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Today is Mona’s birthday. I had wanted to celebrate it with something special. She was at work all day and knew I was planning a nice dinner. Coincidentally, Red was in town and came up to see me. I had wanted him to finally meet Mona, the love of my life and my wife for two year; I wanted them to hit it off and like each other, both very important people in my life.

I took Red surfing all afternoon and we were wasted, totally and blissfully tired from the activities. After the hour’s drive from the beach, we collapsed in the hot tub with some well-deserved beers. Naked and so comfortable, we began kissing and caressing. I had known Red for many years. We had done everything possible (I think) to and with each other, but were never together in any sense of permanence and know we will always be the closest of friends. After my divorce from a marriage of 22 years, Red was always there to support me and helped me listen to myself as I returned to girls. Red never felt threatened, I loved that about him.

I set a beautiful table on the deck, it was a warm night and the sun was setting over the vineyards, the valley exquisite like a painting beneath us. Red and I never got changed, were just wearing our robes at dinner. Mona had just arrived from a long day at her law firm, and was tired but happy to be toasted and cared for. She took off her shoes. She and Red were definitely hitting it off, exchanging art and finance tidbits and finding much common ground. I also noticed a definitely physical energy between them, Red was like that. I had wanted to give Mona a good cock fuck because I loved her so much. Her story was that she had been with a guy for nearly ten years and turned down marriage because at the last moment, she realized she needed another woman, not a man.

I put down a large platter of oysters on ice, with champagne and glasses. We all toasted Mona and clinked glasses. We each had an oyster. Red and Mona, on the other side of the table from me, got more intimate as he held her oyster shell and helped free the meat while keeping the liquor intact. She laughed.

“Here,” he said, and took another oyster and tilted the shell in Mona’s mouth, the liquor dripping in while she sucked down the mollusk. Her hand was holding his oyster hand as she guided to her lips, it was very sensuous to me. I finished my glass and refilled it, laying back in my chair and just staring at them, thinking about the next steps.

The two of them are laughing at the spilled liquid on her blouse from the oyster, everyone getting a bit drunk. Red nudges another oyster into his mouth and this time he moves close to face her and making like a kiss, he passes it directly into her mouth. I sense them kiss briefly, followed by more giggles. I get up to refill the oyster plate and get more champagne.

When I return a few minutes later, they are locked in a lover’s embrace, kissing feverishly. Mona comes up for a breath,

“This is what you wanted, Love, for me to get fucked by Red while you watch? You evil bitch,” she laughed.

“Who said anything about fucking,” I responded, “looks like making out to me, you teenagers.”

“Your pussy’s showing,” she told me, love and excitement in her eyes.

My robe had fallen open as I put the plates and bottle down. I tied it closed again. I had an idea, picking up the oysters and the bubbly, taking them down a few steps to the fire table, glowing a warm heat in the cooling night air, surrounded by large outdoor couches and the hot tub another few steps down. This paradise where I live is on the top of a canyon, the views of the surrounding vines, fields, and mountains is spectacular and being at the top, it’s completely private, no one can see us cavorting half-naked up here.

“Hey,” Red said, “Where are you going with those, we’re not finished yet,”

“It’ll be more comfortable down here I told him, come down here.”

I sat back on a couch and put my feet on the firepit edge, letting my robe slip open. I carefully took an oyster and using the shell as a guide, pushed and poured it into my warming wet cunt. I pushed it deep with my fingers, the salty liquor feeling ice cold in me.

I look up and no one has noticed what I’ve done, but Mona’s blouse is on the ground, her bra is outlining those amazingly hard nipples and she seems to be sucking Red’s fingers, licking oyster brine off them. His other had is massaging one of her tits, beginning to release them.

Red’s hands are expertly removing her bra as they kiss and breathe heavily into each other, the sight of it making me hot. He now has one of her elongated mams in hand, rubbing the enlarged gorgeous tit. Some might call her breasts sagging, but at her age, they’re beautiful, I call them mine, I love sucking and biting them, the softness that speaks of experience and not the naivete of youth. Love does that to you. They still firm up but are a joy to joggle and play with. Both of her nipples are stiff and Red is sucking bahis şirketleri on her left bright pink one, rubbing the other hard. Her moaning is now palpable as they get deeper into the dance.

