One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 8

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 8Keith and Jim met after classes at their adjacent lockers for the first time Monday after their weekend sex party with their mothers and Amanda Fillmore. Both were unusually subdued in their discussion for fear of someone overhearing their conversation. “I am never again going to complain when our mothers want us to all get together,” Jim said, still astonished by the weekend event. “I didn’t know shit like that really happens!””Keep your voice down,” said Keith. “That was a fucking awesome time, wasn’t it?””There aren’t words to describe this weekend,” Jim agreed. “My dad leaves for the week on business and mom has already told me to be home as early as possible every day after school. She plans on fucking my brains out from the time I get home until we have to go to bed!””You have an awesome mom, that’s for sure. I would like to get some more of that action, too.” Keith said with a big grin.”I’m thinking we are both gonna get more action with both moms,” Jim said with confidence. “I gotta go.””Yeah, I have to go see the principal anyway. See ya tomorrow.” Keith said.”Man, if fucking sucks that you have to see the principal once a week, Keith. Tell that bitch to fuck off.” Jim had no idea that Keith was actually looking forward to his weekly meetings with Ms. Davis.”It’s all good.” Keith said. Just about then, his phone buzzed. It was a text from his mother telling him to go over to Jim’s house. Ms. Davis called and cancelled her appointment with him and would reschedule tomorrow. His mother had already cleared the plans with Shelley and was sure Keith and Jim would enjoy the visit.Keith raced to catch up with Jim and they laughed all the way home – with wood in their pants the entire way as well.Meanwhile, Karen lay back on the bed as Ms. Davis continued to work her pussy over with the rather large dildo she had brought along for their playtime together. This had become a near-weekly appointment for them since their first meeting in Ms. Davis’ office. They typically took turns licking each other to orgasm and then fucking each other with an array of toys that Ms. Davis had collected over the years and enjoyed with her female partners. She swung both ways and was a skillful lover with either sex. More than once, Karen had mused that Linda Davis was good enough to convince her to give up cock, but both had to admit that there was no substitute for the real thing when a good old fashioned fucking was needed. After both had cum several times and were lying beside each other panting for air, Ms. Davis mentioned Keith again. “So tell me, Karen. And no bullshit, either. How long have you been fucking your son?”Karen felt her throat go dry and thought for a moment her heart had stopped. “What on earth makes you think I am fucking my son?””I said no bullshit, Karen. You forget that as an educator, I am trained to spot the signs of such things. Don’t get me wrong. This is clearly not the same situation I am trained to detect and report. There are no signs of abuse or other indications that this is anything other than two consenting adults. But there are several things that are pointing to you banging Keith. I am just curious. How long?”Karen looked at the ceiling as they talked. “We fucked the first time the night of the dance. We haven’t stopped since then. How did you know?””I told you that I thought you were a forward and progressive thinker. One of two things happened surrounding the dance. Either you were already fucking him and allowing him to fuck his date that night created a cover up for you and focus the attention on some rather lewd mother-son action away from your home, or, by giving the okay to both parties for some out of the ordinary encounters broke down the walls for you to get what you really wanted, which was to fuck your son. You knew that once he already had screwed an older woman, then you would just be another older woman closer to home and more readily available. Am I right? Let me answer that for you. You didn’t give anyone permission to fuck before that night. It just happened because most 40 something women aren’t satisfied and an available young man makes it all very easy. You fucked Jim on the spur of the moment just as Amanda did your son. The flood gates opened and now you are all probably fucking each other silly. And I got to join the party simply because I am a willing and eager cunt myself. You see, I have fucked a couple of older people in positions of authority over me as well and I know how that process works. Everyone benefits as long as all agree to the terms. You get your satisfaction, Keith gets 10 times the fucking he would otherwise and it all happens in a controlled environment you can all live with. A thing of beauty. I actually admire you. The only reason I bring this up is I want something more and that requires that all three of us are honest about the relationship between you and Keith.”Karen looked puzzled. “What exactly is the ‘something more’ that you want, Linda? You are already fucking both of us.””Karen, I am extremely fond of you and I love spending time with you. I have never felt like this toward another woman before. