Open Dorm Policy

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Dave dropped his books on the desk as I closed the door to his dorm room. Looking intently into his eyes I slowly let my backpack slip to the floor. He came to me and lightly brushed his lips on mine. I pressed my lips back at his, letting him know that he could go further. Without hesitation, he locked a deep kiss onto my mouth, darting his tongue along my front teeth.

He grasped me lightly on the waist and directed me to sit on the bed. We both knew what came next. He took my sweatshirt by the waistband and pulled it up above my head. As I extracted my arms, he swiftly whipped his shirt off, keeping up with me. We then went for each others’ pants. Button first, then zipper, and a little tug off the hips. We separated just long enough to brush our pants down our legs, kicking our shoes off as they went. Back to kissing then, with one hand lovingly carressing the other’s body while the other pulled off socks. He then went for my breasts, squeezing them over the bra. I tugged down the bed covers. He sat up a bit to let them open under him, and we both squirmed in. He didn’t try to undress me further until I was out of sight, with the covers on top of us.

He wormed out of his underwear with one hand, then went for mine. Panties. Bra. Too lazy to unbutton it, he always tugged my bra up over my head still fastened. Done. Deliciously naked together, we kissed once more and embraced. Closing my eyes, I dusted my hands up and down his silky skin. It was wonderful being completely naked with another person.

With me on my back, he made rudimentary foreplay, sliding his fingers up and down my slit. Really it was only to make sure that it was lubed on the outside for easy access by his dick. I didn’t need more foreplay than that. I’d much rather get onto the best part. I didn’t need to touch his prick. Being just 19 years old, as I was, he was always ready to go. He moved his body over on top of me, parting my legs with his own. I let out a little giggle.

“What?” he stammered.

“Finished greasing the pan?” I answered with a coy smile.

He grimaced and rolled his eyes to one side. I always said that. Perhaps one day I would tire of teasing him about it.

He gave his prick a quick slide up and down my wet gash to get it oiled up, and dove home. I stared at him intently, savouring the emotions that still rose in me when we began. That feeling of naughtiness, the sense of no return from the threshold we had crossed. I felt the flush in my cheeks as the blood rushed to my face. It wasn’t the good feelings produced by the lovemaking itself. That would come later, of course. It was the sense of knowing. The knowledge of someone being deep inside my very body. In my self, my soul. In my most private part that as a little girl I was taught to keep hidden, secret, kadıköy escort sacred. He gently pumped into me, working his mouth down from mine along my neck to my left nipple. On my back like this, my breasts were indiscernable, melted into my chest. But the nipples stood up. Little buttons on my flat front.

As he pounded me, we heard voices in the hallway outside. That was to be expected. At 3 in the afternoon, other students are always walking by. Then we heard the jingle of keys. The rattle of the door handle. We hadn’t even locked it, but Ryan was unlocking it anyway. Dave’s roommate was supposed to be in class.

Dave and I both tensed. What to do? What do you do now? The door was opening! I wanted to hurry and cover up, but my clothes were on the floor, and I was already under the covers. Jumping out would only expose us fully. So we stayed put. Into the room came Ryan. In came Simpson. In came Jeff. In came Darrin and Todd. They barely glanced down at us, dumping backpacks on the floor and following Ryan to his computer. I locked eyes for just a moment with Simpson, then he too was headed elsewhere. We had chatted in the cafeteria often. I thought his Asian features make him look sexy.

I wasn’t pushing him off, so Dave resumed lightly pumping into me. I made a surprised face at him.

“Aren’t you going to tell them to leave?” I whispered as softly as I possibly could to Dave.

“I don’t think they’ve noticed that we’re here,” he whispered just as quietly.

“Of course they noticed.”

He just gave a little smile. He had resumed a steady deep rhythm. I sighed. It was getting to the ‘good feelings’ part that I mentioned. I closed my eyes again and succumbed to the happiness. My breathing became regular and short — in time with his thrusts. He kissed me on the ear and I let out another sigh. A squeeky little one. I then popped my mouth shut. It wasn’t my idea to attract attention. Dave kissed me hard on the mouth, with lots of tongue. I darted my eyes up to see what reaction there was from the nearby crowd. Their backs were all to me, engrossed in whatever they were starting at on the computer. Well that’s just fine then.

We continued kising a while, getting all sloppy and slurpy. I then began humping back at Dave. He released my mouth and we locked into each others’ eyes. The goal of achieving ecstasy was set. We went at it in earnest. This is what they mean by ‘heavy breathing’. We both huffed at each other as the workout escalated. I glanced across the room. No reaction there. I mouthed soundlessly at them, “Hello guys. Naked girl getting screwed here. Hello? Live fucking. Hello.”

“Hunh. Hunh. Hunh. Hunh.” The bed initiated a “foof, foof, foof” üsküdar escort sound as our lovemaking became stronger and harder. Fortunately it was a foam mattress and not springs. I was heaving up against his pelvis now with mine. I loved the way his furry mound body rubbed onto my clit as he we worked. I looked up at the crew in the room, and there was still just their backs. Oh come on guys. Not even a little peek? It was kind of embarrasing having them not look.

