One hot steamy day and raunchy sex, with Dad

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One hot steamy day and raunchy sex, with DadWe ran a small hotel, well, more a ‘Bed and Breakfast’, to be more precise. It was always mothers idea, as she was a cook and bottle washer, it suited her temperament, and dad, as he was good at mending things, everything appeared to go swimmingly.Of course when the girls came along, my sister then I, were roped into things girls were supposed to do, clean, serve and brighten the place up a bit.Jilly, my sister was a nightmare as a teenager, but it turned out she was more like our mother, I had dads traits, a quiet thinker and observer, Jilly was flirty, and as the gossip flowed, so was mummy, who eventually run away with a regular customer, leaving dad and his girls to continue the small business of filling the rooms every night.At night in bed Jilly would fill my head with stories, usually all sexual in nature, she was in her mid teens and feeling the need for men and fantasies, so her stories were outlandish, about a Mr H or a Mr X, all exposing themselves to her, after which I would pretend to sleep, and listen as she quietly and sometimes naughtily, touch herself to sleep.As I got older I too started to show an interest in the men checking into our small hotel, not sexually, but more a curiosity, and as it happened one such man checked-in, and he caught my fancy, there was something about him that intrigued me, I could not say what, but I felt I knew him, and when he spoke, I could feel from the depths of my being, an ache, a nice ache, one that appeared to awaken a dormant excitement, and I went to bed thinking about him.Jilly had been away staying with mother for the weekend, so dad allowed me to check-in the customers, when he walked into my dull life, and sent my girlish heart a flutter.This man was in his late fifties, well dressed, quietly spoken and extremely polite, travelling salesman, and he had stayed with us many years back, long before I was born, knew mummy and Jilly, but flattered me, I guess my wide-eyed doe expression told him all he needed to know about me.Our cook, old Mrs Beatie, knew of him, ‘A salesman’, she confirmed, ‘a ladies man, very popular with the ladies’, she repeated, then in a whisper she lent across to me, ‘Sells those ladies things’.I laughed at her, always melodramatic, in her descriptive prose, how I wished Jilly would return to answer my curiosity about our mystery guest. He was in room five, the same room he always stayed in, whenever he visited, it was on the top floor, room four being my parents room, they were both situated on the top, all the remainder were on the second floor.I was alone holding the fort as dad had gone into town with Mrs Beatie, for the weekly shopping. The phone rang and it was Jilly, she was staying another few days with mummy, could we manage without her. Of course I said yes we could, but she promised to call back and speak to dad, then hung up.The intercom phone rang and my heart skipped a beat, it was him, in room five, asking to have the in-house movies turned on.I was old enough to know we showed porn, with so many lonely men coming and going, strange to say it was Mummies idea, to set it up, and Daddy who installed it, quite a good money earner too. Of course as young girls we were warned bahis siteleri to stay away from the rooms, but this fell on deaf ears as far as Jilly was concerned.Flattery and gifts fell onto her lap, and some nights I was sworn to secrecy, whenever she slipped out to visit rooms, where money could be made.Of course as her younger sibling, some of this naughtiness rubbed off on me, and men began hitting on me, which did wonder for my own libido, being desired and coupled with my menstrual cycle, I went to bed some nights thinking about Jilly’s exploits, as my long fingers explored those parts screaming for male attention.After ten minutes, I just had to know, so I left the desk and climbed the stairs and naughtily listened outside his room door, soon it became clear he was watching porn, and I felt that warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.It strangely exciting me, and I went back down and sat behind the front desk, my head filled with him and what he might be doing.I dont know why I did it, but I was was feeling horny and dirty, so I took the fuse from the video junction box to room 5, and waited for the phone to ring, and when it did my voice quivered as he spoke into it.’The video has gone down, my dear’, he whispered in his impeccable English.’Can I come up and take a look’?I held my breath for his answer, ‘Of course my dear, the door is open’, and at that he put the phone down.To say the crotch of my panties was soaked, would have been an understatement, and as I made my way back upstairs, my head was light and I felt giddy, and the intense excitement I felt in my crotch, was overwhelming, my panties having worked their way up my backside, and my clitoris excited by the tight material as it rubbed with my thigh movement, I thought I would have an orgasm before I got to his door.I knocked gently on his door, which was ajar, ‘Come in dear’, he said, and I pushed the door open, to reveal him dressed in a bath towel, and as I entered I looked down to his crotch to see if he was hard.My face must have spoke volumes as I was convinced my looking had not gone unnoticed, but I was past caring as I entered and closed the door behind me, breaking the first cardinal rule of entering a room and never closing the door, but I was past the concerned stage, I was horny and this man wanted me, or so I believed.I drew level with the bed and could not help but notice the huge array of sex toys on display, and as I looked, I could hear him say, ‘You like my collection’?I blushed, I was putting on the little girl lost and embarrassed look, I was up for a fuck, and could swear to feel my juices flowing down my inner thighs, but my girlish embarrassed look would add spice to his dominant role, I was here to be taken, a willing body for fun, so a little more encouragement on my part, a little bit of play acting somehow appealed to me.I smiled a broad smile, showing no fear of this wondrous collection of female sex toys.’Do you sell these’? As he pondered my question, I picked up a Butt Plug, I knew what it was, but showed ignorance, as I studied it, ‘For your ass’, he said soothingly, and I looked at him with a startled expression, then bemusement, ‘Why’?He looked at me before answering, I could see him draw his canlı bahis tongue across