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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Page 89c IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** `They definitely are not the Police, get him down’ Digbey shouted at me, I pulled Forts off the seat and pushed him into the foot well, he was stunned and glared at me. `What the fuck? `Be quiet and stay down’ I looked back once more the car seemed to be gaining on us. I leant forward over Forts, shielding him with my body, my hand reaching for my service revolver. I heard Digbey shouting at the driver `Get us to the Home Office now! ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 89c Torcall continues the story The driver was really going for it, I could feel Fort’s grunting under me as he was flung about; my blood ran cold as I heard a slight panic in Digbey’s voice. `They are gaining on us’ Quickly followed by a blast of cooler air; I glanced up Digbey was winding down his window, his service revolver in his hand, he began to turn in his seat. `For Christ’s sake Digbey, don’t shoot unless you have too’ I felt myself being lifted as Fort’s tried to react to my words. `Forts please stay still, and stay down’ `I don’t want to be shot like a dog on the floor, let me up’ God this kid had a spirit about him. `Forts please stay down, please son, I promised your father I would protect you; with my life if necessary’ My heart sank as our car was hit from the rear, just a nudge, but that had Digbey leaning out of the window pointing his pistol at the car behind. I waited for the rapport of the gun, but nothing, just the roar of our engine and the scream from the gear box as the driver forced it to high revs, still no sound of a shot. I glanced up, Digbey was winding his window back up, then I heard why; a rapidly ringing bell, it was a Police car. The car behind us peeled away off down a side street, the Police car came up alongside us, indicated we were to follow them and then pulled ahead of us. Digbey was laughing and playfully punching the driver, his face one of relief, the driver returned his smile. `Finally, the good guys, the good guys, well done you, well done!’ I sat up back on the rear seat, my hand keeping Forts down until I was sure it was safe, when I decided it was, I tapped his head, he glanced up at me, his eyes following my hand as I put away my service pistol. `Can I get up now too? I nodded. `Are you okay? He nodded, he straightened out his jacket and bow tie and resumed looking out the window, whatever the lad was thinking about, he kept it to himself, I sat watching him in the dark, there was something about his bearing, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Forts chuckled `I hope the Grand Duke was doing something that can be reheated tomorrow, I take it we wont be going now tonight? `No, it will have to wait’ We followed the Police car through the streets before turning into the back of a Police Station. The gates were closed behind us, I felt my hand go to my pistol, as several guys approached the vehicle. Digbey got out, I sat listening to the conversation. `Is everyone okay, unhurt? Digbey nodded `Thank God; I take it your Air Vice Marshall Digbey, welcome to Great Scotland Yard, I am Chief Superintendent Brown. I can assure you; you are all safe now, thank goodness our car found you when it did’ `What happened to our escort vehicle? We were promised one and thought that was it’ `Air Vice Marshall the vehicle was arranged, I can assure you’ Chief Superintendent Brown turned away and dropped his voice. `They were both found shot through the head; executed, it would seem, anyway please, let’s get you all inside the building, there is a Minister from the Home Office here’ Digbey turned to me and nodded, I unlocked the doors of the car and got myself out, hurrying round to open Fort’s door. Forts stepped out, Chief Superintendent Brown, smartly stood to attention. `Your Imperial Highness, can I apologise on behalf of the Metropolitan Police’ Forts held up his hand, he was about to speak, when I interrupted. `I am sure the Prince understands thank you Chief Superintendent’ Forts looked at me, I gave him a little wink and a grin and mouthed “stay silent”. We followed Brown into the building and were led up some winding stairs into a small office. As we entered, a guy in a grey suit stood up from behind a large oak desk and gave a bit of a head bow in Forts direction, it appeared they all already thought Forts was definitely a Prince. `Your Imperial Highness, I am John Wood, Home Office Minister, very pleased to meet you, please accept the apologies of his Majesties Government of the United Kingdom, for your experiences tonight’ I stepped forward again. `Mr Wood, thank you on behalf of the Prince, but can you tell us what is going on? `Err, Your Highness, gentlemen, it appears that word of your arrival in London preceded you, now I am sure you are aware that, there are still forces in Russia who would see an end to all reminders of the old regime; indeed, they