Older Women Pt 1

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Older Women Pt 1About 15 years ago, the mother of one of my ex girlfriends called and asked if I would do her a favor and babysit her to young c***dren while she went out with an old girlfriend of hers that she had not seen for 20 years. i told her sure because I knew her and her c***dren quite well.I arrived at Jeans house at about seven in the evening and met Judy her girlfriend. Now Judy was 38 or 39 years old and quite the looker as she didn’t look much older than in her early twenties. we all had a drink and the girls said they would see me later and they left.The youngsters found their way to bed and I made sure they were tucked in and then went downstairs and watched TV. I must of fell asleep canlı bahis as I woke to the giggles of Jean and Judy. You could tell the had quite few and Jean seemed to be the worst for wear of the two. Judy came over to me and quite boldly grabbed my hand and put in on her ass and asked what I thought about her ass. Not only was she tipsy she was also horny. I rubbed her ass and told her it felt like a teenagers ass. “Good” remarked Judy “Now keep rubbing my ass cheeks.”Jean said she was going upstairs to bed and that we two should behave our self’s. As Jean went upstairs, Judy sat down beside me and reached over and grabbed my crotch. I reciprocated by putting one hand on her thigh and the other on bahis siteleri one of her tits. She groaned and grabbed my head, opened her mouth and proceeded to give a hot wet sloppy kiss. After about five minutes of pawing and sloppy kissing, Judy suggested that we go to the bedroom and get more comfortable. So we adjourned to the bedroom and as I came through the doorway, Judy was already down to her bra and panties. I pulled my shirt off and she removed her bra exposing two beautiful firm tits. I then pusher her to the bed and began to fondle and then suck on her erect nipples. With a moan, Judy slide her hand down my shorts and grabbed my erect cock.Things were happening fast and I pulled her panties güvenilir bahis down and then removed by shorts and we laid next to each others hot naked bodies. Grabbing my hot cock Judy said “I want that hat cock in my cunt. I want to feel it fucking my cunt.”Judy then guided my hot manhood into her hot, dripping cunt. With one thrust, my cock was into to the hilt… Judy moaned “Fuck me hard, I want to feel all your cock. I want to feel you shoot your hot cum in me.” I kept ramming my cock into her and she began to quiver and she said “I’m cumming, give me all your cum. Cum with me darling.” With that I gave one last thrust and and my balls started to empty a huge creampie in her. as I pumped my load into her I could feel the contractions of her pussy squeezing every drop of cum from cock.Judy paid for my babysitting this way but this was not over with just one orgasm for us that night. The rest will br old later.