Panty Fun In Flight

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Since this is my first story submission, I’ll begin with a little about myself. I am a 51 year old college professor, 5’10”, thin, in good physical condition, brown hair (what’s left of it), blue eyes, glasses, married to a wonderful but unadventurous women. My sexual outlets consist mainly of self-gratification and the occasional erotic interlude with willing females. I’ll admit to being something of a voyeur and to really enjoying a sexy pair of panties.

This story begins in the Seattle airport where my wife and I had arrived quite early at the gate for a 7:00 AM flight home to Dallas after attending a professional conference. We selected a spot with our backs to the window facing rows of empty seats and the almost deserted main walkway through the terminal. After we took turns using the restrooms, my wife opened her laptop and went to work on some reports while I started the mystery novel I had just bought and kept an eye out for any pretty women walking by. Over the next minutes, a few other passengers started to arrive. One young woman immediately caught my attention when she stopped at our gate.

Most striking about her, more or less in order, was her long straw colored hair, her somewhat rugged, outdoorsy face, her overall deep tan and athletic appearance, the very short but pretty flowered dress, and her absolutely flawless, not thin, but very firm legs. My eyes lingered on them while she looked at the check-in counter, saw no one there yet, and walked to a nearby seat. I dearly hoped that she would sit down right where she had stopped, directly across from us with two rows of still empty seats between us. As she stood and fiddled with her ticket and things in her purse, I continued to stare. She was rather short, perhaps 5’3″, although those gorgeous legs made her seem much taller at first. Her breasts were small but nicely accentuated by the dress which seemed a bit tight on her figure. She also appeared older, perhaps 35, than at first glance.

To my absolute delight, she did sit down right there and the dress did exactly as expected when she crossed her legs. The hem rose very high and she turned slightly in her chair giving me a wonderful view of tanned, well-muscled thigh. My cock began to harden as I stared and wondered what color and style panties she preferred and whether her pussy was shaved as I was imagining it. My wife was absorbed in her work and didn’t seem to notice the woman.

When the ticket agent arrived, the woman turned to look that way and uncrossed her legs, accidentally flashing me a peek at the crotch of her light green panties as she got up quickly to be first at the counter. Her panties matched the background color of her dress and, I imagined, her bra as well. When she returned to her seat, she bent over with her purse and bag on the chair and her back to us. The dress slid up and was tight enough around her beautiful ass to reveal the outline of her panties that I now guessed to be a skimpy bikini style.

My cock was fully hard now, bulging just beneath the thin fabric of my soft, faded blue jeans, and I was pressing on it with the book in my hands. I felt especially naughty since I wasn’t wearing underwear, having miscounted the pairs when I packed a week ago. As the woman stood up with a paperback she had gotten from her bag, turned around and sat down again, my wife noticed her and whispered in my ear, “My God, that dress is too small for her!” I just nodded and feigned interest in my book.

A moment later, the woman looked at us, made eye contact with me and we both smiled a bit. She took out her bookmark, held it in her hand atop her knee, and began reading. I was feeling very good, and discreetly, I thought, rubbed my erection with the corner of my book. I hadn’t been alone long enough in the last week to masturbate and I could sense the tight fullness of my balls. My next orgasm would be a real gusher! At one point she uncrossed her legs and allowed them to open enough for a delicious view of those pretty panties. I could see that the pastel green material was very sheer and, from my distance, could barely make out the full outline of her pussy slit and lips. I couldn’t be sure whether she was smooth shaven or just had a sparse blond bush.

Either way, I imagined my face buried beneath her dress and my tongue lapping roughly along her slit through those sheer panties. She re-crossed her legs, looked up and our eyes met again. She gave another polite little smile which I returned. I also felt like she must have noticed the book moving along my lap; at least I secretly hoped that she had. My cock throbbed and I thought about going to the men’s room to jack off. I did go there awhile later after two families took the seats between us, blocking my wonderful view.

