Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 10

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Adriana Chechik

Olivia, The Hottest Mom

Chapter 10

Liv and Cody lose no time resuming their passionate secret affair, but Liv reveals it to Annette in HR following an incident between Cody and another analyst. When Cody arrives at Liv’s suburban home to leave for a symposium and lovers’ tryst in New York, her jealous daughter Carla confronts them with what she has figured out about their relationship, shocking Cody with a slap, then a long kiss. After the convention ends, Liv brings Cody to a suite at the top of the hotel for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Saturday morning, early March, Liv and I were occupied with our weekend ritual of waking up to lots of sex, which would continue in the shower, and probably once or twice on the couch later. My birthday was today, and Liv had hinted at a wonderful evening dining and dancing. I’ve never been very good at dancing, but with her in my arms I would try anything.

She lay back on the king bed, heels to either side of my knees, as we fucked ourselves the rest of the way awake. I loved to wake up with a case of morning wood, and she loved polishing it with hands, tongue, and especially the waiting heat of her pussy. The rain was thick and loud, hitting the windows of my apartment the way I was even now pounding the lush black curls concealing the treasures beyond.

Including the two months in 1980, and everything from October on, we had been together for about seven months altogether. The five year hiatus had made us appreciate each other more, and we loved catching up for lost time. We were very passionate, especially since we had seen each other again and renewed our relationship.

“Liv, you feel so good around my cock…” My thrusts were faster than a few minutes ago, and I knew we were close to finishing our inaugural fuck of the day. We slept with the curtains open, almost daring our neighbors to try to catch a glimpse of us enjoying each other. The covers were all on the floor, and Liv’s head pressed back into the pillow, her back arched to give me the perfect angle to penetrate and finish inside her.

“Cum inside me, baby…” Liv nearly always said this when she felt her approaching orgasm, and I always came inside her when she asked, unless my mouth was the instrument of her pleasure at that moment. Her scent was thick in the air, surrounding and cradling me as I neared our destination.

“I’m…cumming…Liv…Aaahhh!” There was a literal lightning stroke outside as I came, a bright actinic flash casting our shadows in momentary sharp relief on the wall, my back arched and my hips pressed against hers. The ensuing clap of thunder, almost right overhead, hit with my second stream of cum filling her up…then the sound of shattering glass filled the room. Startled, I looked around, and, seeing the bedroom was intact, I felt a cold, wet wind started to whip through the apartment, and knew something was badly wrong. My cock still pulsed, leaving a dribble of cum on the sheets as I rolled off Liv. I tossed her a robe and put mine on before heading out of our bedroom.

The living room was receiving the full brunt of the storm, and pieces of the thick safety glass had pebbled on the rug and couches. The furniture by the windows was getting soaked. I grabbed one end of the couch and pulled it in front of the kitchen, and did the same with the loveseat we had put to appropriate use the night before. The coffee table was too heavy to move without pushing, and that would have had me perilously close to falling out the missing window. Thankfully, the kitchen was pretty much untouched, as were the bedroom and both bathrooms.

Waking up to wind and water howling through your apartment is a crappy way to greet the morning any day, most especially Saturday morning balls deep in your girlfriend on your birthday. We got dressed without hitting the shower, and I called downstairs.

The super called back an hour later, and he apologized, saying it would be a few days before they could get all the units fixed. I hadn’t gotten close enough to look out the shattered window, but the offending artifact had been a piece of thick metal sheeting, propelled off the roof of an adjacent highrise and slamming into the side of our building. Apparently four or five other units had the same issue with shattered glass and water damage, but miraculously no-one had been injured more seriously than a cut foot or two.

Liv had a symposium the upcoming week in Boston, and told me I could stay at the house while she was there. Saturday and Sunday the building put me up in a hotel on their nickel. Liv obviously couldn’t drag her junior analyst with her everywhere, and she loved the thought of me keeping her bed warm, even without her there.

Carla was also, thankfully, out of town, camping with some friends for the week, and I silently hoped she was getting some sexual frustration out of her system. It was a better situation than I could have been stuck with, for beylikdüzü escort sure. Liv asked me to watch the house, and take care of, meaning drive, her Crown Vic into the office, from her suburban home.

