One Night with Carter

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Please note that this story is a work of fiction and anything resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Any feedback is appreciated. Please send to my profile.


Sat in the bar, I fiddled with my fingers feeling some nerves. It had been a while since I had had a date, never mind with someone I had met through the internet. Her name was Claire and, as I looked up, she walked in through the door.

I was completely surprised as she looked exactly like her picture. I stood up and smiled as I took her all in. 5’6, brown hair and wearing a green play suit that covered her body up but made you fully aware that it was curvaceous.

‘Hi Edward, nice to meet you’ she said smiling back, leaning to kiss me on a cheek.

‘You too Claire, much more beautiful in real life than in the picture’ I replied as we went to sit back down

‘Well I hope so, there’s no mud on my face now.’

Her comment brought me back to why she caught my attention. She had put the picture up from a day when she doing an assault course on a hen do. Not caked in mud but she had a few splashes on her face.

‘You don’t look too bad either; I do like a man with a beard.’ Winking as she said it. ‘Is the wine for me?’ nodding to the glasses on the table.

‘Of course, sauvignon blanc as you stated was your favourite. I thought we’d take it easy before hitting the hard stuff,’ reaching for my beer.

‘Who says the alcohol will be the hard stuff?’ she replied with a cheeky smile. I laughed back as I felt her leg start to rub on mine.

We’d first contacted each other on Plenty of Fish and had spent two months chatting before meeting up. We’d both had terrible relationships so were being a little bit cautious. I knew she was funny and had shown quite a lot of knowledge about history. What I didn’t expect was for her to be so forward.

‘I hope you weren’t waiting too long for me. I forgot my watch so I hope I’m not too late.’

‘Well I’ve been here for hours so I could scout for the exits,’ I joked.

The truth was that I hadn’t been on a date for a while so I’d arrived quite a bit earlier that I should have. I always felt that a swift IPA and a reading a few chapters of a book would calm my nerves. It was partly why I chose this bar for the date; I knew there was always some kind of book lying around.

We knew a little about each other from our messages on the website but we’d never discussed work. I told her about my work as an office manager but didn’t dwell too much on it as it wasn’t the most interesting subject.

‘So you’ve been a bit quiet on what you do?’

‘To be honest, there’s a very good reason for that.’

‘Oh my God, you’re not a stripper are you?’

‘You wish!’ laughing as she answered. ‘Nah, I just work in a call centre. Listening to customers complain on a daily basis is no fun. A stripper would be an upgrade but I don’t have enough personal issues.’

‘Well that’s where I started; you’ve just got to find a passion.’

‘Oh, I have passion’ she replied with a wink.

I was fairly sure I was blushing with how forward her flirting was.

‘Fancy a game of pool?’ she asked nodding to the table

‘Yeah, that sounds fun. You fancy putting a friendly bet on?’ I replied as I stood up and started to walk to the table.

‘Oh, that could be fun. Can I pick the terms?’ she asked, throwing the cue to me.

I nodded as I started to set the table up. I popped my head back up as she stared pendik escort at me with a devilish smile on her face.

‘So if you win, I will flash you a nipple.’

I immediately sprung up onto my feet and looked at her, clearly with a surprised look on my face as she winked at me again.

‘And if you win?’

‘If I win, you flash your dick!’ she said with a laugh.

I laughed a little before nodding my acceptance as I walked around the table to sit on a stool. I looked at her as she bent over the table to take her shot. The material strained against her arse as she did so; clearly showing off the fact she was wearing a thong.

I must have gone into a bit of a haze as, when I looked back up; Claire was on the other side of the table lining up her next shot. There was plenty of cleavage on show and I was sure she’d lowered the zip a little bit on it. Luckily for me she missed the shot and I was up next.

I took my shot and potted the ball fairly easily. This was then followed by another two balls before I managed to snooker myself. Knowing the stakes, I decided to take the foul shot rather than risk messing up and potting the black.

