On The Way Home Ch. 02

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You sat motionless on the edge of the bed, smoking your cigarette slowly, your eyes glazed over. I could hear the wheels turning in your mind, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was next.

I pushed a loose strand of my auburn hair behind my ear and ran my finger down the side of my face, under my chin, and between my breasts, gathering your attention. You glanced at me with wide eyes that burned into my soul.

“Let’s go for a drive.” I said. I stood up and grabbed my jeans and blouse from the floor and slipped them on effortlessly.

“It’s pouring.” You said.

“Can you not drive in the rain?” I asked cynically.

“Yes.” You said as you rolled your eyes at me and chuckled softly. You pulled your pants on and began to fasten your belt.

“You’re not going to need that,” I said as I pulled it through the belt loops and dropped it on the floor. You smiled at me and threw on your shirt. You grabbed the keys off the table, tossed them up in the air and let them fall into the palm of your hand.


“Let’s go.” I grabbed the room key from the dresser and headed out the door.

We pulled out of the parking lot and turned left onto a main road.\

“Where should we go?” You asked.

“Somewhere deserted.” I smiled and laughed. The rain pounded the roof of the car as you drove. Other cars splashed water onto the windshield as they passed us, making it hard for the wipers to catch up. The sun was on the horizon and night was looming in the air. You turned the headlights on as we cruised down a deserted part of the highway.

“Did you have something in mind?” You asked as you slowed the car down to just under the speed limit.

“Maybe.” I mumbled under my breath. The sky was black and the rain beat down. “Pull over.”

“What, here?” You shot me a glance.


“We’re on the highway.”

“I’m aware of that. Pull over.” You sighed but did as I asked you to. As soon as the car was stopped and the engine off, I unlocked the automatic lock and swung my door open.

“Where on Earth are you going?” You asked me.

“You’ll see.” I sneered and stepped out of the car. I walked around to the front of the car and stood facing you. The windshield was steamed on the inside and I couldn’t make out your face. You turned the engine over and rolled down your window slightly, letting in the cool air. The steam disappeared and you shut off the engine.

“What are you doing?” You shouted through the crack in the window. “You’re soaked.”

I pulled my wet hair into a ponytail and stood, kaçak iddaa facing the sky letting the rain hit my face and chest. I turned back towards the car and motioned for you to join me. You shook your head and scrunched your face up as if to imply that I was crazy.

I stood in front of the grill of the car staring into your eyes through the windshield. I brought my hands to my chest and stuck my fingers into the holes between the buttons of my blouse.

“Wait!” You called as you opened up the driver’s door. You walked up to me and replaced my fingers with yours. You pulled gently at first, but then in an instant you ripped my blouse down the center, sending the buttons flying in all directions. You reached behind me and grabbed the back of my blouse and pulled it off me and tossed it onto the hood of the car. My braless tits swung freely, my nipples hardening as the rain pounded them from above.

I unbuttoned my soaked jeans and slid them and my panties down my legs, tossing them, too, on the hood of the car. I stood before you, completely naked, the rain pounding my bare body visciously. You grabbed my waist and hoisted me onto the hood of the car, the engine warm beneath my bare ass.

“Right here, Right now.” You said in that dominant tone that made my pussy ache. Your soaked pants made your hard cock very visible as it stood at attention. You unzipped your pants and practically ripped them from your body as you tried desperately to free your cock from it’s prison.

I propped my legs up on the front bumper, slightly spread, and laid back on the wet, warm hood, my soaked clothes behind my head. You grabbed my knees and pulled me down towards you waiting cock. You slipped inside me effortlessly as my legs wrapped around your body, trapping you inside of me. You pulled me into an upright position and lifted me off the hood of the car. You turned around and leaned against the car, propping me up on you impaled cock.

“Ride me.” You said as you leaned back. I unwrapped my feet from your body and placed them back on the bumper and leaned forward, pushing you down on the hood. The rain flung my hair into my eyes causing me to shake my head slightly as I positioned myself on your cock. I pushed up with my feet, lifting myself off your cock slightly, then sat back down slowly.

“Yeah, that’s it.” You said to no one in particular. You braced yourself on the hood with your hands until you found a position you could keep that would set your hands free. Once there, you reached up with one hand and slid it between my legs. My body lifted kaçak bahis off your cock again to allow your hand some room and slammed back down. Your fingers explored my clit as my pussy swallowed and released your cock over and over again.

