Orgasm-Of-War Pt. 02

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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictitious and not suitable for anyone that is below the legal age in their country to view pornographic material. All characters involved in the story are over the age of eighteen and belong to me. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Reader discretion is advised.

Jennifer was still huffing and puffing, her tits still smashed into Sam’s face. The orgasms she just experienced were some of the strongest she’s ever had. Her body was still aflame with desire but she noticed that her muscles were starting to get sore. As she sat in Sam’s lap, still fully impaled on his wonderful dick, her mind went back and relived the past thirty minutes.

She remembered how skeptical she was about the sexy dice game she brought home. Jennifer remembered the electrical thrill she received when first holding the die and how nerve-wracking the chills were.

Her eyes glazed over as she continued remembering the raw sexual lust that came over her as she went to town on Sam’s dick. She was starting to get a little wet again when she realized that the tingling feeling from earlier was back and felt stronger than before.

“Sam, are you still hard?” she inquired.

“Yeah, your pussy squeezed me so hard I thought my dick was going to fall off. I couldn’t get off because of your grip,” he stated in a slightly irritated tone.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let me take care of my big man,” she said in a sultry voice.

Jennifer wasn’t sure what was going on with her. She loved sex with Sam but tonight she felt like a demon-possessed. Although she knew Sam’s stamina didn’t survive past two orgasms, tonight was not over. She slowly tried to lift herself off her lover when the tingling in her pussy reminded her something was wrong.

She groaned, “Ughhhhh, Sam if I didn’t know any better I’d say you got bigger. I can feel you penetrating me fully, even in spots you’ve never reached before.”

Jennifer kept wiggling to try to get off this massive pillar insider of her, but nothing was working. Sam was quiet for a few seconds then spoke up, “I think I know what you mean, just after you finished cumming all over me I felt a warm tingle in my dick, almost like it was stretching.”

The two of them froze. Any progress Jennifer had made was erased as the mention of the tingling sensation caused her to panic and fall back into Sam’s lap. Neither one had mentioned the tingling sensation out loud to the other.

“When did you first start having the tingling sensation?” Inquired Jennifer.

Sam pondered her question for a second. All at once, the memories of what happened came flooding back to him. He quickly blurted, “It started the second I touched the male die. I was a little tipsy so I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but if you’ve felt something similar then there is definitely something weird with this game.”

Jennifer nodded in agreement and started to notice that the shock of their realization was starting to panic Sam. His rock-hard dick was starting to deflate and retreat back towards the entrance of her love tunnel. Jennifer was a mixture of both glad and sad that Sam’s monster was diminishing. She’d never felt that full before but was also starting to get anxious that she wouldn’t be able to pull off of him.

Once free, the two lovers looked towards their genitals and could already see changes. Not quite at full mass, Sam’s dick had not only grown longer by a few inches, but his girth exploded with growth and was now the size of a soda can.

Jennifer gulped with lust as she saw that huge dick flop around. She never would have expected something that big to fit inside her. Glancing around herself for changes, she was disappointed to see that her ass had shrunk down a bit from its former glory that she had just gained minutes before.

The wheels started to turn in Jennifer’s mind. Testing her theory, she reached down and stuck her index and middle fingers inside her slippery snatch.

“Ooooh shit! No wonder I couldn’t get off your fat dick Sam, my vagina seems to have shrunk,” Jen mentioned with panic in her voice.

Sam’s eyes grew wide and said, “No kidding? I thought maybe I was still hallucinating but you felt impossibly tight at the end there, it could explain that tight grip you had on my third leg here.”

Jennifer couldn’t help but give a nervous chuckle and casually said, “Sam, your dick isn’t big enough to call it a third leg. However, it does look bigger, if I had to guess it looks like it taps out at 9 inches. My vagina should’ve still been able to still handle it, but I definitely feel smaller.”

Jennifer got up from her spot on the couch and was scanning for the packaging that the mysterious game came in. As she was looking around the coffee table a small slip of white paper caught her attention. She bent over at the hip and gave Sam a front-row view of her new shapely ass. Jennifer kilis escort seemed a bit puzzled, she was never this forward before.