I pushed the covers and let them slide down Dave’s back and come to rest with his butt peeking out. I hope it wasn’t too obvious a move. Still nothing from the gallery. Here’s my little tits to see guys! But no glances came from them. Then heard I it. “Boop. Boop. Boop.” The sound came from their side of the small dorm room. The fools were playing video games. That was more worth watching than me?

I dropped my arms and skootched up on my elbows, sitting up. Dave popped out. “Let me be on top,” I said quietly. He paused for a second with a stunned expression, then flopped over and squirmed around me to get onto his back. I climbed aboard, letting him direct his thing up into my crotch. It slippped in easily. I leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth. I had decided to let them watch. That is, I wanted to coax them into watching. But still, it felt sinful as hell. I closed my eyes and kissed, not wanting yet to see if they were looking. My face flushed red from the embarrassment, or the exhileration, I didn’t know which. Dave thrusted up into me. I could hear the slight “squish, squish” sound of it.

“Haaahn,” I sighed again. I pushed back as much as I could without moving up from his face. We were cheek to cheek and breathing each other’s air.

“Squish, squish” it went.

Still face down, I arched my back to get my butt higher in the air. That let me get greater motion. Dave settled down to let me handle it. “Slap, slap, slap,” began as our bellies patted each other. Oh! That surprised me, but I didn’t stop. My eyes opened wide, looking for the reaction from Dave. He was staring intently back at me, adrift in the sea of lust. I smirked, then bit down on my lower lip. I didn’t want to laugh or giggle now.

“Slap, slap, slap”

I slowly moved my eyes over to our guests. Three pairs of eys looked back at me. The two seated guys were still playing the game, but the three who were standing had turned their heads and were engrossed with our sexplay. Well, I guess that was what I wanted.

It occured to me that they couldn’t actually see all of me. My chest was down against Dave, and my crotch hidden between us. Did I want them to see more? Why not? I pushed up onto my hands, and bobbed up and down on Dave’s cock. My little tits hung down the tuzla escort best they could from this position, and were swaying up and down. Dave recommenced slamming up into me.

“Hunh, hunh, hunh,” I panted. “Oh fuck. Hunh, hunh, hunh. Oh fuck yes.” I felt the orgasm growing in my pussy. It hit more suddenly than I had ever felt. My eyes squinted shut. I tried to keep them open, to see the reaction of the horny voyeurs there with us. I felt my teeth clench, my lips contort rigidly, and my shoulders quiver, as the impulse flooded me.

“Ooooh, aaaah. Ah, ah, ah,” I moaned. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I sat up, and rested still, recovering my wits after that wicked orgasm. Dave still stared into me. He wasn’t there yet. Now what to do? Suck him? I probably should have done that, but I was still inexperienced, and the thought of licking off my own pussy juice made me cringe. So, if not that, then what? I had to do something. Let’s see. Something I read about…

I walked my feet forward, pulling my knees up, so I was squatting. I put my hands on Dave’s belly for balance, and bobbed up and down as high as I could manage. Dave was hard like iron, so his cock didn’t bend at all when I made my downstroke. Now the boys could see it all! Looking down, I verified that it was working as expected, then looked over at the guys. Not just head turns, the three were facing straight at me. Dawson looked up at his friends to see that they were no longer watching his game. He turned his head to see what had taken their attention, and immediately blurted a quick, “whoah”. He smacked Joe on the arm, and he looked at me too. I looked away. Joe jerked his head, startled.

This position took some time to get the hang of. I had to be careful not to fall off. I lowered down, tightened my pussy as hard as I could, and lifted with my legs. The idea was to milk his cock with my pussy. When I got the rhythm, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, savouring it. I was panting now. This was hard work. I could feel the sweat collecting on my chest and forehead. Dave’s cock was a rod of steel. I had never known it to be this hard.

Dave was panting too. well, actually more like grunting. “Unh, unh, unh, unh,” he muttered. I looked at him. Now it was his turn to contort his face. He was going to blow any second now.

The guys were transfixed with the hot show. Their heads were nodding in time with my motion.

“Uuuunnnhh! oh godddd…” Dave growled. He bucked up under me. I held still, and just pressed down on him. “Unnn!” “Unnn!” He bucked twice more, and flopped back, spent. I could feel the wet goo pour into me and leak out between us.

I giggled and kissed him on the chest. I glanced up at the audience and gave a shy grin, and covered my tits with my hands. They looked at each other as if nothing had happened. Like they hadn’t noticed a thing and didn’t want to bother me. One by one they rotated back to the computer. Simpson was last, and gave a wide toothy smile and a thumbs-up. I heard the “boop boop booop” sound as I slid off the bed and reached for Dave’s underpants and wiped my crotch. Showtime was over.