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Subject: Park Play 16 Park Play 16 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. On to the fun part… Hector’s whole body was quaking. He grabbed the blond hair and thrust forward. The first shot of cum ricocheting all over the blond’s mouth. The following volleys added to the big wad of spooge filling his mouth. They were both centered on Hector’s cock, willing more cum to be shot out the end and into the nearly full mouth of the blond man. The orgasm wiped out everything else in Hector’s consciousness. Filling the hot guy’s mouth with his cum was the only goal and he was there. He pumped and pumped and pumped. He wanted to ride this high as long as he could, to feel his cock sliding around in his own cum. His thrusts became less frantic and his body started to relax. The blond swallowed the gift of cum he had received. He looked up at Hector with the cock still in his mouth. To his surprise there were two faces staring back at him. A moment’s shock was replaced with relief when the blond glanced back at the second face and recogzed his buddy Jim. The itial thought that they had been caught and what might happen if the wrong person caught them dissipated as the cock in his hand softened. “Hey Jim,” the blond said quietly as his hand slid off the end of Hector’s cock, causing the young man to spasm as his sensitive cock head was expertly stroked by the guy who had just sucked him off. Jim’s hands moved to hold Hector’s hips. He didn’t want him to jump when he realized that someone had been watching and was standing right behind him. Jim knew this scene well. You had to approach carefully and be ready for any number of reactions. He took the last step forward and placed his hands over top of his blond buddy’s hands and said, “Hey there John. Fucking hot kocaeli escort scene. Mind if I join in?” His throaty chuckle diffused most of the tension, but Hector still tried to twist around and figure out what was happeng. Jim and John held him, and Jim said, “Shhhh. It’s alright.” He said it very quietly into Hector’s ear. Hector could feel the man’s warm breath and the heat emanating from his body, which helped him stay still. “That was fucking hot buddy,” Jim continued, “I love watching John suck cock, and I loved watching you fuck his face. That is one very tight body you have there, and one incredible ass.” As he said his hands roamed up the sides of Hector’s torso and then back down and across his ass, coming back to rest just above his waist, and above John’s hands. “Playing in the park is loads of fun, if you get my meang,” Jim said. That broke the remaing tension in Hector’s body, and he stifled a laugh. “Here,” John said, “lift your foot and step out of your shorts and jock.” He guided Hector’s leg up and slid the shorts and jock over his sneaker. Then he moved to the other leg and repeated the action. When he had them both off, he lifted the jock to his face and took a deep breath. “Put your shorts back on,” he said, “but you won’t be needing this. I’d like to keep it as a token to remember our hot experience if that’s okay.” “Sure,” Hector replied, “if you really think that smelly old jock is what you want.” “What I want is another crack at sucking that cock of yours.” “What about me?” Jim asked, “Don’t I get a turn?” Hector’s head was spinng. Now there were two cocksuckers who were fighting for a chance to suck him off for the second time in a row. Man, this was a great park. “Well, I suppose I should share,” John said. Hector’s cock had stayed semi-hard after John’s great blowjob but was stiffeng up again listeng to the two guys deciding who was going to suck him next. Well, that and the fact that they both continued to run their hands over his body while they were talking. Taking matters into his own hands (figuratively) Hector turned to face Jim, shorts still in his hands, and said, “Your turn.” Not one to waste an opportuty, Jim got down on his knees and started to lick up and down the side of Hector’s cock shaft. Unlike Jim who focused only on his cockhead, kocaeli escort bayan Jim seemed to be ignoring that and was only working the shaft of his cock. Hector was quickly learng that there are several different ways to get a guy’s cock hard and ready to shoot, and he was willing to let Jim try his techque. John wasn’t too disappointed. He did get a load of Hector’s delicious cum, and could still taste it, and now he had Hector’s hairy ass only inches from his face. John could feel the heat coming off the young guy’s body and he continued to run his hands up and down Hector’s back. He could tell from the position that Jim was in that he was licking the sides of Hector’s cock shaft. He would wait until he started sucking on it before he made his next move. Watching his buddy in action kept his cock hard and the occasional stroke while he ran the other hand over Hector’s body kept him hot and hard. Jim had moved around in front of Hector and had a hand on each hip for leverage. He was starting to take the guy’s cock down his throat, and John could see Hector’s ass flex at the bottom of each stroke. Leang forward John placed on cheek against Hector’s ass. There was only a small jerk of reaction, but certainly no protest to stop. Taking that as permission to move on, John turned his face so that his tongue could lick both of Hector’s ass cheeks and push into his ass crack a little bit. He knew from experience that these young guys generally didn’t know what pleasure their asses could give them and were kind of uptight about someone “getting touchy” with their assholes. Hector had heard about guys that liked to eat ass as well as suck cock. He had never had the chance to find out any more about it, but he did know that playing with his ass a bit while he jerked off was always satisfying. Somehow, he just knew he could trust these guys to show him a good time and expand his repertoire. Hey � anything that got his rocks off was okay by him. He had one hand on Jim’s head, urging him to suck more of his cock and reached around with the other hand to encourage John to keep going. As soon as he touched John’s head, John knew he could go as far as he wanted. John turned his head and stuck his tongue in between Hector’s ass cheeks. The soft moans yahya kaptan escort told him that Hector was enjoying his actions. Jim realized what was going on and lowered his head a bit so that Hector could bend over for John. The actions all seemed so natural that they were almost instinctual. Hector also squatted down a bit, knowing that John would have better access. Jim and John each had a hand between Hector’s legs. Jim was massaging the spot right behind his balls and John was right beside him just a bit closer to Hector’s asshole. Hector started to rock his hips back and forth. Pulling out of Jim’s mouth impaling himself on John’s tongue and then shoving back into Jim’s mouth as he pulled off John’s tongue. It was amazingly good. Hector was getting very turned on by the action. The clearing was small enough that Hector found a branch he could hold onto to steady himself. That just amped up the action. John had worked his tongue into Hector’s sphincter and punched further in on each stroke. Jim was deep throating Hector’s cock every third or fourth stroke, alternating with runng his tongue over his cockhead and across the super sensitive spot just under his piss slit. John buried his face in deep and was now moving with Hector. Not letting up the exquisite pleasure he was lavishing on Hector’s ass. Jim was now using his free hand to stroke Hector’s shaft so that he could concentrate on sucking just the head, in anticipation of the young guy’s second load. All three were snorting and panting, quietly urging each other on, and trying not to make too much noise in the dark park. Both Jim and John knew when Hector hit the point of no return. Hector’s ass clamped down on John’s tongue and the head of his cock flared in Jim’s mouth. Jim and Hector froze as Hector’s second load of the ght shot into his mouth. John continued to work his tongue up Hector’s ass, helping stimulate a great load of cum for his buddy. Hector’s second load wasn’t as big as the first, but it was just as deliciously tasty. Jim was rolling his tongue around Hector’s sensitive cockhead, but Hector had nowhere to go as he still had John’s tongue firmly up his ass. The two guys finally lessened their grip and the three came down from the high. As they all came back to their senses, they could tell that they were no longer alone. There were several guys watching them, each of them either rubbing the front of their shorts, or openly stroking their cocks. Hector’s cock twitched again when he realized that he was being watched, and that he loved being watched.