his lips, ‘It is an erogenous zone, my dear’, I continued with my puzzled expression, I wanted him to tell me more.’have you ever been ringed’? I shook my head, this time I meant it, ‘You never had your asshole licked’?I found it hard to answer, my face turned crimson, and my pussy wept, it was what I wanted to hear him say, my fingers tightened around the blue coloured plug, ‘This is like having my bum licked’, he shook his head, ‘No dear, but the idea feels just as good’, he replied.I put the plug back down and picked up a huge dong, a life like cock of immense proportions. He watched me closely before stating, ‘This is modeled on an actual cock dear’.I looked at him in mock disbelief, and shook my head, as I rolled it around in my hands. It felt sticky and soft, but erotic and stimulating, ‘Do you think you could get him inside you’?I shook my head and added, ‘No way, it’s too big’, to which he laughed.He came alongside me and took it from my hands and placed it back onto the bed, then he lifted a small tube of ‘Astroglide’ and squeezed some onto my hands and suggested I rub them together.I want you to try something he added, and as he spoke he produced a blindfold and put it over my eyes, ‘Now hold it again’, he softly offered me, and I held out both my hands and he placed the dong on top of them.I fondled the dong in my blindness, it’s shape and feeling taking on a new dimension, and as if by instinct, I masturbated it, as he watched.’Try this one he suggested and he placed another in my hands, and my finger closed around its warm shaft and I resumed my masturbation movements.’How does this one feel’? I pondered his question as I caressed it, ‘I like this one better’, I volunteered, then I suddenly realized I was wanking him, as my hand went down and touched his testicles, ‘Oh fuck’, I said, and he laughed, as I pulled the blindfold off to see him naked and fully hard.He rivaled the dong in size, he was the biggest man I had ever seen, no wonder his reputation as a ladies man bore out, with a cock like that, what woman could say no, and that included me. ‘So’, he challenged, as he strode towards me and I reached out and held him again, ‘Like to feel it inside you’, he teased me, and I nodded yes.’You realize your still jail bait darling’? I am not hearing him as I have dropped to my knees with my face buried in his crotch, the soft flesh of his crotch too much to resist as my tongue followed the contours of age, his huge testicle finding its way inside my mouth, as I sucked hard as if sucking a hard boiled egg.’Lets get you naked baby’, and as if by magic, I was so, standing in all my naked splendor, tall, lithe, almost tomboyish, small puffy nipples and bald pubis, my labia forming a straight line, with the slightest hint of moisture beneath.He stood aghast at the sight of youth in bloom, his rigid cock bulging with a dew drop of semen seeping from its end, a hint of the volumes to cum deep inside me, this man came to fuck and my knees weakened as he ushered me to the edge of the bed and made my kneel, my ass and pussy on display, as he fingered me, as a farmer checking his livestock.My shoulders sank as he fingered güvenilir bahis both my vaginal and anal cavities, his exploration of a girls sacred holes brought gasps from me, now powerless to stop him, as the pleasures and throes ebbed and waned through me body, I never even felt the butt plug enter me, as it was pushed deep to secure its fitting, my sphincter muscle stretching, then closing around the neck of the plug, molding its plastic shape as part of my ass, leaving me open, introducing me to the wonders of ass fucking and double penetrationI was being fucked as only a man possessing something for the first time could fuck a girl, his cock was pounding my tight pussy this way then that way, left then right, up hard and grinding down, his scrotum slapping my crotch, as he cursed me, called me a slut, slapped my bum hard, like a man possessed, a tramp, a whore, a fucking cock teaser, then the butt plug was pulled from my back passage which he then stuck into his mouth and sucked on as if drawing energy, his huge cock burrowing into my vacant but enlarged orifice, still finding more power to stretch me, his body weight adding the final leverage as he tore me open, and shot his semen inside my ass.He lay atop of me until his girth subsided, and as he relaxed inside me I could feel myself involuntary squeeze on him as he slowly edged from my bum, before breaking our bodily connection his flaccid cock resting on top of my swollen labia.He got up as I continued to lay on the bed face down, and he walked around the bed until he stood at my head, looking down on me, then kneeling either side of my head he grasped a handful of my blond locks and yanked my head up and back, and began rubbing his cock all over my face, the remnants of his seminal fluid stinging my eyes, my smell from my own anus under my nose, he pushed his dirty cock into my mouth, and I washed him with my saliva, eagerly licking my master as a dog does its own ass.I felt as if fulfilled, I had experienced something I yearned, not knowingly, but as it came and went, I knew it was what I wanted, debasing and subservient, I smiled inwardly as I dressed, his eyes drinking my youthful flesh as it covered with cloth. I finished in silence, we never spoke and I could hear my dad’s car arrive, ‘Just in time’, I broke our pregnant pause, and he smiled, ‘You will never know just how many times he has arrived too late’, he uttered, smiling like a Cheshire Cat who just stole the cream.’I better go, just in case’, I stammered, and at that I bounded from the room and ran downstairs in time to see dad arrive back with Mrs Beatie.I got in behind the desk as the phone rang, it was Jilly, and I just had to tell her. She spoke quietly, ‘That’s makes a full house then’, she said dryly, ‘what do you mean’, I asked her, I could hear her chuckle before dropping the bombshell, ‘He has fucked all the women in this family’, she replied, before adding the final twist to the tale, ‘You might even be his’.I could feel the blood drain from my face and my heart pound, having unfettered sex with an older man was one thing, but to jump your own Fathers bones for a thrill!The sad truth was I felt no shame, even if this was to be true, perhaps that was the attraction he held over me, and as my eyes focused on the number five on the switchboard, I felt a thrill creep over me, I did not care if he was, besides it made the i*****l thing pale to insignificance, doing your Daddy just made me wetter.