Her skirt is off and shoes on the floor and Red leads her down the brief steps to the couch area, laying her down across from me, the firepit separating us. We’ve fucked plenty on these couches, weatherproof and cleaned by the occasional rain, we love being outdoor and completely private, it’s such a luxury. His robe has fallen open and his master cock is peeking through, Mona now naked except for those exquisite black lace panties, lying on her back, head on a cushion, eyes closed, Red back on her tits, one hand starting toward her crotch.

I get up and go to the dining table, get their glasses and the remaining oysters and bring them down to our pit. Red is now on top of her, his erection prodding her thighs, virginal panties still on, kissing her lips, throat, neck, breasts, going back and forth between her tits, she is panting lightly.

I look at the two of them, thinking that I know she misses cock but would never tell me; our love is so deep and satisfying, but that doesn’t mean she can’t miss getting dick fucked every now and again, I certainly do. I really wanted to gift her this experience with me watching and loving watching her enjoyment; it’s different than a participatory threesome, it’s me loving watching her get tremendous joy from something and her knowing I’m ok with it. And it looked like it was working.

Still, in the moment, I did something to enhance their loving, and I admit it was kind of territorial. Putting down the platter and glasses, I go over to them, my robe now fallen off completely and squat over Mona’s head, Red licking her lips now. Mona instinctively leans her head back to tongue my wet vag waiting over her mouth and as she opens it, I push the oyster out and it slides perfectly into her, the liquor dripping out. Surprised, she gasps, realizing what it was, and laughs in her sexy way, swallowing it down. Red tries to tongue some of it from her mouth but it’s gone.

Then, unexpectedly, most likely because of my overflowing bladder and how I pushed the delicacy out of my cunt, I start peeing on her face. She opens up and drinks my lemonade, the cascade increasing to a torrential stream, spraying all over her face and eyes, her hair getting drenched. I just let it flow, it feel so good. Red gets his mouth under me, hogging the yellow arc. Mona catches a mouthful and gargles, spitting it out, flavoring her gums and teeth with my piss. Red reacts quickly trying to get the sprayed urine she spat out, he licks all around hungrily. I go and go and go until I’m empty; their torsos and heads are dripping with my liquid and we all laugh. Mona pulls my hips down and plants her mouth and tongue deep into my cunt, inviting me to the party. Her expertise is all knowing, right to my core, but my pleasure for now is their loving, I want her to scream in happiness and me to watch it.

I pull away, wanting this to be their fun, my voyeuristic move, and get off their couch, kneeling on the ground below them, watching their loving unfurl slowly in close-up high definition splendor. I pour another glass and sip and watch.

Red nuzzles down her neck, kissing each breast lovingly and trying to slurp up the remaining piss dripping down her tits. He tongues her navel playfully and begins poking the sides of the panties, her wiry hairs poking through the lace. First one side where the thigh crease seals her crotch, then the other, slowly peeling the garment. His fingers release them and tonguing and sliding the cloth, they drop to the floor. Now, in her supple nakedness, he returns to kiss her deeply, their tongues intertwine.

I am drunk and horny and in love. I am staring at her slowly undulating vjay, about six inches from my face. They are writhing in passion, kissing endlessly. His finger winds its way to her bush, I watch as he pushes in, her bucking meeting the motion. He massages her innards as their kisses intensify. I watch a second finger go in and they twist in tandem, giving her the pleasure we have taught each other.

Then, in true Red fashion, while drilling her wet cunt, he tries a finger in her bum. That sensational bum, the ass I so cherish. She has an ass that won’t quit. We’ve done everything I can imagine with her ass, it’s a thoroughbred. We have built up to fisting each other’s bums in unison, and hers has become quite loose and inviting.

Needless to say, his finger went in. She hardly felt it, I knew, though she murmured her pleasure into him. Still gyrating his fingers inside her holes, Red slowly removes them and positions his hard luscious cock over her glistening cunt. Panting, Mona avails herself, pulling her legs aside to help him. He pushes gently into her, the head breaking into her labia.

I am seeing this magnified, my face inches from her entrance, the curly thousands bahis firmaları of cunt hairs darkening the moist pink meat. His dick enters slowly, the pussy lips extend, then peel back with his pressure. Her belly expands and rises, then lowers. He pulls back, a reverse thrust. The shining labia follow his withdrawal, kissing the cock as it retreats. Red thrusts back in, deep and firm; the tight skin of her cuntal ring collapse inwardly, the hair and bumpy follicles retreating. This repeats for a long sexy while, the flesh getting redder and redder, and wetter each cycle.

