Our new neighbor

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Our new neighborLet me tell you how it all started with our new neighbor Rick.Back in the mid 80’s we had a new neighbor move in next door. Hubby Marc introduced himself and learned he was a police officer transfered here from another province. Hubby told me he was divorced and asked to be tranfered to a new detachment. He was older than we were by 10 years but we soon became friends. We were all into the outdoors so when we decided to go camping one weekend Marc invited Rick to come along since he had a fishing boat and we had a camper.We arrived at the lake on a friday night and settled in. The next day we headed out on the lake for a fun say of fishing and soaking up the sun. By noon we headed back to shore for lunch and some drings. I decided to change into my bikini and put on a T-shirt and tempobet yeni giriş we headed back out. I wanted to get some sun so i let the guys fish, so I removed mt t-shirt and lay in the sun in the bow of his boat on a towel.After a while I saw through my sunglasses that Rick had been staring at me with a big grin on his face. I wanted a bit of fun so I turned over and undid my bikini top and spead my legs a bit. Marc must have taken that as a cue so he took a small bucket of cold water and threw at me.It made me jump up and i turned around in surprise but Rick had the nicer surprise as my top stayed behing and was a foot away from him and my tits fully in his view. Nice he said, I blushed but didn’t cover up. I dried myself a bit and said well since you saw them then tempobet giriş you won’t mind if I just stay that way so i don’t get tan lines. We were very secluded and to his surprise I removed my bottom as well and lay back down. WOW he said I just smiled at him and asked if it was Ok. He just grinned and said no problem. After 10 minutes or so I can see he had a raging bulge in his trunks but pretended not to notice.Later I got dressed in just my bottom and t-shirt and said lets go back to eat, much to Rick’s disappointment.Later that evening we sat around the fire and drank and everyone was feeling pretty good. We all decided to turn in, we slept in the forward bed an Rick slept in the back bunk. An hour later I had to get up to go to the bathroom at the back. When I came back tempobet güvenilirmi out i saw Rick on his bed, he had the covers off and was sleeping naked.I think he did it on purpose but that was fine by me. Marc was snoring away as I just stood there for a moment in nothing but a t-shirt staring at his nice 9″ cock fingering myself. Fuck it I said to myself .I got on my knees and gently took his cock in my hand stroked it a bit as it hardened then kissed it and licked the tip. Rick began to moan a bit but I was to committed already so I just took it in my mouth. i sucked him for a bit when he put his hand on the back of my head . That was my cue so I began to bob up and down faster,I could feel him tense up and was ready to cum as he was about to pull out. I would have none of that so I resisted and kept his cock in my mouth and he began to cum hard. I wasn’t prepared for so much cum. I had never had a guy cum like this one I thought he would never stop,I was in heaven again. But I managed to swallow most of it. Thanks he whispered you are the best i ever had.