Our Cruise Comes to an End

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This is the last installment in our sharing time together on a cruise.


The cruise ship departed St Maarten for the last two days at sea on our return trip to Miami. We spent the evening making our way around the ship watching people and checking out the variety of activities. Even though we aren’t gamblers, the casino caught our attention so we played the slots and watched others play some of the table games. Afterwards, we found a nice quiet spot one of the upper decks where we cuddled and nursed our drinks in the moonlight. The next day the weather was perfect for getting some sun, so we headed out early to get a spot to sun before it got crowded.

Kim wanted to go up to the topless deck so she could work on tanning most of her body. There was no one on the deck, so we found a spot to take advantage of the sun’s position. After we were settled, Kim put lotion on me, and then I put lotion on her. Since we were alone on the deck, I placed more attention with the lotion on her breast than was needed.

I asked her if she remembered what happened the last time the “topless deck” was mentioned.

She smiled and rubbed my groin.

After about ninety minutes in the sun, we grabbed lunch then headed back to the suite.

I got in the shower first, and Kim jumped in as I got out. As Kim showered, I decided to download the pictures we took the day before onto my laptop.

When Kim got out of the shower, she asked what I was doing.

I told her looking at stuff.

She asked what kind of stuff I was looking at since we didn’t have an internet connection.

I replied “stuff.”

Curiosity must have gotten the best of her so she came over to peek. Kim saw I was looking at the pictures from our time at Orient Beach.

She lightly slapped my shoulder and embarrassedly said my name “Mike” and asked why I was looking at the pictures.

I replied, “Why not? That is why I took them, to look at them”.

Kim didn’t leave. She sat down next to me and looked at the pictures too. For her benefit, I went back to the first picture so she could see how things progressed. As we went through the pictures, we didn’t say anything at first, just looked.

I told Kim how kadıköy escort hot she looked as she fucked Ricardo and sucked on me.

We were surprised when we reached the end of the series of pictures and saw me fucking Kim from behind. We didn’t realize Ricardo took pictures of us going at it. We sure appreciated it though.

I noticed as we went through the pictures, Kim was squirming a bit, I suppose from getting aroused. I was sporting an erection.

I asked Kim, which picture was her favorite?

She shyly said, “I don’t know.”

I told her my favorite was the one I took that showed her sucking me while Ricardo fucked her from behind.

She said, “The picture was nice, and it reminds me of how good it felt.”

I told her I really liked the close ups I took of Ricardo’s dick going in and out of her.

Kim noticed my erection and asked me why I was hard.

I told her the same reason she has been squirming around on the couch.

She gave me a coy smile and gave my dick a tug.

She asked if I wanted something to drink.

She got up to us bottles of water. I happened to look down at where she was sitting and noticed there was a very wet spot on the medium blue towel she was sitting on. Seeing the spot on the towel and knowing why it was there sent an extra pint of blood to my dick, at least that’s how it felt. I stood up and went over to Kim. She turned around as I approached her and noticed my erection.

She said, “Mike, put that away.”

I said, let me check something first.

I put my arms around her, moved a hand down between her legs to her pussy. Her pussy was soaked!

I told her the only place I was putting my dick was in here, as I inserted a finger into her.

All she said was “good.”

We moved to the bed. I laid Kim down on her back and spread her legs. I could clearly see that her lips were dripping with her juices. Since it was early afternoon and the curtains were open, I could see every detail of her pussy in the well-lit suite. I parted her inner lips so I could see her vaginal opening. Her juices almost seemed to be welling inside of her. I let üsküdar escort my tongue glide from the bottom to top of her pussy. When I gently went over Kim’s clit, she let a nice moan. I then probed her canal with my tongue. Her juices tasted so sweet and had a thick consistency. Damn, she tasted good! I worked on her pussy with my tongue for a while longer, occasionally dipping down to lick her pretty little rosebud. Kim loved this.

I had an idea and told her I would be right back.

I quickly got the bag of toys we brought with us.

She asked me what I was getting.

I told her to just lay back and enjoy.

I pulled out a dildo that she has used only a few times. It is about eight inches long, two inches wide, with balls, and a suction cup at its base. I think she has been embarrassed to use it in front of me. I rubbed the head of the dildo along her slit. She slowly moved her hips as if she was enjoying it. I put the head against her opening and slowly moved it in and out. A little bit farther each time it went into her. Soon her pussy now accepted the dildo’s entire length. Kim’s leg remained spread wide as I fucked her with the dildo. As I pushed it into her, her hips rose and she began to moan. One of her hands was caressing her tits and the other was rubbing the area between her belly button and her pubic mound. She was getting pretty damn hot at this point. Kim took control of the dildo and rapidly worked it in and out of her pussy. I wanted to do that to her, but was afraid I would hurt her. I went back into the toy bag and found a thin vibrator that’s meant for anal penetration. I lubed it up and pressed against her asshole where it quickly passed her anal muscle. I turned the vibrator on high.

She loudly exclaimed how good it felt and told me to slowly move it in and out.

My dick needed some attention now. I lay along side of Kim with my head next to her hip and my dick at her head. She didn’t need any prompting. She hungrily took in as much of my cock as she could. I continued to work the vibrator in her ass as she kept the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. Kim’s cock sucking talents were winning the battle on my dick. In no tuzla escort time, she had me ready to blast. I had to pull out before she made me cum.

I took the vibrator from her ass and took control of the dildo, removing it from her.

She asked what I was doing.

I told her to turn around and get on her hands and knees.

As she did so, I lined up the dildo with her pussy and attached the dildo to the headboard with the suction cup.

I told her that since she couldn’t have Ricardo, in her, we would improvise.

She backed into the dildo until it was in her. I lay down in front of her where she sucked and licked on my dick some more.

After a few minutes of this, she said she needed something else. She got on her back and told me to get her vibrator. I handed it to her and she told me to watch her.

I sat back on the bed, watched her and stroked my dick.

She told me to put a finger in her ass.

I licked my finger for lubrication then inserted it into her ass and slowly slid it in and out of her.

She told me to keep it still.

I could tell she was getting close to orgasm.

I laid there with my finger in her ass and stroked my dick with my other hand. Kim’s body tensed and I felt her asshole start that familiar pulsating squeeze on my finger while she let out moans of pleasure as she came.

After the waves of pleasure ended, she opened her legs; I removed my finger from her.

She said, “Put it in me.”

I moved between her spread and raised legs. My missile found its target and entered her.

She put her hands behind her thighs to hold her legs up and apart and said “go ahead and fill me with cum.”

My dick was all the way in her wide-open pussy and I began to fuck her as fast as I could with one purpose, to cum. It wasn’t long at all before I was emptying my balls into her pussy. After I came, we stayed in the same position soaking up the pleasure we had just gave and received. As my dick began to shrink, I looked down to see it covered with our cum.

We talked about what a nice time we had on the cruise. As we talked, I put a finger in her pussy and spread our juices all over her pussy. I lay down next to her and held her in my arms as we dozed off for an afternoon nap.

This cruise did wonders for us, as it brought us closer together and strengthened the bond between us. Since the cruise, we have made more time for “us” and have a few more stories to tell.

When people at work as if we had a good time, I tell them yes, but if they only knew.