pantyhose heaven

4 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


pantyhose heavenI have always had a pantyhose fetish. unfortunently growing up in the desert not to many women wear pantyhose but as luck would prevail there used to exist in our small city a very special strip club that just happend to exploit my faverit fettish. for whatever reason this club required for discresionary reasons that all of its employees wear pantyhose as part of their uniforms. now this was way befor hooters and the rest of the uniform was a g-string onwin giriş over the pantyhose. I think i grew up in heaven because the only thing sexer than a woman in a g-string and heels is a woman in pantyhose. This was my introduction to strip clubs and I have been hooked ever sience but this was even better because when you recive a lap dance from a naked woman it is incredible but it is even better if the woman is only almost naked. I love the feeling onwin yeni giriş of nylon as you slide your hand up a goddesses leg the feel of her calf or the cup behind her knee where the nylon is streached tight. I loved everthing about this club. As I grew older braver and more obsesed I learned certin tricks about this club that made it even sexier. one of these tricks was that the vending machine in the club carried pantyhose for sale. these were onwin güvenilirmi new in the package but to this day I have never found a better brand of sheer to waist nude pantyhose. but the real trick was to find a dancer with a run in her nylons and offer to buy her a new pair. the pair that you would end up taking home with you would knock your nylons off. streached out worn and smelly. my other faverit part was the ocasional peek at a perfect pussy in nylon. as the pantyhose were worn under the g-string the pantys would often be held away from perfectly covering the prize. I was so lucky. unfortunently this club was eventualy outdated and closed but I still loved it more than most modern more risquea clubs