fear that War may bring calls for a return of the Monarchy. I can assure you, that tomorrow, you will meet with the Imperial Grand Duke, tonight you are being taken to a protected hotel, no one knows who you are, where you are, or where you are going’ * Later we were taken in an unmarked van to a secret location a different hotel, Forts seemed unable to settle. `Torcall, would it be okay for me to ring Dad and Davy? I looked up from my book. `Forts, I am not sure if that’s a good idea, we still don’t really know, but it seems someone is reporting your movements. Can you hang on until after the meeting tomorrow? I know you want to tell them about all the excitement, but, I am not sure that is a good idea’ Forts nodded and sighed. `Okay well I am going to try and sleep, see you in the morning’ I watched him as he went through into his bedroom. I looked at my watch, time for me to hit the sac too. ** Forts takes up the story I let the water cascade down my body; well, today was the day: today I would find out once and for all: we were going to try and get to see the Grand Duke once more. Quietly to myself, I was now hoping I was in fact, just a normal person and not some Russian Prince, I wanted to go home; I was missing my Davy more than anything. There was a knock on the bathroom door. `Come in’ Both Torcall and Digbey had seen me naked so many times, I wasn’t worried if they saw me once more. I heard the door open and close, but no one spoke; that was strange, I wiped the condensation on the glass shower door and peered into the room. `Dima, it is you, my friend’ Dima bowed taking a step back `Prince’ `Now we don’t know that for certain, throw me that towel will you’ `Prince’ I stepped out of the shower. `Dima, until it is confirmed can you just call me Forts like you used too’ I gave him a little wink, he nodded, and threw me the towel. `Forts, I heard what happened last night, his Imperial Highness the Grand Duke, was very concerned, he sent me to accompany you to him today’ `That’s great, though I don’t think Torcall or Digbey will let me out of their sight’ Dima nodded, his eyes not leaving me. `Are you ready to meet the Grand Duke? `I think so; you can tell me in the ankara escort car what to expect’ I never cease to be amazed by you bohemian Russians, so unpredictable. Dima grinned, bowed and gave an exaggerated flourish with his arms `I will take that as a compliment’ `What is the Grand Duke like? Dima thought for a moment `Old and colourful’ `What does that mean? I began drying my legs, Dima was still watching me. `I saw a painting of your father Prince Pytor Drageonivanov’ `Dima, you know we don’t know if he was my father yet’ Dima, tapped his nose, `Soon my Prince, soon’ We went out into the room, Torcall was folding the newspaper, `Bloody Hell, Hess the Deputy Fuhrer has flown to Scotland’ `Don’t tell me he knows Dad too? Torcall, gave me a look `Come on you will be late, come here and I will help you get dressed’ He held up my Morning dress suit. `I have to dress as a Penguin again? Dima, began laughing `Yes me too’ He purposely turned to Torcall `You British have invented some very uncomfortable clothes’ I hadn’t notice Digbey was holding up another Morning suit. `Come on Prince Dima, let’s get you presentable too’ Dima slapped me on the back `Come on my Prince, the sooner we get there, the sooner we can get this all off’ I was about to ask him what he meant, but the cough and waggle of the morning suit by Torcall; indicated we were in danger of running late. A few moments later we were all dressed. `How do I look Torcall? `Forts, I wish your Dad and Davy could see you, you look amazing every bit the English Gentleman’ `Or Russian Prince’ Dima added, joining us. Digbey and Torcall, were both in full Uniform, Dima and myself in matching Morning suits. Our crisp white starched shirts with buttoned down collars, the oversized ivory tie, contained under a light grey tightly buttoned waist coat, black top coats with tails; lucky we were both about the same height, 5’10” tall enough to carry them off, next came our dark grey pinstriped fitted trousers, finally, shiny black classic Oxford dress shoes. Digbey scanned us both from head to foot, `You look like bloody twins’ Did I want to hear that? We loaded into the car downstairs inside the hotel, Dima sat next to me with Torcall on one of the jump seats facing us, Digbey once more up front with the driver. We set off, one police escort vehicle in front and one behind. Forty minutes later, out in the English countryside, we came to a very grand looking set of wrought iron gates, at our approach the gates swung open and we drove through without even slowing down, I looked round out the back window, just in time to see the heavy gate close. We crossed a small grassed area and entered a wood, the car sped on for a few minutes, before leaving the trees, I gasped before us, more beautiful park land, huge oaks and elms were dotted around us, before us what looked like an Elizabethan Manor house, its red bricks