Without hesitation, Sam inched himself up to the edge of the couch, grabbed both of Jen’s ass cheeks, and dove headfirst into her pussy. He wasn’t sure what was going on with him, it just felt like the right thing to do.

Completely caught off-guard, Jennifer quickly put both hands on the coffee table to help stabilize her balance and squeals, “Ohhhhhh shit Sam, you’ve never done that before!”

Sam continued licking in earnest and in acknowledgment of what she said, began groping her ass with wild abandonment. With her smaller vagina, Sam’s tongue felt amazing as it probed around her clit and deeply dove into the shallow depths of her tight pussy. Jennifer’s mind went blank and forgot all about the new stresses of what was happening to them.

After a few minutes of blissful licking from her stud, she repositioned her legs and arched her back so Sam could get a better angle to mash his face against her. She timed his rhythm and began grinding her pussy in time with Sam’s face. She was so entranced by her flaming desires that didn’t notice she bumped the table. The die both jiggled around and landed on new sides. The female die landed on boobs and the male die landed on muscles.

Before she could try to piece together what was happening, Sam pulled another surprise on her. His neck was starting to ache as he was leaning so far forward for so long on the couch. Sam decided to go for broke and moved upwards to her puckered hole.

“Ssssssshit Sam I never thought you were into that,” hissed Jennifer through clenched teeth.

Sam wasn’t in control of his body anymore and said between licks, “I’m not… but something… about this new ass… has got…. both of my…. heads intrigued.”

As the last word ringed through Jennifer’s ears, the tingling sensations came back, but this time it hit her through her chest. With the constant attention on her erogenous zones and the new sensations from the game, she was overstimulated. She reached a hand back and forced Sam’s head further into her asshole.

“Fuuuuuck cowboy, hold on for the ride, and don’t you dare stop!” Jennifer grunted.

An orgasm twice as strong as the others had swept through her entire body. Her hips bucking as the waves of pleasure soared through her. She noticed through her orgasm-riddled brain that her legs were getting tired from standing in such an uncomfortable position for so long. The pins and needles feeling in her legs were starting to overtake her when a new cooling sensation focused around her tits.

“Ahhhh shit! Sam my boobs feel ice cold!” Jennifer exclaimed.

Her mind was telling her something serious was happening but her body betrayed her as she kept cumming in the throes of ecstasy. She threw her head back and started mauling both tits aggressively, hoping the heat from her hands would help them feel better. Her nipples were standing at full attention as if she were in a tank top standing in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store for too long. She let out a little squeal as she never knew her nipples to be quite so sensitive before. The added stimulation only further prolonged her mind-shattering orgasm. Jennifer’s mind was so overrun with the chilly feeling of her tits that she hasn’t paid any attention to the slow cooling sensation that was slowly taking over her whole body.

As her orgasm had finally plateaued and her mind once again hers, she recognized the new sensation. At first, it was a pleasant cooling sensation like the beginning stages of applying icey-hot. Very quickly, however, the sensation dialed up to 10 and her entire body felt as if she was stuck in the freezer. This new sensation scared her and quickly brought her orgasm to a screeching halt as she was desperate to find out what this game was doing to her.

Behind her, she could feel Sam still holding on to her ass, but with a tightened grip. He was not going to let down his queen and found himself so eager to please her that he was finding it easier and easier to knead, maul, spank and play with her enhanced ass cheeks.

“Sam!” She begged, “Although I love all the attention my new ass is getting, I need you to focus.”

As if by magic, Sam’s drunken love lust was snapped and he was once again back to reality. He immediately stopped what he was doing and stood up to make sure his girlfriend was alright. As Sam stood up, however, his shirt made a slight ripping sound. Jennifer turned around to see what the noise was and both of their jaws dropped. Sam was sporting a shredded body with huge pecs to boot.

“What. The. Fuck” Jen shouted while also trying not to drool.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m rather enjoying this,” Sam stated confidently while flexing his newly acquired biceps. The extra movement caused the sleeves to rip and Sam, wanting to see his new body, easily tore off the escort kilis rest of his t-shirt.

Finally having a moment of clarity, Jennifer picked up the white slip of paper and read its contents aloud. “Orgasm-Of-War Instructions. Well crap, we probably should’ve looked into this first before we started,” she declared.