The waiting area was now packed and the flight would obviously be full. We already knew that since my wife and I couldn’t even get seats sarıyer escort together. We each got stuck with a center seat about ten rows apart. I glanced longingly again at the woman’s legs as I slowly walked by her and was envious of the young father who now sat directly in front of her. Although preoccupied with his toddlers, I knew he must be lusting for her as well. In the restroom, I emptied my bladder and my cock began to stiffen quickly as I shook off the last drops.

I gave it a few firm strokes and could see some precum glistening in the opening. It would have been so easy to stroke just a bit longer and feel the cum explode from my aching balls. I was almost alone and could have done it in a minute but instead I rubbed the precum around the sensitive head of my average size, circumcised cock and then stuffed it back into my jeans. It was still standing hard while I washed my hands and it stayed that way with the jeans rubbing on it while I walked back to the gate area.

Soon they started boarding the planes by rows and my wife got on first. I noticed the blond was standing up at the side of the line, waiting for her row to be called. I was in row 19 but snuck in near the end of the preceding group, smiling again at her as I walked past. I found my seat, stowed my stuff overhead and sat down. The aisle seat was occupied by a sullen looking kid, maybe 14, listening to music with a Walkman. He already looked half asleep and was obviously traveling with his parents and little sister seated across the aisle. I got situated in my seat, then looked up and saw HER looking at row numbers on my side of the plane.

She stopped, smiled at me, saying “looks like I’ve got the window”. Thinking this is all just too good to be true – I’ll be riding right next to her for the next 3 hours – I watched the dress slide up her legs as she stretched to stuff her bag above us. The stupid kid next to me barely noticed and didn’t even get up to let her into the row. She had to step over his feet and then slither past me. “Sorry” she said politely as her bare legs rubbed against my knees. “No problem” I replied while looking up at her smiling face and then noticing her nipples straining beneath the tight dress. As she squeezed by, I thought about her sweet pussy, now so near, and my cock stiffened up immediately.

After she sat down with her book in hand, a thought obviously occurred to her and she said, “Oh, where is your wife? I’ll switch seats with her so you’ll be together.” Thinking quickly, I told her “Naw, don’t worry about it now that you’re in here. She’ll just be working the whole time and, besides, she’s stuck in a middle seat too.” The kid next to me was already zoned out, probably for the whole flight. The woman shrugged politely and opened her book which I noticed was a sleazy romance novel. She sat with her legs uncrossed and parted slightly.

The skirt was very high on her thighs and I just couldn’t stop staring at the luscious expanse of skin and focus on my own book. After we took off and were settled into the flight, she seemed thoroughly engrossed in the book but she also kept shifting around, moving her butt and legs, sometimes closing them tightly and then opening them even more than before. The dress was up high enough to almost look like a pair of short shorts except that I knew if I just leaned forward and looked back, I could see all of her barely covered crotch. I wondered if she perhaps needed to pee or, better, if she was getting turned on by the story and if her pussy was feeling moist.

Once she leaned forward for a minute and I was able to sneak enough of a peek down the top of her dress to confirm that her bra and panties matched. I imagined her laying on a bed in those sexy undies, fingering her pussy and rubbing her hard clit through the wet panties while she read the erotic parts of the book. I pictured myself jacking off with her, soaking her panties with my huge load of hot cum, and then licking and sucking it and her sweet juices out of her panties and gaping pussy. Then I realized that my hand was in my lap, my thumb on the head of my hard cock and that it had leaked some drops of precum. A small wet spot was clearly visible on my jeans. Again I thought about going to the restroom to relieve the ache in my balls but I didn’t want to leave her.

For the next half hour or so, she continued to read and I continued to stare. Occasionally, she would make an effort to pull her dress down a little but it always slipped back up when she shifted in her seat again. We were then served soft drinks. With the tray tables down, her knees were covered but I could still see her upper thighs and the bottom of her dress that barely kept her panties out of view. Finally, she glanced over and caught me obviously looking down at her lap. “Ah, good book?”, I said, shifting esenyurt escort my eyes toward it; “by the way, my name’s Eric.” She looked almost embarrassed and replied, “not really, it’s mindless trash, of course, but sometimes I read these just for a break. Mostly, I’ve been thinking about seeing my boy friend in Dallas. I’m Lynn. Nice to meet you Eric.” As she finished her sentence, she looked down first at my book, then at my lap. I’m sure she noticed the lump of my hard-on under the jeans and the wet spot that was now about quarter size. “Is that one any good”, presumably referring to my book.