spiralling to high twisting chimneys, the tall multipaned dark windows along the facade, all joining to make me feel small and insignificant. I glanced at Dima, he was smiling broadly `The Grand Duke lives here? Dima nodded `Alas yes, a hovel compared to his Palace in St Petersburg, but there you go’ I punched his arm. The car pulled up at the front doors, the driver and Digbey got out to open the rear doors, Dima put a hand in front of me and nodded to Torcall, who got out first, I went to move, again Dima’s hand in front of me. `No, my Prince, you are always last out’ `Dima! But he was already out of the car standing with his head bowed as I got out. He suddenly looked like he had remembered something `Your ring and the Red Dragon figurine, do you have them? I showed him my hand with both the Draco Constellation ring and the Laird of the Clan MacDonald’s ring Athol had given me, `The figurine? I tapped my waist coat pocket, he nodded smiling `Good, good’ The huge doors to the house opened as we stepped foot on the staircase leading up to them. An immaculately attired Chamberlain greeted us at the door, he was carrying a golden staff, topped with what I recognised was a representation of the Romanov crown. `This way gentlemen, please, your luggage has been taken up to your rooms, it arrived earlier’ I looked to Torcall `Are we staying? `So, it would seem’ The Chamberlain, bowed to us all, as the doors were closed behind us. `Gentlemen, this way please, His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Truorwskoy, is awaiting your arrival in the drawing room’ He turned and led us down a beautiful corridor, full height windows to our left looked out over the way we had arrived with ornate and highly gilded wooden carving and walls hung with glorious picture after glorious picture; I wanted to stop and read who all these faces were, but, the Chamberlain didn’t stop until we arrived as two sparkling guilt covered doors, he raised his staff and knocked slowly three times, the doors swung open, The Chamberlain stepped into the room and slammed his staff to the ground three times. `His Serenity the Prince Dima Chikenoff, Air Vice Marshall of the RAF Digbey, Major Torcall Farquharson and a Gentleman’ It was a vast room, huge golden and crystal chandler’s hung from the ceiling, again the walls on the left were covered in paintings, this room also had windows or where they French doors along the right-hand side, again stretching from the floor to the ceiling, these looked out onto a formal garden, which appeared to have a huge fountain. And people lots of people, turned to look at us; Dima hadn’t mentioned there would be anyone else present, as we entered they parted gathering to the sides of the room, all watching us. I whispered `Who are all these people? Dima gave a little laugh `Well, if I am right about you; these are all your long-lost relatives. They are all of the England based survivors of the Russian Royal family and all of them here to check you out’ `Oh thanks, no pressure then’ Dima grinned and winked at me `And they are all watching you, just act as if you own the place’ Dima chuckled again, I breathed in and tried to puff out my chest. I didn’t want to look any of them in the eye, but felt them all looking at me; watching our every step down the room. I was feeling lightheaded, I was overcome, my eyes overwhelmed with the people, the sparkling and glittering splendour in front of me. I glanced at Torcall, but it was Dima, who took my arm, he smiled at me and whispered. `Come, meet the Grand Duke’ At the far end of the room, two large paintings had been put on easels next to a large wooden table; they were covered with red velvet covers, effectively obscuring them. Standing at that table was an elderly Gentleman in a dove grey military uniform, festooned in gold braid. He was surrounded by other gentlemen, who moved away as we approached. He turned to face us, as I accompanied Dima closer to the table, Torcall and Digbey following about five foot behind us, when we were about ten feet from the table, Dima indicated for them to stop, the Grand Duke was looking me up and down. Dima spoke `His Imperial Highness Grand Duke Truorwskoy’ Dima had explained how I was to greet the Grand Duke, I bowed from my waist, we both did. `Prince Dima, is this the gentlemen who we have spoken of? `Yes your Imperial Highness’ Dima turned to me `Please show his Highness the Grand Duke, the red dragon figurine and your ring’ I took a deep breath and approached the Grand Duke, stopping and bowing again, I removed the figurine from my waistcoat pocket and handed it to him, his long bony fingers, took it from me, I went to remove the Draco Constellation ring, his hand made contact with mine, he folded my finger over preventing me from removing it. `Ne ostavlyayte Kol’tso, yesli ono prinadlezhit vam po pravu rozhdeniya, yego nel’zya snimat’ `I am sorry your Imperial Highness, I don’t speak Russian’ Dima leant forward `The Grand Duke said “No escort ankara keep the ring on, if it