Our Night Together

21 Aralık 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


It’s late. I walk into your room. I shouldn’t be here. I see you laying in bed, hear you breathing. I always loved watching you sleep. I walk to the edge of your bed. I should walk away, leave, but I don’t. I brush the hair off your forehead, gently, trying not to wake you, but not gentle enough. You wake up, confused. I shouldn’t be there. I try to think of something to say, some excuse, some reason for being there, but nothing comes out. Then you look at me…and smile. Such a sweet smile. Sweeter then any that you’ve given me in the past. “It’s been so long,” you whisper, “I’ve missed you, needed you.”

Your words hit me, go through me, galvanize me. I kneel next to your bed, my face next to yours. I run my fingers through your hair, feel it curl around them. “I’ve missed you too. I need you more than anything,” I try to speak boldly, forcefully, but emotions force my voice to a ragged whisper. I lean forward, toward you. I pause, waiting for you to back away, not sure what to do. You solve the problem lifting you head, pressing you lips to mine. They are dry, soft, and taste sweet. Our kiss starts gentle, hesitant. Two people not sure of the other. My tongue slides out and softly runs across your lips. You open your mouth slightly and your tongue reaches for mine. They meet and our gentle kiss erupts into something more. My hand entwines in your hair, pressing your mouth to mine. Sparks fire in front of my eyes. There is a roaring in my head. We pull apart. You look at me. “Wow” is all you can say.

I move back a bit, shocked by the intensity of what we just shared. I look at you, and you smile. I move to kiss you again. You shift on the bed to make room for me. I wrap my arms around you, sarıyer escort holding you to me. Everywhere around me is your smell. It drives me insane. I feel your body pressed against mine. The familiar feel of your curves fit perfectly against me. We kiss. This time my hands roam over your body; your back, your hips, your backside. My left hand rubs circles on the small of your back, while my right finds its way under your night shirt. I turn you onto your back, still kissing you. I slide my hand up your side, feeling your ribs, I pause just below your breast. I break our kiss, look into your eyes. “Do you want this?” I ask, tense for your answer.

“For the last 3 years. I’ve wanted this so much,” I see the truth and the longing in your eyes. I close my hand on your breast, feeling the nipple harden against my palm. Your hands are moving too, sliding down my back, pulling my shirt out of my pants, over my head. “I need to feel your skin,” you voice is husky, full of emotion. You start kissing me, my neck, chest. Your mouth finds one of my nipples and bite gently. My breath hisses through my teeth. You’ve never done that before. I feel myself stiffen instantly. I pull back. “My turn,” I growl, pulling your shirt off, leaving you in just your panties. I look at you. Your breasts, small, yet perfectly formed, call to me. I take one nipple in my mouth and feel you moan. My hand holds the other, rubbing the nipple with my thumb. Your hands run through my hair, down my back. You start tugging at my belt, trying to get at me. I smile against your nipple. I slide my hand down your side, finding the edge of your panties. I start to rub your through esenyurt escort the thin material. I feel you moan again.

“Not fair,” you groan. “You have too much on!”. Your hips start to move against my hand as you get my belt open. My pants button is next. You unzip me and slide your hand into my pants. You find me, hard and ready. “No underwear?” you ask, surprised.

I release your nipple, “I was kinda hoping we would end up like this,” I whisper in your ear, biting the lobe gently. I slip my fingers under the edge of your panties, finding your sex. It is wet, open. I slide my fingers along your slit, up to the top, to your little button. I start rubbing your clitoris while your run your hand up and down my shaft. You stop at the top and tickle the opening. It’s my turn to moan. I gently bite your ear again, your neck, nipple. “Tell me what you want,” I murmur, knowing the answer. Your breathing is getting faster, more erratic as I finger your clit.

“Please, please. Your mouth. Use your mouth, your tongue,” you groan. I start kissing down your body. I stick my tongue into your belly button, making you giggle. I kiss your thighs. I sit back and look at you. Your legs are open, inviting me. I slide your panties off of you, leaving you completely naked. I stop, staring. “What’s wrong?,” you ask, looking at me between your knees.

“Nothing,” I say. “You’re just perfect.” You smile at me. I lean in an cover your slit with my mouth. You sigh, deeply. I feel your hands in my hair. You taste just as I remember. I part your lips with my tongue. You are so wet. I suck up your sweet juices, feeling them coat my tongue. I hold them in my mouth a moment, savoring. avrupa yakası escort Then I go back for more. I kiss and lick you a few moments before I find your clit with my tongue. I flick it and feel you shudder. I it suck into my mouth, running my tongue in circles the whole time.

“Oh God,” you groan. Your hands are clenching and unclenching in my hair. I slide my hands under you butt, lifting you to my mouth. I move my left hand between your legs, sliding to fingers into you. You gasp. I hook them against your special spot, feeling you lips tighten around my fingers as your orgasm approaches. Your body starts to tremble as a finger you while licking your clit. You start making noises, almost words, but not quite. Your whole body tenses, freezes, then collapses. Your hands grip my hair tightly as your orgasm crashes over you. You grunt and moan as I wait, taking my pants off. I get your hands out of my hair and kneel between you legs, the head of my penis against your opening. You’re too tight for me to enter, at first. As you relax, I slid into you, feeling the after shocks of your orgasm through the walls of your pussy. Your cum making you so wet I slid all the way in. Your eyes fly open as I enter you. “OH GOD!!” your scream as you cum again. You wrap your arms and legs around me and pull yourself off the bed, holding tight to me. I feel your whole body against me, your nipples so hard they feel like beads pressed into my chest. You whimper and moan as your orgasm controls you body. I hold you up as your body starts to relax, laying you down on the bed, pulling out of you up to the head. I look into your eyes. “I love you,” I whisper as I push deep inside you. You moan, “I love…..”.

BEEP….BEEP…BEEP…the alarm next to my be goes off suddenly. I wake up laying, painfully, on my stomach. “No!” I cry, hitting the snooze button, trying to find the thread of the dream again. I lay there for a few minutes before I realize it’s no use. Just then, my phone beeps. It’s you. Your message reads, “How did you sleep?”