My knees were starting to shake and it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain the pace in this position. Sensing this you moved enough so that it forced me to put my legs on the ground. You slipped your cock out of me and stood up. You stepped to the side of me and put your hand on my back, pushing me into a bent-over position. I placed my hands on the hood of the car as you sank your cock deep into my slick pussy, Your pace sped up as you tortured my pussy, fucking me slowly, then increasing your speed, then slowing it down again.

“I want to make this last.” You said. My body ached to come. You were driving me absolutely insane.

“Damnit, Greg! Why do you do this to me?” I moaned.

You chuckled. “Tell me when you’re about to come.” You instructed.

“I’m ready now.” I panted as you plunged your cock deeper and deeper into my pussy.

“You are?” You asked.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. “Go faster.” My begging fell on deaf ears as you stopped moving alltogether and pulled your cock completely out of my pussy. I started to move to turn around when I felt your hands on my ass.

“Don’t move.” You said. I could feel your hands on my ass as your index finger slipped slowly into my hole.

“Ohhhhh…” I moaned as your finger dove deeper into my ass.

“You like that?” You asked as you chuckled. You kneeled down on the wet pavement, your pants providing cushion against the hard road. I could feel the hairs from your mustache on my pussy lips as you blew warm air on my clit. I moaned as I felt your probing tongue sink into my sopping hole. My breathing became labored as you slipped a second finger into my slightly stretched asshole.

“Fuck!” I shouted. The pain from your fingers in my ass mixed so sweetly with the pleasure your tongue in my pussy was providing. You moved your head farther between my legs as your tongue slipped out of my hole and probed for my clit. My body jerked slightly when you found it, causing your fingers to push further into my ass. You began pistoning your fingers in and out of my ass as your tongue circled my clit, never really touching it.

“I can’t take this anymore, Greg. Please let me come.” I cried to you.

“Not yet.” You whispered. Your tongue went back towards my clit, but again, never touched it. Just as the pain in my ass subsided and I began illegal bahis to get used to your fingers there, you slipped a third finger into my ass, making me jump. My body was so warm and the cold rain pelting into my back confused my body. I couldn’t feel whether I was cold or warm, but I knew I ached.

I moaned with every push of your fingers, and every circle of your tongue. Every now and then you would slide your tongue across my clit, sending a shiver down my spine, but you wouldn’t keep it there. You would work me up enough so my body wouldn’t forget what it desperately wanted, but wouldn’t go over the edge,

“Are you ready?” You finally asked me after 15 minutes of pure torture. Your fingers sped up their pace as they slammed in and out of my ass as your tongue found my clit and began pushing on it. I felt my body begin to tense up. Your mouth engulfed my clit as your tongue flicked across it faster and faster. The rain slammed into my exposed body as my orgasm hit. I moaned and breathed as you continued to speed up your pace, driving me over the edge as wave after wave swept over me.

You slowed down as my breathing returned to normal and removed you fingers from my ass. You stood up and placed your hands on my back.

“My turn.” You said. Your fingers had already stretched my ass enough so I wouldn’t need to adjust to your cock. With one push, you slammed your cock into my waiting asshole, pushing me foward. “Don’t move a muscle.” You said as your hands grabbed my hips. You pulled my body down ever so slightly as you began fucking my ass. Over and over again you slammed into my ass, moaning with every push.

“You like this?” You asked me as you began to fuck my ass faster.

“Yeah.” I moaned.

“Good. Because I’m about ready to explode into your ass.” You sped up your pace a little as your swollen cock pulsated inside my ass. “Oh fuck…” You moaned as you shot your load deep inside my ass. You draped your wet, naked body on top of mine as the last of your seed spilled out of your cock into my body. You stayed there for a few minutes until your cock went limp and slid out of my abused ass.

“How many times does this make today?” YOu asked.

“Not enough.” I said as I slipped my sopping wet clothes back onto my spent body.

“I don’t imagine this was the last time tonight, was it?” You grinned at me.

“Not if I have any say in it.” I leaned down and gathered your dirty, wet pants from the front of the car and handed them to you. You put your clothes back on and walked to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. You eased me inside, closed the door and walked around to the drivers side. You got in and turned the car on.

“You were right.” You glanced at me and smiled. “I didn’t need my belt…”