As he fucks my wife, I look at the genital mash, so close I could kiss the flesh, but wanting this to be about them, not me. I am so happy she’s getting into it and accepts my gift.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, ohhh Red….. Karen, I love you, I love you, sheeeeee, ” screams Mona as Red picks up the pace, his pumping fierce now, “Jesus he’s fucking me…”

“Don’t cum yet…. Get in my mouth,” she cries, “Red, in my mouth.”

He withdraws, his cock wet and looking enormous as it stretches her elastic pussy lips.

“Not yet,” he replies, pushing her legs high and kneeling into her hot crotch.

He mouths her pussy for a brief moment, tongue darting in and around. Mona’s breath is turning to a panting rhythm, getting heavier. Red goes lower down and tongues her freshly fingered asshole, the brown eye shimmering. He hungrily grinds into her anus, which receives his kisses and tongue deeply. She is groaning now, pushing into his face. Red puts his finger back in, feeling her inner tube, then another, then three fingers open up her shitgate, very loose and inviting.

Red removes the fingers, now slightly brown, and returns to licking the creampot. The hole now seems to remain slightly open, the tight pucker disappeared.

“My turn,” I interrupt.

They both look at me, naked on the ground, my head inches from the action, taking in the scents and sounds of this close-up amorous violation.

I take an oyster to the mouth of her ass, her legs still pulled back, and wiggle it into her hole. I push it in deep, meeting no resistance. With the hole slightly open, I pour the oyster juice into her. Mona shudders momentarily at the sudden icy feeling.

Red, now on his knees, positions his cockhead at her bunger, and knowing its elasticity, he pushes in gently.

“Ahhh,” she cries as he enters, the sphincter already eased awake. He’s inside her, squishing the oyster way up into her bowels. He starts a gentle pump. My nose is right above the tunneling, eyes on my love’s pussy hairs, curly and wiry, all over her delicious cunt, itself heaving with the ass movement. I want so much to eat her, to bury inside her, but I can’t, this is about them tonight, I keep telling myself. The overwhelmingly beautiful scent of her cunt juices and her shit smell permeate my senses, more released at each thrust. This might become torture for me.

Red pumps and Mona gyrates with him, meeting his movement. Not wanting to shoot yet, he slowly pulls out again, his dick now very brown, thick smears of my lovely Mona’s soft-serve clinging to his club. She rises up and pulls him into her mouth, sucking in her own shit, sucking him in.

Now I can smell her soft shit, the scent I experience and love almost daily, that her chocolate, from the inside depths of my wife. Mona tongues his cock and licks her fudge off, grating it against her teeth. I want to kiss her now, but hold off. Not having moved, I’m still right at her crotch, both holes empty, Red over me thrusting into her mouth. She is grabbing his ass and throws a hand into her own soppy pussy. Pinching her own clit, she fingers herself until I see tiny bubbles in the fluid coming out of her.

Red, getting closer to climax, pulls out again, apparently not wanting to finish there. He kisses her deeply, trying to take back some of her shit from her mouth, and turns her over on her stomach. Taking a cue, she gets up on her knees, pushing her ass high in the air. “What a beautiful gorgeous ass,” I think, lucky to have that as mine.

Red, his organ meat sticking up hard and waiting, reaches over to the table, grabbing an oyster. Tilting the shell into his mouth, the slimefood follows. He goes to kiss Mona’s enlarged bright red orifice and kisses the bivalve into her butt, tonguing it deep into her.

Returning to his pleasure, Red grabs his cock and pushes the gleaning head into her bum slowly. She opens her slushy rectal sperm bank and he rams it home. There is virtually no resistance, it slides in easily, resuming its previous home. He pushes harder, mushing her insides tightly. I can no longer stay passive, it’s all too much for me. I am playing lightly with my cunt, a finger inside me twirling. I lean into the very spot of their union, smelling the fecal scent from my wife’s body, lubricating his dick pumping. I focus on the gentle thrusts and again how the flesh gives and takes, the movement of each individual kaçak bahis siteleri curly hair, all glistening in their liquid emissions. Her anus seems to kiss, then swallow the cock, the rings and creases working in loving unison. My love is enjoying this pummeling, I feel her. I smell her.