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it love, but I will say that I have a hard time going through a day without thinking about spending time with you. I am also very fond of Keith. I don’t want to marry him or any shit like that, but I can only fuck him in my office so much and I can’t risk having him over to my apartment as frequently as I would like, so I would like to be able to come here now and then and I really want for the three of us to get it on together, if the two of you would agree to it. I am kinda kinky that way. I really love the two on one scene. Now do you understand why I need us all to be on the same page? If I know for a fact that you are fucking him and are as open about sex as you say and have shown me, then I can make my fantasies a reality and we can all play together. Thoughts?”Karen smiled, said she could not think of another woman she would want to share Keith canlı bahis with in a threesome than his very own principal. The kissed deeply, the fires of desire reignited at the thought of both of them fucking Keith at the same time.—————–Keith never got tired of a warm wet mouth or pussy wrapped around his stiff cock. Shelley’s mouth was no exception. And neither he nor Jim minded sharing their mothers with each other. In this case, Shelley was lying on her back on the living room coffee table. She was on her back with Jim pounding his cock into her pussy and Keith had her head hanging off the edge of the table so that he could drive his cock deep into her throat from time to time as she sucked his cock and played with his balls. He played with her over-sized tits and watched them jiggle as Jim bounced against her as he drove his cock deep inside her. Shelley’s moans were a humming vibration on Keith’s cock that only intensified the sensation of the blowjob.Jim was watching with fascination as his mother sucked Keith’s dick like a pro. He would reach out and play with her tits when Keith wasn’t squeezing them himself. Jim suggested that when they both came, they should pull out like the porn stars and cum on his mother’s huge tits. Keith agreed as did Jim’s mother. Jim came first, withdrawing in time to stand up, move to his mother’s chest, and unloaded a large wad of cum on her left tit. He centered his cum on her nipple and watched in slowly run down to the inside of chest and begin to pool in her cleavage. Keith was right behind him and came on her right tit and watched it do the same thing. Their cum mingled in a pool between her tits and she rubbed her large tits together smearing it all over the insides of her globes until it was a clear lubricant. She suggested that Jim get between her tits and fuck them before the cum dried. He did as suggested and Keith moved to the other end of the table where Jim had been and began finger fucking Shelley’s ass. He took the lube sitting near him to make a little easier on her and before long he was sliding his finger deep in and out of her ass like a small cock.The coffee table was an oval with a clear glass top. It was just long enough to accommodate Shelley’s torso and ass. Her head dangled off of one end unless supported and her legs did the same at the other end unless she tucked them up or wrapped them around the person fucking her. The table had four simple, curved brass legs so if someone wanted to crawl under the table for a rather unique view, they could do just that. Shelley announced that she was ready to try taking a cock in the ass and knew that Keith already had experience with ass fucking and asked if he would gently try stuffing his cock in her ass, but also be willing to stop if she could not carry through with it. Keith gave the obvious answer and immediately began lubing up his cock. She turned over, face down on the coffee table and spread her legs. Jim stepped back to watch as Keith began pushing his cock head up to her asshole and slowly force the head inside her. She grimaced a little at first, but it got easier once his cock started making headway. Jim was slowly stroking himself, still hard since he hadn’t cum while tit fucking his mother. Jim got the idea of sliding himself under the coffee table to watch Keith’s work on Shelley’s ass. Jim watched intently as he repeatedly saw Keith’s hard dick disappear in his mother’s ass, balls meeting her pussy lips when he reached full depth, and then reappear as he pulled back. Shelley was growing accustomed to it and it was now starting to feel good. She reached under the table and