Paradise by Candelight

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August Ames

The mood was completely set by the time I descended the stairs. A dozen candles flickered throughout the room, some mirrored, some simply surrounded by their own gentle glow. The sheers had been drawn over the front window of the house, ensuring us at least a semblance of privacy. Since night had fallen long ago and the interior of the house was almost completely dark, I felt completely secure from prying eyes.

I reclined on the couch, my legs draped over my husband’s lap. He had already dispensed with the small matter of clothing, while I had, for the moment at least, slipped into a black lace panty and short, satin robe. The smoothness of my slim, pale legs against the rough masculinity of his body hair had me sliding my legs over his.


“When you are,” I replied, smiling at him through the dim haze of the candlelight.

He had prepared drinks for us and I sipped mine, allowing the warmth of the alcohol to seep through my body and relax away any self-consciousness I felt over watching porn with my husband. The movie flickered on and soon we were both absorbed in counting the number of men and women Carmen Hart could fuck in ninety minutes.

For a few moments, while we were each aware of the other’s reaction, we didn’t allow our eyes to meet. I felt my husband’s cock hardening against my calf as his hands absently ran over my legs, and occasionally he would teasingly dip his fingers into my pussy. I allowed my robe to fall open and began to play with my hardened nipples, enjoying the feel of the air against my skin.

After awhile, however, I simply couldn’t help myself. I had to suck my husband’s cock. kurtköy escort I knelt on the floor and did so voraciously, licking and stroking the length of him, fitting as much as possible into my warm, wet mouth while his hands ran through my hair and gently pressed my head down so his cock slid down my throat. I licked the beads of moisture that slowly leaked out of him and reveled in the taste.

Sounds of fucking emanated from the television behind us as we silently changed positions. I lay back against the arm of the couch and allowed my husband to gently slide my panties down my legs before he casually tossed them aside.

I welcomed him eagerly, one leg stretched to the floor and the other resting on the back of the couch, as his tongue delved into my wet, tingling pussy. My hips arched upwards as he licked, sucked and tongue-fucked me. His hands stroked my trembling body, squeezing my ass cheeks and tweaking my nipples, as his tongue worked magic on my clit.

“Mmm, yeah, right there…”

I came within moments and my cries vibrated throughout the room. My back arched off of the couch as spasms wracked my body. When it was over and my pussy was still tingling, I fully expected my husband to slide his hard cock into me and begin pounding away.

But he had something else planned.

“Do something for me,” he urged, and guided me off of the couch to all fours on the floor before the television, slipping my robe completely off in the process.

I was all for that, doggy style being my favorite position. But that wasn’t exactly what he had in mind for me either!

I couldn’t help but moan when I felt the malatya escort tip of his tongue delicately touch my asshole. His fingers dipped into my pussy as his tongue pressed harder against my ass, and he began moving back and forth until my asshole was covered with juices from my pussy. His other hand alternately stroked my back and ass cheeks, relaxing me while his tongue and fingers awakened sensations I hadn’t expected but thoroughly enjoyed.

“How’s this?” he asked as he slid one finger inside my ass.

“Mmm,” was my enthusiastic reply.

“This?” Two fingers now. A bit uncomfortable, but acceptable.

I pushed backwards against him in answer, thrilled at the prospect of a possible ass-fucking.

“Now?” Three. I could barely take it, but God, I wanted to!

I bit my lip and pressed backwards. He paused, gathering my hair with his other hand to brush it over one shoulder. His fingers lightly brushed my neck, sending shivers down my spine until I was simply a bundle of awareness. Every breath on my skin, every touch, whisper, the tendrils of my own honey-blonde hair over my back and shoulder, my trembling ass, my weak legs, and the aching of my clit.

Then his fingers gently left me, only to be replaced by the slick head of his cock.

He was almost too gentle as he gave me time to adjust. I didn’t want time to adjust. I pressed backwards again, wanting more penetration and a bit more roughness. I wanted to be fucked.

“I’m in,” I heard him whisper in a voice filled with awe and the aching in my clit intensified. I moved forward and back to let him know his thrusts were welcome, and the harder, the kayseri escort better.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. “Fuck my ass.”

He began moving, thrusting deep, withdrawing almost completely, then thrusting deep again. I felt him deep into the core of me and pressed my breasts completely down to the carpet to take him more fully. His thrusts grew harder, faster. I could hear his hips slapping against my ass cheeks.

“More, harder!” I begged and pressed backwards with each thrust to meet his cock. “Mmm… hard… oh, God, please, harder!”

He obliged without complaint. I was overwhelmed with the intensity of the sensations I was feeling; throughout my body I was a riot of nerves and energy. Everything was heightened. The roughness of the carpet against my sensitized nipples, the whisper of a breeze from the ceiling fan over my skin, the desperate aching of my clit, the agonizing emptiness of my pussy, the delicious stretching of my tight, virgin ass. I began wishing for a second cock to fill my pussy as my husband filled my ass, or a woman’s tender, knowing tongue to tease my clit.

But I knew in reality that my body couldn’t take much more as all I could think about was the ass-fucking my husband was treating me to. I imagined what it must look like from his point of view and struggled to press closer.

“More…” My begging was reduced to a mere whimper now, my head had dropped to the floor and my hair was spread around me in a cushion.

I felt his cock begin to pulse and reveled in it, knowing he was about to come. I met his cries with an involuntary cry of my own as he did, shooting his load deep inside my ass, thrusting in quick motions as he did so.

We collapsed on the floor and he embraced me, tightly, without a word. I felt fluid trickling from my ass and simply smiled in smug satisfaction. I couldn’t wait to do it again.