Our first time with a stranger

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Our first time with a strangerThis is a true story that happened to my wife and I just over a year ago. It wasn’t planned it just happened unexpectedly. I had booked us a show and a nice hotel in the west end of London. We have done this before and it usually leads to us having a few drinks after the show, stumbling back to our hotel room and having noisy sex. That night was no different. After our drinks, we took a walk through Soho and looked at the sex toys on display in the “naughty” shops. My wife took a shine to a G spot toy so we bought it. We couldn’t wait to get back to the room and try it out! In the lift in the hotel I couldn’t keep my hands off of her and ran my hand up her dress and along her hold up stockings. I pushed her thong aside and rubbed a finger along her clit. She was so wet! I slipped a finger inside her and she would have cum but the doors opened.When we got to our room I said I would put the batteries in the new toy so my wife said she would have a cigarette and opened the window and put her head out to have a smoke. She pulled the curtain around her waist so all I could see was he sexy round arse. I heard her say hi to someone, then heard a male voice say hi back to her. They started chatting and he said he was in London for a business trip. I went to the mini bar to mix a couple of drinks and when I came back my wife was still bent over with her head through the curtains and out of the window, her cigarette long finished. I sat down on the chair next to her and ran my hand along her arse. She wiggled it at me then laughed at something the guy said. I put both my hands on her arse cheeks and massaged them expecting her to move them away but she pushed back towards me! I moved her dress up slowly above her waist, pulled her tiny thong aside and slid a finger inside her. This time she not only pushed back but also opened her legs wider. She was so wet I pushed a second finger inside and began to rub bursa escort slowly so the guy wouldn’t know what was happening.Then it happened. Her legs began to shake, her knees bent ever so slightly…and she came. Not a loud squirting orgasm that she normally has but a VERY quiet one. The guy opposite laughed and jokingly said “you look like you just had an orgasm”. My wife just giggled and continued to move against my fingers. I then moved my face down towards her pussy and pushed my tongue between her now soaking lips. She pushed back again but this time harder and with obvious movement. Seconds later she was cumming again and making a lot more noise. The guy opposite said “seriously, did you just cum?” My wife said “yes, my husband just made me cum”. I then stood up behind her, pulled my cock free and slowly pushed inside her pumping my cock in and out in a slow rhythm. He said “do you mind if I rub my cock as that’s made me so hard?” Before she could reply, he took out his cock and started to rub it for her to see. As soon as she saw this she pushed back hard onto my cock and to my surprise said “SHIT, I’m gonna cum again” She then squirted and came which almost made me cum. I couldn’t believe how turned on she was and how horny this made me! I was so shocked in an excited way I wanted to cum but forced myself to hold on.I leaned forward, opened the curtains, pulled her dress up above her black bra and pulled it off over her head. I said to the guy “do you want to see her tits?” He just nodded still rubbing his cock through the window. I pulled my wife up still with my cock inside her and undid her bra revealing her big double F tits. I kissed her neck and ran my fingers over her erect nipples and whispered to her “do you like looking at his cock?” “yes” she said, not able to take her eyes away from it. “Do you want him to fuck you?” She just stiffened but said nothing. “Go and lay down on the bed” I said. I leaned bursa escort bayan out of the window and said “do you want to come over?” “if your ok with it” was the reply and I told him our room number.I unlocked the door, lay down next to my sexy wife and said “are you sure this is what you want?” She just lay there with this “sex look” on her face I had never seen before then nodded. Her legs where off the end of the bed and her hand was between them rubbing herself slowly. There was a knock at the door then it was slowly pushed open. The guy from the window came in and looked down at my wife laying on the bed wearing just a pair of black hold up stockings and a black thong pulled to the side slowly rubbing her clit. He just stood there staring at her not sure what to do. “I think she wants to see your cock” I said. Without saying a word he stripped off his clothes and started rubbing his cock close to my wife’s face! She rubbed herself faster not taking her eyes away from his cock next to her face. She started to tense then said “I’m cumming oh fuck I’m cumming”. I couldn’t believe my wife was cumming in front of a complete stranger with his cock only inches from her face! The closest we ever came to this were our fantasies during sex.I took the rest of my clothes off, knelt between her legs and rubbed my cock over her very wet clit. It slipped straight inside her and I started to fuck her slowly as I was doing my best not to cum. I looked up and saw the guys cock was almost touching my wife’s lips. She turned her head towards it and it was against her mouth. That was it…I couldn’t hold back any longer and started to cum. This sent her over the edge again. At this, the guy pushed his cock against her half open mouth and it was in…she was sucking his cock! Again she tensed but this time she squirted over my cock then came with a muffled moan.I was already becoming hard again as I watched his cock slide into my escort bursa wife’s mouth. She brought her hand up to his shaft and started to wank him into her mouth. At this, I pulled her legs wide apart by her ankles and started to fuck her hard, my balls slapping against her arse. Again she squirted but this time over my balls and it ran down to her arse.Then the guy said “I can’t hold on much longer. Where do you want me to cum?” My wife shocked me again and said ” I want you both to cum over my face and tits”. Hearing her say this to the two of us was so shocking and sexy that I started to cum again and had trouble getting my cock out of her pussy and up to her face. It was a fast movement but my wife sat up, grabbed both our cocks in each hand and wanked us over her tits. He came first shooting cum all over her face, hair and tits. It run down her chin and dripped onto her tits and tummy. She was covered. Almost at the same time I was cumming too. She opened her mouth and took my second load in her mouth and let it dribble off her tongue and onto her tits. She then did something that still makes me hard when I think about it. She took both our cocks and stuffed them into her mouth at the same time! I can still remember the feeling of her tongue running over the end of my cock then his then mine. She then lay back on the bed with a naughty grin on her face and proceeded to rub our cum over her tits and pussy. I don’t know why but it still shocks me in an exciting way when I think about that last bit! My wife then said she needed to take a shower as “I am covered in cum”. We laughed and said goodbye to the guy from the window. We never exchanged names or numbers it just happened out of the blue and we all went with it. That night in bed as I was running my fingers over my wife’s clit, I asked her if she would have let him fuck her. Her body stiffened and she came with a shuddering orgasm but never replied. I pulled out the G spot vibrator we never got around to using, pushed it inside her and whispered again “would you have let him slide his cock into you and fuck you while you where sucking my cock?” The only reply was another shuddering orgasm!