began stroking her son’s cock while he watched her take it up the ass. Shelley surprised both of them when she asked Keith to stop and pull out of her ass. She got off the table and asked Keith to lie down on the floor so she could climb on top of him and take his cock back in her ass. When she did, she then laid back on him, spread her legs and instructed her son to start fucking her pussy again. She wanted double penetration. Three days ago, this woman was afraid of getting caught masturbating outside her son’s room. Now she was having the same two boys fuck her in the ass and pussy at the same time. What a transformation this woman was going through!Jim got between his mother’s legs and inserted his cock in what felt like a much tighter hole than it had been previously. Having another cock in the hole next door took up quite a bit of the available space for his cock and as his rod began to fill her pussy, Jim could feel the underside of his shaft rubbing against the underside of Keith’s cock with only two thin walls of his mother’s flesh separating them. As he plunged to full depth, Jim could feel his balls nudging up against Keith’s balls and to Jim it was almost like the two of them were jacking off with their cocks held together – only a helluva lot better to say the least. Between them was a woman who could not get enough and Jim was fucking and playing with his mother’s cum soaked tits while he did. Keith mostly lay there, letting the action of the other two handle the motion that continued to stimulate his cock. After several minutes, Jim grunted and Keith could feel Jim’s cock spasm and knew Jim was spunking in his mother’s pussy. Jim stopped when he was finished and after a couple of minutes pulled out. His cum wad followed his cock and a glob of white cream ran out of his mother’s pussy and onto to Keith’s shaft only now half buried in her ass. With a little more freedom to move, Keith began pumping upward into Shelley’s ass until he shot his cum deep inside her. When he pulled out, his cum followed a similar path to Jim’s – it poured our of her asshole and ran down his shaft, pooling in the area just above his cock base. Keith’s cock and balls were covered in his cum and Jim’s and Shelley decided the best thing she could do under the circumstances was clean him up with her tongue. She proceeded to lick it all off of him, causing his cock to twitch uncontrollably bahis siteleri from the stimulation and his now over-sensitive cock. She led them to the shower and washed them like they were little boys having come in from playing outside all day. While in the shower, Jim took the opportunity to give ass fucking a try and drove it home in her ass while she gave Keith another blow job. It was close to 8 pm by that point, and Keith decided he had better head for home.When Keith arrived home, he and his mother shared their after-school adventures. That is when his mother informed him that they had a Friday night date with Ms. Davis. Karen told him of their after-fucking conversation and that Ms. Davis knew the truth about them and was the one who really wanted to go for a threesome. Once Keith realized it was safe, he began to get excited. In fact, he got excited enough that Karen had to give him a “nightcap” before bed. The reality was, she needed one as well. He reminded her that he still had a recording of his conversation with Ms. Davis in case trouble began to develop. Karen had him play it for her again and it got her even more worked up as she could hear the sounds of the two of them fucking and she came several times on Keith’s cock before he finally launched another cum shot inside her. She fell asleep laying on top of him with his cum slowly trickling out of her and onto his balls and down the inside of his thighs.——————–As Karen and Keith were calling it a night, the evening was just beginning for Kris and Kim. Kim had gone back to her toy store to report on the results of her purchase. The girl she had encountered there was on duty that day and was really turned on by the details Kim related to her. She had suggested that the two of them come by around midnight the next night when the store closed and they could get “better acquainted”. Kim soaked her panties at the thought and was soaking them again now as they entered the store just before midnight. The store was in a small strip on the seedier side of town. It was barely a strip. It was one very large building housing three businesses. At one end was the toy store that Kim was familiar with, which closed at midnight. At the other end was a gentleman’s club that was open until 2 am every night. In the middle was a massage shop open 24 hours a day and provided more happy endings in one day after the “massage” than all of the k**s’ movies ever made. All three businesses were owned by the same group of people and there was an unspoken