‘Are you sure that was the right decision?’ Claire asked she passed me, patting me on my arse.

I smiled at her comment but it was wiped off my face as she knocked her next four balls in quick succession. I looked at her and she returned with a smile of her own. Reaching back, she knocked down the next two balls which left her on the black. She took a moment to compose and hit the black but the shot was off target and left them at the top of the table.

I walked over and leaned down to take my shot.

‘Hope all you want, you miss and I’ll pot the black and get an eyeful’ she said with a laugh.

Her mind games seemed to work as I failed to pot the ball. I was hoping that my saving grace was the fact that the shot was not easy and the white ball was almost directly in-line with the black. She was clearly uncertain about the shot as she paced up and down the table a few times.

Everything seemed to be silent despite the bar being busy. It helped that we were the only two by the pool table. Serious faced Claire leaned down to take the shot but, as she pulled the cue back, the look on her face changed and she gave me a wink. She completed the movement with her hand and hit the cue ball.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as the play went through. The black ball sunk into the pocket and she screamed ‘yes’ as she celebrated the win. I must have been staring into middle distance longer than I thought because, when I came to, she was running around the table with her arms aloft, a beaming smile across her face.

‘Congratulations on the win Miss Carter’

At this point, she stopped running around the table and looked at me. She leaned against the table and looked at me with lust filled eyes.

‘Whip your cock out then.’

I gave a little chuckle as I looked over her. I hadn’t seen this look for her before and it seemed like she wanted to rip my clothes off there and then.

‘Not here. I think we need somewhere more private, follow me.’

I turned away from the table and walked towards the toilets. I’d been to the bar a few times so knew it well enough to know where we could have some privacy. I reached the toilet with Claire a few steps behind me and I took a left. I walked directly through a door that didn’t seem to lead anywhere other than a kartal escort corridor. I then walked through a second door and held it open for Claire.

‘And this is what?’

‘It’s an unmarked fire exit. As long as the alarm doesn’t go off, we’ll be left alone.’

‘Go on then!’ she said nodding to my crotch.

I undid my belt and let it drop to the floor. I saw her lick her lips as I started to undo the buttons on my jeans. I undid the final button and lowered my jeans down past my jeans. I looked up and Claire had moved closer to me. She looked me in the eyes and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I started to open my mouth but she pushed me back.

‘Cock first! I just wanted to make it a little bit harder.’

I looked down and my semi-erect cock was pushing against the tight boxer shorts I’d chosen to wear. I thought it was now or never and hooked my thumbs into the sides. I slowly lowered my boxer shorts down, my penis springing up as I did so.

‘Very nice’ I heard her say as I lowered them down passed my balls.

‘If it’s so nice, come and get it!’

My eyes followed her hand to the zipper on the front of her play suit as she kicked off her heels. I was mesmerised as she slid the zip down revealing her breasts held in the black bra. They seemed bigger than in the pictures and I had a good look as she removed the play suit off her shoulders. I took my top off and started to stoke my cock as she slid the rest of her playsuit off, leaving her in her underwear.

She walked over to me and dropped to her knees, knocking my hand away. She grabbed hold my erect penis and slid her hand up and down my shaft. She leaned in and licked my balls as she continued to pump with her hand. She returned my look as she took my cock further and further into her mouth. I leaned over so I could see her bra encased breasts and her thong clad arse. I knew I wanted to give it a smack when I got the opportunity to bend her over.

There was an audible pop as she took my cock out of her mouth. Spitting on it, she rubbed my cock harder with her hand. She leaned down and took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked hard.

‘Oh God, that feels so good!’

Her reply was muffled but it seemed to make her suck my ball harder for a moment. She then let it fall out of her mouth as she kissed her way around my cock and up my body.

‘Let’s be honest, I want your cock in me and I want to cum’ she said as her hand pulled her bra to the side allowing her breast to pop out of the cup.