“Pretty boring so far”, I replied, feeling both embarrassed and excited that she was looking straight at my hard cock. Lynn said, “I thought so because you haven’t really been reading it too closely. You seem preoccupied. Mind telling me what you’re thinking about?”

I thought, “oh, do I ever!” but said, “well, actually, I probably shouldn’t” as I realized that I was looking at her thighs again and seeing that her legs were even farther apart now. Lynn grinned at me and said softly, “no really, I’d like to know. Just tell me what you’re thinking – anything at all, I don’t mind – and I’ll do the same if you want.” I whispered, “OK, if you’re sure you want to know?”

She nodded and I continued, “ah, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it would be to have my hand under your dress, touching those pretty green panties.” Smiling again and staring at my swollen cock, she offered, “so you did see them, you naughty old man.” I whispered, “hell yes, I saw them. Now, a penny for your thoughts.”

All in quick succession, Lynn put her empty cup on my tray, raised her table, shifted her legs toward me more, and then reached over and placed my hand on her right thigh. I’m sure I looked shocked because that’s definitely how I felt but she just went on, “I was thinking about my boy friend. He has such a beautiful cock and, as soon as we get to his place, he’s gonna bend me over and fuck me from behind.” Her dirty words and the image she created in my mind was incredibly exciting to put it mildly! I was now stroking her inner thighs, rubbing hard along her taut muscles and inching my way higher. “God, I’d love to watch you two go at it like that.” “Lynn leaned over, touched the head of my cock under the wet spot on my jeans, then licked the moistness of my precum off her finger. “I would suck your cock and swallow all of your cum while he fucks me hard and deep. I’ve always wanted two cocks at once. Touch my pussy, Eric. Please! Do it now!” She pushed her ass forward in the seat and her dress hiked up higher so that I could see her panty covered cunt.

I quickly looked around to see that there was no one in the aisle and the kid was still asleep. My fingers could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. I leaned my head over to her shoulder and I could smell the sweet aroma of her sex. Her panties were already wet when my fingers reached the thin fabric and began to explore her slit and swollen cunt lips. I could now see through the sheer, wet material that, indeed, her pussy was perfectly smooth shaven.

Probing firmer and deeper now with two fingers, pushing the wet panties into her juicy slit, I whispered, “I wish my tongue was down there” and then licked her ear lobe and slid my tongue into her ear. I forced her skimpy panties deep inside her crack so that the wet puffy lips of her pussy were showing around them. With my fingers pushing and roughly prodding as deep into her cunt as I could get them and the panties, my thumb found the hard nub of her clit beneath a somewhat drier patch of thin fabric. She groaned loud enough to make me look around once again for an instant. Still no one.

I withdrew my hand just long enough to taste her salty sweetness on my fingers. She quickly dipped a hand in and tasted herself too. I put my fingers back down, found her clit, and began rubbing and pinching it through the panty fabric. Lynn obviously was loving that and she lifted her ass up and thrust herself forward against my hand. This helped to pull her panties even deeper and tighter into her crack. Since she seemed to like the pressure of the panties in her crack and tight on her clit, I decided to try something different. I grabbed the waist band of her panties and began to twist them which pulled the crotch of them much tighter into her.

Lynn’s face was contorted now and she was breathing very hard and trying desperately not to moan or scream out loud. I almost lost control and just continued to twist the panties tighter and tighter as if I were trying to rip them off of her. The pressure of the twisted, wet panty material rubbing roughly and so tightly on her clit finally sent her over the edge and she bucked her ass up high off the seat, grabbed my hand, pulling it and the panties upward, seemingly wanting to rip avrupa yakası escort them right through her own body. The intensity of her orgasm was absolutely incredible and, after a moment or two longer, she slumped back into the seat, eyes glazed over, with her face and neck soaked in sweat. My hand actually hurt from the force that we had applied in twisting and pulling her panties. They were totally twisted into a thin spiral, still buried deep inside the folds of her exhausted pussy.

