Pajama party III

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Pajama party IIIThe next morning I dressed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. While I was in it,the bathroom door opened and closed. I thought someone came in to pee,and kept washing myself. Suddenly the shower curtain opened and Sam stepped in naked. A little nervous I said I’d be out in a minute, Sam smiled and kissed my forehead and pulled me to him. I asked, what if someone comes in. He said Mrs. Roberts took everyone to breakfast and I was to bring you when you get dressed. He hugged me and ran his hands down my back to my butt. Holding me by both cheeks I felt him kneading them. I leaned against him and I could feel his dick pressing against me as he got hard. He was in ok shape for his age,and the hair on his chest had a touch of gray. His stomach and groin was completely hairless and his skin felt soft and smooth. Reaching up he moved the shower head down and focused canlı bahis the water to a pulsating stream. He pulled me farther to the back of the rub till the water was splashing on my butt. He told me to spread my legs and lean forward some. When I did he pulled my butt cheeks open and let the pulsating water splash on my butt hole. As I rest my head on his stomach his dick was inches from my face. Between last night and him in the shower with me I had the over whelming eurge to play with his dick. I reached down and grabbed the soap. Lathering his dick I stroked him softly. That’s it,he said and spread his legs. I reached down and rubbed soap on his balls and played with them too.The water felt good as I felt my butt hole tingle and I could feel water entering it. Sam started breathing quicker and said to turn around. When I did he pushed my head father down and pulled my butt cheeks bahis siteleri open. He got on his knees and pushed his tongue into my butt hole. I nearly fell as the water pulsed on the back of my head while he fucked me with his tongue. He reached between my legs and squeezed my sack and dick. I moaned loudly and my dick started throbbing. He stood up and said to put my hands on the wall. When I did he pressed against me and I felt a slight sting as he pushed his dick in me a little and stop. After a minute he pushed in a little more and pulled back. Again he pushed in and out, till he was in me all the way and stopped. It was all I could do to keep from falling as my knees shook and he slipped out and in me.After a few minutes I was pushing back to meet him and our bodies slapped against each other. My dick hurt and started to drip liquid. Long strings of sticky clear liquid bahis şirketleri fell to the bottom of the tub and I moaned loudly as he fucked me harder. I felt his dick swell up and he pulled out of me and spun me around. Stroking his dick, he shot cum all over my face and chest. Some dripped into my mouth and I licked it. A bit salty but it was good. After he finished cumming he knelt down and sucked my dick. I braced myself and my dick started throbbing and my heart pounded. He stood up and hugged me again. I was shaking and my head spun. He held my face with both hands and tilted me back. He kissed me on the mouth and said how about breakfast now. My head was in a fog as I dressed and went downstairs to the car. As he drove to the restaurant he rubbed his hand on my dick and asked if I wanted to stay another night. Yes please, blurted out of my mouth. He smiled and said I’d love that too. We went in and found Scott and his other friends and sat down to eat. Mrs. Roberts asked Sam what took us so long, he said he was stuck in the bathroom with a little problem. She said ok and went back to eating.