is yours by birth right, it must never be removed’ I nodded, the Grand Duke smiled and patted my cheek. He turned away looking intently at the red dragon figure, turning it over and over in his hand. He stopped in front of the two covered portraits. He began speaking in Russian again, Dima translated, in hushed tones. `If you are the son of my nephew, Pytor Drageonivanov Prince of the Blood Imperial, this was your father and his beautiful wife your mother Her Imperial Highness the Princess Nataliya Drageonivanov’. He gave a wave of his hand and two uniformed footmen stepped forward, each took hold of the red velvet covers and with a flourish revealed the paintings. I was frozen, I couldn’t look up, I felt my eyes watering; had I just heard my mother’s real name? There was a gasp from behind me, it was Torcall, I glanced back he was leaning into Digbey `My God, it’s him’ I looked at the picture in front of me; my own green eyes and face stared back at me. I staggered, Dima caught my arm and Torcall rushed forward. No wonder Dima, had seemed so certain about me. I didn’t just have a resemblance to the painting, anyone would have thought I had sat for it. I looked to the picture of my mother, suddenly over whelmed with sadness, for never having known her and having no memories of her, she was stunningly beautiful. I bit my lip, trying to hold it together. I felt Dima, squeezing my hand, the Grand Duke saw that too, he cleared his throat. He, came over to me and stood silently inches from me, examining my face, he looked from me to Dima and back again. He glanced at the Chamberlain who, slammed his staff to the ground and called out. `Her Imperial Highness the Princess Anastasia Chikenoff, will approach’ Dima looked round as there was movement from the crowd, he looked at me `That’s my mother, who has been called forward’ I glanced back to see a lady, who bore a striking resemblance to the lady in the painting of my mother, moving forward. Dima whispered that; his mother had been my mother’s sister. The Princess was greeted by the Grand Duke and gave a deep curtsey, he led her to stand in front of me. She took looked at me and then at Dima, her face showing no emotion, she turned away and whispered something I couldn’t hear to the Grand Duke. Dima leaned back into me `It should have been me who was the son of the Prince of the Blood Imperial, but your father preferred your mum to mine’ I looked at Dima smiling. `If that’s right we are cousins’ He nodded and winked. The Princess moved to stand next to the painting of my mother, the Grand Duke, approached me again and took my hand and examined the Draco Constellation ring; running his fingers over the raised diamonds, he turned and moved back to the table. He barked at one of his footmen, who nodded and scurried out of the room, turning back to me, he spoke again; once more Dima translated. `Do you have the British paperwork relating to you? Torcall who was standing immediately behind me spoke `I have it; Your Imperial Highness’ He handed it to the Grand Duke, bowing as he did, I noticed on the front of the file was the name of Dads solicitors Mishcon. The Grand Duke crossed to the table and opened the file and began reading its contents. `Dima, it is all in English’ I said in a hushed voice. The Grand Duke put the papers down on to the table, I heard a chuckle and he turned to me. `I speak and read English, perfectly, young man’ I bowed my head. `Your Imperial Highness, I am sorry, I didn’t realise’ `Young man, allow me to give you a useful life lesson; in these uncertain times, never reveal all your playing cards on a first meeting’ I had just nodded, when there were three loud knocks on the doors, the footmen either side opened them; as the Chamberlains staff hit the floor again three times, he turned to face the room and announced in English. `Her Imperial Highness, the Grand Duchess Katrina Truorwskoy accompanied by the Princess Alexandra Maloshia and the Princess Theodora Chikenoff’ I followed Dima’s lead and bowed smartly from the waist to the elderly lady as she approached; she was beautifully dressed in a heavily embroidered, sky blue flowing dress, immediately behind her two ladies in waiting; the Princesses. The Grand Duchess approached, her eyes narrowed, she stopped, and appeared to sway, her two ladies in waiting rushed forward; recovering herself, she waved them away and then came and stood in front of me, I bowed and remained looking at the floor, her hand went to my chin and lifted my eyes to hers, her eyes stared into my soul, she held my stare; what was she thinking, she seemed to be casting her mind back, then she looked away. She turned to the Grand Duke, I heard no words spoken, I looked to the Grand Duke; he nodded to her. The Chamberlain; who had led us to this room and who had announced the presence of the Grand Duke and the arrival of the Grand Duchess, slammed his golden staff to the ground, three times once more and called out. `Their Imperial Highnesses the Grand Duke and Duchess