Dealing with the apartment and arranging for an adjuster to agree to come out Monday to look at the water damage took most of the rest of the day, and Liv and I wound up going to a little Moroccan place downtown, no dancing. We went to the hotel room, finally showered, and made love a couple of times, but stress made me a little less attentive than usual, so Liv did more of the work, smiling when I apologized, saying it was my birthday, time for me to relax.

Sunday night, she pressed duplicates of her house and car keys into my hands when we went to her place, and I settled in with her.


Monday night, after a quicker than expected insurance appointment about the apartment, and after dropping Liv at O’Hare for her flight to Boston, I arrived at Liv’s house, alone. After parking in the garage and closing it, I dragged my briefcase inside the house, and called Carla’s name just to be sure she wasn’t there, which I knew already she wasn’t. It’s like walking into an empty classroom and taking roll, but you have to do it anyway. Satisfied I was alone, I stripped to my underwear and grabbed a thick robe to relax with paperwork and leftover meatloaf Liv had left for me. Tomorrow I would hit the grocery store for a couple of dinner items I could eat through Friday when Liv returned.

The rest of Monday night was quiet, Tuesday too, and I made my way to work and back with little trouble, using Liv’s Crown Vic. I had some respectful looks from the three other analysts, including the new gal, and did my best to appear as innocent as possible.

Wednesday night things were different.


I came home later than usual, about eight o’clock, and had started just after six a.m.; Tanya had a special project, and I’d gone in early to help. The last thing either Liv or I needed was for my work to fall off while she was out of town, and I was working diligently to forestall that. She was counting on me to keep things operating at least as smoothly as they always did, and I had gained a real appreciation for the hard work necessary in my chosen field. Just because I was sleeping with the boss didn’t mean I didn’t need to really buckle down and meet her professional expectations too.

It had been fourteen long hours, my last meal a bagel and coffee around noon, chased by a bag of barbecue chips and a coke around three, but fatigue won out over sustenance, and I headed straight up to the master bath, completely spent. Just one pale yellow globe burned dimly in the master bath, and that suited me just fine. I didn’t remember why I’d left the light on, but the day was a blur and it wasn’t important at the moment. What I needed was a nice long shower, and some sleep. I would probably get up around eleven to grab a small snack, but the first order of business was rest.

I stripped down to my boxers and slipped into the bathroom, turning on the shower. The pipes squeaked for a moment, and I made a mental note to let Liv know, so she could head off a potentially expensive plumbing issue. Soon the water was hot enough, and I took off my boxers before stepping into the steaming spray. My fatigue started to slough off of me, replaced by a familiar ache, wishing Liv was here with me.

As tired as I had been, the first part of me to fully awaken was my dick. Within seconds it was hard and ready for the woman all the way up in Boston, also probably feeling lonely and wanting me to run my hands and tongue and lips all over her naked body. First, I would undress her, slipping her coat and blouse and skirt off her, letting them fall to the floor. She wouldn’t be wearing any panties, and her silken bra would slide easily off her ample, full tits at my gentle touch. Her nipples were hard, curdled with desire for me, her now naked body, olive skin and paler untanned patches at her tits and ass, would beckon me. Her thick black bush would be fragrant with her scent, and her pussy would be wet and ready for me to part her jungle and enter Paradise.

I imagined her holding me and stroking my cock, the same as I was doing right now, then she would drop to her haunches and take my cock into her mouth, playing with my balls as gently as I was, rubbing my shaft until her mouth worked me enough to pull streams of thick, creamy cum out onto her lips and tits and she would suck me and keep sucking me until I was ready to shoot my load inside her, moan as she swallowed every drop down her throat then stand and kiss me still stroking me so I would cum more and more…

My eyes were closed imagining the erotic tableau in my mind’s eye, and when I came, I turned to face the shower head, letting the water wash it all down the drain. I moaned loudly, wishing Liv was there, beylikdüzü escort bayan even just watching me like the first time we’d been naked together.

“Fu-u-u-uck…” The word was long and drawn out, aching with need and the hunger for release, but it wasn’t me. My eyes snapped open.