Red is glowing with ecstacy, Mona’s eye’s are closed and she’s meeting his pumps, receiving him lovingly. He’s a gorgeous human pumpjack slamming into her loosened mudhole. I suddenly get up and go behind Red, his ass pushing out with every thrust. I look at his gorgeous man butt, muscular, lightly dusted with hair, his long sack swinging into her cunt, his dick disappeared into her asshole.

I move under the action and suck his balls, I know he loves that, wetting them shining. He moans, pumping into Mona’s brownie. I try to tongue her hole and his dick, but the angle won’t work. I go behind Red and rim his asshole. I go deep, the funk is thick, it is so good. I know his scent, we’ve been there a thousand times. But now it’s different with him pounding Mona’s pooper.

My tongue goes in and out and around. He shouts out, “Karen, Love, ohhhh, no idea…” His ridges are tight and I taste each one slowly, trying to keep up with his pounding.

I pull his balls close and mouth them again, stabbing a finger deep into Red’s wettened pucker. He pushes back in gratitude. His pumping gets fiercer as he grabs her tits with both hands. He smears some errant Mona mud on her left nipple, she yelps. I am swallowing his swollen balls, now ballooning in my mouth as he pumps my beautiful wife’s ass. My finger is deep in him, I massage his insides and he groans. I know by the pace and panting that Mona’s about to rip an orgasm. Her ass is being hammered raw, she’s fingering herself, and Red is rubbing love chocolate all over her tits.

“Fuck me, I need you to come in me, come in me now!,” she screams.

He pinches her nip hard, jug-jacking her swinging mams, slapping them pink and she screams in ecstacy. They both start grunting and his swollen sack is so taught, it’s almost too big for my mouth and I feel through his skin, the factory production making his spunk. My position, mouthing his hairy jewel bag, slams my chin into Mona’s bucking sloppy vulva, dripping with girl syrup, my nose in Red’s cheeks, allowing access for my finger into his asshole.

We are now one, the three of us synchronized. Mona screams as her frothy cunt, ravaged by her own hand erupts. I know she can come through her ass and I suspect that’s about to happen. Red lets out a huge groan amidst his body pumping and I feel his balls explode in my mouth. I trace the sperm pumping from his sack up through his engorged prostate, now on my finger, up his tubes and within his cock, spraying hot magma into Mona’s butt. The process goes on and on, the balls pumping his jack with high pressure, out of his cock. I trace it all from my tongue and nose, the heaving swinging bag deep in my throat now, my fingers feeling his inner shit cavity pumping. They both come at the same time, yelling in fantastic pleasure. His pumps are furious, I feel them at their origin, his entire cum system firing fast and hot. He fills her with his thick goop, gallons of hot man spunk power-washing the innards of her lust-enorged anus. She shakes vibrantly and moans loudly, not believing the pounding and the ecstasy.

Suddenly, as Red releases his final steaming spurt, I firmly shove him out of my wife, still panting, and I stare at the gaping hole, the pink lips relaxed and the inner rings pushed out, shimmering with sperm. Without wasting a moment, I attack that beautiful asshole, tonguing it so deep I break through her gates. Round and round, as deep as I can go, I slosh and suck hard. Mona meets me, still panting from her climax, but ready to go for an immediate repeat. Two fingers jam into her cunt, slippery and eager. A buildup of gas and pressure cramp down her intestines and she heaves a massive fart into my drinking mouth. Oysters, cum, slime, and ragged bits of her soft mud shoot into me. The overwhelming odor is foul and thick and totally sexy, liquid in its seepage. Savoring each flavor in the heat of the explosion, I swallow, I swallow more and love her so much.

Four fingers are in her pussy now, the asshole even wider as I pull my face up. Taking my other hand, I easily get three fingers in the brutalized rim. She tries to pull them in. I add a fourth, now thumbing my other hand to get my fist into her pussy. I start to fist pump her overwhelmed turd pusher. Vigorously grabbing my vijay hand, she pumps it into herself at a frenetic pace, the ass beginning to swallow my throbbing fist. I’m going for a double shift, something we’ve not yet done.

Before we can achieve that, she flips over on her back, jamming her head under my cunt and kissing my burning quim. I return the favor and tongue fuck her flowing girl slit. We slather each other in our 69 grip, embedding two slender fingers deeply back into her ass. I wipe shit from the inside and pull it out, shoving the muck into her pussy between my lips. The bitterness mixed with her brine is too much. Mona is biting my clit hard and tonguing me, I can’t take it.