While we had been so totally focused on her pleasure, my cock had gone limp but it started to spring up again while I stared at her sopping wet cunt. I wanted to lean down and retrieve the buried panties from her pussy with my mouth but I saw the flight attendants several rows ahead of us serving lunch. Knowing we had to quit, I told Lynn, “you better cover up quick!”

She groaned, “but my panties are soaked.” Grinning at her, I said “Why not take them off? I could use them for a few minutes myself. Here, let me help you.” Before she could answer, I reached down, shoved a finger deep into her cunt and extracted the sopping wet panty band. She took the hint and quickly lifted her butt up and rolled them down and off her legs. Then she adjusted her skirt and handed me the balled up panties. With the attendants getting closer but still some rows up, I unzipped my jeans, wrapped the panties quickly around my throbbing cock and zipped up again.

Then I got up and headed for the rest room in back of the plane. I smiled at my wife on the way by her row. If only she knew! Inside the bathroom, facing the mirror, I unzipped, pushed my jeans down below my balls, and then peeled the drenched panties off of my cock. It immediately stood up when I brought the panties up to my face and inhaled deeply. The heavy scent of Lynn’s cunt juice was simply wonderful. If there had been more time, I would have stripped off my shoes, socks and jeans and then put her panties on.

I wanted to see my hard cock throbbing and straining inside her tight panties before I shot my cum into them. It would only have taken a little rubbing in that case. Instead, I started to stroke my hard cock, knowing that I would cum in just a minute or so, while I put the crotch of her panties to my lips and sucked her flavor from them. I imagined my tongue probing deep into Lynn’s cunt, where her twisted panties had been, with her legs wrapped around my head and her crotch humping against my face. Just as I began to feel the cum rise in the base of it, I grabbed the head of my cock with the crotch of her panties in my fist.

Two more strokes was all it took. I shoved my hips forward, trying to fuck Lynn’s panties in my hand. The cum came in huge spurts, multiple spurts, as I pumped faster into the panties. Gobs of it shot through the fabric and I had to catch it quickly to keep it from dripping away. While my cock was still oozing its final drops, I savored the wonderful feeling of sliding it in and out of the cum-soaked panties and pictured it slipping back out of Lynn’s fabulous pussy. Like her a few minutes ago, I was totally and completely spent and stood there reveling in the incredible thoughts of what had just happened.

Finally, I wiped my limp cock and balls as clean as I could, zipped up, and headed back to my seat with the panties rolled up in my hand. I had to struggle to squeeze by the food cart and, in doing so, I looked down and saw a large wet spot where my cock had continued to ooze. I just smiled and thanked the attendant for helping me get by the cart. Back at our row, the kid was still asleep while the rest of his family was chowing down. Lynn looked up, smiling warmly, and appeared refreshed and composed. She held up my tray of food so I could sit down. She said, “I assumed you wanted lunch, figured you might be hungry.”

I leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, touched her bare thigh once more and said, “yeah, and you know exactly what I want to eat!” Then I plopped the cum-drenched panties into her hand. “My, we did have fun, didn’t we!” Lynn said and then she dipped her fingers into a glob of my cum and sucked it off of them like a kid with a popsicle. All I could do was look at her in awe, thinking how lucky her boy friend is. She stared at me for a long time and then took my hand saying, “Thank you Eric. I’ve never, ever felt like that before. Where did you learn that panty trick? It was just fantastic!” I didn’t know what to say except, “I don’t know, but you made it easy for me. Thank you!” And I kissed her cheek again. We then ate our meals without talking, just smiling broadly every time we looked at each other. After that, we settled back and were both asleep before the attendants gathered up the trays.

As the plane taxied to the gate at DFW, we kissed lightly on the lips and thanked each other again. In the jetway, I waited for my wife as Lynn hurried on ahead to greet her man. When we walked past them, she was completely wrapped around him but she winked at me and smiled again. I pictured the surprised look that he’d have on the ride home when he would probably find out that she wasn’t wearing panties. I know I will never forget her and I still have those green panties to remind me of her and the greatest flight ever.