Carla was standing there, the shower door ajar a few inches, panting quietly. A pink towel was up against her chest, one hand holding it clenched against her throat, and she was motionless. Carla was coated in soap suds which slowly crept down her bare hips to the bathmat she was standing on. She breathed the word again–fuck–her eyes still fastened on my hard-on, the subsiding seminal stream holding her attention.

I just stood there, my dick in my hand, still jerking absently, feeling the last droplets leave my body and fall into the waters swirling down the drain, too surprised even to react. She looked up at me, and I thought she was going to run away or be embarrassed, or something. Our gazes locked, and we stood breathing heavily.

“Cody, oh, fuck…Cody… That was… God…” She made no move to leave, no move at all except her eyes tracing all over my naked, soapy skin.

I wanted to turn away; I really did, but her eyes held me there, the surprise, the desire, the lust burning in them. “Carla…”

Now she did blush, or seemed to in the pale single bulb. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to peek…”

“What are you even doing home? Liv…your mother told me you were camping with friends?”

“I was. T-Tommy busted his arm falling from a tree, looking for directions. We led him to the ranger station, and decided fuck it, we’d head home. They dropped me off a little while ago.”

“But why were you in here?” Incongruously with my annoyance, my hand was still gripping and squeezing my cock, seemingly on automatic, and Carla still didn’t move or turn away.

“When I get back from camping, sleeping on the ground, I love to take a nice long bath, work out the kinks in my joints and back. And, since Mom wasn’t home, I came in to use her tub, her bubble bath.”

I didn’t quite trust myself to say anything. It was her house, and I didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable than she was watching me jack off. At the same time, having her walk in on me while I was fantasizing about her mother was…awkward, at best.

“I got in the tub about half an hour before you came home, lots of bubbles, kept the lights down so I could just float peacefully in the water. Then I heard someone downstairs. You came upstairs too fast, before I could towel off and get the hell out of here, so I just kept myself low in the water so you wouldn’t see me.”

Her eyes wandered over my body, lust apparent in her gaze, then she sucked air in between her teeth. “You look great naked, Cody. I couldn’t move when you took your shorts off, and then you got hard under the water, and I wanted to see more. When you started playing with yourself, I slipped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I was going to leave…” Her voice sounded pleading, plaintive, as if she had been the one caught. “Then I just…stopped to watch, pulled the shower door open just a little bit to see what you were doing.”

My hand was still holding my waning hard-on, I realized, and the water was beginning to cool to merely lukewarm. And still I was motionless too.

“I’ve never seen a guy… Love having a hard cock in my pussy, Cody. So much. I love to make guys shoot their wad on my tits. I’ve never watched a guy…do that by themselves.”

I slowly turned to face her, challenging her in a minor way. “Did you like watching?”

A nervous nod, little more than a vertical quiver of her chin, showed her assent. “I wanted to climb into the shower with you and take over. Make you cum on my tits, or in my pussy. I’m very…want you, Cody. I want you…” The sentence was broken, but made complete sense to her, I knew. I rinsed the rest of the soap away and shut off the tepid stream, then motioned for her to back up a bit. She did, and I stepped out and grabbed my towel, holding it in front of me at my waist, finally concealing my flagging hard-on from her sight.

“Has…Mom watched you do that?” She was beginning to pant, and licked her lips, so like Liv in that way, and I suspected many other ways hidden by the lush pink towel still clutched at her throat, dangling down just past her thighs. I could only see her left hand, holding the towel up, and her right hand was out of sight, under the towel. I studiously avoided looking, imagining it on her pussy, gently stroking her labia and clit while looking at me naked in front of her.

“Carla, you dry off in here. I’ll go out into the bedroom and dry off and get dressed.”

She started to protest, then nodded. I wrapped the towel around my waist and started for the bedroom door.


I stopped and turned. “Yeah, Carla?”

She dropped the escort beylikdüzü towel and stood naked on the bath mat. A small collection of bubbles between her breasts started scudding down onto her belly, and the suds on her hips followed in a slow progress down the outside of her thighs. Carla was the spitting image of her mother, almost. She wasn’t quite as trim and muscular, and her skin wasn’t quite the deep, rich olive her mother displayed. She had a pair of pale patches just like Liv’s, one on each breast, and the bikini area was also paler, a little more than her breasts were. Her bush was neatly trimmed, tight in so she could wear a bikini without any of her dark, kinky hairs playing peekaboo with onlookers.