She continued reading, “This is a simple game with the sole purpose of spicing things up in the bedroom.”

“Well consider me spiced,” Sam said with a laugh.

Jennifer just rolled her eyes and continued,

“Step 1: Both partners will grab whichever die they want and roll. (Caution – there’s a slight tingling sensation)

Step 2: The couple engages in any kind of sexual acts they please.

Step 3: The goal of the game is to get your partner to orgasm.

Step 4: Once your partner gets off, the changes on the two die will grow whoever caused the orgasm and shrink whoever got off. As a tug-of-war style gameplay.

Example: Woman rolls height and man rolls penis. The man achieves orgasm so his penis and height shrink while the woman’s height and vagina grow.

Step 5: Repeat the process until desired attributes are achieved.”

Jennifer’s mouth dropped, “So that’s why I was able to take you in one go before, you orgasmed so your dick shrank and my vagina got deeper.”

Sam took a moment to understand everything she just said but then scratched his head. “Then why did I grow muscles and your tits get smaller if we rolled butt and penis?” He inquired.

The two partners both looked perplexed. Just then, a light bulb when off in Jennifer’s mind, and she began searching for the die. She quickly found them and saw that the die had indeed been updated to Boobs for her and Muscles for him. After realizing what the cold sensation must’ve meant for her boobs, she frantically searched for the one-size too-small lingerie bra she purchased. She found the discarded bra on the far side of the couch and attempted to put it on. Jen was horrified to notice that it was now too big for her, her D cups must’ve been close to B’s.

“Aww man, you stole my tits,” she said with a pouting sigh.

Disheartened, she went and retrieved the gaming instructions and read the last little bit, “Note: This is a magical game so the laws of physics do not apply. Gaining and losing attributes are not proportional and since most customers have told us they prefer ending the game enhanced, instead of shrunken, size increases are larger than losses. If you and your partner are not satisfied with the results, just say the name of the game backward and the changes will apply the next morning.”

As she read the final few sentences Jennifer’s voice started to get louder with excitement. All she needed to do to get her boyfriend attention-grabbers back was to just get him off again. She locked eyes with Sam and new energy was set ablaze in her eyes. She needed those tits back and she was going to do anything to get them.

“Hey sweetie, are you ok? You’ve got a bit of a determined serial killer look that’s kind of concerning,” said Sam.

“How confident are you with your new muscles?” Asked Jennifer.

A puzzled Sam responded, “They’re awesome! I feel like I could lift a horse, why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason,” she mentioned while sensually walking up to Sam and pushing him against their living room wall.

Sam was confused about where this was going, but he still craved the idea of getting off again. He was soon going to get his wish as Jen jumped up, wrapped her legs around his waist, and started making out with him in earnest. She giggled, “I want to test out my big hunky man and his new muscles.”

Jen whispered in-between loud drawn-out groans, “Mmmmm, wow, Sam, these muscles are the real deal. Ahhhh, you’ve never been able to hold me up for long, Oooo, and right now you don’t even seem winded.”

Sam didn’t even have a chance to respond as Jen went right into frenching him. She shifted around in his lap until she was able to get one of her petite hands to snake down and wrap around as much of the behemoth cock as she could. Without hesitation, she started to pump her hand agonizingly slow up and down, trying to draw out as much blood as possible out of his head and into his engorged dick.

“Mmmm yes baby, grow for me, feel my fat ass grinding on your thick dick,” she moaned.

Sam was having the time of his life, he kept hoisting Jen up and down on his crouch with ease. Her ass wasn’t as big as before, but he loved sinking his hands into her doughy cheeks and groped them like they were newly discovered treasure. His dick slowly but surely was coming back to life and started to rub against the underside of her ass.

As Jen was keeping up her ministrations a thought came across her mind. How in the world was she going to get him off? Sam’s dick was too big for her mouth, vagina, and tits. He already got off once so a hand job wasn’t going to cut it. As she was still frenching kilis escort bayan her boyfriend she came to the decision that if she truly wanted her tits back, she was going to have to do anal. At first, the thought sent shivers up her spine, she never was into butt stuff. Sam licking her back door earlier felt really weird. She did end up thoroughly enjoying it however and figured some pain now would be worth it to get her perfect figure.

