’m sorry, sir. I may have spoken out of turn. It’s not my place to criticize.”

“You weren’t criticizin’, you were showin’ concern for the man you love and that’s appropriate in my book, no matter what you been told in the past.

“Theresa, if my life has been the example for any principle, that principle would be somethin’ like ‘the worse something is, the longer it lasts; conversely, the better something is, the shorter its duration’. The good things that have happened to me, with the exception of my friendship with Harry, have all gone away far too quickly where the bad things and their aftereffects, have stuck around far too fuckin’ long.

“Now here you are, the best thing that’s ever happened to me… ever. So I figure you’re gonna be gone any second. I reckon I’m just tryin’ to get my head ready for you leavin’.”

The fist that hit the side of his face may have been small and propelled by weakened muscles, but it had anger behind it.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” He looked down to see her crying, glaring up at him angrily through her tears.

“Edward John Janak, don’t you be preparing yourself for me leaving! The day you want me gone you may give me away or sell me, but until then you’re stuck with me! I may look like a frail little girl but believe you me, putting up with Fat Phillie Philouma is not a job a frail little girl can manage! I’ve managed it for over a year! I’m a little weak now because that sorry piece of shit tried to starve me, but you give me some time to recover and I’ll show you just how strong I am! I’m not some tragic little consumptive heroine from a Victorian novel!”

“Yeah, I can see that, that fuckin’ punch you just gave me hurt like hell!”

“I meant it to! Quit planning and preparing for my departure when I just got here! I’m yours, body and soul; not just because you own me but because for the first time in a long time I want to be.”

Her demeanor softened. “Edward, I am happier than I have ever been. Please, come be happy with me. It’s no fun for me to be happy alone, not when the reason I’m so happy is being haunted by vague ‘maybe’s.”

Eddy looked into her eyes and was amazed at the depth of the love he saw there.

It’s an act, a sham. She’ll get her hands on some money and then she’ll leave you, just like all the others. Remember, monster, the Creature may hold the pretty girl for a time, but he never gets to keep her.

“Edward, why are you so sure I’ll leave you?”

“Maybe I’d better tell you a bit about my track record with women…”

* * * * *

Jessica gave the bartender their drink order from the night before. She was on pins and needles. Her mother had turned the volume on the music up in the back section. Jessica was sure that they heard her talking to her mom, so she knew they were aware they’d been heard. Hopefully that awareness, and the increased volume on the music, would keep her mother away from them.

“So, what do you do when you’re back there with them for such long periods of time?” her mother asked from behind her.

If she didn’t tuzla escort know better, Jessica would have sworn that her heart had stopped. “Oh, listen to them tell wild, improbable stories mostly,” she lied. “They seem to like having an audience and I figure it’s less disturbing if I’m their audience then if they held court out here in the bar.”

“Uh huh… you know they offended several guests at brunch this morning… the hotel is having them served in a private room.”

“Mrs. Reynolds, from what I’ve seen, they’re not bad people, they’re just… a little unthinking sometimes. They get a little loud, a little inappropriate, but they don’t really mean any harm.”

“Hmmph. Oh, Jimmy came to see you here at the bar tonight. He said you’d called him this afternoon and told him it was over between the two of you.”

“Did he tell you why I told him it was over?”

“No and I’m quite sure I don’t want to know. But Jessica, he’s the only boyfriend you’ve ever been able to get. If you’d just take a little pride in yourself, stop eating so much-“

“MRS. REYNOLDS! I don’t think that kind of discussion is appropriate in the workplace. My order’s up, I need to deliver it.”

Shaking with anger Jessica picked up the tray and headed back to the darkened section.

* * * * *

For a moment, Harry felt a little guilty that he enjoyed anal sex so much. But it was a passing flicker of guilt, as it was obvious that Carol enjoyed it as much or more than he did. One hand under her and between her legs, the other wrapped around Margo’s leg, she was teasing her Madam toward another orgasm as Harry gently slid in and out of her ass.

He saw Margo and Kelly wave to someone, Kelly’s face had lit up like a Vegas strip hotel sign so he knew it had to be Jessica. He heard her walk up behind them. She kissed him on the cheek. “Putting your best face forward, Harry?”

“Oh, very humorous… if I weren’t having so much fun where I am, I’d have to put you over my knee and spank you.”

“Sorry Harry, only Kelly has spanking privileges on me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll spank her for it,” Kelly said.

“Yummy,” Jessica replied. “Look, I gave the bartender a repeat of what you ordered last night, I hope that’s okay?”

“That’s… fine… Jessica… pardon… me… if… I … go… away… now…,” Margo moaned.

The sight of his wife’s orgasm as it caused all her delightful bits to jiggle sent Harry over the edge and he buried himself in Carol’s ass and swore he felt his balls shrivel as they emptied into her. Carol’s orgasm, not too far behind his, had her slowly sinking to the floor.

“Jessica, sweetie, if I asked you real nicely, would you go grab us some wet towels to clean up with and some dry ones too?”

“On it!”

After everyone was clean and dressed, and the used towels deposited in the bin under the bar, everyone but Eddy and Tamara sat down and talked. They looked like they were having one of ‘those’ conversations in the corner. The first round of drinks was quickly emptied and Jessica went back to the bar with their new orders and to retrieve water and bar munchies.

* * * * *

“… so that’s why I expect you to leave.”

“Alright Edward, I understand, at least somewhat, why you’re so scared of me leaving. But I can’t. Well, I can, but you’d have to abuse me very severely to make me pack up and leave, I mean you’d have to regularly have me in fear for my life… and I know that’s not going to happen with you. I would’ve left Phil… I would’ve left several of the ‘Family men’ I was with, except that you don’t leave them.

“But even if I didn’t love you more than I’ve loved any other man since my father, I’m not mentally programmed for ‘leaving’. I’m programmed for staying, pretty much no matter what.

“And then let’s look at it another way. Common threads in every story of a failed relationship that you told me about were that you met them at a bar, you were both drunk, and you came onto them because they looked like the type of woman who might be willing to sleep with, as you put it, a monster like you. Right?”

“Yeah… I guess that’s right.”

“Edward, I’m not the kind of woman who hangs out in bars looking for men. I’m not the kind of woman who gets drunk at a bar. Even if I were, even if I did, would you come onto me if you saw me drunk at a bar?”

“No… you’re not the kind of woman who’d be willing to fuck a… guy… like me.”

“You’re right, I’m not… I want far more out of my relationship with you than just fucking. That would be like Kelly offering you all her many charms and you saying ‘I’ll just suck your little toe, that’ll be fine’. I’m going to keep hammering on you that you’re a wonderful man and a good person until someday you get tired of me beating on you and believe it.

“So I’m not the kind of woman you’d normally hook up with. I was chosen for you by someone with uncanny insight. Someone who was more certain than she let herself know, I think, that I could not help but fall for you and that you had no choice but to fall for me. So to sum it all up, Edward, the only similarity between me and the women who’ve hurt you so badly so often over the years is that I’m of the same gender… right?”

“Yeah… that’s really about the only similarity.”

“Then stop expecting me to act like them.