Carla was nearly as flawless and divine as my Liv.

I turned away after a long moment, and she appeared very happy I was enjoying the view, at least enough to linger. As I stepped into the bedroom, sliding the door shut, I didn’t trust myself to turn back to her. “I got some groceries last night. We can have a couple of burgers. Downstairs. Fully clothed.”

Her words were subdued and happy as I shut the door. “Clothes. Yes, Cody.”


Wearing pants and a shirt, instead of my usual bathrobe, I wondered what the hell to do. My girl’s daughter had seen me, watched me naked and jacking off, then made an obvious pass at me, with her tits and pussy displayed for me to see. I wondered whether she was really competing with Liv, or was just showing off. I hoped it was just showing off, showing me she was her mother’s equal in that respect.

I fried a couple of burgers on the stove and cooked half a bag of frozen French fries on a cookie sheet in the oven. Carla came down and cut up some tomato for us, and pulled out a couple of slices of American cheese for the patties. She was in an orange sweatsuit, and I noticed uncomfortably that she wasn’t wearing a bra; her nipples were stiff and obvious underneath the bright fabric.

Within a few minutes, the meal was ready, and I sat at the table. Not at the head of it; I knew that would send the wrong message, since I was the guest, the one in her home, not the other way around. We didn’t even make small talk, and I started to regret even talking to her after I noticed her watching me. If I hadn’t promised Liv I’d watch the house and her car, I would have headed home to my apartment and called her in Boston to explain.

“Penny for your thoughts, Cody?” I glanced up, my reverie broken, and blinked. Carla’s laugh was a lot like Liv’s. “Maybe a penny isn’t the going rate anymore!”

“No, no. Sorry, just thinking.”

“About me seeing you naked.”

“Yeah…” And jacking off before you took off your towel…, I didn’t quite add. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your bath.”

Her smile was a twin of Liv’s, and I had an uncomfortable feeling I was going to be making that comparison all night. “I was nearly done. Five minutes more and you would have caught me…”


She gathered herself, then looked straight at me, a faint smile on her lips. “Not just naked. I have a dildo. Mom has a couple of them, and I picked one up for myself. It helps when I’m not dating, right?” She leaned in over the table. “Five more minutes, and you could have watched me, Cody. It was right on the rim of the tub, waiting for me. I think that I would have loved having you watch me play with my pussy. Whether I knew you were watching me or not.”

“Oh.” Liv had played with herself for me a couple of times, and it was always very hot, very sexy and always followed by intimate, passionate lovemaking. Hell, our first tryst was watching each other masturbate sitting in the conversation pit, back when I trimmed trees and swept pools for pocket money.

The look in my eyes gave too much away, I realized. Carla grinned slyly, and there was an air of triumph in her voice. “Mom’s seen you do that, hasn’t she? And I bet you watched her, too!”

“Isn’t that between Liv and me?”

Carla giggled in revelation. “I knew it! You like watching.”

“Carla, I…” Carla’s crush seemed to be worse after walking in on me, possessive, almost proprietary, and I knew she was toying with me. You would have loved to see her toying something else… That thought, as wicked as it was, was true, completely and absolutely.

Our plates were empty, and she took both of them to the sink. “I’ll take care of the dishes in the morning, Cody. I’m out of school all week, so you just take it easy when you’re home.” She kissed me on the cheek, a chaste peck that did absolutely nothing to allay my concerns.

After an hour or so of paperwork, I was ready for bed, and headed up to Liv’s master. Peering inside the room, I turned on the overhead light, and then the one in the bathroom, on full. It hurt my weary eyes a little, but I was able to swiftly verify Carla wasn’t bathing in the tub, or crouching naked in my bed, ready to pounce.

Carla had considerately emptied the tub when she came up, and apparently rinsed it out, since there was no sign of her earlier effervescent lurking place. The vibrator she had mentioned was also absent, much to my relief. It would have been even more awkward to have her knock on my door in the middle of the night, looking for her latex love wand.