arrangement with police. In exchange for being left alone, the cops got all of the happy endings they wanted at no charge. Even the vice squad had testified that nothing i*****l was going on at this location, since they were collectively getting their rocks off any time they pleased without cost to them. The dancers shopped at the toy store for their dance wear – using the term loosely, they often worked part time in the massage parlor and so all three businesses fed off of each other. The parking lot was always at least half full except maybe between 2 am and 9 am. But no one ever saw any girl standing outside soliciting – another part of the unwritten agreement – so there was no clear signs of any wrong doing going on.As soon as they entered, they were greeted by the girl Kim had met a couple of days ago. She introduced herself as Jasmine. She admitted that was her stage name and that she worked in all three businesses in the strip on any given day as the schedule permitted. She was prepared for Kim’s “boyfriend” after Kim’s report. She dimmed the lights so that only a silhouette of themselves could be seen from the outside. She laid a padded mat on the floor that reminded Kris of the ones they used to use in gym class at school when he was a k**. Jasmine was wearing a long tie dyed t-shirt over a pair of the same stockings she had sold to Kim along with a pair of platform heels she normally danced in. It was clear to both Kim and Kris that this girl meant business tonight and both were more than eager to see what was in store for them. As Jasmine took off her t-shirt to reveal she had nothing else on but the nylons and heels, the guy working in the shop with her joined them. She introduced him as Cass. “His full name is Carlos Alejandro de Santos, so we just call him Cass. Get it?” she said with a chuckle. “I told him he could join us. If that is not okay with you, then he can just play with me while we all play together.” Kim and Kris just shrugged indicating it was fine with them. Both stripped down to just their underpants and Jasmine quickly moved over to Kim and kissed her on the lips and squeezed her tits. Meanwhile, Cass proceeded to undress. He was about 5’9, medium frame and his 6-7″ cock would be no match for Kris’ 10″, but on his smaller frame, he looked close to being hung. His cock was already hard, anticipating some good fucking from what Jasmine had told him of her plans. He walked up behind Jasmine and began feeling her ass and then moved his hands up to her small tits and then to Kim’s. Jasmine moved away and walked up to Kris who was developing a formidable hard on in his shorts and Jasmine gasped when she revealed the full length of his cock. “I can tell you that I have had my hands, and other things, wrapped around a lot of cocks, but I have never seen one this size before in real life! Kim, you were holding out on me and didn’t tell me we had a horse dick to play with.”Kim laughed, “At the time, I didn’t know we were all going to play with it!” “Well, I can see now that one of the first things I am going to have to do is see if I can get that baseball bat all the way in me. You interested in helping me out?” aiming her question at Kris.He looked over at Kim who nodded her approval and was grateful for some reason that he would even think of deferring to her for approval to fuck someone else. She admired him for that, but she was also willing to share and share alike.Jasmine suggested that Kim lie down on the mat so that she could lick her pussy while bahis şirketleri Kris stuffed his full length into her pussy if she could handle it. Kim obliged and spread her legs as she lay down. Jasmine got on her elbows and knees and began to lick at Kim’s pussy and started sucking on her clit. Kim motioned for Cass to bring his cock to her and he did in an instant. Kim started licking his shaft and sucking on his head as Kris watched and moved in behind Jasmine. He felt the nylons she was wearing and his cock stiffened even further once again as he was mesmerized by the feel of the hosiery on his hands. he guided his cock up to her pussy entrance, pretty sure she was going to make him stop because of his size. He had been there, done that, and Kim was the only one so far that was really willing to go all the way with him. He pushed his cock head and about two inches of his shaft into Jasmine’s cunt. He had never felt anything that small and tight before. Kim was tight from the beginning, but not even that tight. Kris for a moment was pretty sure the young woman was a virgin but knew that could not be true.Jasmine groaned in pleasure-pain as Kris entered her, but she made no indication for him to stop or even pause. He grabbed her narrow hips and shoved another two inches into her, now still not even half way in. She continued to groan and to work on Kim’s clit. Kim now had the full length of Cass