One Amazing Birthday! Ch. 02

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Blow Job

Just Lunch

So maybe things didn’t go quite as I described them last time, I thought as I sat down at my computer. This sultry little vixen had teased, had pointed out cameras, talked about breaking rules, and yet then lean in while kissing my neck and whispered, you haven’t broken enough of the rules yet. My mind spun, yes, it was obvious, or at least I felt like it and my buddy who had gone with me on this evening had clearly said on the way home I was in trouble.

I had laughed, “I’m not in trouble, I am the trouble.”

Yes, of course I had bought a few dances with her, private and at the table but, in retrospect, she hadn’t tried to leave my side at all. I had definitely given her the chance. A few times, I just didn’t want to leave her alone. Hell, even when some guy walked up to tip her while she was dancing, I felt a twinge of jealousy. Nothing severe, but enough that I questioned myself.

Other girls working that night more than likely thought she was being extremely rude as she looked at my phone reading the previous story. A twinge of red crept into her face, she tried to deny it, but when she asked if she could go smoke first, I told her she had to earn that break and nudged her back toward the private dancing area.

The best thing about Cass, was this, even if you were paying for her company, she never made you feel like that. Hey every guy wants to feel special like, she only does this with me, but I truly think that is the case here, I’m not blinded by lust. Alright, hell yes, I want her, but I also just like when she gets to sit there and talk with me.

As Cass slid on that first time, I could already feel she was soaked. Like OMFG soaked. Oh this was going to be fun, to cut this short and get you to the good stuff, I got a little pasty pulled off tease of her nipple, not only a peek but a glorious suck and taste. The damn bouncer called time just as she was climbing back up on me again, hard to believe thirty minutes rolled by that quickly.

Now I hadn’t planned on a second trip back, but my buddy succumbed to a another girl that evening so I figured I’d have some fun and go back again and tease him while it all went on. This is when my dark haired beauty leaned in kissed my neck and nibbled, catching my fingers at times and sucking. When she mentioned I had not broken enough rules, I reached between us, finding the center of her thong and stroking her wet little pussy. I wish I had reached underneath, but I was happy teasing her this much. When she had sucked my fingers, I nudged her head down and told her, “I wish I could just shove your mouth down to my lap.”

“Oh I wish that too Chad,” she said batting those sultry eyes, she slid off my lap and centered herself between my legs and dipped her head as close as she could before sliding up and rubbing her titties against me. “this is as close as I can get.”

So she had agreed to lunch. The more I thought about it the more I decided the plot laid out was good but not great. I wanted her soaked before I ever touched her. I wanted that mix of soft and sensual with rough, dirty, relentless pounding of each tight little hole she was going to offer. Then it hit me. It wouldn’t be to hard to keep her turned on with a little peach ciroc she had requested and also just some slow build up before she was pinned getting fucked into submission while bakırköy escort she screamed. I had been playfully forceful at the club with her. Let her know in no uncertain terms she was going to be at my mercy. She had teased. Cass had teased without letting up the entire night, and if she were able to get free she was going to get a massive fucking.

In hindsight, I think we were both extremely nervous, sex with a new person is always a giddy butterfly in your stomach event. Even if it’s casual or just some fun. In this case I knew I’d be the nervous one it had been years since I had been with a different woman. We all have insecurities, about our body’s, sizes, performance, expectations..everything. In this case I had a few nerves but, I wanted her enough to know that this was going down when she was available. I was going to make her regret not giving in before this. She had said she wanted to but just couldn’t.

Timing just wasn’t in the cards this time around though, an earlier commitment kept our rendezvous at bay for another few weeks. Although in the middle of the craziness of both of our lives, I was able to get this gorgeous young girl to send me a picture. No not like that you perverts, I got one of her fully clothed lying in bed. Now it was what I hoped only a matter of time until I’d get a more revealing picture, or I’d get to take a few of my own with her.

In the days prior to a Florida trip with my kids I managed to sneak in one afternoon to see Cass, as I sat down she was called up on stage, and as soon as she saw me she smiled and slid across the platform and smiled, crooking a finger to come towards her. I stepped up and leaned down holding out a tip as she whispered in my ear that she got wet the minute I walked through the door.

“Well, now little miss,” I responded, “I can’t wait to get you alone for some private fun then.”

The minute Cassandra slipped off stage she did something she hadn’t done before, she stepped over to me and asked for my phone. I told her sure but wondered what she had in mind. When she just told me to unlock it and she’d be right back I didn’t really hesitate, hell she even left her phone with me so I wasn’t worried about her running off. About 5 minutes later she sauntered back over and sat down.

“Do you want to know why I asked for that?” she asked as she pointed to my phone freshly deposited on the table.

“Of course I do,” I replied, pulling my phone over and starting the unlock sequence.

“Why don’t we go in the back for a dance and you can look at that while I’m getting ready.”

Off we went, Cass looping her arming through mine, upon paying we were shown the side both and she quickly whispered that I should glance through my phone. I first went to the text messages, noticing that she had changed the first name from Cass to her real name. (Sorry guys some things are sacred, I’m not sharing that shit.) Then I went to where I hoped she had gone, the camera gallery.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten that hard that fast in my life. There was a series of finger sucking, nipples exposed, clit rubbing, finger fucking, from behind shots also that all exposed every inch of my desire and she finished with one of those come hither looks while sucking her juice coated fingers in her mouth. As I looked up from the phone beşiktaş escort to this stunning beauty in the flesh she smiled.

