One Wild Night!

31 Ekim 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

Asshole Lick

One Wild Night!Not long after my wife and i split i was feeling ready down and lonely. So i went out with some friends to just have some fun and party. After going to dinner and really pissing of the waiter we went to this party at some place i didn’t know. When we got their it was a really cool party alot of women and loud music. I was just hanging out and talking to a few people when this really cute girl comes up to me and asked if i knew were the bathroom was i said i have no idea and laughed. She looked a little sad so i said let me help you find it. She said thank you i feel so strange walking around alone. I asked her what her name was and she smiled and said Crissy i thought escort izmit wow hot name. We finally found the bathroom and it was huge. She said wait for me i wanna talk some more i siad ok and really laughed! Then this girl comes running out of the bathroom and i said whats up with you she said their is a tranny in there! I thought oh wow that strange. When Crissy comes out i asked so you see a tranny in their? She just looked at me and said well yes the tranny is me and she went to walk away i said hey i never said i didn’t like tgirls. She said oh really i said sure i love you ladies. She said well i’m getting alittle sick of this party wanna get out of here? I said let me just tell izmit darıca escort my buddies i’m going but they all had found girls of their own. So i drove her back to my place. I was looking her up and down and she looked at woman to me! Let me just skip to the bed room lol! So we were alone and horny and she just pulls my pants down in one move! Next she pulls my shirt off! the her dress hits the floor and i see a nice set of C cup tits with no bra to hold them back and panties with a bluge as big as mine! Before she could say anything i was on my knees sucking her cock! It was about 7 inchs and shaved cleaned and tasted amazing! I let her cum in my izmit rus escort mouth and that tasted even better! I got up and she went stright for my cock and did the same to me but so much better! I said lay your sweet ass down i wanna make you scream! She layed down with her cute ass in the air i spanked her a few times then slipped my cock into her she was tight! I was going slow and deep and she was yelling yes fuck me fuck me!! I was holding back a huge wave of cum i held back as long as i could and then let go of the biggest load ever! I said you wanna fuck me hunny? She said no hun i don’t fuck guys like that. I said thats ok and sliped a dildo in my ass and fell asleep. When i got up my dildo was still in my ass and their was a note with lipsitx on it. She said That was amazing we should do it again. I still see here from time to time and still play with her when she wants it!I know i suck at spelling lol But i suck cock better!!