Her brown nipple was very hard and seemed to have goose bumps around her areola. I decided to be a little bit forceful and leaned down to take her breast in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple a little bit before giving it a bite. I looked down as I did and could see her hand in her thong rubbing her pussy and I could tell she was ready for my cock. I took her hands and placed them against the wall before pulling her body back so she was bent over.

I walked fully behind her and ripped her thong down to the floor, leaving her only in her bra.

‘You ready?’

She looked over her should and gave me a slight nod. I lined my cock up and gently slid it into her pussy. She had certainly done a job with her hand as her pussy was very wet and my cock slid in very easily. She let out a moan as I went further into her.

‘That feels good. Now fuck me properly’

She leant forward so her body was as at a right angle with her hands still maltepe escort on the wall. I started to thrust in and out of her pussy with my hands on her hips. She was tight but the wetness allowed me to get a steady motion and her arse gave a wobble after every thrust. I reached my and back and gave it a hard smack, leaving a red hand print.

‘Harder’ she moaned before grabbing my hand from her hip and putting it on her breast.

Her nipples were incredibly hard and I pinched it; eliciting a moan from her. My hips continued to thrust harder as her body got closer to the wall. I noticed that she started to push back, her arse hitting against my body harder. Her moans started to get louder as my whole length fucked her pussy.

‘Oh yeah… Oh yeah… Oh God yeah…’

Her hand started to hit the wall as she pushed back more on me. Her pussy started to squeeze harder on my cock as her hands yanked my hard forward, pulling me into a messy kiss. I reached back to her breast and gave it a squeeze, my fingers trapping her nipple between them.

‘I’m so close’ she whimpered, ‘Make me get there and you can cum in me’

She pushed back hard as I grabbed her hips with both hands. I knew I was close so started to thrust into her harder, trying to make her cum before me. We moved forward more as my thrusts became harder and more of her body pressed against the wall.

Her whimpers turned into screams and I could tell that her orgasm was starting. She lost her footing and we fell forward, pressing her fully against the wall but my cock still inside her. I lifted her up slightly and continued to thrust into her.

‘Oh my God, you better come soon. I don’t know how much more I can handle.’

I knew I couldn’t cum in this position so I spun around with me knees bent slightly. I leaned forward and she instinctively put her hands on the floor. I had her in the wheel barrow position and I thrust my cock into her more. I didn’t know how long she could hold herself up for but I knew I wouldn’t last long with the change of position. She was still moaning and I could feel my balls tighten.

Slowly I dropped down to my knees as I felt myself spurt inside of her. I made a few half-hearted thrusts as my orgasm finished and cum stopped coming out. I pulled out, allowing her to lie fully on the floor and sat down on the cold floor, my back against the wall. We sat silently and I took the moment to admire her body.

‘Wow that was just… excellent’.

She gave a little giggle before standing up. She started to get dressed and deliberately bent over in front of me as she pulled her thong up her legs.

‘Thank you for the date. I enjoyed it.’

‘That’s no problem, but who says it has to end here?’

‘Oh, that would be me. I got what I wanted!’

She zipped up the front of the play suit and stopped it two thirds of the way up to show a generous amount of cleavage.

‘I’m sure you’ll get a booty call off of me though.’

Giggling, she winked at me before walking towards the exit. As she reached it, she turned her head and gave me a little wink. Her hand then reached to the fire alarm and pulled it down.


I jumped up and grabbed my clothes as the alarm went off. I ran in the opposite direction to get out the building before I got caught naked by security and half of the pub. Luckily for me, the exit led out into an alley so I was able to duck behind a dumpster and put my clothes on. I popped up as people started to walk around to the front of the bar and I was able to mingle into the crowd.

We reached the front and I managed to catch sight of Claire. She was getting into a taxi and closed the door very quickly. I had hoped that this wouldn’t be my one night with Carter, but I knew it wouldn’t happen again.