“So I’m sorry our date last Wednesday got cancelled but I figured this could make up for it until then.”

“OMG,” and then it hit me, I knew exactly who she looked like. It had been bugging me since we first met, it wasn’t the doppelganger exactly but the face was pretty damn close. Nina Dobrev. When I told her who I thought she looked like she giggled, saying she didn’t really see it but she was flattered.

“Now let’s get down to what you paid for kind sir,” and with that she was on my lap leaning over, already catching my ear between her lips, “God I want to fuck you, I think as soon as you’re back from your little Florida trip we’re going to have to schedule something.”

I had tried to get her out and go get her nails done one day, figured a little pampering and fun conversation wouldn’t hurt but she had been busy with her daughter. Which I completely respected, even if a little disappointed. I’d suffer through and just enjoy when I could get her.

I smiled up at her from under her hair and after she made sure she was covered from the camera above she kissed me, her tongue darting into my mouth seeking mine, and teasing the hoop she found there. She pulled back but still leaning over, “Damn, I know we’ve both wanted that for a while, and if I’m not going to see you again for a few weeks, I don’t want you forgetting about me.”

I knew the feeling, really I did, I knew she stayed busy, but what about those nights it was slow, or the times she did have free that she was good about finally texting me. I told her she could still do that and she promised she would.

“But for now, can you please break that same rule you did last time, but with a little more naughtiness, because us “Good girls” don’t get checked on much during the afternoon shifts.”

I slid my hand down between us and slipped a finger under the front of her thong, finding her soaked and ready as a finger slipped right up inside her, I wiggled it a bit and then pulled it out but not before stroking her clit a few times.

“Fuck you,” she whispered riding me just as hard as ever before. “If I didn’t have to work a double today, I’d be fucking you senseless this evening.”

“Keep that thought beauty, when I come back you’ll be the first to know my schedule.”

What she didn’t know is I was in the works to train every bouncer and hostess there, and possibly some or all of the girls as soon as I returned. After meeting with the manager he had agreed it was a good idea and we came to terms with the cost.

I arrived at the designated spot, picking her up and getting her in the car, I did still put a blindfold over her eyes. I liked the allure of her losing a sense, then reaching over I kissed her, Oh, holy fuck that first kiss, was everything I had expected, if not even better. There was lust and passion involved deeply here.

“So lunch?” I asked.

“Peach Ciroc and your cock!” she responded.

“Well in that case Cass,” I exclaimed, “Hold on!”

She reached over and took hold of my already hard cock and stroked it a few times, “Ok I’ve got a good grip here.”

Less than ten minutes later we were in the garage, and as she got out of the car with my help beylikdüzü escort I pushed her up against the vehicle and sat her on the hood, pushing up her little skirt out of the way, I pulled her panties off and when she opened her mouth I shoved them in to keep her quiet. I dove down between her legs and slid my fingers in and got her soaked by teasing her clit and pussy. As I thought about how to move forward, I pulled her down and kept her face against the hood as I spinned her around. Then, just as quickly I dropped my shorts and slipped my hard cock deep inside on the first thrust. As she came this first time I swatted her ass hard, and then pulled out of her. I nudged her down and filled her mouth just as quickly and let her suck for a few minutes, barely holding off from coming.

I stood her up and led her inside the house and out to the pool area. I sat down on the patio couch and pulled her into my lap. Knowing her panties were off I had dropped my shorts off on the way through the door and then impaled her on my cock as I flipped on some music while she rode me slowly. Never making a move to pull off her blindfold. Reaching back between us she began to rub her fingers over my balls and then back up to her own ass.

I removed the panties from her mouth and then kissed her deeply. I held Cass’ hips and slowly worked her up and down. I was going to do so much to her today but I wanted to experience so many things. I lifted her just enough to spin her around on my lap to reverse cowgirl, and dropped her down on my cock to the hilt. As she rode I pulled her back, wrapping my hand around her throat and biting and kissing the back of her neck, at the same time I slipped my other hand around her front and caught her swollen clit between two fingers and rubbed her fast and hard. My fingers soaked in her overflowing juice slid between us and I began to rub her tight little anal opening.

Cass pulled my hand from her throat and began to lick and suck the fingers, moaning and panting at the same time, as soon as I slipped a finger into her ass she deepthroated my finger and started cumming and clenching around my cock. As soon as she stopped this orgasm she stood up and hopped away, reaching for my hand. “Take me to a bed and fuck me Chad.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice, I led her to my bedroom and as I lay down she slid up and while stroking my shaft started to lick and suck just the tip. She smiled up at me. “Where’s your phone?” she asked.

I grabbed it from the nightstand where I had sat it and she told me to turn the camera on and get some good pictures. “When we’re done you can send them to me, save them, get them off your phone. But we’ll both want something to remember from today and you fucking each hole of mine.” Quickly she added, “Besides, seeing these will make us both horny for the next time I get a day off.”

With that she slid up and flopped on her back next to me. Lifting her legs in the air, she spread them and started fingering herself. “Fuck me baby!”

I know that by the time we finished, I had firmly fucked every hole, cum several times, gotten about 400 photos and choked her to orgasm 5 times, spanked her hard enough to leave a few small bruises, and shown her almost everything I had in my sexual arsenal. Although I left a few surprises for the next time, and when she walked out to get in the car she grinned and said that it was worth the wait and definitely she’d be trying to find at least a few hours one morning each week to get together.

“But next time at a hotel or my house,” she said with a smile, “that way the only people that can catch us are maids or my roommate, not your wife.”