Truorwskoy, recognise, his Imperial Highness Drageon Drageonivanov as the son of Prince Pytor Drageonivanov, Prince of the Blood Imperial, step forward Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, Prince of the Blood Imperial. Step forward and be recognised’ I was still trying to make sense of things when Dima, clapped me on the back. I only heard the two words `Brother Prince’ He hugged me as the Grand Duke and Duchess looked on, both now smiling. I crossed to the Grand Duke and Duchess; now Dima hadn’t explained what I was to do if this happened, but seeing both of their hands outstretched to me, I got down on one knee, they took my hands and touched them and theirs to my head. `Welcome young man, welcome home’ Then both then stepped back, becoming formal all once more. Three more loud bangs form the Chamberlain’s staff and the Grand Duke and Duchess began to walk down the room, between the now politely, bowing and clapping guests, the doors opened and they were gone. Dima’s mother came over, she kissed me twice on each cheek and twice on the forehead, her hand lingered on my face. `Dima, you must bring Drageon for tea tomorrow’ He clicked his heels and nodded and his mother left us. I looked round and gestured for Torcall and Digbey to come closer. `Congratulations Drageon, well done’ Both hugged me and kissed my cheeks; I took their hands. `I am still a bit shocked to be honest’ I felt a hand on my arm and then heard Dima click his heels, I looked round. `Prince Drageon, please allow me to introduce my sister the Princess Theodora Chikenoff and our cousin the Princess Alexandra Maloshia’ “our cousin” I repeated it in my head; God, I am a Russian Prince. The two Princess both smiled sweetly and curtseyed, Dima’s sister was absolutely beautiful, my eyes locked on hers and I took her hand and kissed it, bowing as I did. `A great honour to meet you both’ I stammered; my eyes still focused on Theodora. `Prince, we will see them again later, where you will have the chance to get to know them more’ I looked at Dima questioningly `Of course, you don’t know, tonight there is to be a Grand Ball in your honour’ `A Grand Ball? What would have happened if I hadn’t been recognised as the lost Prince? `You would have gone home and we would have partied anyway’ Dima laughed loudly, `Come, I need a drink, let us retire to our suites, you can meet the rest of the relatives at tonight’s Ball’ ** Dima continues the story The Grand Duke had made Drageon a “Member of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle the First called”, with that automatically went “The Order of St. Alexander Nevsky”, “The Order of the White Eagle”, “The Order of St, Anne” first class and finally “The Order of St. Stanislaus” first class. The boxes containing the awards had been carefully ankara escort bayan placed in his suite, ready for the evenings Ball. We had entered the Ball room together, the assembled guests clapping politely as Drageon’s lengthy new titles and then mine were read out, the Ball had been amazing, Forts had charmed his way round the room; even if his dancing left a bit to be desired. He had looked fantastic; Proudly wearing the blue sash and bejewelled Star of the “Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle the First called”, the premier one of his new awards, it glistened, over his white evening dress jacket. I don’t think it had sunk in yet, he was now the second most high-ranking member of the Russian Royal family in England. While Forts, oops, Prince Drageon was chatting away with my sister, I had managed to speak to Torcall and Digbey, they too looked resplendent in their dress uniforms and medals. `Torcall has anyone spoke to Athol yet and Davy? `No, we think that can wait until tomorrow, let Forts enjoy this amazing day and night, before he has to face the reality of it all tomorrow’ I had nodded; what would the future hold. I had finally managed to drag Forts away from my sister and back to his suite. We were both pleasantly merry having consumed plenty of Champagne. He was buzzing excitedly talking about everything, I helped him remove his sash and award, then undid his shoe laces, which had defeated him in his current state, and had just helped pull off his trousers. There was a gentle tap at the door `Hey maybe it is your sister’ Forts headed for the door, still in his dress jacket, shirt, tie, underpants, bare legs with black socks; he looked sexy even like that. I just smiled as he grinned at me. I knew it wasn’t my sister; I was expecting our visitor, I sat on the bed and kicked off my shoes and removed my trousers as Forts opened the door. `Oh, Your Imperial Highness please come in’ The Grand Duke, came in and sat down. `Prince Drageon, I doubt Prince Dima has had the chance to tell you, but I love him, like my own son and now I have you to love too, come here’ Drageon approached and bent down in front of the Grand Duke, who took hold of his cheeks and pushed his lips to his. Drageon seemed to lurch as the old man’s tongue pushed into his mouth, The Duke gestured me over with his other hand, he broke away from Drageons mouth. `Now Dima, show me how identical you both are’ I stepped in front of Forts and began to undo his tie, then his shirt buttons. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and followed that with his shirt. The Grand Duke, reached out and placed his hand on Forts hairy chest. `Ahh, so like your father young man, so manly; alas Dima here is as hairless as an egg’ While the Duke continued to explore Forts hairy chest with his hand, I slipped off my jacket and shirt, leaving both Forts and me in just our underware and socks. `Here Dima, the two of you stand side by side’ I moved alongside Forts in front of the Grand Duke, he placed a hand on each of our stomachs, his fingers still playing with Forts hair. `Dima, don’t you wish you were as hairy as Drageon? I smiled, he slowly dropped his hands down to the bulges in our underware, he smiled as he gripped Forts and my swelling cocks. He let go of me and using both hands he slipped down Forts underware, Forts now hard cock bobbed up to meet him. The Duke gripped it and stretched back the foreskin, he looked up at Forts. `Your mother, hated the idea of mutilating a child’s body, she always said she wouldn’t have you circumcised, I see she got her way with your father, he wouldn’t deny her anything’ The Duke leaned forward and took Forts now swollen cockhead into his mouth, his sucked and licked it, muttering `Beautiful, it’s a beautiful cock head’ While the Duke sucked, I made eye contact with Forts, mouthing “are you okay? He nodded grinning and mouthed back “he is good” as he thrust his hips forward. The Duke pulled off Forts cock and turned to me, he slid down my underpants, my hard cock bounced up. `Ahh, my old friend’ He said, grasping my shaft and squeezing it, his other hand reached for Forts again, he gripped them both and pulled us closer together, his hands touching our bellend’s together, our cock lips met, both now wet with precum, our juices mixed together, he smeared our cockheads against each other and looking up said `Drageon, kiss your cousin, then I want you both to get into bed with me’ Forts leant into me and our lips met, his tongue pushed against mine, easing into my mouth, I gasped into his tongue `I love you Drageon’ He stopped; obviously thinking about what I had said for a moment and then his tongue resumed pushing into my mouth and dancing with my mine, he took my hand and led me towards the huge bed, slipping off his socks, I did the same, we climbed butt naked on to the bed. Both laying on our backs turning to face the Duke as he stood and slipped off his heavily embroidered dressing gown, he climbed onto the bed in front of us. `Dima, show your cousin, what I like’ Forts glanced at me as I pulled back my legs, raising and exposing my cock and balls and hole, he grinned and did the same. ** The Grand Duke takes up the story I knew they would both be horny and sweaty, I indicated for them to kiss again, while I moved closer to Forts heavily hanging balls. I reached out for his cock and held it pointing skywards as I kissed each of his balls, they were just like Dima’s, big and heavy. I pushed my nose into his sac and breathed deeply, God he even smelt like Dima. I let my tongue drag over his hairy ball sac, tasting him for the first time, it wasn’t going to be the last; I would have to keep this guy close. I sucked first one and then both of his balls into my mouth easing backwards stretching them in their sac; loving my saliva absorbing his taste, I heard him moan above me, I glanced up, he was snogging Dima, the two of them really getting into each other, their hands now toying with each other’s nipples, while I concentrated on their cocks. I moved to Dima’s balls and did the same, loving the taste of these two young studs, I gripped Dimas cock and licked up to the Bellend ridge, his circumcision scar clearly visible, I had to examine them both together. I reached for Forts hard cock and sat back, closely examining them, even the veins were in the same place, each of them was a thick tube of meat, each had a fat bulbous bellend, atop their thick shafts, each a gorgeous ridge, built for licking: I squeezed the bottom of each shaft, watching as both pairs of cock lips parted and oozed out a sparkling jewel of precum, my tongue hungrily lapped across them both, allowing their juice to blend on my tongue; amazing. I reached for my own cock, once, once, I had the iron in my body these two now shared, alas age is fickle and can be cruel, How I had enjoyed playing with these two young men’s fathers when they were about the same age as their sons now, then our world changed and fell apart; no, I mustn’t be sad, I had found Drageon. `You two, come and look after your Great Uncle’ Both young men sat up and then got on to their knees and crawled towards me, I got on to all fours; they both knew what to do. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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