Jen decided there was no time like the present, his dick was stiff as a board and poking at her ass. She reached around and pulled his cock head to the entrance of her pussy, making sure it was completely drenched before continuing. After she was satisfied with the progress she made, she aimed his cock head at her ass and slowly lowered herself onto his shaft.

“Ugghhhh, baby this dick might be too big,” Jen groaned.

In the back of Sam’s mind, he had to agree, it felt nice having a larger cock, what man wouldn’t? But seeing Jennifer try her hardest to please him at the cost of her pain wasn’t something he wanted to do again. With him still inside of Jennifer’s asshole, he carried the two of them over to the coffee table and re-rolled his die until his side said penis.

Jennifer was looking towards Sam so she didn’t know where he was going or what he was planning on doing. She kept her eyes closed and was determined to keep inching her way lower on this massive cock. After Sam had re-rolled his die, he casually strolled back to the wall and pinned Jennifer against the cold hard brick. She looked up into his eyes with a few tears streaming down her face.

“Sam, I want you to pound the shit outta me,” Jennifer whimpered.

He glanced below and saw that she had in fact taken his entire monster up her behind. With her insides continually squeezing and adjusting to the pillar inside of her, he readjusted his hands to the back of her ass. Sam cautiously pulled out and tentatively slid back in. He locked eyes with Jennifer to make sure she was indeed ok.

“Sam, I’m ok, seriously pound me into next month,” Jennifer stated with more seriousness in her voice.

Given the green light, Sam was moving in and out of his girlfriend at lightning speeds. He was pushing his new muscles to the limit. Sweat was dripping off of both of their bodies, neither one caring what they looked like in the heat of the moment. Sam raised Jennifer’s body enough that he could take her nipples into his mouth. He could taste their sweet sweat on her skin, which just drove him madder. His hands were digging further into her ass cheeks, his nails starting to leave imprints.

Jen screamed, “Yes, oh God YES! Baby keep going, my whole body is craving this fat dick!”

Sam grunted back, “I’m close baby, I’m gonna count down before I cover your insides.”

Jen just closed her eyes and nodded.

Sam basically screamed between huffs, “5…4…3…2…1.” He wasn’t kidding when he said he was covering her insides as he unloaded the biggest orgasm of his life.

“Oh, shit dude! I feel like you put a fire hose in me, my God I feel so full!” Jen yelped.

As Sam was unloading into Jen, simultaneously, the tingling sensation came back to both of them.

Jen started to panic, “Wait, Sam, you’re going to drop me since you’re going to lose your…” She couldn’t finish her sentence, her tits were once against sparked with heightened sensitivity as she started to grow again. She took a moment to pause and appreciate how great it felt to grow. She moved her hands up to once again grope her blossoming body.

Once Sam’s mind came back to Earth, he looked down and saw he had front row seats for Jennifer’s expanding bust. Her eyes had closed and she was absolutely glowing with joy as she was completely washed with the feeling of growing. Sam decided now was the time to make up for taking her anal virginity and carefully maneuvered one of her bra’s cups out of the way to make room for his lips.

Jennifer, still completely gone to the world, was pushing into her tits as they kept expanding. She was dangerously close to having her own orgasm, but she wanted to see how massive these boobs would get. Without opening her eyes she felt one of the cups give way and was ecstatic that she must’ve been already bigger than her original D’s. Sam saw this as his opportunity, clamped down and sucked like his life depended on it.

Jen’s mouth exploded quickly into a massive O and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyy goodness, SAM!” Her eyes snapped open and she glared into Sam’s eyes.

She started panting, “Please stop Sam, I want to see how big you’re making me.”

Sam being a huge breast man, was not having it. He took his drool-covered mouth off her fat nipple, ripped off the lacy bra with his teeth, and sucked even harder on the other.

What came next out of Jennifer’s mouth almost didn’t sound human. There was just a series of howls and banshee screams. Further and further her tits grew, she guessed she must have been entering H cups. She was growing so large that she was starting to push Sam’s head backward. Finally, the growth had stopped and her puppy dog eyes looked back at her loving, yet deceiving boyfriend.

“How… how are you still holding me?” She asked lazily.