in her mouth. He was not much of a challenge for her after sucking her brother’s cock so many times. Cass was in heaven as Kim worked his cock like a pro. She also had a firm grip on his balls and he was getting his full experience of cock and ball treatment like he had never experienced before. Kris eased the rest of his cock slowly into Jasmine who rose up from Kim’s pussy long enough to quip that she fully expected to choke on his cock if he went any deeper. He confided that he was now fully in and she had nothing to worry about regarding choking. They all laughed and continued building each other to a climax. Kim came first, flooding her new friend’s face with her cum juice. Jasmine came shortly after on the sheer fullness of Kris’ enormous cock stuffing her to the max. When she came, she let out a screech like she was dying, arched her back , threw her head back and howled like a wolf would at a full moon. Cass was taking in all of the sounds along with the incredible stimulation Kim was providing him and hot a heavy, thick load of cum into her mouth, half of which drained out onto the mat. Kris was still fucking Jasmine and still had his hands locked on her nylon covered ass and hips. She wanted him to cum on her feet like Kim had related he had done to her just a couple of nights ago, so Cass and Kim moved to where they could see him shoot his cum on her feet when he was ready. Kris did not disappoint. He pulled out of her pussy, she turned over to get her feet in position while Kim reached out to finish stroking her brother to ejaculation. She aimed his cock at Jasmine’s feet and the first shot left a straight line of cum from her ankle to her toes. The next shot did very nearly the same thing to her other foot. He pumped three more shots on the toes of each foot before finishing as Kim milked him down to the last drop. Jasmine lifted her feet to Kris’ chest and suggested he rub the cum into the skin of her feet, which he gladly did. Being a limber dancer, Jasmine then brought a foot up to her face and sucked on her cum covered toes. Kris and Cass were both hard again as they watched her suck the cum off of her stocking covered foot. Jasmine asked Kim if she had ever taken a cock up her ass. Kim shook her head and said that Kris was too big for her to think about going that route just yet. Jasmine acknowledged that getting that horse dick into a pussy is one thing, but the ass would be a whole other challenge. She suggested that Kim consider trying Cass in her ass as a starting point and assured her that getting ass fucked had its own rewards. Kim had to admit that she was curious about it and hoped at some point to give Kris a shot at her asshole, so she agreed as long as everyone, especially Cass, understood that if she wanted to stop at any point, that it would stop. Jasmine wanted some more of Kris’ cock so she laid down on the mat and suggested that she eat Kim again from that position, making it easier for Kim to take Cass and maybe focus more on her pussy getting licked. In the meantime, Kris could fuck Jasmine from a different position. That left Kris face to face with Kim. Kim sat on Jasmine’s face with her asshole mere inches from Jasmine’s nose where Cass would soon be plowing new territory – for his cock and Kim’s ass. Kris noted to himself as he once again buried his cock inside his new friend, that all around the room, there were all kinds of toys on the walls, unused and unopened, fuck films on the racks and all kinds of products on the shelves and in the end, it was the four of them using nothing but their bodies to bring the maximum amount of pleasure to one another. As Kris was looking around the room at all of the erotica, he noticed a small crowd outside looking in the window at the silhouettes of them in the darkness fucking. Nothing but the backlighting of the floor lights shining behind them gave away that anyone was even inside the store. But there they were, on display in a way. No one could make out anything but the forms of four people, two men and two women, making the fucking motions that all adults recognize when they see it. The two female forms were more or less stationary while being bookended by to males making the telltale thrusting motions of fucking. Kris fucking Jasmine as she lay on the mat and Kim moving only to the thrusts of Cass pumping into her ass. Those outside to see the outline of tits and ass on the females, and the shadow of cock meat as it revealed itself to the light with each withdraw between thrusts. One of the people standing outside the store watching the display as a professor at the college Kim and Kris attended. He had no idea who the women were or one of the men, but he was pretty certain he recognized the silhouette created by the taller guy with what looked like a very big cock if the shadows were at all honest in their representation.